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A listing of Upcoming Psychill, PsyAmbient, Downtempo, IDM, Bass releases







(OLD) A listing of Upcoming Psychill, PsyAmbient, Downtempo, IDM, Bass releases

Release DateArtistAlbumLabel
2014/11/20DJ ZenIn Dub Vol. 2Altar Records
2014/11/24KayatmaTuriyalitySelf Released
2014/11/24SeamanElectronik TripPlexus Music
2014/11/24ZaZeNVariations EPSelf Released
2014/11/27E-MantraEchoes From The VoidAltar Records
2014/11/27IshqamaticsWaterboundTxt Recordings
2014/11/28Emerald WebCatspawAnodize
2014/11/30Autumn Of CommunionAutumn Of Communion 4Carpe Sonum
2014/11/30Thomas P. HeckmannThe Lost Tales Vol. IVCarpe Sonum
2014/11/DDChronosOn Stage EPMystic Sound Records
2014/11/DDFlucturion 2.0Sui GenerisMystic Sound Records
2014/11/DDLiquid CrystalExotic VisionMystic Sound Records
2014/11/DDVarious ArtistsWaypointInterchill Records
2014/12/01Anasa (Side Liner & Zero Cult)Progressive Beat Stories Vol. 2Cosmicleaf Records
2014/12/01Wolfen TechnologiesGolden Fractals EPShanti Planti
2014/12/01Various ArtistsFlashback PsychillPlexus Music
2014/12/02Dirk GeigerConnected WorldsTympanik Audio
2014/12/02PoordreamNinetynineTympanik Audio
2014/12/02TineidaeShadowsTympanik Audio
2014/12/03Psychoactive SoundMagic PlacePlexus Music
2014/12/08David MorleyDavid MorleyAnodize
2014/12/08Strana 03And FriendsPlexus Music
2014/12/08Various ArtistsTempest In Dub Volume 2Tempest Recordings
2014/12/09GaudiDub, Sweat & TearsSix Degrees Records
2014/12/17Various ArtistsFlashback PianoPlexus Music
2014/12/30Fatal TangentCenotaphAnodize
2014/12/31Si MatthewsTales Of Ten Worlds (Revisited)Carpe Sonum
2014/12/DDOkoloSnaUpcoming AlbumMystic Sound Records
2014/12/DDVarious ArtistsEthneomystica Vol. 3Mystic Sound Records
2015Another Fine DayUpcoming AlbumInterchill Records
2015Crystal VibeUpcoming AlbumAltar Records
2015SunmonxUpcoming EPInterchill Records
2015Various ArtistsNaasko CompilationInterchill Records
2015/01/01WaveshaperElectro GlyphMutantra Recordings
2015/01/15Autumn Of Communion5Txt Recordings
2015/01/DDIrislightPrimordial Soleus BeamAnodize
2015/03/03Astral WavesMagnetiqueAltar Records
2015/03/DDRobert Scott ThompsonRobert Scott ThompsonAnodize
YYYY/MM/DD100th MonkeyUpcoming AlbumDisco Gecko Recordings
YYYY/MM/DDAbakusUpcoming AlbumSelf Released
YYYY/MM/DDAes DanaUpcoming AlbumUltimae Records
YYYY/MM/DDAgalactiaUpcoming AlbumAleph Zero Records
YYYY/MM/DDAgalactiaUpcoming Mini AlbumBeats & Pieces
YYYY/MM/DDAiodaya (Suduaya & Aioashka)Upcoming AlbumAltar Records
YYYY/MM/DDAmbientiumUpcoming AlbumSelf Released
YYYY/MM/DDAstral WavesAngeliqueAltar Records
YYYY/MM/DDAstropilotUnreleased Files Vol. 3Altar Records
YYYY/MM/DDAstropilotYoga Mantra 2Altar Records
YYYY/MM/DDAsuraUpcoming EPSoundmute Recordings
YYYY/MM/DDAtlantis Concept (Cell & Elea)Upcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDAuroraXUpcoming AlbumAltar Records
YYYY/MM/DDBenji VaughanInfinity Mirror EPTwisted Records
