Welcome, psychedelic friends, to the 2023 releases table. This is an effort to keep a finger on the pulse of the world of psychedelic downtempo music and its many subgenres (mainly psybient/psychill, psydub, psybass/psystep, and chillgressive/deep trance, but also the occasional non-psy ambient, downtempo and IDM.)

This table is meant to not only be an archive but also a news source for the latest releases. Bookmark this page and check back every month for updates!

If you know of any release that isn’t listed here, fill out the form and it will get added to the next week’s update, as long as it’s psychedelic and has at least some downtempo elements. Bandcamp links are preferred, soundcloud links will be ignored unless they have a download link.

We hope you will find something new and magic for your taste. Please support the artists and buy their music.

22&8Cloud Cover EpSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
22&8LostSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
22&8Rebirth / VulturesSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
A.E.R.O.Loud Wide RemastersSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
AcidstormNostromoSelf Released01 - JanuarySingle
Active RegionHorizon DispatchExosphere02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
AdiiosBlack EPWormhole Music Group02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Advanced SuitePhilomathSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Albert SipovShards Of Broken Glass (2023 Remaster)Self Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Alexander Daf & Vena PortaeIm NordenMicrocosmos Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
AlphaxoneReflective SoulsSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
AltbrakzFor ScienceBillegal Beats01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
AmbidextrousUndisclosed CircuitFantasy Enhancing01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
AmotnikPsilosopliSpace Boogie Lab01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
An-Ten-NaeThe Space Between The LightSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Annihilation Of Self, Unusual Cosmic Process, AstropilotHidden Ecosphere (UCP Ambient Rework)Astropilot Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Annihilation Of Self, Unusual Cosmic Process, AstropilotHidden Ecosphere. Unusual Cosmic Process Ambient ReworkAstropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Aor Agni & Victor DurainBelle Etoile EPSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Arcane TricksterTrust The ProcessTempest Recordings02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Ashnaia ProjectHopeSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Ashnaia ProjectRawSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
AsterisSporakiLiquidseed Recordings02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
AstropilotParaselene (Revisited)Astropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
AstropilotThe Archive IV. Ambient WorxAstropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
AstropilotGlobal Trance Grooves Mix 2019Astropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
AstropilotMissing Pieces (Remastered 2023)Astropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
AstropilotMissing PiecesAstropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
AstropilotPolaris (Ambient Rework)Astropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
AstropilotSweet Sadness (Revisited)Astropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
AstropilotTendernessAstropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Astropilot, Annihilation Of Self, AlthaiOptical Illusion (Unusual Cosmic Process Ambient Rework)Astropilot Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Astropilot, Annihilation Of Self, AlthaiOptical Illusion. Unusual Cosmic Process Ambient ReworkAstropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Astropilot, Kaya ProjectWind Of Change (Dmitriy's Piano Rework)Astropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Astropilot, Kaya ProjectWind Of Change (Dmitriy's Piano Rework)Astropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Astropilot, SeamoonMemory Lane (Unusual Cosmic Process Ambient Rework)Astropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Astropilot, Unusual Cosmic ProcessInterstellar Journeys: Ethereal Soundscapes From AboveAstropilot Music03 - MarchAlbum/EP
AtyyaCycles In Flux: RemixedSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
AtyyaMage (Chmura Remix)Self Released01 - JanuarySingle
AtyyaMonk Dub (Abstrakt Sonance Remix)Self Released01 - JanuarySingle
AtyyaObelisk (Mystic State Remix)Self Released01 - JanuarySingle
Atyya, Saint SinnerChameleonSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
AuratechEternityMerkaba Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Awa FallAwa Fall - I Wanna Understand (Gaudi Prod.)Self Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
AzaliahBehind The LightAltar Techno02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Baba GnohmBlack DawnSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
BadubExplorimental GenresMindspring Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
BalancéBreezeSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Bass TempleRitual (Ft. Liinks)Gravitas Recordings02 - FebruarySingle
