Welcome, psychedelic friends, to the 2022 releases table. This is an effort to keep a finger on the pulse of the world of psychedelic downtempo music and its many subgenres (mainly psybient/psychill, psydub, psybass/psystep, and chillgressive/deep trance, but also the occasional non-psy ambient, downtempo and IDM.)

This table is meant to not only be an archive but also a news source for the latest releases. Bookmark this page and check back every month for updates!

If you know of any release that isn’t listed here, fill out the form and it will get added to the next week’s update, as long as it’s psychedelic and has at least some downtempo elements. Bandcamp links are preferred, soundcloud links will be ignored unless they have a download link.

We hope you will find something new and magic for your taste. Please support the artists and buy their music.

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121569, PotlatchA Happy CityCosmicleaf Records
5AMBufferingSelf Released
9 TheoryComfort In The Orange GlowSelf Released
A.E.R.O.Deep Breath 2022Self Released
A.E.R.O.42Self Released
Ace VenturaAce Ventura In DubIboga Records
Acid FluxXperimentoBass Star Records
Acidova, AmritoneNightfall ZodiacCalligraphy Recordings
Advanced SuiteHidden In Plain SightSelf Released
AeiforosAstral SilenceIono Music
AemoniaMicroscopic LandsPsykedream Music
Aeon VoyageEnergyThe Rust Music
Aes DanaInterstice | Live SetUltimae Records
AiriCorrelation Zenon Records
Akasha ProjectBassfieldSelf Released
Akasha ProjectCosmic InsenceSelf Released
Akineton In ChillWorld ChillSelf Released
AkoarelaFishing A DreamMindspring Music
Albert SipovLibertySelf Released
Albert Sipov, Anna HelMy Guiding StarSelf Released
AlejoNitrous OutlawSelf Released
AlejoGriselda - Dr. Birds (Alejo Bootleg)Self Released
AlejoDenouementSelf Released
AlejoFlip SideSelf Released
Alejo, PsydellExpletive Deleted Self Released
Alex Fun, The Space CadetWalrus DubThe Space Cadet
Alpha HypnoticaTranscendenceMelusine Records
Alpha HypnoticaTranscendenceMelusine Records
AlphaxoneUnderneathSelf Released
AlwoodsRemixedAltar Records
AmawalkInflorescenceLysergia Collective
AmritoneUnknown DestinationCalligraphy Recordings
Anchor HillSpring Equi-KnocksSelf Released
Andrew HeathQuiet NoiseSelf Released
Andrew RothschildNew Leaf (Remixes)Self Released
AndrocellRemix Prescription (1-Hour Mix)Self Released
Annihilation Of SelfBlind Observer (Mix)Astropilot Music
Annihilation Of Self, Astropilot, Unusual Cosmic ProcessSynesthesiaAstropilot Music
Aor AgniLonely NightSelf Released
Aor AgniLast Days On Earth EPSelf Released
Arcane TricksterKaiwanCosmicleaf Records
Arcane TricksterElectryoneTempest Recordings
Arthur PralayaObservationSelf Released
Arun MeyTrip On Mars EPSelf Released
ArunmeymusicLoneliness Self Released
Arure, Max LFReptiloïdesSenoï Project
AscentWake UpAltar Records
Ascent, ArgusHidden TreasureAltar Records
Ashnaia ProjectUnknow DestinationSelf Released
AspectMorning GloryEase Division
Astracom, DimmatLunas OptaCalligraphy Recordings
Astral Travel AgencyTrancevoyageSelf Released
Astral WavesInflation Eternelle IIISelf Released
AstropilotMillions Light Years Away (Revisited)Astropilot Music
AstropilotPinelandAstropilot Music
AstropilotListening To NatureAstrosphere Records
AstropilotMriaAstrosphere Records
AstropilotEarthwalkAstropilot Music
AstropilotDistant WorldsAstropilot Music
AstropilotEndless (Piano Version)Astropilot Music
AstropilotPinelandAstropilot Music
Astropilot Ft. Annihilation Of SelfEchoesAstropilot Music
Astropilot, Annihilation Of SelfEchoesAstropilot Music
Astropilot, Astronaut ApeAd Astra (Ambient Mix)Astrosphere Records
Astropilot, Spacecraft, LaugeEmpyreanSelf Released
Astropilot, Spectrum VisionMission PoseidonAstropilot Music
Astropilot, Spectrum VisionMission Poseidon Pt. IVAstropilot Music
Astropilot, Unusual Cosmic ProcessThe Kite (Breaks Remix)Astropilot Music
AtmospherikaVidaOvnimoon Records
AtyyaCycles In FluxSelf Released
AtyyaRealm ShiftSelf Released
Aura BorealisLiquifyMetanoia Sound
AuratechRitualMystic Sound Records
Aux25Ocean & Stars EPInterchill Records
Avatar RecordsYoga MantraSelf Released
Axiom 23Mixtape 5 - Eden TransmissionSelf Released
