Welcome, psychedelic friends, to the 2018 releases table. This is an effort to keep a finger on the pulse of the world of psychedelic downtempo music and its many subgenres (mainly psybient/psychill, psydub, psybass/psystep, and chillgressive/deep trance, but also the occasional non-psy ambient, downtempo and IDM.)

This table is meant to not only be an archive but also a news source for the latest releases. Bookmark this page and check back every week for updates!

If you know of any release that isn’t listed here, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and it will get added to the next week’s update, as long as it’s psychedelic and has at least some downtempo elements. Bandcamp links are preferred, soundcloud links will be ignored unless they have a download link.

We hope you will find something new and magic for your taste. Please support the artists and buy their music.

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ArtistAlbum SortLabelCountryGenreTypeName Your PriceMonthFeaturedWeek
Ancestral ElephantsInfinitumResueñoWorld Fusion, DowntempoEPW39Ancestral ElephantsInfinitumResueñoNetherlandsWorld Fusion, DowntempoEPNo09 - September39
Andrew HeathEvenfallDisco Gecko RecordingsAmbientAlbumW39Andrew HeathEvenfallDisco Gecko RecordingsUnited KingdomAmbientAlbumNo09 - September39
Au VoyageCroasaTxt RecordingsAmbientAlbumW39Au VoyageCroasaTxt RecordingsUnited KingdomAmbientAlbumNo09 - September39
BarbyAnaconda EPBarby RecordsPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPW39BarbyAnaconda EPBarby RecordsChilePsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPYes09 - SeptemberFeatured39
BluetechPrima Materia (Remastered 15 Year Anniversary Edition)Self ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, PsydubRemastered AlbumW39BluetechPrima Materia (Remastered 15 Year Anniversary Edition)Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, PsydubRemastered AlbumNo09 - SeptemberFeatured39
Communication TubeFragmentsSelf ReleasedAmbientAlbumW39Communication TubeFragmentsSelf ReleasedIsraelAmbientAlbumNo09 - September39
DendeAstral EPSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW39DendeAstral EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes09 - September39
DimmatInside The DepthsSelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / PsychillEPW39DimmatInside The DepthsSelf ReleasedGreeceAmbient, Psybient / PsychillEPYes09 - September39
EpitomeZeroMoonsongSelf ReleasedAmbient, DowntempoAlbumW39EpitomeZeroMoonsongSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomAmbient, DowntempoAlbumNo09 - September39
Hedflux, Alex DelfontKinLuminus MusicPsybient / Psychill, PsybreaksAlbumW39Hedflux, Alex DelfontKinLuminus MusicUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, PsybreaksAlbumNo09 - SeptemberFeatured39
Marley CarrollShiver / FirefliesLoci RecordsDowntempo, HouseEPW39Marley CarrollShiver / FirefliesLoci RecordsUnited StatesDowntempo, HouseEPNo09 - September39
MichailoRetraceMatsuri Digital ChillTechnoEPW39MichailoRetraceMatsuri Digital ChillGeorgiaTechnoEPNo09 - September39
Mystic Crock, Fourth DimensionSierraSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillAlbumW39Mystic Crock, Fourth DimensionSierraSelf ReleasedGermany, SerbiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo09 - September39
PeruquoisLet The Shakti In (Tikki Masala Remix)Masala RecordsAmbient, Psybient / Psychill, World FusionSingleW39PeruquoisLet The Shakti In (Tikki Masala Remix)Masala RecordsBelgiumAmbient, Psybient / Psychill, World FusionSingleYes09 - September39
PhutureprimitiveVaporized Into Dust On A Faint BreezeSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW39PhutureprimitiveVaporized Into Dust On A Faint BreezeSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleNo09 - September39
State AzureModular Works ISelf ReleasedAmbientAlbumW39State AzureModular Works ISelf ReleasedUnited KingdomAmbientAlbumYes09 - September39
SymbolicoHuman BeansMerkaba MusicPsybass / Psystep, PsydubEPW39SymbolicoHuman BeansMerkaba MusicIsraelPsybass / Psystep, PsydubEPNo09 - SeptemberFeatured39
The Navigation GuildComplex Polymers EPSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW39The Navigation GuildComplex Polymers EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPYes09 - September39
Twisted PsykieThe Darkness InsideSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW39Twisted PsykieThe Darkness InsideSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleNo09 - September39
Unknown RealityInfinite Frequencies (Live Session)Self ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW39Unknown RealityInfinite Frequencies (Live Session)Self ReleasedSwitzerlandPsybient / PsychillSingleYes09 - September39