BeatfarmerThis! (Lo Renzo Remix)Self Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
BismythExducerLysergia Collective02 - FebruarySingle
Blue LotusLightness Of BeingSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Blue Planet CorporationEntropie_Cyborg_RmxSelf Released01 - JanuarySingle
Blue Planet RetreatBeyond The DoorSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
BluetechSpacehop Chronicles 2: RestlessBehind The Sky Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
BluetechSpacehop Chronicles 2: RestlessOver The Moon Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Brian GrassfieldThe Big BlueSelf Released01 - JanuarySingle
Brog (Brain Fog)Horizon2Self Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
BuzzjuniorCirculateGravitas Recordings01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Caladan TalesWarpArt.Vault01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Cayo LargoHaunted DreamsCosmicleaf Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Celt IslamStarlightSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Celt IslamDub MysticsSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
CeltotronLauterbrunnenSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Cephalopod↞ Myth ↠Tranquil Sounds Productions02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Charlie RoscoePrayertronicaSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Chromatic WavePale MoonMatsuri Digital Chill01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Conscious FrequenciesStoriesDigital Duvet Records02 - FebruarySingle
Conscious Frequencies, Dreaming CooperThe Realm Of The Spirit ElvesDigital Duvet02 - FebruarySingle
CordSolsticeShamanic Tales01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Cosmic TouchDream JournalMerkaba Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Craftal & ErothymeStupid IDMSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Crawdad SniperSquid Pro QuoThe Rust Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Cthulhu BasscraftLegends Never DieMuti Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
D-Echo ProjectSlkSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
DancemythD I G I T I Z ESelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
David StarfireUltraterrestrialSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
DavielNeuroinSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
DeathmomentPigments Of ThoughtMindspring Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
DeemsterTopsailGravitas Recordings03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Deep In MindNereidsMerkaba Music03 - MarchAlbum/EP
DeepernetSingularitySelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
DenseElixirCosmicleaf Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Devilish Jumps On The StreetsMemory LaneSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Deya DovaCall To The Quetzal (Savej Remix)Self Released02 - FebruarySingle
Dichro & ScvrvbHotel Lobby BootlegPsyndica02 - FebruarySingle
Digital InterfaceObserver EPWormhole Music Group02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
DillardSyrmaa EPSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Don PeyoteDance Beats Retrospective 1998-2002Self Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
DreamsterThat's SkunkySelf Released03 - MarchSingle
DreamsterThe Circus In 4DSelf Released03 - MarchSingle
DroplitzWhat The PhonkSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
DroplitzNothing, Nowhere.- Weight Of The Wind- (Flip By Droplitz)Self Released01 - JanuarySingle
DubankoHidden FeelingsSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
DubankoRebirthSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
DubtrakThe Flow (Revisited)Self Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Dva DerevaLet There Be LightMicrocosmos Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
E-MantraCinematica - Vol. 1 - "Secluded Trails"Melusine Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
E-MantraStygianSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
E-Mantra & ReasonanduMetamorphosis [24Bits]Melusine Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
EguanaNight AmbientCosmicleaf Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
EguanaResurrectedCosmicleaf Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
EkorcePuzzledThe Rust Music03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Elkin SergeyIntrospective ViewPlexus Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
EmeshCanopusSendero Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Emil EliavThe Sound Of UsCosmicleaf Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
EntheoLanguidSelf Released01 - JanuarySingle
EntheogenicKailashSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Esmé Olivia, Chris Berry & Shaman'S DreamArna SolSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
Esmé Olivia, Chris Berry & Shaman's DreamArna SolBlack Swan Sounds02 - FebruarySingle
FlexagonThe Towers I: InaccessibleSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Floor TwentyMoving FloorwardMuti Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Fusion BassHunger HoleCalligraphy Recordings02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
GaddyCream Of The Crop, Vol. 3Self Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
GarrisonMusical ContactSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