AyawakeMadre EPSofa Beats
Ayo, I.M.DLuminousAltar Records
AytharNo WarSelf Released
AytharSelected Works II. [2013-2021]Self Released
AytharTribal Earth PerceptionSelf Released
AywakenPost-Biological LifeformsSenoï Project
AywakenQuantum DisorderSenoï Project
AznadelAznadelLysergia Collective
B. AshraFluffy SpiralsSeparated Beats
Bad TangoTechtangle EPSelf Released
BakkarEndless Beginning EPBillegal Beats
BalancéRebornSelf Released
BalancéLooking For PeaceSelf Released
Bass TempleThe BeginningGravitas Recordings
Bass6BaladaBass Star Records
Beat AssistDream SightsBass Star Records
Beat BizarreSparkling Path To Cacophony EPIboga Records
Beat JunkyControl AssignedBass Star Records
Ben BlackettWinds Of TimeSelf Released
Ben DamskiArabica NightsBass Star Records
Big Joe DaddyTales From The Hundred Acre WoodSelf Released
BiobazarStandard Pet SoundsSelf Released
BismythRelapseBlack Moon Syndicate
Blue Planet CorporationAquaquestDat Universe
BricksquashSkreet Force One / Re-BrickedSelf Released
BrokenblenderBroken PiecesMerkaba Music
Byzantine Time MachineShakedown At The OasisSelf Released
Cayo LargoMind GamesCosmicleaf Records
CellOnwards SystemUltimae Records
Celt IslamRockerzSelf Released
Charlie RoscoeThe PresentSelf Released
Charlie WFloors And Fawns EPNight Owl Collective
Chill Qin萬象《The Poem For All Beings》Muti Music
ChlorophilYoga SpaceSynchronos Recordings
ChronosCinematic SynthesizerSelf Released
CirqularPhono PhaunaLysergia Collective
Cirqular, Nyquist, Subb TheoryDissolve MatterHigh Vibe Records
Cirqular, SheytaMutual ResonanceMerkaba Music
Cloud_DFatherbandzSelf Released
Cloud_DHope Vs DespairSelf Released
Cloud_DBlankslateSelf Released
Cloud_DFatigueSelf Released
Cloud_DMomentumSelf Released
Consciousness FederationCelestial GallerySelf Released
ContinuumMetrolandSelf Released
Contra ScandalPantherStreet Ritual
Cookies SlayerDragon ShardsSelf Released
Corder YantisObliqueSelf Released
Cosmic CadenceEclipseSelf Released
Cosmic DustCosmicdust Feat. Akiraikeda || 0.2Self Released
Cosmic TouchThe Leela EPUnityverse Music
CosmoganicForest Stomp Remixed EPVisionary Shamanics Records
CosmyteVitamyte B12Hadra Records
CualliGiant Steps (Cover)Self Released
CuberingShriSelf Released
D-Echo ProjectVintage CocktailSelf Released
D-Echo ProjectDubby Space EPSelf Released
DancemythPerspective EPSelf Released
DancemythRebirth EPSelf Released
Data RebelThe Space BetweenSelf Released
David FreemanThe Worlds WithinMetanoia Sound
DavielSoundscopeSelf Released
Dear HumansHarvest MoonSofa Beats
DeezLoopsSelf Released
DeezPrecursorSelf Released
DejalumEntrelazamiento EPQuantum Cell Records
Dense, Unusual Cosmic ProcessScreamAstropilot Music
Dense, Unusual Cosmic ProcessMicrowave PrincessAstropilot Music
Desert DwellersWise Man SpeaksSelf Released
Desert DwellersThe Elephants March (Uone Remixes)Self Released
Desert DwellersBreath: Portal To StillnessDesert Trax
DêtreOnsetWormhole Music Group
Devin KroesMassive Attack - Teardrop (Devin Kroes Remix)Self Released
DhamikaFrequencies Of SerenitySelf Released
DillardIn June EPSelf Released
Dillard, AmantraaAuthorSelf Released
DistalvisionTribes/VibesUnfinished Monkey Records
Distant System1-Hour MixSelf Released
Distant SystemAstral Map ErrorSelf Released
Don PeyoteReggae Style - Anthology 2004/2022Self Released
Dreamtree ProjectOn The Steps Of Infinity Sonicturtle Records
DreamwalkerMeat Car DilemmaColony Productions
Drift, Adham Shaikh, Tim FloydPossessorSonicturtle Records
DroplitzBillie Eilish - Everything I Wanted (Flip)Self Released
DroplitzPyro (Album Side A)Self Released
DroplitzPyro.2 (Album Side B)Self Released
DroplitzSad Soundz MixSelf Released
DroplitzIllusionSelf Released
DroplitzAll OutSelf Released
DroplitzDrake - Too Much - Flip By DroplitzSelf Released
DrrtywulvzSuzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (Drrtywulvz Remix)Self Released
DrrtywulvzPetrichorSelf Released
Dub SutraMinute Of MonksSelf Released
Dub SutraMonks N FluteSelf Released
DubnoticNeurogenesisVisionary Shamanics Records
DubtrakFar AwaySelf Released
Dysfunctional FamilyA Day At The BeachThe Rust Music
E-MantraSilence 3Melusine Records
EamoUnderwater DesertIono Lounge
EarmakeSilence MinuteSelf Released
