Here below you will find a list of audio releases related to scope of our project. This table contains only 2013 releases, you can sort information by “artist” or “album” name, but also by Release “date” or artist “country”. For the VA releases, the country of label is used. We hope you will find something new and magic for your taste. To listen, buy and download a release in wave, apple lossless (alac), flac or mp3 just press a label name and you will be redirected to official page of release. Do not forget to support artists and buy their music :)

– This list is ongoing and we will update it in future.
– If you want to propose us a release to add to our list please make a comment to this page with all necessary information. We will review your submission and update information in future.

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A listing of Psychill, Ambient, Downtempo, IDM, Bass releases for 2013

AbakusSilent GeometrySelf ReleasedPsychill
Adham ShaikhRefractions Vol. 2Sonicturtle RecordsPsychill
Aes DanaAftermath 2.0 | Archives of PeaceUltimae RecordsPsychill
AkaraThe World BeyondMerkaba MusicPsychill
AkashaInto The Web EPSelf ReleasedPsychill
AkashaThe ConduitVermin StreetPsychill
AkshanThe Rise Of AtlantisAltar RecordsPsychill
AkshanVersions Inedites EPAltar RecordsPsychill
Alexander DafNorthMicrocosmos RecordsDowntempo
Alice SpacedollDark Night of the SoulMaia Brasil RecordsPsychill
Aligning MindsMy Heart Is LoveGravitas RecordingsBass
Aligning MindsMy Heart Is RemixedGravitas RecordingsBass
Alpha Wave MovementArchitexture of SilenceHarmonic Resonance RecordingsAmbient
Alpha Wave MovementYasumuHarmonic Resonance RecordingsAmbient
AlucidnationAural ArchitechtureInterchill RecordsPsychill
AlucidnationEP:03Interchill RecordsPsychill
AlwoodsLong Life ForestAltar RecordsPsychill
AmbientiumLifeKahvi CollectivePsychill
AmentiaCaliopeMerkaba MusicBass
AmosLost And Found EPOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
AmosLost In SoundOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
An-ten-naeRaindrops On RosesMuti MusicBass
AndreilienAntikytheraMuti MusicBass
AndrocellEntheomythic RemixedCelestial Dragon RecordsPsychill
ArgamanLiving In A BubbleSelf ReleasedPsychill
Argus & AscentBeyond SightOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
Argus & AscentFour Oak Trees EPOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
Astronaut ApeTen Minutes EternityMicrocosmos RecordsPsychill
AstropilotMidgard Earth EPAltar RecordsPsychill
AumaFablesEnig'matik RecordsBass
Autumn Of Communion (Metamatics & Mick Chillage)Autumn Of Communion 2AnodizeAmbient
Autumn Of Communion (Metamatics & Mick Chillage)Autumn Of Communion 3Txt RecordingsAmbient
AvarisWindgodSpaceradio RecordsPsychill
AvilenteFrom Clear Spaces WithinMicrocosmos RecordsPsychill
B.BrainExperiencesHadra RecordsPsychill
Banco De GaiaAll Sleeping EPDisco Gecko RecordingsPsychill
Banco De GaiaApolloDisco Gecko RecordingsPsychill
Banco De GaiaApollon EPDisco Gecko RecordingsPsychill
Banco De GaiaFor Such A Time EPDisco Gecko RecordingsPsychill
Banco De GaiaOllopa: Apollo RemixedDisco Gecko RecordingsPsychill
Banco De GaiaWimble Toot EPDisco Gecko RecordingsPsychill
BandarlogMemoirs Of The MomentTimewave RecordsPsychill
BeatfarmerMantraOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
Beatroots (Brujo's Bowl)Freqs Of The DeepTriple Drop ProductionsBass
Beatroots (Brujo's Bowl)Shoulder To ShoulderTriple Drop ProductionsBass
Beatroots (Brujo's Bowl)Till Depth Do Us PartTriple Drop ProductionsBass
Benji VaughanEven TundraTwisted RecordsPsychill
Bird of PreyBirds Eye ViewAddictech RecordsBass
Bird of PreyReconfiguredAddictech RecordsBass
Birds of ParadiseFlight PatternsAddictech RecordsBass
BloopEntheomorphicDelicious MusicBass
Blue BlissSounds From The SilenceSilentspace RecordsPsychill
Blue Bliss & Stray TheoriesLucid DreamerSilentspace RecordsPsychill
Blue Lunar MonkeySpirit MoleculeGoa ProductionsPsychill
Blue PhoenixDescent To HeavenEktoplazmPsychill
BluetechBasement Dubs EPSelf ReleasedPsychill
BluetechExoskeletons In Space (Single)Self ReleasedPsychill
BluetechDreaming Into BeingSounds TrueAmbient
Boards of CanadaTomorrow's HarvestWarp RecordsIDM
BogtrotterSonic VisionsEktoplazmBass
Bombay Dub OrchestraTales From The Grand BazaarSix Degrees RecordsDub
BonoboThe North BordersNinja TuneDowntempo
Book Of ChangesMental St.illness and the Rest of LifeSpirit Level StudiosPsychill
Boozoo BajouJan Mayen EPApollo RecordsDowntempo
Brujo's BowlMother Nature's NippleSelf ReleasedPsychill
Brujo's BowlParticles That LingerSelf ReleasedPsychill
Brujo's BowlSound & RhythmZenon RecordsPsychill
BumbleBee Sides - Chapter 1Self ReleasedBass
BumbleBee Sides - Chapter 2Self ReleasedBass
BumbleCross-PollinationSelf ReleasedBass
BumblePollinationSelf ReleasedBass
BvdubAt Night This City Becomes The SeaANAYAmbient
BvdubBorn In Tokyon5MDAmbient
Cafe AmsterdamAudio HydratesSpaceradio RecordsPsychill
Carbon Based LifeformsRefuge (Movie Soundtrack)Leftfield RecordsPsychill
Chaos ControlFuture Fluxion EPSelf ReleasedPsychill
Chaos ControlMiracle Mysterium EPSelf ReleasedPsychill
ChildSquintexxEnig'matik RecordsBass
ChitoonTripped On FizzOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
ChronosHeliosAltar RecordsAmbient
ChronosMars & Venus Remixes EPAltar RecordsPsychill
CircularRadiating Perpetual LightLoki FoundationAmbient
CircularNordic Circles | Live Nuit Hypnotic #4Ultimae RecordsAmbient
Cosmic ReplicantFuture MemoriesAltar RecordsPsychill
Cosmic ReplicantThe Nature Of LifeAltar RecordsPsychill
Cosmic ReplicantWhite Elephant EPAltar RecordsPsychill
Cosmic WarriorThrough My EyesFree-Spirit RecordsPsychill
D-Echo Project & Smooth GenestarThe Remixes Session OneCyan MusicDowntempo
Dark PassengerEmpathyGlitchy Tonic RecordsBass
Darshan AmbientLittle ThingsLotuspikeAmbient
DedastBanished From The RealmCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Deep Fried DubDeep Fried DubDubmission RecordsDub
Deep Fried DubRefriedDubmission RecordsDub
Deep Fried DubSlow CookedDubmission RecordsDub
DeepernetOneSpotted Peccary MusicPsychill
DenseExhaleAltar RecordsPsychill
Desert DwellersFar From HereBlack Swan SoundsPsychill
Desert DwellersNight Visions: Selected RemixesBlack Swan SoundsPsychill
Desert DwellersDive Into Forever EPDesert TraxPsychill
Desert DwellersRecalibrated Vol. 2Shivlink RecordsPsychill
DhamikaMahassapatam EPIce MediaPsychill
DhamikaDigital HumanUxmal RecordsPsychill
DhamikaLevitation GenerationSelf ReleasedPsychill
DimmatImaginariumSpace Alchemy LabPsychill