GermindAntimatter, Vol. 6Cosmicleaf Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
GermindAnother WorldSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
GermindGoa Traveling Vol.4Self Released02 - FebruarySingle
GermindIce In Your EyesSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
GermindSpace MatrixSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
GiyoHyperdriveSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
GladkillDissociateSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
Gnomes Of KushSeb Taylor Remix EPSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Gnomes Of KushElectricSelf Released01 - JanuarySingle
Goatika LoungeDreamingSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
GovindaConvergenceSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
GovindaConvergenceSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
GreenuxAlien TonesSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Gus Till & Donald BaldieMelbourne WalkersSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Gus Till & SupercoziMusic For A Rainy SeasonSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
H:U:MSpace SymphonyLiquid Frog Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
HaquinWakefulOuttallectuals02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
HaquinWakefulOuttallectuals01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Hardcore BuddhistSucculentCosmicleaf Records03 - MarchAlbum/EP
HinkstepOpen HeartMystic Sound Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
HobiSemblanceWormhole Music Group03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Holstein & ZimmermanSpheresoundSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
HypnagogCollected Dream FragmentsKinematic Records03 - MarchAlbum/EP
I-OneA Place On The BeachCosmicleaf Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
I.M.DMorning LakeSofa Beats01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
I.M.D & Herrhausen & TreindlHopeSofa Beats02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
I.M.D, Herrhausen, TreindlHopeSofa Beats02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
IketaFeathersSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Illarion, IriserCyanCalligraphy Recordings02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Imagination ProjectAquaEnsancha El Alma Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
In'R'VoiceThirty Steps In HeavenCosmicleaf Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
InfinatiAncient HologramsSelf Released01 - JanuarySingle
InfinatiDeep DreamsSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
InfinatiImploding ExponentiallySelf Released01 - JanuarySingle
InfinatiNano ParticlesSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
InfinatiSnowSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
InfinatiSynesthesiaSelf Released03 - MarchSingle
InfinatiZensesSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
Ioon - Cosmic DowntempoUnearthed ChantsSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
IshqFhorm (Remastered Edition)Txt Recordings01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
IterateSeedMuti Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
J.P.IllusionLife And LeafSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Jade CicadaPressure GamutSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
JaguartreeSound ArchetypesMerkaba Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
JakareChrysalis EPSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Jason LeechGhostSelf Released01 - JanuarySingle
JiigParticle Oyb // Midnight GreenwaySelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
John SpanosSometimesCosmicleaf Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Joyfull Natives In ChillDivine StonesVisionary Shamanics Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
JuruatmaAstamayanaSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
K.L.O.Slow ModeColony Productions02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Kadmon Drago, Zero CultBreatheCosmicleaf Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Kaya ProjectAmbient Mixes, Vol. 3Tribal Shift Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
KeemiyoSpace TravellerSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Key EraRemixes Alpha EPSofa Beats02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Kick BongFirefly TreeCosmicleaf Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
KilowattsLive On Star's End Radio - 01.29.2023Self Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Kino Doscun, YouthieSaharMerkaba Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
KiphiGreen PortalLiquid Frog Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
KrypttKnight Of DeathDanktronics02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
L-DanTaking Off EPIono Lounge02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Lab's CloudFrom CloudsValley View Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Lab's CloudFrom CloudsSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Land SwitcherTess TonesShanti Planti02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
LaugeSeveriaSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
Left Hand Of GodDevolutionSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Lemonchill, Richard StonefieldOrvhentur (Richard Stonefield Remix)Self Released01 - JanuarySingle