YYYY/MM/DDBiolumigenUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDBiolumigenUpcoming EP
YYYY/MM/DDBlue Planet CorporationUpcoming Chill AlbumCyan Music
YYYY/MM/DDBluetechIlluminated GatesAleph Zero Records
YYYY/MM/DDBluetechIllluminated Gates Remixes EPAleph Zero Records
YYYY/MM/DDC.J. CatalizerUpcoming AlbumAltar Records
YYYY/MM/DDCellUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDChitoonDropsAcidbox Records
YYYY/MM/DDCloower WoomaWalking Through The Night EPGreenTree Records
YYYY/MM/DDDavid StarfireBurmese Refugee Charity Album
YYYY/MM/DDDeep In MindGuerrilaUxmal Records
YYYY/MM/DDDeep KoanHalf-Love
YYYY/MM/DDDhamikaUpcoming EP
YYYY/MM/DDDistant SystemUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDDoofUpcoming AlbumDubmission Records
YYYY/MM/DDDrumspyderUpcoming AlbumCaravan Records
YYYY/MM/DDDymonsUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDEarth ChildSpherical PuzzlesNutek Chill
YYYY/MM/DDEastern SpiritUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDEat StaticUpcoming Downtempo AlbumInterchill Records
YYYY/MM/DDEitan ReiterUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDEurythmyUpcoming AlbumShanti Planti
YYYY/MM/DDField Rotation & James MurrayUpcoming AlbumFluid Audio
YYYY/MM/DDFredrik OhrUpcoming AlbumAleph Zero Records
YYYY/MM/DDGrains Of SoundUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDGrey AreaUpcoming AlbumElectronic Soundscapes
YYYY/MM/DDHallucinogenUpcoming AlbumTwisted Records
YYYY/MM/DDHalogenUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDHinkstepUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDHol BaumannUpcoming EP
YYYY/MM/DDHybrid LeisurelandDays Less Ordinary
YYYY/MM/DDInterlakenUpcoming AlbumTwisted Records
YYYY/MM/DDInternational ObserverFurther Tales From The Dungeons Of DubDubmission Records
YYYY/MM/DDInternational ObserverUpcoming Remix AlbumDubmission Records
YYYY/MM/DDIshqLive At SamothrakiElectronic Soundscapes
YYYY/MM/DDIshqVirtual WorldsVirtual
YYYY/MM/DDIshvaraMagik Square Of The MoonVirtual
YYYY/MM/DDJagatah (Greg Hunter)Upcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDJinniyah (Makyo)Upcoming AlbumDakini Records
YYYY/MM/DDKilling Joke (Youth)In Dub
YYYY/MM/DDKoanRiver Of Life
YYYY/MM/DDKoanRiver Of Life Remixes
YYYY/MM/DDKoanWhen The Silence Is Speaking Greek Remixes
YYYY/MM/DDKoanWhen The Silence Is Speaking Russian Remixes
YYYY/MM/DDKoanWhispering HeavensBlue Tunes Records
YYYY/MM/DDKoan & Fatum Sci-FiThe Stories Of Kaska Mix
YYYY/MM/DDKukan Dub LaganUpcoming AlbumMikelaBella Records
YYYY/MM/DDKukangherita Soundsystem (Kukan Dub Lagan & Master Margherita)Upcoming AlbumMikelaBella Records
YYYY/MM/DDKundaraThe Mushissen AnalogyBeats & Pieces
YYYY/MM/DDKurbeatsFolktronica Remixed
YYYY/MM/DDKyotoScapes And SpheresSelf Released
YYYY/MM/DDLauge & Baba GnohmUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDLegion Of Green MenUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDLiving LightEcliptic Visions Remixes EP