Earmake, Astropilot, Unusual Cosmic Process (Astropilot Music)Fractal FormsAstropilot Music
Earthcry, Lavender FieldsLeaf SpeakSelf Released
EguanaDialecticsCosmicleaf Records
EguanaInner SilenceCosmicleaf Records
EguanaLove FlameCosmicleaf Records
EguanaLullCosmicleaf Records
EguanaLure MeCosmicleaf Records
EguanaWater Of Life RemixesCosmicleaf Records
EguanaAbandonedPlexus Music
EguanaWanderingPlexus Music
Eguana, QeightRecreationCosmicleaf Records
Eguana, QeightMy RemedyCosmicleaf Records
EkorceLatibuleSelf Released
Elegy, Shantifax, Wavegarden, Basikone, I.M.D.RevelationsReson8 Music
Elkin SergeyAtmospherePlexus Music
EmancipatorSea To SkySelf Released
Emancipator, MurgeSea To SkyLoci Records
EmeshMetamorphosisSendero Records
EmeshA Square Between Your EyesSendero Records
EmeshRomajSendero Records
EmogLucid DreamsMerkaba Music
Ennoaeon, Rhino BetatronCountervailOuttallectuals
Enoch PrusakGlaciersSelf Released
EntheoLife ItselfSelf Released
EntheoRainbow BlessingSelf Released
Eric ElectricConditions On RemindsBass Star Records
ErstavEscalationMuti Music
ErstavClaptrapMuti Music
EsseksThe Uncertain FutureSelf Released
EsseksThe Uncertain FutureSelf Released
Essence ProjectSolistic (Fractal Forest Remix)Psychedelic Jelly
Essence Project, Jonathan ACritical FactorNutek Chill
Essence Project, Jonathan A, Rogerio JardimDr. JekyllNutek Chill
Essence Project, Jonathan A, Rogerio JardimMr. HydeNutek Chill
EwakeEwake - First LightSub.Conscience Records
FaelowScyphozoaShanti Planti
Felix AndoUnexpectedMerkaba Music
FeorhPrinciples Of LifeLuminus Music
Flight Take ChargeNever Let You GoBass Star Records
FlintwickThickle BumperSelf Released
Flucturion 2.5Pro Temporo XXIISelf Released
FortadelisMind DriverSelf Released
Fractal DragonMeltingSelf Released
FrequentLiving RoomSelf Released
Fuse.PrndMuti Music
Fusion BassLost PlanetCalligraphy Recordings
Gabriel Le MarTransition StageSelf Released
GaddySeriously Ballin' / Cliché RegaliaSelf Released
GaddyCream Of The Crop Vol. 2Self Released
GaddyThe FoundationSelf Released
GaddyCream Of The Crop Vol. 3Self Released
GaddyHere I Go / Big Willy StyleSelf Released
GaudiTheremin Tribute To The SmithsSelf Released
GayalaxyWomb Of GayaMoondance
Gel-SolCanadian MistSelf Released
Gel-Sol, Islands UnderGrand PoobahSelf Released
George TKAvatonBass Star Records
Georgy OmDreamland Plexus Music
GermindMy SpaceCosmicleaf Records
GermindSoaringSelf Released
GermindInaccessible Life Forms [24Bit 96Khz]Cosmicleaf Records
GermindMind EclipseCosmicleaf Records
Germind, Eguana, QeightVacuumCosmicleaf Records
GiyoBig GunsSelf Released
GiyoMongo EPSelf Released
GiyoSymbioteSelf Released
GladkillGhost In The MachineWormhole Music Group
GladkillCold Comfort EPSelf Released
GMO, DenseGhost HerbsCosmicleaf Records
GMO, DenseHitchhiker Through GravityCosmicleaf Records
GMO, DenseIn A Liquid WorldCosmicleaf Records
GovindaRemystifySelf Released
GravitraxSupersonicSelf Released
GreatOwlNia Komuna RevoSelf Released
GreenuxForest VibrationsPsychedelic Jelly
GreenuxGreen SpaceSelf Released
Greg Hunter, Maurizio LiguoriCloudcycle ᄅ𐆊ᄅᄅSelf Released
Gregory Paul MineeffLonging For Winter (Lauge Cloud Rework)Cosmicleaf Records
Gregory Paul MineeffIncidentalCosmicleaf Records
Grown Out Of MinimalPlants Of The GodsGerningsstedet
Gus TillDreamlandSelf Released
Gus Till, Heny Ferawati8 MantrasSelf Released
H:U:MSpace RadioLiquid Frog Records
H:U:MUniversal CodeLiquid Frog Records
Ha'LeReturn To Mother EarthSelf Released
Haive MusicSounds Forever LostIono Lounge
Happy TreeHeart Come HomeMetanoia Sound
Har-El's California SunshineShadows Of TimeKali Earth Records
Hello YesOut Of My MindGravitas Recordings
Hello YesPraise You (Hello Yes Cover)Gravitas Recordings
Hello YesListen ClearlyGravitas Recordings
Hello YesTalk Of TownGravitas Recordings
Hidden FrequencyWallsSelf Released
Hideyo BlackmoonSa Re Sa SaSelf Released
High SkiesSaturn In FreefallSelf Released
High Step SocietyChampagne DreamsSelf Released
HivetribeSeeds Of The Ground EPVisionary Shamanics Records
Holeg SpiesAxis Mundi ReloadLiquid Sound Design
Hullabalo0Two Tunes EPSelf Released
Humandala, Natalie LainLove Is RealSelf Released
I-OneElectro SpaceCosmicleaf Records