Wil BoltonViridian LoopsTxt RecordingsAmbientAlbumW39Wil BoltonViridian LoopsTxt RecordingsUnited KingdomAmbientAlbumNo09 - September39
WiseyoungfoolBridgesThe Rust MusicPsybass / PsystepAlbumW39WiseyoungfoolBridgesThe Rust MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes09 - September39
A Pale VoidMachines DreamMindspring MusicAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW38A Pale VoidMachines DreamMindspring MusicUnited StatesAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo09 - September38
Alpha Wave MovementTranquility SpaceHarmonic Resonance RecordingsAmbientAlbumW38Alpha Wave MovementTranquility SpaceHarmonic Resonance RecordingsUnited StatesAmbientAlbumNo09 - September38
Ashnaia ProjectSacred SilenceSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillAlbumW38Ashnaia ProjectSacred SilenceSelf ReleasedSpainPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo09 - SeptemberFeatured38
BrogTrySelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / PsychillSingleW38BrogTrySelf ReleasedAustraliaAmbient, Psybient / PsychillSingleNo09 - September38
CabeiriTemple WithinAltar RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW38CabeiriTemple WithinAltar RecordsGreeceChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo09 - September38
Chris KomusWheezing Corporeal ShellShanti PlantiPsybass / PsystepAlbumW38Chris KomusWheezing Corporeal ShellShanti PlantiCanadaPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo09 - SeptemberFeatured38
Chrisna KarastImpulse OriginsSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW38Chrisna KarastImpulse OriginsSelf ReleasedUnited StatesChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo09 - September38
Echo GridSubterraSelf ReleasedAmbient, Downtempo, IDMSingleW38Echo GridSubterraSelf ReleasedNetherlandsAmbient, Downtempo, IDMSingleYes09 - September38
EkaologikPerseidaHadra RecordsChillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW38EkaologikPerseidaHadra RecordsFranceChillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo09 - September38
FutextureAmphibelleAquatic CollectivePsybass / Psystep, IDMAlbumW38FutextureAmphibelleAquatic CollectiveUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, IDMAlbumYes09 - September38
GayalaxyAshes Of Time RemixedAstroPilot MusicPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceRemix AlbumW38GayalaxyAshes Of Time RemixedAstroPilot MusicPortugalPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceRemix AlbumNo09 - September38
HedfluxMercurial EPLuminus MusicPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / Psychill, PsybreaksEPW38HedfluxMercurial EPLuminus MusicUnited KingdomPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / Psychill, PsybreaksEPNo09 - SeptemberFeatured38
Hyperbolic HeadspaceI Just Need YouSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW38Hyperbolic HeadspaceI Just Need YouSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleNo09 - September38
In The BranchesThe Forever KindThe AdaptiveAmbientAlbumW38In The BranchesThe Forever KindThe AdaptiveUnited StatesAmbientAlbumNo09 - September38
Kick Bong, SquazoidMundo PacificoNutek ChillPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumW38Kick Bong, SquazoidMundo PacificoNutek ChillFrancePsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumNo09 - September38
Leland RiverBridgeStreet RitualPsybass / PsystepEPW38Leland RiverBridgeStreet RitualCanadaPsybass / PsystepEPNo09 - September38
ManyuDark MatterNoosphere NetworkIDMEPW38ManyuDark MatterNoosphere NetworkIndiaIDMEPYes09 - September38
Mr. SchlappyThe Randomist EPSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW38Mr. SchlappyThe Randomist EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo09 - September38
OrganismicStranger On The Not SureSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW38OrganismicStranger On The Not SureSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomPsybient / PsychillEPNo08 - August38
Phase47@ TFSelf ReleasedAmbientAlbumW38Phase47@ TFSelf ReleasedUnited StatesAmbientAlbumNo09 - September38
Phase47Earth RoomSelf ReleasedAmbientAlbumW38Phase47Earth RoomSelf ReleasedUnited StatesAmbientAlbumNo09 - September38
Pitch BlackFutureproof LiveSelf ReleasedPsydubLive AlbumW38Pitch BlackFutureproof LiveSelf ReleasedNew ZealandPsydubLive AlbumNo08 - August38
Rising GalaxyTheater Of AbsenceCosmicleaf RecordsAmbientAlbumW38Rising GalaxyTheater Of AbsenceCosmicleaf RecordsGreeceAmbientAlbumNo09 - September38
