it is time to travel back in time to discover the PsyAmbient / Dub and Downtempo music from 2011! This list is less complete that our recent listings 2012 2013 and 2014, nevertheless it has a great interest and we are happy to present it to you. If some important releases are not present in the list feel free to comment below we will try to update the list.

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A listing of Psychill, PsyAmbient, Downtempo, IDM, Bass releases for 2011

AbakusBeyond The Fields EPSelf ReleasedPsychill
AbakusReworks Volume ISelf ReleasedPsychill
AbakusReworks Volume IISelf ReleasedPsychill
AedemIceMicrocosmos RecordsPsychill
Aes DanaPerimetersUltimae RecordsPsychill
Alex TronicShifting SandsAlex Tronic RecordsDowntempo
Alexander DafWhile You Were SleepingElectronic SoundscapesPsychill
Aligning MindsUniversal AutomationBeats & PiecesPsychill
Alpha Wave MovementMyriad StarsHarmonic Resonance RecordingsAmbient
Alpha Wave MovementSoniq VariantsHarmonic Resonance RecordingsAmbient
AltairLa Escencia Del TiempoMusea RecordsPsychill
AlwoodsAeolian ModeAltar RecordsPsychill
Amon TobinIsamNinja TuneIDM
An-Ten-NaeAcid Crunk EP 8Muti MusicIDM
AshnaiaThe Origins of Ashnaia EPTrance Lab RecordsPsychill
Astral WavesMagiqueAltar RecordsPsychill
AstropilotMemories Maze EPAltar RecordsPsychill
AstropilotSvobodaChernobyl MusicPsychill
AsuraOxygeneAltar RecordsPsychill
AumaInteracting:ProcessingEnig'matik RecordsPsychill
Banco De GaiaSongs From The Silk RoadDisco Gecko RecordingsPsychill
Becki BardotSummer of Love EPAlex Tronic RecordsPsychill
Ben BeinyThe Smallest ThingPlusquam RecordsPsychill
Benjamin BrunnHello Ammmerika EPClone RecordsIDM
Big GiganticThe World Is Yours1320 RecordsElectronic
Bird Of PreyPathfinder / MetakineticAddictech RecordsIDM
Bird Of PreyStray Feathers EPAddictech RecordsIDM
Blue Lunar MonkeyHere & NowTycho RecordsPsychill
BluetechRainforest ReverberationCritical BeatsPsychill
Break ScienceFurther Than Our Eyes Can SeePretty Lights MusicElectronic
BumbleBust & B(l)oomRegen RecordsPsychill
C.J. CatalizerI'll Be ThereAltar RecordsPsychill
CabeiriInner ThoughtsAltar RecordsPsychill
Carbon Based LifeformsTwentythreeUltimae RecordsAmbient
Carbon Based LifeformsVLAUltimae RecordsAmbient
ChandanamWhispers Of The Silent ColorsVirtual Music RealityAmbient
Chilling MatendaElectronic SoulGlobal Phonehead RecordsPsychill
ChronosInspirational PowerBeats & PiecesPsychill
ChronosSpace Sweets & Logical Beats EPSoundmute RecordingsPsychill
Cinnamon ChasersScienceModus RecordsElectronic
Clem LeekHome OutsideSelf ReleasedAmbient
CutsHold The SunAleph Zero RecordsPsychill
CydelixPreparing The Next GenerationCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
CygnaOpus EnaIT RecordsPsychill
Cymphonic & Vintage HPost Mortem InvestigationsDatabloemAmbient
Daniel RoethElizabeth EPQulture ProductionPsychill
Darshan AmbientDream In BlueLotuspikeAmbient
Desert DwellersDowntemple Dub: Lost GroovesWhite Swan RecordsPsychill
Desert DwellersDowntemple Dub: Lost MixesWhite Swan RecordsPsychill
Desert DwellersMuladhara Yoga DubYogi TunesPsychill
Desert DwellersSpinning Out of Nothingness EPDesert TraxPsychill
Digitalis/HibernationThe Singularity EPEardream MusicPsychill
E-MantraVisions From The PastAltar RecordsPsychill
Easily EmbarrassedTales Of The Coin SpinnerEktoplazmPsychill
EguanaPhial of LoveCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
EguanaSpace LinesCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Eitan ReiterSmile EPAleph Zero RecordsPsychill
Eliot Lipp & Jasia 10How We Do: Moves MadeOld Tacoma RecordsElectronic
EmancipatorRemixesSelf ReleasedDowntempo
Emanuele ErranteTime Elapsing HandheldKaraoke KalkAmbient
EntheogenicGaia SophiaSelf ReleasedPsychill
ExperipeciesExperipeciesAstronomy Recording MusicPsychill
Field RotationAcoustic TalesFluid AudioAmbient
Field RotationAnd Tomorrow I Will Sleep EPHibernate RecordingsAmbient