Dirty Hippy & Evil Oil ManSlime & PunishmentCosmic Conspiracy RecordsPsychill
Dirty Hippy & Evil Oil ManEarthly PrismsZenon RecordsPsychill
Divided HarmonicsCryptic Moon EgregoreGliese 581C RecordsPsychill
Dreadlock TalesGravity Equals LoveGanjaTree RecordsDub
Dreadlock TalesFrom The Earth EPSelf ReleasedDub
DreamometryInfinite RebirthSelf ReleasedPsychill
DubsalonMorphic ResonanceNutek ChillDub
DymonsAmritElestial RecordsPsychill
E-MantraThe Hermit's SanctuaryAltar RecordsPsychill
E.R.S.Digital Rituals EPDubmission RecordsDub
EarthcryHear The Earth, Heal Yourself | Heal The Earth, Hear YourselfSelf ReleasedPsychill
EcometricArchetypal ArchitectureMerkaba MusicBass
EcometricVegitalistaPsybertribe RecordsBass
EDAIce DriftOmMan RecordsPsychill
EguanaEguanicaCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
EguanaWe Turn Into WaterCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
EguanaParaequilibriumPlexus MusicAmbient
EkoplexIt's Alive!Self ReleasedPsychill
EleaExploring StratosphereSpace Tepee MusicPsychill
ElectrypnoseE7Electrypnosis MediaPsychill
Eliptical Sound SystemAdvanced Ear NutrientsNutek ChillPsychill
EmancipatorDusk To DawnLoci RecordsDowntempo
Encapsulate (Capsula)Fetal PositionWaveform RecordsPsychill
EntheogenicAnthropomorphicSelf ReleasedPsychill
ErotThoughts From The Past EPSelf ReleasedPsychill
ErothymeEmpathic CircuitrySelf ReleasedBass
ErothymeInner Space OverhaulVermin StreetBass
Escape VelocityHuman Technologies EPEardream MusicPsychill
EtherealitiesEarlyDubmission RecordsDub
Evan MarcMiconia EPInnerflight MusicBass
FabelDialogoEardream MusicPsychill
Field RotationFatalist: The Repetition Of HistoryDenovali RecordsAmbient
FloexGone EPDenovali RecordsBass
Flucturion 2.0Traveling To Pacific StarsSpaceradio RecordsPsychill
FlunkLost CausesBeatservice RecordsDowntempo
Free The RobotsThe BalanceElsewhere StudiosDowntempo
FutextureExperiential Topography EPCritical BeatsPsychill
FutextureGenetically Modified OscillationsGravitas RecordingsBass
GangaSky Come DownKID RecordingsDowntempo
GaudiIn Between TimesWakyo RecordsDub
Gay Satanic HippieTiefenrauschEktoplazmAmbient
GlobularMagnitudes of OrderSelf ReleasedPsychill
Globular & Radioactive SandwichSorbet For The SoulOmnitropicPsychill
Gnomes Of KushCalifornia KushSelf ReleasedPsychill
GriffElementsAdapted RecordsBass
HinkstepOut Inner SpaceOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
Hol BaumannHuman | Live Nuit Hypnotic #4Ultimae RecordsPsychill
HuuhaaDown Under The TriangleFull Sound All Bits In UsePsychill
HuuHaaHaaHuu 2012HuuHaa MusicDub
HydrophonCobra EPIboga RecordsPsychill
IinakDecolonizing The Mycelium EPMycelium MusicPsychill
Ill-eshaAttitude SicknessMuti MusicBass
InterconnektedStrong StillnessEktoplazmPsychill
International ObserverMore Tales From The Dungeons Of DubDubmission RecordsDub
IoonThe Ioonfinite LoopPsyderweb RecordsPsychill
IoonTotally Open RandomnessSelf ReleasedPsychill
Isaak HypnotizerSparkling Forest / 1-DigitalisSpace Tepee MusicPsychill
Isaak HypnotizerSparkling Forest / 2-MandragoraSpace Tepee MusicPsychill
IshDubNew BornNutek ChillDub
Ishqamatics (Ishq & Metamatics)EarthboundAnodizeAmbient
Ishqamatics (Ishq & Metamatics)SpaceboundTxt RecordingsAmbient
ItsuItsopHopskotch RecordsBass
Jah Wobble & Marconi UnionAnomic30 Hertz RecordsDub