State AzureShadows EPSelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / PsychillEPW38State AzureShadows EPSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomAmbient, Psybient / PsychillEPYes09 - September38
TemploRobot BounceSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW38TemploRobot BounceSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes09 - September38
Tor.Ma In DubInfront Of Me (Redub)Self ReleasedPsydubEPW38Tor.Ma In DubInfront Of Me (Redub)Self ReleasedMexicoPsydubEPYes09 - September38
TPOTHypericumHologram MusicDowntempoAlbumW38TPOTHypericumHologram MusicSwedenDowntempoAlbumNo05 - May38
TrazerSpirit ArrowSelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW38TrazerSpirit ArrowSelf ReleasedUnited StatesAmbient, Psybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo09 - September38
Various ArtistsLurve Connection Vol. 1Mystic Sound RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationW38Various ArtistsLurve Connection Vol. 1Mystic Sound RecordsRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationNo09 - September38
Various ArtistsUnited Beats Of DowntempoBlue Tunes ChilloutDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillCompilationW38Various ArtistsUnited Beats Of DowntempoBlue Tunes ChilloutGermanyDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillCompilationNo09 - September38
WanderwelleGathering Of The Ancient SpiritsSilent SeasonAmbient, Downtempo, Dub TechnoAlbumW38WanderwelleGathering Of The Ancient SpiritsSilent SeasonNetherlandsAmbient, Downtempo, Dub TechnoAlbumNo09 - September38
WassuopDrawing A BlankDanktronicsPsybass / PsystepEPW38WassuopDrawing A BlankDanktronicsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo09 - September38
AksemetrixAqua PerceptionAstroPilot MusicAmbientAlbumW37AksemetrixAqua PerceptionAstroPilot MusicRussiaAmbientAlbumNo09 - SeptemberFeatured37
Alexey SlepakRain EPTandava RecordsDowntempoEPW37Alexey SlepakRain EPTandava RecordsSerbiaDowntempoEPNo09 - September37
AnacreonLogical ConnectionSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, PsydubEPW37AnacreonLogical ConnectionSelf ReleasedAustraliaPsybass / Psystep, PsydubEPYes09 - September37
BiobazarAlphabet 7Self ReleasedAmbient, DowntempoAlbumW37BiobazarAlphabet 7Self ReleasedCanadaAmbient, DowntempoAlbumYes04 - April37
Boreal TaigaIcelandPolar Magbet RecordingsAmbientAlbumW37Boreal TaigaIcelandPolar Magbet RecordingsUnited StatesAmbientAlbumNo09 - September37
Cut RugsNewThe Rust MusicPsybass / PsystepEPW37Cut RugsNewThe Rust MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes09 - September37
DancemythSettleSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW37DancemythSettleSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes09 - September37
DubsalonDub Drops From The Future Vol. 1Self ReleasedPsydub, DowntempoEPW37DubsalonDub Drops From The Future Vol. 1Self ReleasedArgentinaPsydub, DowntempoEPNo09 - September37
E.R.S., mcthfgContactDubmission RecordsPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW37E.R.S., mcthfgContactDubmission RecordsAustria, South KoreaPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo09 - September37
EguanaInvisible Civilization Vol. 2Cosmicleaf RecordsAmbientAlbumW37EguanaInvisible Civilization Vol. 2Cosmicleaf RecordsRussiaAmbientAlbumNo09 - SeptemberFeatured37
Eric Nagel, Ludo JiOrganic Nasha 2Iboga RecordsWorld FusionAlbumW37Eric Nagel, Ludo JiOrganic Nasha 2Iboga RecordsSpainWorld FusionAlbumNo09 - September37
Illusive TunaDubmarineTriple Drop ProductionsPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPW37Illusive TunaDubmarineTriple Drop ProductionsUnited KingdomPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPYes09 - SeptemberFeatured37
Michael MagThe Brilliant Light Of The Cosmos EPSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPW37Michael MagThe Brilliant Light Of The Cosmos EPSelf ReleasedGreeceChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPNo09 - September37
Mombi YulemanE.L.F. Electronic Life FormSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep TranceEPW37Mombi YulemanE.L.F. Electronic Life FormSelf ReleasedUnited StatesChillgressive / Deep TranceEPYes09 - September37
Pedra BrancaReligareMerkaba MusicDowntempo, Psybass / Psystep, World FusionAlbumW37Pedra BrancaReligareMerkaba MusicBrazilDowntempo, Psybass / Psystep, World FusionAlbumNo09 - September37
Resonant LanguageFractal Technician (Zonra Remix)Street RitualPsybass / Psystep, PsydubSingleW37Resonant LanguageFractal Technician (Zonra Remix)Street RitualUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, PsydubSingleYes09 - September37
