it is time to travel back in time to discover the PsyAmbient / Downtempo music from 2012! This list is less complete that our recent listings 2013 and 2014, nevertheless it has a great interest and we are happy to present it to you. If some important releases are not present in the list feel free to comment below we will try to update the list.

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A listing of Psychill, PsyAmbient, Downtempo, IDM, Bass releases for 2012

AbakusFuturism Part 1Modus RecordsBass
Adham ShaikhRefractions Vol. 1Sonicturtle RecordsPsychill
Aes DanaPollenUltimae RecordsPsychill
AirLe Voyage Dans La LuneEMIDowntempo
AkashaShamanized EPFree-Spirit RecordsPsychill
AkashaThe Chain EPAudio AashramPsychill
Akasha ProjectSolar SystemKlangwirkstoff RecordsAmbient
AkshanThe Tree of LifeAltar RecordsPsychill
Alex HudishPremonition EPPlusquam RecordsPsychill
Ancient CoreAncient Seeds Of AwarenessAstronautic RecordsPsychill
An-ten-naeAcid Crunk EP 9Muti MusicBass
An-ten-naeAcid Crunk EP XMuti MusicBass
AquascapeAtlantic Sunrise EPSynergetic RecordsPsychill
AquascapeUnderwater StrangerAltar RecordsPsychill
Ascoil SunEmergenceMoon Koradji RecordsPsychill
AstropilotFruits Of The Imagination 2.0Altar RecordsPsychill
AstropilotPattern Of Awareness EPPlusquam RecordsPsychill
AstropilotSolar Walk 2Altar RecordsPsychill
Bahramji & SwannCelestial DoorwaysBlue Flame RecordsPsychill
Birds of Paradise (Bird of Prey)Ascended Blasters EPAddictech RecordsBass
Blue BlissDub In The Roots EPOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
Blue BlissTerra Firma EPSynergetic RecordsPsychill
Blue Lunar MonkeyHigh Loving Frequency EPMaia RecordsPsychill
Blue Lunar MonkeyInfiniteUxmal RecordsPsychill
Blue Lunar MonkeyOne People EPMaia RecordsPsychill
BonoboBlack Sands RemixedNinja TuneDowntempo
Brian EnoLuxWarp RecordsAmbient
BvdubThe First DayHome NormalAmbient
CabeiriConsciousness Alert EPPlusquam RecordsPsychill
CamoufiaPressionem EPPlusquam RecordsPsychill
Celt IslamBaghdadAjnavision RecordsPsychill
Celt IslamElectro DunyaAjnavision RecordsPsychill
ChitoonOoung EPOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
Christoph Berg (Field Rotation)ParaphrasesFactureAmbient
ChronosLimits Breaker EPPlusquam RecordsPsychill
ChronosTime & Mysteries EPUxmal RecordsPsychill
ChronosTwo Paths EPPlusquam RecordsPsychill
ChronosWhen Mars Meets VenusAltar RecordsPsychill
Connect.Ohm (Cell & Hybrid Leisureland)9980Ultimae RecordsPsychill
CortexOn Chill Out EPGeomagnetic RecordsPsychill
Craig Padilla & Zero OhmsWhen The Earth Is Far AwayLotuspikeAmbient
CydelixSoul EnablePlusquam RecordsPsychill
D. BatistatosSunshine VelvetCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Damon McUDark Mountains EPPlusquam RecordsPsychill
Daniel Roeth & Tatyana KalmykovaHypatiaQulture ProductionPsychill
Darshan AmbientFalling LightLotuspikeAmbient
Dedast (Will-O'-The-Wisp)Soft LandingCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Desert DwellersAnahata Yoga DubYogitunesPsychill
Desert DwellersDowntemple Dub: RemixedWhite Swan RecordsPsychill
Desert DwellersDrumspyder RemixesDesert TraxPsychill
Desert DwellersJourney To The Core EPDesert TraxPsychill
Desert DwellersLuke Mandala RemixesDesert TraxPsychill
Desert DwellersRecalibrated Vol 1Desert TraxPsychill
Desert DwellersSpinning Out Of Nothingness EPDesert TraxPsychill
Desert DwellersSpaces Between EPDesert TraxPsychill
Don PeyoteHeaven & EarthDon Peyote RecordingsPsychill
DreamstalkerDigital IllusionsAltar RecordsPsychill
DreamstalkerEclectronicaSundoz RecordsPsychill
E-MantraSilenceAltar RecordsPsychill
Easily EmbarrasedDifferent DimensionsEE RecordsPsychill
Eastern SunIntegrateBall of WaxxPsychill
Echo WandererMoving Through DubFull Melt RecordsDub
EguanaDiscovering EguanaCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
EguanaLullabyCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
EkoplexDiscovering the AncientOmnitropicPsychill
Eliot LippShark Wolf Rabbit SnakePretty Lights MusicDowntempo
Ephemeral MistsIllusions Blooming SoftlyMythical RecordsPsychill
ErotEclipse Remixes EPAltar RecordsPsychill