I-OneHypnotizingCosmicleaf Records
I-OneSecond SingularityCosmicleaf Records
I-OneMorning In ThailandCosmicleaf Records
I.M.DNocturnaSelf Released
Ian SnowAbove The CloudsSelf Released
IlluminertiaArcturian DreamSelf Released
In'R'Voice, Side Liner1995Cosmicleaf Records
In/ExternalAtomic SecretsSelf Released
InfinatiBitcoinSelf Released
Infinati, SpaceyblurrWe Are ApproachingSelf Released
IntrasolEternalSelf Released
Invisible InksStellar NomadsArt.Vault
JaguartreeSound ArchetypesMerkaba Music
Janax PachaInto My NatureOuttallectuals
JaralucaMana Shield - Other Worlds (Jaraluca Remix)Mamomam Records
Jef Stott, Mah Ze TarZikr Project: AtlasBlack Swan Sounds
Jens ErikssonEp Purosurpo - "Rem Embers"The Cure Collective
JinniyahOnlineDakini Records
Jonah HodgesLiminalSelf Released
Joyfull NativesAngakok MagickSelf Released
Joyfull NativesKiva PrayersSelf Released
Jule GraszAfterglowEase Division
Jule GraszNight On A HillEase Division
JuruatmaEkamSelf Released
Kadmon DragoUnfallCosmicleaf Records
Kadmon DragoUnknowCosmicleaf Records
Kadmon DragoUnravel Feat. ShakimaCosmicleaf Records
Kadmon DragoUnseeCosmicleaf Records
KaiporaRelease The MindMuti Music
Kalya ScintillaTrinketsMerkaba Music
Kalya ScintillaTreasuresMerkaba Music
KaminandaAs AboveSelf Released
KaminandaSo BelowSelf Released
KaminandaIndigo CurtainsSelf Released
Kaya ProjectDefianceSelf Released
Kaya Project, Irina MikhailovaDesert Dance RemixesSacred Technology
KayatmaMuskusSelf Released
Keegan BowenEarth EPSelf Released
KhazaarColor And Silence EPUnfinished Monkey Records
Kick BongPrecious ThingsCosmicleaf Records
Kick BongUnreleased Party 2006 - 2009 Vol.1Self Released
Kick BongInside My HeadCosmicleaf Records
Kick Bong, Carmel.OYou And ICosmicleaf Records
Kick Bong, Unusual Cosmic ProcessElegyCosmicleaf Records
Kick Bong, Unusual Cosmic ProcessAfter DayAstropilot Music
KirusoAmbilight Live JamSelf Released
KirusoK-TiSelf Released
KirusoLillieSelf Released
KirusoSpace Night TwoSelf Released
KlaadaConiunctio OppositorumMindspring Music
Kll SmthAudrey Nuna - Damn Right (Kll Smth Edit).WavSelf Released
KoanDon Quixote's PassionBlue Tunes Chillout
KouskAstra InclinantSelf Released
KouskPassage Of Dreams (Coalesce Revision)Self Released
Krystian ShekLoveSelf Released
KubaKuba - Relative To The SunSelf Released
KuniHyperopiaSelf Released
KuniPolaritySelf Released
Kupuri MusicGolden WashKupuri Music
KurbeatsProse Edda - Remastered 2022Self Released
Kwali Kumara, Pete ArdronElemental Temple (Part One)Ensancha El Alma Records
KwateeThrobMudra Music
Lab's CloudContinua El Viaje NachoSelf Released
Lab's CloudMorning ThawSelf Released
Lab's CloudShineSelf Released
Lab's Cloud, Unusual Cosmic ProcessFrom Mykolaiv To ValenciaSelf Released
Lars LeonhardGravitySelf Released
LemonchillDragonfly RemixsSelf Released
LemonchillMusical ExperimentsSelf Released
LemonchillShort StoriesSelf Released
LemonchillLife Drag BySelf Released
Lenfred, John FaderAnalog Business EPVisionary Shamanics
LensflareAurea Stamina - Sic Volvere ParcasSelf Released
Lichen8NocturnalIono Lounge
Lie LessCosmic TheatreSelf Released
Lil FishWildSelf Released
Lingua LustraLife2Exosphere
Lingua LustraSoundfieldsExosphere
Liquid Bloom, PereAfar (Tylepathy Remixes)Desert Trax
Liquid Bloom, PereAfar RemixedDesert Trax
Liquid Bloom, PerePájaro Azul (Jamie Stevens Remixes)Self Released
Liquid Bloom, PoranguíKuya Sessions: SamadhiSelf Released
Liquid FrameGhostsSelf Released
Liquid SomaDharma EPVisionary Shamanics Records
LitlbirdPinoq_IoWormhole Music Group
Living LightMultidimensional SandcastlesSelf Released
Lo.RenzoMarya Stark - Rose Lineage (Lo.Renzo Remix)Self Released
Looney GrandpasSlavic SoulsticeMindspring Music
LowcationTerritoriesWormhole Music Group
Lucid PicnicLullSelf Released
Luke ColbornTrue Color Of Your DreamMamomam Records
LunalureFail MeLiquidseed Recordings
LunecellDeja Vu NarcistSelf Released
MagnetikSlipstreamCosmicleaf Records
MagnetikSymmetryCosmicleaf Records
MagnetikMoon DanceCosmicleaf Records
MagnetikSunset SkylineCosmicleaf Records
MaiiaHappiness Inside YouMystic Sound Records
MalakaiBreathing RoomSelf Released
ManynamesWatchu Know About WhatSofa Beats
Marc-EFrom The Pointless ForestSelf Released