SmigonautTest CriteriaSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW37SmigonautTest CriteriaSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes09 - September37
Soft KneesThrough The Dust EPSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW37Soft KneesThrough The Dust EPSelf ReleasedFinlandPsybient / PsychillEPYes09 - September37
Sun AngaDreams Of Multiversal TreasuresElectrik DreamChillgressive / Deep TranceEPW37Sun AngaDreams Of Multiversal TreasuresElectrik DreamNetherlandsChillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo09 - September37
Tangled BranchesWon't Forget YouSelf ReleasedDowntempoEPW37Tangled BranchesWon't Forget YouSelf ReleasedUnited StatesDowntempoEPYes09 - September37
Unknown RealityA-FrameSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW37Unknown RealityA-FrameSelf ReleasedSwitzerlandPsybient / PsychillSingleYes09 - September37
Unknown RealityKaylahSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW37Unknown RealityKaylahSelf ReleasedSwitzerlandPsybient / PsychillSingleNo09 - September37
UnscrapShamanic IslandSpace BoogiePsybient / PsychillEPW37UnscrapShamanic IslandSpace BoogieRussiaPsybient / PsychillEPNo09 - September37
Various ArtistsAnima MundiVisionary Shamanics RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationW37Various ArtistsAnima MundiVisionary Shamanics RecordsUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationYes09 - SeptemberFeatured37
AmbidextrousEchoes Of ScienceFantasy EnhancingAmbient, IDMAlbumW36AmbidextrousEchoes Of ScienceFantasy EnhancingRussiaAmbient, IDMAlbumNo08 - August36
BiobazarMiracle MorningSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep TranceEPW36BiobazarMiracle MorningSelf ReleasedCanadaChillgressive / Deep TranceEPYes08 - August36
Blue Planet RetreatDiscoveringSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillAlbumW36Blue Planet RetreatDiscoveringSelf ReleasedHungaryPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo08 - AugustFeatured36
BumbleTales From The BilgeMerkaba MusicPsybass / PsystepAlbumW36BumbleTales From The BilgeMerkaba MusicAustraliaPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo09 - September36
DF TramSerenitay InfinitayLiquid Sound DesignDowntempoAlbumW36DF TramSerenitay InfinitayLiquid Sound DesignUnited StatesDowntempoAlbumNo08 - August36
DubtrakShoreline 303Self ReleasedDub Techno, DowntempoAlbumW36DubtrakShoreline 303Self ReleasedCanadaDub Techno, DowntempoAlbumNo08 - August36
EguanaA Decennary Of EguanaPlexus MusicAmbient, Downtempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW36EguanaA Decennary Of EguanaPlexus MusicRussiaAmbient, Downtempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo08 - August36
EknumBeyond Our MindsElectrik DreamPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW36EknumBeyond Our MindsElectrik DreamVenezuelaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo08 - August36
Frozen Ant, GMODesert WindsBlue Tunes ChilloutPsybient / PsychillEPW36Frozen Ant, GMODesert WindsBlue Tunes ChilloutGermanyPsybient / PsychillEPNo08 - August36
Hyperbolic HeadspaceHigh & AloneSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW36Hyperbolic HeadspaceHigh & AloneSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleNo08 - August36
Kala HariNo SorrowMystic Sound RecordsPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPW36Kala HariNo SorrowMystic Sound RecordsPortugalPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPNo08 - August36
Liquid CrystalSunset EPSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW36Liquid CrystalSunset EPSelf ReleasedRussiaPsybient / PsychillEPYes08 - AugustFeatured36
Loom In EssenceSquig Chronicles: Episode 2 - Making Robots Appear HumanSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW36Loom In EssenceSquig Chronicles: Episode 2 - Making Robots Appear HumanSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes08 - August36
Merlyn SilvaWovenIboga RecordsPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillEPW36Merlyn SilvaWovenIboga RecordsDenmarkPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillEPNo08 - August36
MindexMembrainTime Resonance MusicPsybass / PsystepEPW36MindexMembrainTime Resonance MusicRussiaPsybass / PsystepEPNo08 - August36
PsychozFuture DubStreet RitualPsybass / PsystepSingleW36PsychozFuture DubStreet RitualGermanyPsybass / PsystepSingleYes08 - August36
Various ArtistsAltered Perceptions Vol. 1Sarnarschourt RecordsChillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationW36Various ArtistsAltered Perceptions Vol. 1Sarnarschourt RecordsItalyChillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationYes08 - August36