ErotMechanical Lifeform EPGraviton RecordsPsychill
Felicia AtkinsonOn Being Kind To HorsesFluid AudioAmbient
GanucheauElementsFalse Profit RecordsPsychill
GarageeEldoradoTempest RecordingsDowntempo
Gideon WolfPaperFluid AudioAmbient
GlobularA Self Fulfilling ProphecyGliese 581C RecordsPsychill
Gmo Vs. DenseTales From The Yellow KangarooAltar RecordsPsychill
Green BeatsCosmic TurtleNutek ChillPsychill
HaraxTheiaAwakening RecordsPsychill
HibernationThe Perpetual Light EPBlue Hour SoundsPsychill
HibernationSecond NatureInterchill RecordsPsychill
Ho SsyMbiraguitar EPPlusquam RecordsPsychill
Hybrid LeisurelandVariableDouble Life RecordsAmbient
IacchusThere Is Only InfinityTimewave RecordsPsychill
Inner-JiDancing BlossomsSpace Tepee MusicPsychill
IshDubDigital Roots EPKupuri MusicDub
IshqDeep Space ObjectsVirtualAmbient
IshqFlowering Mountain EarthVirtualAmbient
IshqLyghtTxt RecordingsAmbient
IshvaraUnder A Hexagon SkyVirtualAmbient
JafuAdd To CartWaveform RecordsDowntempo
James MurrayFloodsSlowcraft RecordsAmbient
Jens BuchertInterstellarPlusquam RecordsDowntempo
Jule GraszEarth FeelingsBeats & PiecesPsychill
K160SkywalkerEardream MusicPsychill
Kalpataru TreeLuminosophySelf ReleasedPsychill
Kalpataru TreeSlipped Through The CracksSelf ReleasedPsychill
Kalya ScintillaDancing The Spiral Never EndingMerkaba MusicPsychill
KaminandaGateways Of ConsciousnessSelf ReleasedPsychill
KelpeBags of Time EPSvetlana IndustriesIDM
Kettel & SecedeWhen CanSending OrbsIDM
KhoomanThe DepthsDarkapuggla RecordsPsychill
Kick Bong2001-2010Cosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Kick BongEveryday With Hope EPAjnavision RecordsPsychill
KilowattsAcceptitudeKilowatts MusicIDM
KlimentOriginsContrast RecordsPsychill
KoanArgonauticaSection RecordsPsychill
KoanCirce's Touch Remixes V1Section RecordsPsychill
KoanCirce's Touch Remixes V2Section RecordsPsychill
KubaLabyrinth of Colours EPPlusquam RecordsPsychill
KubaRandom PrecisionChillcode MusicPsychill
Kukan Dub LaganDark Side Of The MoodMikelabella RecordsDub
Kukan Dub LaganSeasons In Life EPMikelabella RecordsDub
KyotoAstravertaSpace Baby RecordsPsychill
Lab's CloudKisses To Heal EPPlusquam ChilloutPsychill
Liquid StrangerCryogenic EncountersInterchill RecordsPsychill
Lost ChamanParallel Future EPAltar RecordsPsychill
Lunar SoundNaturalUndergroove MusicPsychill
M-SevenAstralM-Seven MusicPsychill
MahaonThe AwakeningAjnavision RecordsPsychill
MaiiaShaktiOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
MakyoPurnimaDakini RecordsPsychill
Maps & DiagramsDeliusFalse IndustriesAmbient
Marconi UnionDifferent ColoursJust MusicAmbient
Master MargheritaThe Gauze Files: A Tribute to MuslimgauzeSelf ReleasedPsychill
Master MargheritaPanorama EPBlue Hour SoundsPsychill
MemphidosAntiologySpaceal OrbeatsPsychill
MindexDream BigLoodma RecordingsPsychill
MindexLucid Dream EPBeats & PiecesPsychill
MindexOne Day In CocoonLoodma RecordingsPsychill
Mister Chill'ROscillator OperaWaveguild RecordsPsychill
mote.Dust Particle EPSelf ReleasedPsychill
Mystical Sun26000Earthdance MusicPsychill
Neptun WaveSeatramp EPPlusquam RecordsPsychill
Noah PredFind Your WayAffin RecordsIDM
OcelotViolet Rays Of LightEardream MusicPsychill
OfftheskyThe Lowern DecayWist RecordsAmbient
Offthesky & Man Watching the StarsAfar, FarewellRural ColoursAmbient
OozeDream Flash EPAleph Zero RecordsPsychill
OozeWhere The Fields Never End: RevisitedAleph Zero RecordsPsychill
Perpetual LoopPassage Of SoundUxmal RecordsPsychill
Pete Ardron & Samantha RayInteruterionPink Hampster RecordingsPsychill
PinealCauda PavonisBlue Hour SoundsPsychill
PotlatchLe Grand BleuCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
PotlatchTerra FirmaCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
QuantaBeneath The SurfaceAddictech RecordsDub
QuantaOverflowEnig'matik RecordsDub
RaUnearthlyAltar RecordsPsychill
Radioactive SandwichMirageSelf ReleasedPsychill
RaparumaThree WorldsInfinity Loop MusicPsychill
Ren TouduGreen Temple EPOvnimoon RecordsAmbient
Ren TouduIntangibleOvnimoon RecordsAmbient
SanathanaSaraswatiBass Star RecordsPsychill