Marconi UnionVersionsSelf Released
Marconi UnionStrata AltSelf Released
Marconi UnionThe IlexSelf Released
Martins GardenAboveMerkaba Music
Master MindedSound Support - Healing SessionSelf Released
Master MindedSelf ExposingSelf Released
Mat The AlienBat YamMuti Music
Matt JahCosmovision Iono Music
Max CorbachoEquinoxSelf Released
Melo.NadeDo What I Believe (Bahamadia X Melo Remix)Self Released
MenkalianCoastal WindsEase Division
MerkabaForgotten Frequencies - Vol. 1Merkaba Music
Microburst AlertBubbledroneMetanoia Sound
MiktekAmbient Network IVSelf Released
MinaPerfect IsolationSelf Released
Mina, AscentThe Glow Of New LifeAltar Records
MindexChangesTime Resonance Music
MindexTrappedTime Resonance Music
MindexSine Waves Feat. SpirahTime Resonance Music
MindexSensoricaSelf Released
MindexSine Waves Feat. SpirahSelf Released
MiramorfOpaque WindowMerkaba Music
Misled Convoy X Kat FiveApply The Pressure RemixesDubmission
MLOTIK, ZLENGhost Room Vol. IStreet Ritual
Moai SystemRainbow DubSelf Released
MobitexComplete Paradise EPSelf Released
MogueheartThe OdysseySelf Released
MonikerEnter ReturnShadowtrix Music
Moon FrogI See FireSelf Released
Moon ProjectionFalling SnowflakesAstropilot Music
Moon ProjectionWatching The HorizonAstropilot Music
Moon ProjectionFog On The ShoreAstropilot Music
MorrisoundThe Construction Of Reality Iono Lounge
Mr. OursEthnic ParallelSelf Released
MurgeEverythingSelf Released
Mystic Crock, DenseFiredanceSelf Released
MystralPathwayMerkaba Music
Myth MakerLiminalSelf Released
MythematicaInto Oblivia (Music From The Original Book)Self Released
MythmAngst EPWormhole Music Group
N'GwaOppressed PeopleSenoï Project
Natural Life EssenceCaravan Of Healing Sounds VlllLiquid Frog Records
Natural Life EssenceGaiaLiquid Frog Records
Natural Life EssenceJamming CaravanLiquid Frog Records
Natural Life EssenceRandom EnvironmentsLiquid Frog Records
Natural Life EssenceJamming Caravan - Digital AdventuresLiquid Frog Records
Natural Life EssenceOrganic ScapesLiquid Frog Records
Natural Life EssenceSucculent LifeLiquid Frog Records
Natural Life Essence, KiphiCrystal VisionLiquid Frog Records
Natural Life Essence, YahganAntarcticaLiquid Frog Records
Natural Life Essence, YahganMystycal JourneysLiquid Frog Records
NctrnmYouSelf Released
Ne SpeshaBefore You RelaxNe Spesha Music
NetsuOf Our Gods No Trace Will Be LeftMicrocosmos Records
Nico LuminousTryna Be MeSelf Released
Nicolas PerezDark MatterSelf Released
NimboChain ReductionLysergia Collective
NirmalIncrease The DoseMetanoia Sound
Noob Psybot & FriendsObscure Litany EPSentimony Records
NoodreemTemple Of Sonic PeaceSelf Released
NotsureThe Ambience Of OthersBillegal Beats
NovanThe Journey Through The Mountains Of Trancing OwlsOm Mantra Records
NuadaInternal Quest EPSentimony Records
Nuell MartinPhotosynthesisSelf Released
NumaticaKosmosSelf Released
NyrusThe Journey Is HomeSelf Released
NyrusRebirthSelf Released
Ob.Dub, BrewbudSalevaSenoï Project
Olivier OrandH+Self Released
OmnipusAll Around The UniverseSelf Released
Oneo FakindFloating In Your EyeUnfinished Monkey Records
OomahSince I've Been IllSelf Released
OpiuoGravitate (Feat. Jordan Dennis)Self Released
OriomRoots Of DeliveranceKlangwirkstoff Records
OttHeadsSelf Released
Ousian OddConatusPsychedelic Jelly
OvoidApocryphalSelf Released
PadmasanaCollective UnconsciousDakini Records
Pan ElectricRam Cycle Ambient DubsSelf Released
Panda On The Bamboo TreeXtradimensional MotionsMicrocosmos Records
PanganiSuperdubsSelf Released
Path Of SilenceAncestral LightSynphaera
Perfect BlindReplika|TeSelf Released
Perkulat0rCovenantSelf Released
Perkulat0REbb & FlowSelf Released
Perpetual LoopEndpointBlue Tunes Chillout
PhutureprimitiveFascinationSelf Released
PhutureprimitiveLosing My MindSelf Released
PhutureprimitiveForm & ChaosSelf Released
Phydra, EvolushawnHollow PointDanktronics
Pitch BlackMixes + MavericksDubmission Records
Pointfield, Tranonica, I.M.D., Fluxsense, MobitexRe:UnionReson8 Music
PolyporesHyperincandescentBehind The Sky Music
PotilottiCatisfiedIono Lounge
PotilottiMauli GalaxyIono Music
PotlatchMoon DuskCosmicleaf Records
PotlatchMorning WalkCosmicleaf Records
PotlatchSeaCosmicleaf Records