Various ArtistsCelestial Beats Vol. 3Sunna RecordsPsybient / PsychillCompilationW36Various ArtistsCelestial Beats Vol. 3Sunna RecordsGermanyPsybient / PsychillCompilationNo09 - SeptemberFeatured36
Various ArtistsIkigaiMicrocosmos RecordsPsybient / PsychillCompilationW36Various ArtistsIkigaiMicrocosmos RecordsRussiaPsybient / PsychillCompilationNo08 - AugustFeatured36
WhitebearThe Odyssey Pt. 1Enig'matik RecordsPsybass / PsystepEPW36WhitebearThe Odyssey Pt. 1Enig'matik RecordsAustraliaPsybass / PsystepEPNo08 - August36
Yestegan ChaySponjaSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, World FusionEPW36Yestegan ChaySponjaSelf ReleasedIsraelPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, World FusionEPNo08 - August36
ZenThe Beat Of LoveAltar TechnoTechnoSingleW36ZenThe Beat Of LoveAltar TechnoCanadaTechnoSingleNo09 - September36
AlucidnationParacosmicLucid RecordingsDowntempoAlbumW35AlucidnationParacosmicLucid RecordingsUnited KingdomDowntempoAlbumNo08 - August35
B. Ashra, SuKhushVenus Meditation (SuKhush Remix)Klangwirkstoff RecordsAmbientAlbumW35B. Ashra, SuKhushVenus Meditation (SuKhush Remix)Klangwirkstoff RecordsGermany, United StatesAmbientAlbumYes08 - August35
Baba KiSolarisNutek ChillPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPW35Baba KiSolarisNutek ChillUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPNo08 - August35
BiomeThe Shores Of TemenosBiome MusicAmbientAlbumW35BiomeThe Shores Of TemenosBiome MusicUnited StatesAmbientAlbumNo08 - August35
Dynamic IllusionHeritage Chapter IIIAstroPilot MusicChillgressive / Deep TranceEPW35Dynamic IllusionHeritage Chapter IIIAstroPilot MusicHungaryChillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo08 - August35
Earth SineIncremental ChangesSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW35Earth SineIncremental ChangesSelf ReleasedIsraelPsybient / PsychillSingleNo08 - August35
ErothymeSilent Orbservers RemixesPerpetual Victory MachinePsybass / Psystep, IDMRemix EPW35ErothymeSilent Orbservers RemixesPerpetual Victory MachineUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, IDMRemix EPYes08 - AugustFeatured35
KLL sMTHHood GrainSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW35KLL sMTHHood GrainSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes08 - August35
Lars Leonhard, Roman RidderPatterns In NatureSelf ReleasedAmbient, Dub TechnoAlbumW35Lars Leonhard, Roman RidderPatterns In NatureSelf ReleasedGermanyAmbient, Dub TechnoAlbumNo08 - August35
Marley CarrollStarlings / Seven CrowsLoci RecordsDowntempoEPW35Marley CarrollStarlings / Seven CrowsLoci RecordsUnited StatesDowntempoEPNo08 - August35
MikeRatScamper Vol. 1Wormhole Music GroupPsybass / PsystepEPW35MikeRatScamper Vol. 1Wormhole Music GroupUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes08 - August35
Natural Life Essence, KiphiCycleSelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / PsychillEPW35Natural Life Essence, KiphiCycleSelf ReleasedArgentina, GermanyAmbient, Psybient / PsychillEPNo08 - AugustFeatured35
NoosfæreSynchroIboga RecordsPsybient / Psychill, IDMAlbumW35NoosfæreSynchroIboga RecordsDenmarkPsybient / Psychill, IDMAlbumNo08 - AugustFeatured35
PulsarGate Of Time (Part 2)O2 Record LabelPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW35PulsarGate Of Time (Part 2)O2 Record LabelRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo08 - August35
Sara AfonsoUnderwater EPSelf ReleasedAmbientEPW35Sara AfonsoUnderwater EPSelf ReleasedFranceAmbientEPYes06 - June35
Shamanizm ParalleliiBlue LizardNeogoa RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psychedelic RockAlbumW35Shamanizm ParalleliiBlue LizardNeogoa RecordsRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Psychedelic RockAlbumNo08 - August35
SpacewindFlower BirthSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW35SpacewindFlower BirthSelf ReleasedRussiaPsybient / PsychillEPNo08 - August35
TakkraDivine ArchitectureIboga RecordsPsybient / Psychill, DowntempoAlbumW35TakkraDivine ArchitectureIboga RecordsHungaryPsybient / Psychill, DowntempoAlbumNo08 - AugustFeatured35
Various ArtistsInfusion Vol. 6Gravitas RecordingsPsybass / PsystepCompilationW35Various ArtistsInfusion Vol. 6Gravitas RecordingsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepCompilationYes08 - August35
AiriAfter The RainZenon RecordsIDMAlbumW34AiriAfter The RainZenon RecordsSwitzerlandIDMAlbumNo08 - August34
Cap'N SwivlerExpidition: SwivelScape DiscoverySelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbumW34Cap'N SwivlerExpidition: SwivelScape DiscoverySelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes08 - August34
