Today we would like to present you the art of our friend Relentless ! He has been supporting this project since the beginning and we would like to present you his passion, his art. Below you will find a presentation and a youtube video with his latest mix. the way he see

Greetings to you Rainbow Warriors, Lightworkers, Children of the Sun & Humankind !

First of all I want to thanks to allow me to present my project called Relentless.
I compose mixes, remixes and (I hope) soon my own tracks. I enjoy mixing different kind of music which we are not used to listen together.
This is my passion in music and my will to spread good vibes which lead me to compose these mixes. And some of them has begun to be viral as Peace Therapy.

I mix many music styles mainly psychedelic such as psybient, psydub, psytrance, full on, downtempo, psychill & chill out. But I also mix electronic house musics with the mix called Warm Nostalgia, world musics with Wilderness Within and Ethnic World and many music genres with tracks which I have listened to when I was a student with Echoes From Times Past.
Each of my mixes have been composed during a particular moment, when inspiration was coming to me. They contain an important emotional load, and may be that’s why people like them.
My influences for the mixes titles and the images which go with each tracks on the YouTube videos come from visionary artists such as Alex Grey and Cameron Gray for example.
And from readings like Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind and Homo Deus A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari whose I avail of this tribune on for advising the reading of these books to all of you.
Today I present you my last mix called Disruption Transcends Flow which I have composed with the many-level paradigm shifts which will occur in our civilization soon (it has already begun ;) ), in mind .

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