JajaHERECyan MusicAmbient
JajaInitCyan MusicAmbient
JajaTalisCyan MusicAmbient
James MurrayBroken Homes EPHibernateAmbient
James MurrayThe Land BridgeSlowcraft RecordsAmbient
Jens BuchertElectronic MoodsJebu RecordsDowntempo
Jon HopkinsImmunityDomino RecordsIDM
Kalya ScintillaEloquent ExpansionMerkaba MusicBass
Kalya ScintillaThe Remix Archives Vol. 1Self ReleasedBass
KaminandaAncestors And GuardiansMerkaba MusicPsychill
KataphasisEarth MagickWiquid Liquid RecordsPsychill
Kaya ProjectThe Elixir RemixesTribal Shift RecordsPsychill
Keeze & NimbusMy Street My LifeEardream MusicPsychill
KettelIbb & Obb SoundtrackSelf ReleasedIDM
KettelUnreleased 2002-2012Self ReleasedIDM
Kick BongThe Secret GardenCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Kick Bong & SquazoidBongzoid Fusion EPUxmal RecordsPsychill
Kick Bong & SwordxlDigital Talk EPBass Star RecordsPsychill
KilowattsWindsongHarmonious DiscordPsychill
KlimentImpulse ScreamElectrik Dream RecordsPsychill
kLL sMTHJuxtacollisionStreet RitualBass
KoanWhen The Silence Is...Blue Tunes RecordsPsychill
KoanAriadne's ThreadBlue Tunes RecordsPsychill
KoanExile EPBlue Tunes RecordsPsychill
KoanRed Path EPRoeth & Grey RecordingsPsychill
KoanProteusSelf ReleasedPsychill
Krill.MinimaSekundenschlafPsychonavigation RecordsAmbient
KubaAbove The CloudsUxmal RecordsPsychill
Kukan Dub LaganDelicious Beats EPNutek ChillDub
KurbeatsFolktronicaSelf ReleasedPsychill
LandswitcherCloud 36Free-Spirit RecordsPsychill
Lars LeonhardStella Nova EPUltimae RecordsPsychill
Lauge & Baba GnohmDaybreak Revival EPSelf ReleasedPsychill
Lauge & RützTime Lapse EPMirabilis RecordsPsychill
LemonchillBuddhismOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
LemonchillI Missed A Heart Beat Remixes EPOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
LemongrassA Dream Within A DreamLemongrassmusicDowntempo
Liquid RainbowThe Acid Sessions Vol 3Ovnimoon RecordsPsychill
Living LightEcliptic VisionsDesert TraxPsychill
Luke MandalaHeart & Mind EPDesert TraxPsychill
LuminoStationInvisible MicroSpaceSpaceradio RecordsPsychill
MakyoLike A Breath Stolen By The WindDakini RecordsPsychill
Makyo & Sam BirdSkulls of the Shogun SoundtrackDakini RecordsPsychill
MalunsStraight TheoryCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
ManmademanTheophanySoundmute RecordingsPsychill
MantismashCryptic Growth EPLooney Moon ExperimentBass
Master MargheritaA Tribute To The Dead KennedysSelf ReleasedPsychill
Master MargheritaDub Bizarre EPSelf ReleasedPsychill
Master MargheritaLive At The Ministry Of PsychedelicSelf ReleasedPsychill
MatayaBetween SpacesSoundmute RecordingsPsychill
MatayaWith You EPSoundmute RecordingsPsychill
Matt RobertsonForecastCartesian Binary RecordingsPsychill
MemphidosSummer 2013Self ReleasedPsychill
MiktekElsewhereUltimae RecordsPsychill
MindexIntegrityLoodma RecordingsBass
MindexSphinxTime Resonance MusicBass
MindexTeleport EPMerkaba MusicBass
MindexThe Adventures Of Multi-Dimensional CaterpillarTime Resonance MusicBass
Minds Of InfinityMinds Of InfinityEktoplazmPsychill
Mister Chill'RMake Believe EPWaveguild RecordsPsychill
Mister Chill'ROblique Oblivion EPWaveguild RecordsPsychill
Mr. BillThe Collaborative EndeavorsEktoplazmBass
Mr. BillRe-Focused Volume 2Adapted RecordsBass