Cosmosis, QuanticaInterstellar SiestaHolophonicPsybient / Psychill, AmbientSingleW34Cosmosis, QuanticaInterstellar SiestaHolophonicUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, AmbientSingleNo08 - August34
David StarfirePrimalSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW34David StarfirePrimalSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes08 - AugustFeatured34
DaynskiOnce Upon A Time In The UniverseBass Star RecordsDowntempo, IDMEPW34DaynskiOnce Upon A Time In The UniverseBass Star RecordsBelgiumDowntempo, IDMEPNo08 - August34
DrrtywulvzLife's WeirdSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW34DrrtywulvzLife's WeirdSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes08 - August34
DrumspyderRiddle DrumSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, Psydub, World FusionEPW34DrumspyderRiddle DrumSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, Psydub, World FusionEPNo08 - AugustFeatured34
FlintwickHourglass Hustlin'Self ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW34FlintwickHourglass Hustlin'Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes08 - August34
GoopsteppaMidnight (AtYyA Remix)Self ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW34GoopsteppaMidnight (AtYyA Remix)Self ReleasedCanadaPsybass / PsystepSingleYes08 - AugustFeatured34
IN SAÏIN SAÏDesert TraxPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPW34IN SAÏIN SAÏDesert TraxSpainPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPNo08 - August34
Panda On The Bamboo TreeSlumberMindspring MusicPsybient / PsychillAlbumW34Panda On The Bamboo TreeSlumberMindspring MusicNepalPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo08 - AugustFeatured34
RhizomorphicMycelial RootsMindspring MusicPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW34RhizomorphicMycelial RootsMindspring MusicUnited StatesPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo08 - AugustFeatured34
SequentonalOsmosisSelf ReleasedAmbientAlbumW34SequentonalOsmosisSelf ReleasedIrelandAmbientAlbumNo08 - August34
SixisMirroredEnig'matik RecordsPsybass / PsystepEPW34SixisMirroredEnig'matik RecordsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo08 - August34
Stefan TortoIntentions Of A Free SpiritSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psychedelic RockSingleW34Stefan TortoIntentions Of A Free SpiritSelf ReleasedGreecePsybient / Psychill, Psychedelic RockSingleNo08 - August34
Sub.consciousIntuitShanti PlantiPsybass / PsystepAlbumW34Sub.consciousIntuitShanti PlantiNew ZealandPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo08 - AugustFeatured34
TemploAmbient JourneySelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepSingleW34TemploAmbient JourneySelf ReleasedUnited StatesAmbient, Psybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepSingleYes04 - April34
TemploBlack Hole SafariSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW34TemploBlack Hole SafariSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes08 - August34
VershestForest DiveArt.VaultPsybass / Psystep, PsybreaksEPW34VershestForest DiveArt.VaultRussiaPsybass / Psystep, PsybreaksEPYes08 - August34
Akasha ProjectPlanetare Schwingungen Für Das Klangei Von Vibrating MusicKlangwirkstoff RecordsAmbientAlbumW33Akasha ProjectPlanetare Schwingungen Für Das Klangei Von Vibrating MusicKlangwirkstoff RecordsGermanyAmbientAlbumNo08 - August33
AndrocellGrumpy Robot EPSelf ReleasedPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPW33AndrocellGrumpy Robot EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPNo08 - AugustFeatured33
AplsozGlowStreet RitualPsybass / PsystepSingleW33AplsozGlowStreet RitualUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes08 - August33
Communication TubeComa FMSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumW33Communication TubeComa FMSelf ReleasedIsraelPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumNo08 - August33
CondensspurVisionsSelf ReleasedAmbientAlbumW33CondensspurVisionsSelf ReleasedGermanyAmbientAlbumYes05 - May33
DimmatLive Edit Ambient Downtempo Music EpisodesSelf ReleasedAmbientAlbumW33DimmatLive Edit Ambient Downtempo Music EpisodesSelf ReleasedGreeceAmbientAlbumYes08 - August33
EdamameNightlightsAbandon Building RecordsDowntempoAlbumW33EdamameNightlightsAbandon Building RecordsUnited StatesDowntempoAlbumNo08 - AugustFeatured33
EkorceDualism WaltzMerkaba MusicPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillEPW33EkorceDualism WaltzMerkaba MusicFrancePsybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillEPNo08 - August33