PotlatchSunset RideCosmicleaf Records
PotlatchLemon CakeCosmicleaf Records
PotlatchQuiet LandCosmicleaf Records
PotlatchTearsCosmicleaf Records
PranaGeomantik EPMatsuri Digital Chill
Prana, Omb, Haruo Chikada, LunasunGeomantik (Lunasun, Haruo Chikada, OMB Remix)Matsuri Digital Chill
PrimabotLast Days On EarthADN Experiment
Primal ElectricPrimordial SoupNutek Chill
Principles Of FlightNight Time LullabiesNebulosa Records
Professor ChillAstral StasisSelf Released
Progressive AnarchistsLa Laguna NegraSelf Released
PsilotumAcid DiariesMystic Sound Records
Psy TRSFreedomSelf Released
Psy TRSVisionsSelf Released
Psy TRSThe Flying PhoenixMindspring Music
PsyabitA Story Of TehutSelf Released
PsyabitOld Saying And LegendsSelf Released
PsychozGravityBass Star Records
PsydellScavengerAddictech Records
PsynatraDo You Half The Time? EPSelf Released
Psypheric, Unusual Cosmic ProcessDynamicsAstropilot Music
Pulse MandalaEntanglement EPPulse Mandala
Pulse MandalaTayutauSelf Released
PurpleandroidIrrational HeroHypnogenica
PurpleandroidPower To The Purple!Hypnogenica
QeightBetweenCosmicleaf Records
QeightSoul SalvationCosmicleaf Records
QeightYour EyesCosmicleaf Records
QeightNo Way BackCosmicleaf Records
Qeight, EguanaMidnightCosmicleaf Records
Qeight, Germind, EguanaJust Believe MeCosmicleaf Records
Quantum EntanglementsB SidesBass Star Records
Qwentyz泛 MutualBillegal Beats
Random Rab, LvdyRiseSelf Released
Raven Of LightFar From EarthOm Mantra Records
Re:SetBeyond PerspectivesMuti Music
ReasonanduInfinityMelusine Records
Recording LifeBrain MassageCosmicleaf Records
Red Giant ProjectWobble BoogieMuti Music
Red Giant Project, Emma LuciaHelhetMuti Music
Reference TuningsSine Tones Of The MoleculesKlangwirkstoff Records
Reference TuningsSine Tones Of The PlanetsKlangwirkstoff Records
Rena JonesTitian Sleeps (Kilowatts Remix)Cartesian Binary Recordings
RhizomorphicIncantationSelf Released
Rob VectorOrphansSelf Released
RvckvsTalk Abovt MeShadowtrix Music
S1Gns Of L1FeAnomaly 2Material
Saafi BrothersMake Pictures With The SoundLiquid Sound Design
SabdaKhaki EPSofa Beats
Sacred SeedsSubtropicalSelf Released
Sacred SeedsEcho SystemMindspring Music
Sacred SeedsMusings From EternitySelf Released
Sacred SeedsSlow DawnSelf Released
Sadhu SensiKoundinyaSelf Released
Sadhu SensiManakin Anck Feat. Kailash KokopelliSelf Released
SalvinorinContos Da FlorestaSelf Released
SandbenderHiding MoonSelf Released
Savej, Liquid BloomCielo Aya (Remixed)Gravitas Recordings
SeamoonLiveset (Munich Germany 2021)Self Released
SecondfaceWardens Of The MistExosphere
Secret RecipeSecret Recipe - Time's ArrowWormhole Music Group
SephiraTheory Of MindSelf Released
SeraphimLeft BehindBatik Records
Sergio SincopaDark SpaceBlue Tunes Chillout
Shabboo HarperPacha CamaqIono Lounge
Shabboo HarperSouful SeedsIono Lounge
Shaman's Dream, Bluetech, MomentologyMother Water (Momentology Mix)Self Released
Shaman's Dream, Liquid Bloom, Dj Taz RashidTemple Gateways (Dj Taz Rashid Yoga Mix)Black Swan Sounds
Shammo, TemmoAncient Future EPVisionary Shamanics
Shankara NZTransmissionShanti Planti
ShapesiftAttic SaltSelf Released
ShelajitEmanateMuti Music
ShreztahLoonaticLysergia Collective
ShwampFluideMindspring Music
ShwexDiffuseSelf Released
Side Liner, EguanaA Beautiful DreamerCosmicleaf Records
Side Liner, QeightGravity Of LoveCosmicleaf Records
Sigesmundsen24 7 365Cosmicleaf Records
Sikha ProsWalk-InsSelf Released
SinteseAmbient FluidsOvnimoon Records
SinteseAuroraEase Division
SinteseMusicOvnimoon Records
SinteseFigmentOvnimoon Records
SitaranhaAgniCosmicleaf Records
SitaranhaVisagraCosmicleaf Records
SkuzzoThe Welcome PartyPsybertribe Records
Sky SoulMessage From The SunIono Lounge
Sky Soul, Haive MusicChoosing ThoughtsIono Lounge
SlaycubFrog SpitLysergia Collective
SlaycubStellar ShowerSelf Released
Slayde, Pura ScoutBloomSelf Released
Sleeping PandoraCrystal DiscSelf Released
SleepybutterflyHear The SoundBass Star Records
SleepybutterflyCosmic ObsessedBass Star Records
SmilkNextomeSelf Released
Smooth CriminalThe Shadow's VerdictHadra Records
Soft KneesPulsate (Feat. Tapani Rinne)Self Released
Soft KneesSlowmo Avalanche (Feat. Jussi Alaraasakka)Self Released