Mr. BillLego Bolognese EPOmelette RecordsBass
Mr. PeculiarRitualSelf ReleasedPsychill
Mr. SquatchHip SquatchMerkaba MusicBass
MystralAfterglowMerkaba MusicBass
NAIAD DAIADCream Of WheatJellyfish Frequency RecordingsBass
NalepaNight Bloom EPTeamSupremeIDM
Nate ConnellyA Dream About Being LostBlind ColourDowntempo
Nightmares On WaxFeelin GoodWarp RecordsDowntempo
NormalaHearin' ColorsTimewave RecordsPsychill
NuageVivantPurple Hexagon RecordsPsychill
OfftheskyExit To Anywhere EPHibernateAmbient
Once Upon A Time (Kliment)The Book of MirrorsBlue Hour SoundsPsychill
OttBaby Robot EPOttsonicDub
Ott & The All Seeing ILive At Terminal WestTwisted RecordsPsychill
Oud!N13Lost In This WorldCyan MusicPsychill
PadmasanaPadmasana IIDakini RecordsPsychill
Paul Harbor (Yggdrasil)Flashes From The Glasses EPSelf ReleasedPsychill
PhobiumOort CloudSelf ReleasedAmbient
Phone Booth RobbersFalling Into OneOmnitropicDowntempo
PhotophobWinter Forest DronesSelf ReleasedAmbient
PhotophobCymruSelf ReleasedDowntempo
PhutureprimitiveSearching For Beauty In The Darkest Places Pt 1Self ReleasedBass
PhytophileDiasporaPsybertribe RecordsPsychill
Planet BoelexExistSoft PhasePsychill
PlantraeTaprootStreet RitualBass
PsilogodExquisite LandscapesEktoplazmBass
QuantaDream Before You SleepShanti PlantiBass
QuantaVibratory FieldsEnig'matik RecordsBass
Ra DjanAnima FugaEktoplazmPsychill
Radioactive SandwichChernobyl Lounge EPSelf ReleasedDowntempo
Radioactive SandwichHomunculusSelf ReleasedPsychill
Radioactive SandwichStratos/ValmorphanizeSelf ReleasedPsychill
Random RabReleaseSelf ReleasedBass
ReasonanduImminent SatoriAltar RecordsPsychill
ReflectionExit TimeMaia Brasil RecordsPsychill
Rena JonesEchoesCartesian Binary RecordingsPsychill
Rob VectorFuture Songs Of OldEktoplazmPsychill
Rob VectorOne ShotsSelf ReleasedPsychill
Rovo & System 7Phoenix RisingA-WavePsychill
Russ LiquidForeign Frequency1320 RecordsBass
Russ LiquidPromises1320 RecordsBass
S-ForwardFlight Included EPEardream MusicPsychill
S1Gns Of L1FeLanguage Of The AncientsSelf ReleasedPsychill
Saint JanusBeyond Our CultureUxmal RecordsPsychill
SamplestickAdd One NothingLiquid Seed RecordingsPsychill
Sangit SirusSirus and FriendsSpace Tepee MusicPsychill
SaqiQuest's EndJumpsuit RecordsPsychill
Scann-TecMorpheus | Live Nuit Hypnotic #4Ultimae RecordsPsychill
Seb TaylorCollected Downtempo Vol. 1Tribal Shift RecordsPsychill
Sergio WalgoodThe Mind And SpaceSelf ReleasedPsychill
ShantifaxComplete TranceformationSarnarSchourt RecordsPsychill
ShpongleMuseum Of ConsciousnessTwisted RecordsPsychill
Side Liner9 Years Side LinerCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Side LinerEmotional AmbientCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Side LinerMissing Pieces Of A Puzzle 3Cosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Side LinerMissing Pieces Of A Puzzle 4Cosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Side LinerWater EverywhereCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
SigilA GnosticGlitchy Tonic RecordsBass
Single Cell OrchestraHear Them CallingPretensionBass
SlackbabaAskLiquid RecordsPsychill
Sleeping ForestRise Of NatureHadra RecordsPsychill
Solar FieldsOrigin # 02Ultimae RecordsPsychill
SoulfoodBuddha BassSoulfood MusicPsychill
SoulquarkSlow TachyonNeogoa RecordsPsychill