LensflareOrbis Terrarum DescriptioSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Lil Fish, Mr. OursCrossroadsOdyzey Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Liquid Bloom & Pere, Featuring Paul StametsThe Mycelium Is RemixedDesert Trax01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Liquid Bloom, PoranguíKuya Sessions: Cura RemixesSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, SavejFeathered Serpent (Savej Remix)Self Released02 - FebruarySingle
Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, Scott NiceThe Call Of Dawn (Scott Nice Remix)Self Released02 - FebruarySingle
Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, SkysiaPreparing The Path (Skysia Remix)Self Released01 - JanuarySingle
Liquid Love DropsIshtar RisingSelf Released03 - MarchSingle
Lo.RenzoBeatfarmer - This! (Lo.Renzo Remix)Self Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Lo.RenzoPoan CollectionSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Lo.RenzoBaglamaSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
LoopmoonTouch The SkySelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
LydìaDreamsAltar Relax02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
LydìaDreamsAltar Relax01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
M.O.O.SArtifacts Of PleasureLemonchill03 - MarchAlbum/EP
M.O.O.SFlying To ValhallaLemonchill03 - MarchAlbum/EP
M.O.O.S.Ibiza VibesSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
MagnetikColdnessCosmicleaf Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
MagnetikSkydivingCosmicleaf Records03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Magnetik, Mars FlowersDouble SundayCosmicleaf Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
MaiiaArt Of EverythingMystic Sound Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Man Of No Ego & Lab's CloudLab's Cloud Ambient RemixesSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Master MargheritaThe Sound Of ScienceSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Master Margherita & ErmeticoOvertoneSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Master MindedThe Glowing Center Pt. 1Self Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Max CorbachoAtmospheric TwilightSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
MerrickkDownload ConsciousnessBillegal Beats02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
MerrickkDownload ConsciousnessBillegal Beats02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Michael MagBrahman BlissSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
Mixed By AkshanDowntempo Selections, Vol.02Altar Records03 - MarchSingle
Moon TripperHypnotic FrequenciesSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
MoonscapeEthereal VisionsSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
MoonscapeBeyondSelf Released03 - MarchSingle
MoregoFascinationIono Music03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Mr Jennings & IllexxandraBad PermWormhole Music Group01 - JanuarySingle
Mystic CrockClear WaterSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Mystic CrockFloating Mind (Mystic Crock 2023 Remix)Self Released01 - JanuarySingle
Myth MakerTandava Vol. ISelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Myth MakerTandava Vol. ISelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Myth MakerTandava Vol. IISelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
NadzemskyCorvidaeFoil On Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Natural Life EssenceAncient NatureLiquid Frog Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Natural Life EssenceMagic PlanetLiquid Frog Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Natural Life EssenceSucculent Life 2Liquid Frog Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
NikesThe ChurchillMuti Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Noetik The AlchemistEndureSelf Released01 - JanuarySingle
NumaticaKosmos RemixedSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
NumatikPulse (Official Short Film Soundtrack)Self Released01 - JanuarySingle
ObriUnreleasedSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
OmelManifestationCosmicleaf Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
OperentziaSaja HuaSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Perfect BlindHelios (Single Edit)Self Released01 - JanuarySingle
Perpetual LoopSabre Of LightSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Perpetual LoopSirensSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Pete Ardron & Samantha RayMusic For Aus Lights On The RiverSelf Released01 - JanuarySingle
PhosphorosTriposphereNutek Chill01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
PhutureprimitiveMind's EyeSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
PoranguíThese HandsSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
Poranguí, Liquid Bloom, Scott NiceThe Call Of Dawn (Scott Nice Remix)Self Released02 - FebruarySingle
PotlatchDropletCosmicleaf Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
ProgromChangesNutek Chill02 - FebruarySingle
Psy TrsTantric DancersSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
PsyruleusChronomagon EpSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Pulse MandalaLevitation (Single)Self Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