Soft KneesMusta Makia (Feat. Stepa)Self Released
Soft KneesWinds Of Fjords (Minomus 2022 Remaster)Self Released
Sol GoodSpeak Easy EPWormhole Music Group
Sol8, NaaryaFuxiaMystic Sound Records
Solar FieldsEarthshine (Remastered)Droneform Records
Solar FieldsAltered - Second Movements (Remastered)Self Released
Solar QuestDon't Look DownSelf Released
Solar QuestSpace PiratesSelf Released
Solar QuestAlien NightlifeSelf Released
SomatoastCreation Is CreationSelf Released
Sonic ScopeYoga Lounge 2: Spirit Of Meditation - A Tribute To OshoAvatar Records
Sonus XCalm DaysBass Star Records
SoohanHeatwaves - Glass Animals (Soohan & Sarine Inna Dream Remix)Self Released
SoohanSoyle Beni Vs Back ThenSelf Released
Sound Waves In DubDesert TravelerSelf Released
Sounds From The GroundDubs EPSelf Released
Sounds Of Snow, Flow MechanicsCrystalized Structures EPVisionary Shamanics Records
SpacesSpaces - PeripheralsDanktronics
Spaceship EarthThe ConstructSelf Released
Spaceship EarthAlien OriginsSelf Released
Spacey KoalaDe Rerum NaturaSelf Released
SpectateurNocturneSelf Released
Spectrum VisionRipple ChannelSelf Released
Spirah, ErothymeThe PatternSelf Released
Spirit Of The WoodFlowSelf Released
Spirit Of The WoodSpirits Reimagined Visionary Shamanics Records
Spirit Of The WoodMany MoonsSelf Released
StarterraTransformation CyclesExosphere
State AzureHydrostaticSelf Released
State AzureIce So BlueSelf Released
State AzureNova SonusSelf Released
State AzureTaigaSelf Released
State AzureAncestralSelf Released
State AzureBreatheSelf Released
State AzureCepheus OriginSelf Released
Stefan TortoWings Vs Machines (Extended)Self Released
StereomantraTransientOm Mantra Records
Stickleback Vs Arcane TricksterLeonusTempest Recordings
Story Of LightSuperpowerEase Division
Styr0XJazz FuckrabbitSelf Released
SubsetApertureDubmission Records
SubstanDigitales VSelf Released
Sudden ReverbDistancedDubmission Records
SuduayaAerial DriftSelf Released
SuduayaAtlantisSelf Released
SuduayaSoulquestArcelya Records
SunrazersThe LightEase Division
SymbolicoExpressence EPSelf Released
SymmolWhen All Stands StillBillegal Beats
SymrPassage EPLuminus Music
Sync24Source - 2022 RemasterLeftfield Records
Takkra, CordMorning Prayer EPSofa Beats
Tayr AnourWandering Sage EPSofa Beats
Techno PrisonersTantraBass Star Records
Ted MazzoneBetween The LinesSelf Released
TegA Rainy NightBlue Tunes Chillout
Temple Step, Hang MassiveWarmth Of The Suns Rays (Bass Love Remix)Self Released
TemploDon't DriveSelf Released
TemploFor Painting TooSelf Released
TemploNever Say GoodbyeSelf Released
Tenet Audio, AstropilotPlacesAstropilot Music
Tenet Audio, AstropilotShineAstropilot Music
Tenet Audio, Spintribe, AstropilotBlurry NightAstropilot Music
Tenet Audio, Spintribe, AstropilotBreathe The LightAstropilot Music
TengriTheatre Of The MindSelf Released
TetariseFrozen SignalsMicrocosmos Records
The Beats BizarreThe Blair Glitch Project - Chicken Dub (Spicy Wings Mix)Self Released
The Blair Glitch ProjectEmergeThe Beats Bizarre
The Fourth Dimension ProjectPurpleSelf Released
The Little DeathsEnvelop (Kaya Project Remix)Self Released
The Lunar ProjectTilt Shift WorldSelf Released
The Lunar Project, Rita RagaNo Spoon You Have Shall Sate YouSelf Released
The MoonrakersSpace TimePsychedelic Jelly
The Space CadetExperimental Protocol Vol. 2Self Released
The Space CadetHey!Self Released
The Space CadetExperimental Protocol Vol. 3Self Released
ThewowsignalTransit Of VenusSunrock Records
ThriftworksPaleocene A001-005Self Released
ThriftworksPaleocene A006-010Self Released
ThriftworksPaleocene A011-015Self Released
Tikki MasalaTribal BeatSelf Released
Tikki MasalaIn SpiritSelf Released
TinnitusAlcyoneusEase Division
TinnitusMeridiani PlanumEase Division
Tolga MaktayPsuke Delos EPSofa Beats
Tom AlgorithmTimeCalligraphy Recordings
Tor.Ma In DubMacaw - Expanzion (Tor.Ma In Dub Remix)Self Released
Tor.Ma In DubCoffee Sessions Vol 2Self Released
ToscaOsamSelf Released
Translippers, AedemHabitatCosmicleaf Records
TrazerTranscending OblivionSelf Released
Tri AnglesThe WaySelf Released
Tri AnglesLost Songs 2Self Released
Tri AnglesLost Songs 3Self Released
Tri AnglesLost Songs 4Self Released
Tri AnglesLost Songs 5Self Released