SoulularHeartblastGravitas RecordingsBass
SoulularAwakeGravitas RecordingsBass
SoulularStar TripGravitas RecordingsBass
Sounds From The GroundTribesUpstream RecordsDowntempo
SourOneBeyond The BeyondGlitchy Tonic RecordsBass
Spiral SystemBeInterchill RecordsPsychill
Spiral SystemBe Sides EPInterchill RecordsPsychill
Spiral SystemMore Life EPInterchill RecordsPsychill
SpundoseSetting Up A Sacred SpaceEktoplazmPsychill
SquazoidBodhisattva EPUxmal RecordsPsychill
Stefan TortoInner WattSonic LoomPsychill
Submotion Orchestra1968 EPCircus RecordsBass
SuduayaSalutation To The Planets EPAltar RecordsPsychill
SuduayaUnityAltar RecordsPsychill
Suduaya & Ancient CoreSound Massage EPBMSS RecordsPsychill
Sundial AeonHypnosisImpact Studio RecordsPsychill
Suns Of ArqaAncient Temples EPInterchill RecordsPsychill
SupersillyusInterabangSelf ReleasedPsychill
SuryademahSounds Of PersiaAltar RecordsPsychill
Synthetic SunriseInner Self DiscoveringSpaceradio RecordsPsychill
T.S.R. (Carbon Based Lifeforms & Solar Fields)AggetLeftfield RecordsPsychill
TarunaSupreme Secrets EPTarunamusicPsychill
Temple Step ProjectEmbrace The One EPDesert TraxBass
TengriIcarosPeak RecordsPsychill
TengriShipibo EPSelf ReleasedPsychill
TenturaAuroraSentimony RecordsPsychill
The MolluskDuskEnig'matik RecordsPsychill
The Psychedelic ManifestoGarden of DreamsAlex Tronic RecordsDowntempo
TKYEscapeSelf ReleasedDowntempo
ToscaOdeonStudio !K7Downtempo
ToscaTlapa - The Odeon RemixesStudio !K7Downtempo
TriplessTimofey EPBlue Tunes RecordsPsychill
Twin ShapeIn Transit EPOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
Uchu & Black IzolentahThe Other Iron ButterflySpaceradio RecordsPsychill
Ulrich SchnaussA Long Way To FallScripted RealitiesDowntempo
UnikorpWorld Traveller EPDVSM RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsThe Next Mission: Part 3Dubmission RecordsDub
Various ArtistsHadra Trance Festival 2013Hadra RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsDepth ChargeInterchill RecordsDub
Various ArtistsLumineyeZ Vol. 1Luminosity ProjectBass
Various ArtistsEpistemologyMaia Brasil RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsMycelium Music Compilation Vol. 3Mycelium MusicPsychill
Various ArtistsCrying TreesNamaha RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsOrbita Solaris - Sacred SequenceSonic LoomPsychill
Various ArtistsDub Warriors Vol. 1Triple Drop ProductionsDub
Various ArtistsElementisAdapted RecordsBass
Various ArtistsSpringAltar RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsAncestral LullabiesAstronautic RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsEntanglement 2Self ReleasedBass
Various ArtistsCosmoscapesAtmospheric RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsArray Vol. 3Autonomous MusicPsychill
Various ArtistsChilling In MexicoBiomechanix RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsDiscovering Plexus MusicCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsCyan CloudsCyan MusicPsychill
Various ArtistsFull CircleEardream MusicPsychill
Various ArtistsEktoplazm's Greatest TripsEktoplazmPsychill
Various ArtistsInto This Wired Abyss Vol. 2EktoplazmPsychill
Various ArtistsEvolving FreedomEnig'matik RecordsBass