PyramidicAll Seen And UnseenSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
QeightElysiumCosmicleaf Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Qeight, TranslippersInvisible BirdsCosmicleaf Records03 - MarchAlbum/EP
QuantaEntwinedShanti Planti03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Re:SetSons Of TarotsMuti Music03 - MarchAlbum/EP
RebloomingNuclear Fusion (Qeight Remix)Plexus Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Rena Jones & KilowattsForce MultiplierCartesian Binary Recordings01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
RobinicusAstrologicusMelusine Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
SaalyxAlgorhytmaHadra Altervision Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
SaalyxAlgorhytmaHadra Altervision Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Sacred SeedsDistant ImagesSelf Released03 - MarchSingle
SaulaA Long HistoryNatural Evolution Records03 - MarchAlbum/EP
SerenoImpermanenceFrequenSeed Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Shabboo HarperNever Thought (Original Mix)Iono Lounge03 - MarchAlbum/EP
SharkweekSumiyoshiSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Side LinerCyber DystopiaCosmicleaf Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
SigesmundsenRebel At Midnight, Vol. 2Cosmicleaf Records03 - MarchAlbum/EP
SigesmundsenRebel At Midnight, Vol. 2Cosmicleaf Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
SigilTony AlienSelf Released03 - MarchSingle
SingeMirageMuti Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
SinteseMorning RitualOvnimoon Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Six Dead BulgariansContact In The Field Of AttentionMicrocosmos Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
SleepybutterflyCelestialistEase Division03 - MarchAlbum/EP
SmigonautThick As ThievesSelf Released01 - JanuarySingle
Sol GoodSpliffedWormhole Music Group01 - JanuarySingle
SoloeDualismMerkaba Music03 - MarchAlbum/EP
SomatoastAnthem Of FunSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
SomatoastMeltSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
Somewhat DamagedNot NiceDanktronics01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
SpecifikMeanderCalligraphy Recordings01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Spectrum Vision, Ivanuzdyaev2023Self Released01 - JanuarySingle
Spectrum Vision, Unusual Cosmic ProcessSkyscraper (Ambient Rework)Astropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Spectrum Vision, Unusual Cosmic ProcessSpectrum Progress. RemixAstropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Spectrum Vision, Unusual Cosmic ProcessUp & GoAstropilot Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Spectrum Vision, Unusual Cosmic ProcessSpectrum Progress (Remix)Astropilot Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Spectrum Vision, Unusual Cosmic ProcessSpectrum ProgressAstropilot Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Spirit Of The Wood, Natalie LainDreams Of YouSpirit Of The Wood02 - FebruarySingle
StametshroomThe Last CandlePainted Word Music & Liquid Sound Design02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
State AzureEthereal LandscapesSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
State AzureThe TerminatorSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
State AzureBeyond The Gates Of KunlunSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
State AzureCity LimitsSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
StilltripMorning ChiSelf Released01 - JanuarySingle
StilltripWeb WeavingSelf Released01 - JanuarySingle
StimpackBoundlessSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Strana 03 & EguanaSilent ShorePlexus Music03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Strange SubstanceAlien ThingMystic Sound Records03 - MarchAlbum/EP
SubsetCall Of The WhipbirdThe Dub Factory01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
SubstanDigitales VISelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
SuduayaChaiyyatronicArcelya Records01 - JanuarySingle
Suduaya & Malte MartenSpirit Of The RiverArcelya Records02 - FebruarySingle
Sufi's LifeThe Lost FairyAltar Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Sun AngaSolar GraceMelusine Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
SymbolicoDon't Be AfraidSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Synema & TulsyCi11 Sp // Locked InsideAdn Cinematic01 - JanuarySingle
TegReturn Of My Manta RayBlue Tunes Chillout02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Tenet AudioUtopiaAstropilot Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Tenet Audio, AstropilotThe ChanceAstropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Tenet Audio, AstropilotUtopiaAstropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
The BitzpanRitual OscillationsSofa Beats02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
The EbertbrothersRotormesser (Serge Geyzel Remix)Mindwaves-Music01 - JanuarySingle
The Space CadetSvarf Songs (Music For My Cat)Self Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
The UllulatorsMighty Dub Collider. Chapter OneSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
The Witch DoctorHomebound Cosmic SymphonyEase Division02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
The Witch DoctorHidden GemVisionary Shamanics Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
