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Interview with Desert Dwellers (Amani and Treavor)

NOTE: Sunday, January 3rd, we officially open the “best of the year 2015” poll. We invite you to join us and help choose and highlight the most interesting moments of this past year (releases, compilations, labels, events, dj’s and more). We also would like to ask you for help with communication around this poll, as we would like to have more participants this year and thus more complete results. We also will give away music freebies to poll participants. Also we would like to invite you to join discussions in forum. each tuesday we start new weekly voting poll...

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[Interview] with Seb Taylor aka Kaya Project aka Hibernation

Greetings fellow chillonauts! Today we bring you an interview with Seb Taylor. The man behind many amazing psychedelic electronic acts of varying styles, from the legendary Angel Tears to the ever popular Kaya Project, downtempo heavy hitting Hibernation and the uptempo likes of Shakta and Digitalis. Seb has been more than busy, over many years with countless collaborative artists, producing this music that we love. So it is with great honor that we had the opportunity to chat with him about everything from his latest release, to the earlier days. Enjoy and share around! // interview taken by Kevin Fairbanks and...

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[Event] Serenity Gathering (USA)

This year’s Spring equinox from March 17th-20th, we are proudly participating in the third annual Southern California based Serenity Gathering. The four day transformational festival will be bringing out our favorite musicians, artists, performers, and teachers to Joshua Tree Retreat Center to set the Spring off serene! As the Serenity family says themselves, “…it is an opportunity to celebrate the time where night and day, dark and light, are in perfect balance – representing the balance within us. The hope of Serenity is that we take this time to honor this balance and experience the feeling of ONE as...

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[interview] with Globular by Floyd 2.0 & Gagarin

Hey there, psybient readers! Today we share with you an in-depth interview: we had the honor of conducting with Globular this summer. Please enjoy and share with friends and fans of his music! Globular’s music is a bubbling mass of virtual sounds designed to stimulate the ears, tickle the brain and move the body. Deep dubbed-out bass lines provide the bedrock for the harmonic intricacies and grooving melodies that typify his sound. Globular strives to take listeners on a journey of their own choosing, encouraging all who enter to create their own stories and to dance their own dance.. Written...

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[festival] Symbiosis Gathering 2015 Report

Finishing off this summer of 2015, Symbiosis Gathering brought together 14,000 wonderful human-beings for it’s ten year re:union. Returning to Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, California, for a celebration of community, music, art, play, learning, sustainability, and much more seen and unseen. Firstly, there needs to be a big thank you sent out to the Symbiosis team for putting together such an amazing experience. They obviously worked tirelessly – for god-knows how long – to plan, construct, and facilitate all that went into this other-worldly weekend gathering. You can get to know some of their crew here, and check out a sampling of their hard...

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