ElectricmonkTill You Make ItSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillAlbumW33ElectricmonkTill You Make ItSelf ReleasedIsraelPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo08 - August33
Face PlantBoom SlangThe Rust MusicPsybass / PsystepEPW33Face PlantBoom SlangThe Rust MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes08 - August33
FlexagonBordeaux 7AMSelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / PsychillSingleW33FlexagonBordeaux 7AMSelf ReleasedGuernseyAmbient, Psybient / PsychillSingleYes08 - August33
GaddyMixtape MentalitySelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW33GaddyMixtape MentalitySelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo08 - AugustFeatured33
Hullabalo0CrushedSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW33Hullabalo0CrushedSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes08 - August33
Kalya ScintillaScintillating Sands (Balancé Remix)Self ReleasedChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybass / PsystepSingleW33Kalya ScintillaScintillating Sands (Balancé Remix)Self ReleasedAustralia, PortugalChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybass / PsystepSingleYes08 - August33
Katt Lee RyanSlow Plane (Chang Remix)Bass Star RecordsDowntempoSingleW33Katt Lee RyanSlow Plane (Chang Remix)Bass Star RecordsUnited Kingdom, MalaysiaDowntempoSingleNo08 - August33
KayatmaTuriyalityMicrocosmos RecordsPsybient / Psychill, DowntempoAlbumW33KayatmaTuriyalityMicrocosmos RecordsRussiaPsybient / Psychill, DowntempoAlbumNo08 - August33
MumukshuStaticMinimal RecordingsPsybass / PsystepEPW33MumukshuStaticMinimal RecordingsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes08 - August33
Pilz BeatsAltered LivingSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbumW33Pilz BeatsAltered LivingSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes03 - March33
Pilz BeatsSarpaSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbumW33Pilz BeatsSarpaSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes08 - August33
PsydellTekkulah EPAddictech RecordsPsybass / PsystepEPW33PsydellTekkulah EPAddictech RecordsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo08 - August33
SoohanSoo Soo StudioSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbumW33SoohanSoo Soo StudioSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes08 - August33
TatsynAtmos InfinitySelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW33TatsynAtmos InfinitySelf ReleasedPortugalAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo08 - August33
AmunrajaMoonshadowsSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepEPW32AmunrajaMoonshadowsSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepEPYes04 - April32
AmunrajaNo Mud No LotusSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepSingleW32AmunrajaNo Mud No LotusSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepSingleYes07 - July32
AmunrajaResound Part 1Self ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepEPW32AmunrajaResound Part 1Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepEPYes01 - January32
AmunrajaResound Part 2Self ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepEPW32AmunrajaResound Part 2Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepEPYes04 - April32
Autumn Of CommunionReservoir Of Video SoulsFantasy EnhancingAmbient, IDMAlbumW32Autumn Of CommunionReservoir Of Video SoulsFantasy EnhancingUnited KingdomAmbient, IDMAlbumNo07 - July32
BandarlogHole Punch CloudUnfinished Monkey RecordsPsybient / PsychillEPW32BandarlogHole Punch CloudUnfinished Monkey RecordsBelgiumPsybient / PsychillEPNo08 - August32
Cosmo GliderExploringCymatic LabPsybient / PsychillAlbumW32Cosmo GliderExploringCymatic LabBrazilPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo08 - AugustFeatured32
DreamdoktorPerils And PeaceUnfinished Monkey RecordsPsydub, Psybass / Psystep, IDMEPW32DreamdoktorPerils And PeaceUnfinished Monkey RecordsRomaniaPsydub, Psybass / Psystep, IDMEPNo08 - August32
Essence ProjectTree Of LifeCosmicleaf RecordsPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumW32Essence ProjectTree Of LifeCosmicleaf RecordsIsraelPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumNo08 - AugustFeatured32
Jade CicadaFish Juice EPSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW32Jade CicadaFish Juice EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo08 - August32
JdoblomHalfPlexus MusicAmbientAlbumW32JdoblomHalfPlexus MusicUkraineAmbientAlbumNo08 - August32
KrismLunar EclipseSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillAlbumW32KrismLunar EclipseSelf ReleasedGermanyPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo07 - July32