GarageeResolveTempest RecordingsPsychill
Gotan ProjectLa Revancha En CumbiaYa Basta RecordsDowntempo
Green BeatsMove For ChangeSynergetic RecordsPsychill
Gus TillBetween The SilenceCyan MusicPsychill
Gus Till & Chika AsamotoCatalpaLes Vagues RecordsDowntempo
HeyokaIntergalactic CarnivalMuti MusicIDM
HeyokaMandelbassMuti MusicIDM
HinkstepSunrise From The TreetopsOmnitropicPsychill
HummingbirdOur Fearful Symmetry (Remixes)FactureAmbient
HyperwindAging SkySelf ReleasedPsychill
IacchusTogether As OneTimewave RecordsPsychill
Ill GatesThe Ill MethodologyMuti MusicIDM
IshqAnd AwakeInterchill RecordsAmbient
IshqLotusVirtual Music RealityAmbient
IshqSkyspacesVirtual Music RealityAmbient
Jah Acid DubDelayriumSelf ReleasedDub
Jens BuchertInto The SilencePlusquam RecordsDowntempo
KaminandaYear of the Golden TigerSelf ReleasedPsychill
Kanc CoverSleepy Cells EPSoundmute RecordingsPsychill
KarunaBreakfast In Varanasi EPSynergetic RecordsPsychill
KarunaWe Are WholeSynergetic RecordsPsychill
Kick BongRemixedCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
KoanThe Fables of BelovodyeBlue Tunes RecordingsPsychill
KoanThe Signs: EntanglementEktoplazmPsychill
KodomoFrozen In MotionSelf ReleasedDowntempo
KrusseldorfFrom Soil To SpaceAleph Zero RecordsPsychill
Krystian ShekStreet Bangerz Vol. 4Cold BustedDowntempo
Kukan Dub LaganLife Still NiceMikelabella RecordsDub
Kukan Dub LaganRevolution Is The Solution EPMikelabella RecordsDub
Lab'S CloudI Always Did Love You...Psylove RecordsPsychill
Lab'S CloudOrganic MathematicsAltar RecordsPsychill
LakayEnjoy PeopleHadra RecordsPsychill
Lauge & Baba GnohmLangbortistanSelf ReleasedPsychill
LemonchillRoom 305Bonzai ProgressivePsychill
LemonchillYourself RealitySelf ReleasedPsychill
LemongrassSans SouciLemongrassmusicDowntempo
Liquid StrangerThe Arcane TerrainInterchill RecordsDub
LoscilCoast/Range/ArcGlacial Movements RecordsAmbient
M-SevenImaginary BeingM-Seven MusicPsychill
MagnetikPortraitsTactal Hots Music EnvironmentPsychill
MaiiaSacred Knowledge of Ancient CivilizationsAltar RecordsPsychill
Maps & DiagramsGet LostTime Released SoundIDM
Maps & DiagramsLights Will Call On YouNomadic Kids RepublicIDM
Maps & DiagramsThe Voices of TimeHandstitchedIDM
Marconi UnionBeautifully Falling Apart (Ambient 1)Self ReleasedAmbient
Marvin WilsonPlanetary CircuitAlex Tronic RecordsPsychill
Master MargheritaThe Marginal RulesBlue Hour SoundsPsychill
MentalimageDreams Vol. 2Gliese 581C RecordsPsychill
Metaphorical CloudMorphingFlying Woofer RecordsPsychill
MICTimenvuAltar RecordsPsychill
Mimosa58 DegreesSelf ReleasedIDM
Mind Over MidiComponentsDiamtericPsychill
MindexThe NeverlandAcidsamovar RecordsPsychill
MoThis IsIndol RecordsPsychill
MotionfieldThe Sound of SnowPassageAmbient
MountainsAir MuseumThrill JockeyAmbient
Mystical SunCassiopeia EPCybersetPsychill
NandaCry Of The AgesMuti MusicIDM
Near The ParenthesisJapanese For Beginnersn5MDIDM
NimbaMotherlandAvatar RecordsPsychill
Open SystemSanyasinVirtual Music RealityPsychill
Orchid StarFasterPink Hamster RecordingsPsychill
OttMirSelf ReleasedPsychill
OutersectFool Overture In DubstepGeomagnetic RecordsPsychill
OutersectFool's Fire EPBeats & PiecesPsychill
OvnimoonAltonaOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
Paper DiamondLevitatePretty Lights MusicElectronic
Perfect BlindThree SpiresOmnitropicPsychill
PhutureprimitiveKinetikNative HarmonixPsychill
Pitch BlackRemixes + RaritiesDubmission RecordsDub
Robert RichMedicine BoxSoundscapesAmbient
Samuel Kjell SmithVision QuestAltar RecordsAmbient
SaReGaMaFractal UniverseSelf ReleasedPsychill
Scooter BabaLost In PasilaAntiscarp RecordsPsychill
ScopesGlass of WaterPsyderweb RecordsPsychill
Secret Frequency CrewGhost In The Bayou EPRellman EnterprisesIDM
Shambala NetworksMemories From The UterusADX RecordsAmbient
ShpongleThe God Particle EPTwisted RecordsPsychill