Tribu OroSoma EPSofa Beats
TsouWrong Note EPDanktronics
TsouCraveWormhole Music Group
UjiKintoSelf Released
UjiMitoSelf Released
UltradianScarlet DawnSelf Released
UnhideFresh AirCosmicleaf Records
Unidub EstacionBox 4 DubGreen Beats Dub Netlabel
Unknown RealityBlob Of AtomsSelf Released
Unknown RealityPositive View (Live Session)Self Released
Unknown RealityThe Elve (Miss Purple)Self Released
Unknown RealityPatchwork 2022 RemakesSelf Released
Unknown RealitySource ForceSelf Released
UnoturboOver-TorqueMuti Music
Unusual Cosmic ProcessAtlantisAstropilot Music
Unusual Cosmic Process, E-MantraSunrise Over The Black Sea EPSentimony Records
Unusual Cosmic Process, Kick Bong, AstropilotSerenityUnusual Cosmic Process
Unusual Cosmic Process, Kick Bong, AstropilotSerenityAstropilot Music
VandersonFluxsenseSelf Released
Various ArtistsAmbient Online Compilation: Volume 16Ambient Online
Various ArtistsCry Of The KodamaSynchronos Recordings
Various ArtistsEthneomystica Vol. 10Mystic Sound Records
Various ArtistsHorizonsStreet Ritual
Various ArtistsLofi Grill, Vol. 1Cosmicleaf Records
Various ArtistsLSD Special Selections Vol​​.​​3: Alban Eilir (Equinox Celebration)Liquid Sound Design
Various ArtistsMicrocosmos Flashbacks Vol.2: Songs & VoicesMicrocosmos Records
Various ArtistsOcean StreamMicrocosmos Records
Various ArtistsPlanet Meditation 3Avatar Records
Various ArtistsPortal Mechanics Vol. 2 Unityverse Music
Various ArtistsRhythm Code 6Shanti Planti
Various ArtistsSounds Of GaiaMicrocosmos Records
Various ArtistsSpace OperaMallabel Music
Various ArtistsTranquilize 3Cerebral Meltdown Records
Various ArtistsWorld Of Psychill 2Ovnimoon Records
Various ArtistsHorns Of VelesIndra's Garden
Various ArtistsAmbient Online Compilation: Volume 17Ambient Online
Various ArtistsAmbient Online Compilation: Volume 18Ambient Online
Various ArtistsEssentials Vol. 5Nutek Chill
Various ArtistsUnited Beats Of Downtempo, Vol. 4Blue Tunes Chillout
Various ArtistsMashing Up CreationDubmission Records
Various ArtistsChanga Renegades 2Visionary Shamanics Records
Various ArtistsTemple Of Dub Vol 3Visionary Shamanics Records
Vena PortaeRitualMicrocosmos Records
Vena PortaeMolokoMicrocosmos Records
Venus TheoryMotions And EchoesSelf Released
VerdanceIslandsSelf Released
Violeta VicciPrimavera (Df Tram's Celestially Seasoned Mix)Self Released
Violeta VicciViolet Light (Eraldo Bernocchi Free Fall Mix)Self Released
Violeta VicciAutovia (Ryan Crosson Remix)Liquid Sound Design
Violeta VicciWillkommen - Df Tram's Japanese Shopping Mall MixLiquid Sound Design
Violeta VicciButterfly Man (Dan Michaelson Remix)Liquid Sound Design
Vivianne SerendipiaSerendipiaEase Division
Vylana, Aubrey Marcus, Porangui, Liquid Bloom, Eric ZangRemembranceSelf Released
WarginCelestial DreamstateMystic Sound Records
WaterchildFauxSelf Released
We Plants Are Happy PlantsEmpowering Hope In Dark TimesSelf Released
WessandersTalking PointsThe Rust Music
Windom RDon't Be Afraid To DreamCalligraphy Recordings
WiseyoungfoolEmerald CitySelf Released
Wolf TechFleeting MomentsMindspring Music
Woob6006Self Released
WoobMonochrome IIIISelf Released
WornocThe Blackhole ParadoxSelf Released
WornocDistorted ViewsSelf Released
XerxesThe Martini EffectSelf Released
XitauSee ThroughBillegal Beats
Xylem& FlowMystic Sound Records
YaimaMagicianSelf Released
YokoMemoirs Of An Abnormal MindSelf Released
Youth, GaudiStratosphereLiquid Sound Design
YuvNightfallsSelf Released
Zebbler Encanti ExperienceMonkey Puzzle (Feat. Dan Mulqueen)Self Released
Zen BaboonSofa So GoodBaboon Clinic
Zero CultIdle MomentCosmicleaf Records
Zero CultMusic Of Invisible IslandsCosmicleaf Records
Zero Cult, DenseWatching The Ganges RiverCosmicleaf Records
Zero Cult, Unusual Cosmic ProcessAwakeningCosmicleaf Records
Zero Cult, Unusual Cosmic Process (Astropilot Music)Pathway To Eternity (Dub Remix)Astropilot Music
Zero TheoryDualityMerkaba Music
ZeropageCinematic EPVisionary Shamanics Records
ZingaraMind & BodySelf Released
Zion RebelsVacationMetanoia Sound
Zman8The Rebirth Of Red CloudSelf Released
Zonra, CnopesButter Cutter EPSelf Released
Zonra, Jackson HaleTime Is A ToolSelf Released

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