YYYY/MM/DDMagic Sound FabricLucid
YYYY/MM/DDMakyoTribal Dub Vol. 1 EPDakini Records
YYYY/MM/DDMaster MargheritaUpcoming AlbumPeak Records
YYYY/MM/DDMazeaWhen The Waves CollideUxmal Records
YYYY/MM/DDMbuki Mvuki (Matt Hillier)Upcoming AlbumVirtual
YYYY/MM/DDmcthfgUpcoming AlbumDubmission Records
YYYY/MM/DDMerlinUpcoming AlbumAltar Records
YYYY/MM/DDMiktekUpcoming EPUltimae Records
YYYY/MM/DDMindexUpcoming EPTime Resonance Music
YYYY/MM/DDM-SphereCalling EP
YYYY/MM/DDM-SphereForgotten Dreams
YYYY/MM/DDM-SphereLower EP
YYYY/MM/DDMystical SunUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDOmnimotionUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDOozeRandom Wondrous ThingsAleph Zero Records
YYYY/MM/DDPadmasanaVibration Pt. 3Dakini Records
YYYY/MM/DDPlanet BoelexSuunta ReconstructedSelf Released
YYYY/MM/DDPsiloCybianUnfold Oneself Into EndlessnessBMSS Records
YYYY/MM/DDSaQiUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDScann-TecUpcoming AlbumUltimae Records
YYYY/MM/DDSephiraImagination In Motion RemixedBMSS Records
YYYY/MM/DDShamanic TechnologyLuna Sign Part II EP
YYYY/MM/DDShpongleUpcoming AlbumTwisted Records
YYYY/MM/DDSide LinerDreamer EPCosmicleaf Records
YYYY/MM/DDSirius MusicLotus Remixes EPAltar Records
YYYY/MM/DDSmiley PixieYou Are Sacred
YYYY/MM/DDSolar FieldsMirror's Edge 2 Soundtrack
YYYY/MM/DDSorianUpcoming AlbumMikelaBella Records
YYYY/MM/DDSounds From The Ground20 Years Of The BestWaveform Records
YYYY/MM/DDSpatializeElusive SymmetryAleph Zero Records
YYYY/MM/DDSpectrum VisionSpace Odyssey 20...
YYYY/MM/DDSuns Of ArqaAll Is Not Lost, But Where Is It?Liquid Sound
YYYY/MM/DDThe Human ExperienceUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDTor.Ma In DubThe Secret MessagePledge Donation Page
YYYY/MM/DDTransmissions In BloomUpcoming AlbumAleph Zero Records
YYYY/MM/DDT.S.R. (Carbon Based Lifeforms & Solar Fields)Upcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDTwisted SoundsystemLive At Glade Festival 2012Twisted Records
YYYY/MM/DDUjoAir Machine
YYYY/MM/DDUmberloidUpcoming AlbumInterchill Records
YYYY/MM/DDVarious ArtistsCrying Heavens: Lost ChapterBlue Tunes Records
YYYY/MM/DDVarious ArtistsDub To Make You Feel Gud Vol. 1Free Freak Music
YYYY/MM/DDVarious ArtistsEtnica In DubEtnicanet
YYYY/MM/DDVarious ArtistsFallAltar Records
YYYY/MM/DDVarious ArtistsFirst StepNutek Chill
YYYY/MM/DDVarious ArtistsMayanasaCelestial Dragon Records
YYYY/MM/DDVarious ArtistsNatural Born Chillers 3Aleph Zero Records
YYYY/MM/DDVarious ArtistsOxycanta IVUltimae Records
YYYY/MM/DDVarious ArtistsTrail ViszionSynchronos Recordings
YYYY/MM/DDVarious ArtistsWinterAltar Records
YYYY/MM/DDWarp TechniqueUpcoming AlbumDubmission Records
YYYY/MM/DDWolfen TechnologiesMinimum Sounds Maximum Pleasure EPSelf Released
YYYY/MM/DDXerxesUpcoming Album
YYYY/MM/DDZounglaUpcoming Album

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