Side LinerA Hand To HoldCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Side LinerDream StealersCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
SinepearlThe Dance of AffinityVirtual Music RealityAmbient
SnakestyleWorld RadioAlex Tronic RecordsPsychill
Snakestyle & SweetleafOut Of Bounds EPAlex Tronic RecordsPsychill
Solar FieldsUntil We Meet The SkyUltimae RecordsPsychill
Sonmi451Star AtlasTime Released SoundIDM
SorianOut Of The BoxMikelabella RecordsPsychill
Sound Tribe Sector 9When The Dust Settles EP1320 RecordsElectronic
Sounds From The GroundTonic Radio EPUpstream RecordsDowntempo
Stefan TortoAmbionCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Stefan TortoAstral VisionsCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
SticklebackTaxonomyTempest RecordingsPsychill
SuduayaDreaming SunAltar RecordsPsychill
Sundial AeonMimesisImpact Studio RecordsPsychill
Super SpecialCrystal ForestTrimurti RecordsPsychill
Sven Van HeesHeatwaveYour LipsDowntempo
System 7UpA-Wave RecordsPsychill
TaffMoon PrincessAltar RecordsPsychill
TelepathCrushTelepath MusicDowntempo
Terra NineBreatheAltar RecordsPsychill
The Sushi ClubLunarium4MPO RecordsDowntempo
Thierry DavidThe Veil Of WhispersReal MusicAmbient
Thievery CorporationCulture of FearEighteenth Street Lounge MusicDowntempo
Thievery CorporationVampires Remixed EPEighteenth Street Lounge MusicDowntempo
TimonkeyAstral TravelerMuti MusicIDM
Tom MiddletonGlidingUrban Torque RecordingsDowntempo
TripswitchCollider RemixedSection RecordsPsychill
TripswitchStereogram (Left Hemisphere)Section RecordsPsychill
TripswitchStereogram (Right Hemisphere)Section RecordsPsychill
TripswitchStrange Parallels EPSection RecordsPsychill
Two FreshAir Mail1320 RecordsElectronic
TychoDiveGhostly InternationalIDM
UchuInvisibleSpaceradio RecordsPsychill
UchuShamen FunkSpaceradio RecordsPsychill
Valdi SabevImpressions Vol. 2Cosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsAbsence of GravitySentimony RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsAmbrosiaUltimae RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsCafe BombayAvatar RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsCloud 11Cartesian Binary RecordingsIDM
Various ArtistsDub DimensionsAjnavision RecordsDub
Various ArtistsEase Division 4Spiral Trax RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsEthnoscapesAtmospheric RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsFahrenheit Project Part 7Ultimae RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsGem DropsDropping GemsIDM
Various ArtistsInner GatheringGliese 581C RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsKanshinFluid AudioIDM
Various ArtistsKetama Vision (Mixed by Youth)AlgorythmikDub
Various ArtistsMiraNutek RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsOriginsWoorpz RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsPainting Pictures On SilenceEnig'matik RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsSpace Forming Vol. 2Gliese 581C RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsSpace Forming Vol. 3Gliese 581C RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsTempo SyndicateSentimony RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsThe Missing ElementsAltar RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsThe Next Mission: Part OneDubmission RecordsDub
Various ArtistsTurlitavaNeogoaPsychill
Various ArtistsWorlds Connect: Chillout and Dub EPMaia RecordsPsychill
VegenautBlooms EPSelf ReleasedPsychill
Warp TechniqueHappy EPSelf ReleasedDub
WombatmusicFrom The ArchivesEktoplazmPsychill
WoobReturn To The City (Original Soundtrack)Self ReleasedPsychill
XerxesDirections EPSelf ReleasedPsychill
Younger BrotherVaccineTwisted RecordsPsychill
Zero CultVacuumCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Zero OneRemixedWaveform RecordsPsychill
ZubzubPrimateMonkeyface RecordsPsychill
ZubzubPrimatEP (Bonus EP)Monkeyface RecordsPsychill

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