Various ArtistsHadravision 2Hadra RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsLittle Pieces Of Infinity: Second ChapterHispanodelicius RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsMutant TribeIboga RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsKarmatonic Vol. 2Karmatonic RecordsBass
Various ArtistsOrganic WaveKupuri MusicPsychill
Various ArtistsResonant HeartMerkaba MusicBass
Various ArtistsMicrocosmos Chill-Out Vol. 1Microcosmos RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsPlanet BlueMikelabella RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsThe Bloom Series Volume 1: Fundamental FrequenciesMuti MusicBass
Various ArtistsThe Bloom Series Volume 2: New WorldMuti MusicBass
Various ArtistsMycelium Music Compilation Vol. 2Mycelium MusicPsychill
Various ArtistsSpiritual DopingNeogoa RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsTurlitava 2Neogoa RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsFull MoonNeurotrance RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsNext StepNutek ChillPsychill
Various ArtistsCenteotlOmeteotlPsychill
Various ArtistsThe ProphecyPhantasm RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsPsyderchill 2Psyderweb RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsSurvival International Vol. 2Random RecordsPsychill
Various First QuarterSelf ReleasedPsychill
Various Summer V/A Compilation 2013Self ReleasedPsychill
Various ArtistsMoving DreamsSelf ReleasedPsychill
Various ArtistsThrough The AfterlifeSilent ExistencePsychill
Various ArtistsOrbita Solaris - Future DubSonic Loom Psychill
Various ArtistsOrbita Solaris - Spring EquinoxSonic Loom Psychill
Various ArtistsOrbita Solaris - Summer SolsticeSonic Loom Psychill
Various ArtistsFlor'essenceSynchronos RecordingsPsychill
Various ArtistsVertigoSynchronos RecordingsPsychill
Various ArtistsRaja Ram's Pipedreams Vol 2TIP RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsOxycanta IIIUltimae RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsSuperluminalUxmal RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsMind GapKupuri MusicBass
Various ArtistsArt Of BalanceTrimurti RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsWhen Melancholy Speaks 2Uxmal RecordsPsychill
Warp TechniqueA Shaman Lik My PeaSelf ReleasedPsychill
WasaruImperceptible MemoriesEktoplazmDowntempo
Wolfen TechnologiesForeign FrequenciesEktoplazmBass
Wolfen TechnologiesMaking Up Lost TimeSelf ReleasedBass
Wolfen TechnologiesPerception Deception EPTriple Drop ProductionsBass
WoobLost 1194Self ReleasedAmbient
WoobUltrascopeSelf ReleasedAmbient
WoobUltrascope: Time ParadoxSelf ReleasedAmbient
WoobThe Six HundredSelf ReleasedDowntempo
XenoscapesAtmosflareGlitchy Tonic RecordsPsychill
Xerxes & PhoenixFirst Ray Of Light EPSelf ReleasedPsychill
YarnInner Expedition EPPsylife RecordsPsychill
YarnLive At Ozora Chill 2013Psylife RecordsPsychill
YarnQuestions & Answers EPPsylife RecordsPsychill
YarnYarniaPsylife RecordsPsychill
Zen BaboonSuberElectrik Dream RecordsDowntempo
Zen LyonLaws Of DharmaTriple Drop ProductionsBass
Zero CultAbsolute ZeroCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Zero CultPop InsanityCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Zero OneSonarWaveform RecordsPsychill
ZubzubThe Obsidian EPSelf ReleasedPsychill

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