ThreedomFuture MonarchsSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
ThriftworksPow PowSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Toby AndersenChasing ShadowsPainted Word Music & Liquid Sound Design02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
TonymodiReflectionCosmicleaf Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Tor.Ma In DubSolve Et CoagulaSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
TranslippersKamiCosmicleaf Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
TriboneYelalaSelf Released03 - MarchSingle
Tribu Oro - Sofa BeatsKambo EpSofa Beats02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Trio (Oren Kaplan, David Heredia, Youth)VertigoPainted Word Music & Liquid Sound Design02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
TriptoneSunshineCosmicleaf Records03 - MarchAlbum/EP
ÜmlautProjectionSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Unusual Cosmic ProcessAtlantis (Ambient Rework)Astropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Unusual Cosmic ProcessBetween Continents (Revisited And Remastered 2023)Astropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Unusual Cosmic ProcessJamais Vu (Revisited And Remastered 2023)Astropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Unusual Cosmic ProcessAtlantis (Ambient Rework)Astropilot Music03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Unusual Cosmic ProcessBetween Continents (Revisited And Remastered 2023)Astropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Unusual Cosmic Process (Astropilot Music)Atlantis (Ambient Rework)Astropilot Music03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Unusual Cosmic Process (Astropilot Music)Between Continents (Revisited And Remastered 2023)Astropilot Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Unusual Cosmic Process (Astropilot Music)Light At The Bottom (Ambient Rework)Astropilot Music03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Unusual Cosmic Process, Pantograph (Astropilot Music)Re (Ambient Reworks)Astropilot Music03 - MarchAlbum/EP
Various ArtistsFrom The LabADN Experiment01 - JanuaryCompilation
Various ArtistsAmbient Online Compilation: Volume 22Ambient Online02 - FebruaryCompilation
Various ArtistsAcross StarfieldsAssemblage03 - MarchCompilation
Various ArtistsDreams Of MotionAssemblage01 - JanuaryCompilation
Various ArtistsBass Fiction 3Badgers Records02 - FebruaryCompilation
Various ArtistsNightvision : Bass Selects Vol. 1Gravitas Recordings02 - FebruaryCompilation
Various ArtistsNightvision : Chill Selects Vol. 1Gravitas Recordings02 - FebruaryCompilation
Various ArtistsNightvision : House Selects Vol. 1Gravitas Recordings02 - FebruaryCompilation
Various ArtistsNightvision : World Bass Selects Vol. 1Gravitas Recordings02 - FebruaryCompilation
Various ArtistsLSD Special Selections Vol​​​​​​​​​​​.​​​​​​​​​​​5: Lá Fhéile Bríd (Imbolc St Brigid's Day Celebration)Liquid Sound Design02 - FebruaryCompilation
Various ArtistsDiscoveriesStreet Ritual02 - FebruaryCompilation
Various ArtistsWhispers Of An Ancient World IIMystic & Quantum01 - JanuaryCompilation
Various ArtistsMuzique, Vol. 2Odyzey Music02 - FebruaryCompilation
Various ArtistsDeep Fried DubDubmission Records02 - FebruaryCompilation
Various ArtistsBeyond HorizonsMicrocosmos Records03 - MarchCompilation
Various ArtistsBeyond HorizonsMicrocosmos Records02 - FebruaryCompilation
Various ArtistsOxidized, Vol. 3The Rust Music02 - FebruaryCompilation
Various ArtistsVisionary VibrationsVisionary Shamanics Records02 - FebruaryCompilation
Various ArtistsMycology Live - October 2022Weirdandwonderfulpsychedelicrecords02 - FebruaryCompilation
Venus TheoryDear EntropySelf Released03 - MarchSingle
WatasuniClimbing HarmonicsTranquil Sounds Productions02 - FebruarySingle
WilldabeastA+ Mentality Ft. GlyphMuti Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
WilldabeastOn OneMuti Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
WilldabeastSuperhighway AfterglowMuti Music03 - MarchAlbum/EP
WilldabeastTime TheftMuti Music02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Windom RTowards The UnknownCalligraphy Recordings01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
WoobAd4Ption : PermadeathSelf Released03 - MarchAlbum/EP
WoobDrift 1194Bigamoebasounds01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
WoobWoob 1194 (21st Century Remaster)Bigamoebasounds01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
WoobMonochrome 1194Bigamoebasounds01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
YagyaFaded PhotographsSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
YahganFirst TravelersLiquid Frog Records03 - MarchAlbum/EP
YaimaHigh PriestessSelf Released02 - FebruarySingle
Yestegan ChayAwantaSelf Released02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
YonilingaSpiritual AwarenessMerkaba Music01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
YouthConference Of StarlingsSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
Zen ElectricSeeing Through The Illusion EPVisionary Shamanics Records02 - FebruaryAlbum/EP
Zenlike CreatureGathering DustVisionary Shamanics Records03 - MarchAlbum/EP
ZenzontleMadre Tierra EPAstralvision Records01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP
ZillaCrop Circle Brain Factory • Volume IvSelf Released01 - JanuaryAlbum/EP

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