SattyanandaThe Awakening EPAudio AashramAmbient
SeamoonDMTones EPAltar RecordsPsychill
SeamoonExpression of the MomentAwakening RecordsPsychill
ShulmanAliveAleph Zero RecordsPsychill
Side Liner8 Years CosmicleafCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Side LinerI Am A Bird NowCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Side LinerMissing Pieces of a Puzzle 2Cosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
SiebZehNTime Equals EternityAltar RecordsPsychill
Sirius MusicLotusAltar RecordsPsychill
SkytreeTreemixes V1Self ReleasedPsychill
Slow Dancing SocietyLaterna MagicaHidden Shoal RecordingsAmbient
Sol TekSteps Into SpaceElectronic SoundscapesAmbient
Solar FieldsRandom FridayUltimae RecordsPsychill
Solar KidSint EtikTesseracTstudioPsychill
SoulacybinSelf-Existing EarthSelf ReleasedPsychill
Sounds from the GroundReady Steady SlowUpstream RecordsAmbient
Sounds from the GroundWiderworldWaveform RecordsDowntempo
Spectrum VisionInstant Infinity EPPlusquam RecordsPsychill
SpiritjackGiza GizaElectronic SoundscapesPsychill
Stefan TortoArgus EPPlusquam RecordsPsychill
Stefan TortoOceanian DreamsCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
SuduayaCome Back To Life EPUxmal RecordsPsychill
Sundial AeonWolfsbergImpact Studio RecordsPsychill
SunmonxPower SaladInterchill RecordsPsychill
Swen Dzoncy StroopForest In PeaceAshoka RecordsPsychill
SygnalsEscape Life EPAudio AashramPsychill
Sync24Ambient Archive 1996-2002Leftfield RecordsPsychill
Sync24Comfortable VoidUltimae RecordsPsychill
T.S.R. (Solar Fields & Carbon Based Lifeforms)FusionRecord UnionAmbient
T.S.R. (Solar Fields & Carbon Based Lifeforms)GTCHI97Record UnionAmbient
TalamancaClub Noir EPPlusquam RecordsPsychill
Tara PutraIn DublandGliese 581C RecordsDub
TarunaBeyond The Event HorizonTarunamusicPsychill
The MalahLight FormsSelf ReleasedDowntempo
Tor.MaInside UniverseBeats & PiecesPsychill
Tor.MaWhat I Feel When You SleepEardream MusicPsychill
TripswitchDeer Park 2012Section RecordsPsychill
Valdi SabevImpressions Vol 3Cosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
(Val)LiamDissolving ArchetypesBeats & PiecesPsychill
Various ArtistsThe Next Mission: Part TwoDubmission RecordsDub
Various ArtistsA Conversation Between Two TreesCritical BeatsPsychill
Various ArtistsCosmic BalanceUxmal RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsCosmik Chill - YellowElectrik Dream RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsDiscovering Tempest RecordingsCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsEmptinessSentimony RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsEverlastingIboga RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsFloating SpiralsAltar RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsGreenosophyUltimae RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsMartian ChroniclesTrimurti RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsNative PlanetRandom RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsOrganic Beats Vol. 1Altar RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsOrganic Beats Vol. 2Altar RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsPainting Pictures On Silence V2Enig'matik RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsPAZOvnimoon RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsThe Persistence Of MemoryBlue Hour SoundsPsychill
Various ArtistsShanti Broadcast Volume 3Audio AashramPsychill
Various ArtistsSpecial PlacesSentimony RecordsPsychill
Various ArtistsSpirit Of La SelvaCritical BeatsPsychill
Various ArtistsWhen Melancholy SpeaksUxmal RecordsPsychill
Vataff ProjectMaeomaVirtualPsychill
Voxel9BeyondOvnimoon RecordsAmbient
Voxel9NatureOvnimoon RecordsAmbient
WoobHave LandedSelf ReleasedPsychill
XerxesDroplets Of WaterXerxes MusicPsychill
Xerxes & PhoenixLet Silence Roam EPXerxes MusicPsychill
YagyaThe Inescapable Decay Of My HeartKilk RecordsPsychill
Zen GardenTalking TreesCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill
ZymosisBetween Two PointsAltar RecordsPsychill

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