Lost ShamanAlpine WhistlerSpiral TraxChillgressive / Deep TranceEPW32Lost ShamanAlpine WhistlerSpiral TraxIsraelChillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo07 - July32
Luke MandalaIt's All AboutDesert TraxHouse, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW32Luke MandalaIt's All AboutDesert TraxUnited StatesHouse, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo08 - August32
Mr WubProgressionSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW32Mr WubProgressionSelf ReleasedCanadaPsybass / PsystepEPYes08 - August32
MuvieriAxolotl MysteriesSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep Trance, PsytranceAlbumW32MuvieriAxolotl MysteriesSelf ReleasedMexicoChillgressive / Deep Trance, PsytranceAlbumNo07 - July32
Perpetual LoopSubtle Shifting Sounds (The Paradigm Series Vol. 1)Digital DuvetDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW32Perpetual LoopSubtle Shifting Sounds (The Paradigm Series Vol. 1)Digital DuvetUnited KingdomDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo08 - AugustFeatured32
RomobalCaribbean TripBass Star RecordsDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillEPW32RomobalCaribbean TripBass Star RecordsMexicoDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillEPNo07 - July32
Side Liner, AvironRobotCosmicleaf RecordsPsybient / PsychillEPW32Side Liner, AvironRobotCosmicleaf RecordsGreecePsybient / PsychillEPNo08 - August32
Sina.Never Mattered EPEnig'matik RecordsPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoEPW32Sina.Never Mattered EPEnig'matik RecordsIrelandPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoEPNo08 - August32
SouroneSylphid SproutsSelf ReleasedIDMEPW32SouroneSylphid SproutsSelf ReleasedPolandIDMEPYes07 - July32
StellardroneGravitation (Remix)Self ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW32StellardroneGravitation (Remix)Self ReleasedLithuaniaAmbient, Psybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleYes07 - July32
Tapana, VaidaLietumiSelf ReleasedAmbient, Downtempo, Psybient / PsychillEPW32Tapana, VaidaLietumiSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomAmbient, Downtempo, Psybient / PsychillEPNo08 - August32
The Blossom SeedKali Ma'atSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW32The Blossom SeedKali Ma'atSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / PsychillEPNo08 - August32
Unscripted ProjectSub WSelf ReleasedDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillEPW32Unscripted ProjectSub WSelf ReleasedGreeceDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillEPYes08 - August32
Various ArtistsVisionary WorldsVisionary Shamanics RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationW32Various ArtistsVisionary WorldsVisionary Shamanics RecordsUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationYes08 - August32
Whitebear, SixisShiverSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW32Whitebear, SixisShiverSelf ReleasedAustralia, United StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes08 - August32
Alejo, JuJu BeatsMicro FlipSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW31Alejo, JuJu BeatsMicro FlipSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes07 - July31
BadubPrimitive IntuitionMindspring MusicPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumW31BadubPrimitive IntuitionMindspring MusicGermanyPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumNo07 - JulyFeatured31
BansaraBansaraMindspring MusicPsybient / Psychill, World FusionAlbumW31BansaraBansaraMindspring MusicUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, World FusionAlbumNo07 - JulyFeatured31
BeatfarmerElementalSelf ReleasedPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW31BeatfarmerElementalSelf ReleasedCanadaPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo07 - JulyFeatured31
EmogThe Magical Wind RemixesVisionary Shamanics RecordsPsybass / Psystep, PsydubRemix AlbumW31EmogThe Magical Wind RemixesVisionary Shamanics RecordsCanadaPsybass / Psystep, PsydubRemix AlbumYes07 - July31
Fine Cut BodiesPaper Tales RemixesEnig'matik RecordsPsybass / PsystepRemix AlbumW31Fine Cut BodiesPaper Tales RemixesEnig'matik RecordsHungaryPsybass / PsystepRemix AlbumNo07 - July31
IntrasolMumbled RicSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW31IntrasolMumbled RicSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes07 - July31
Isea-NLight Of TribesMudra MusicPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW31Isea-NLight Of TribesMudra MusicRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepAlbumNo07 - July31
Klangstrahler Projekt, The Royal Mercy OrchestraSurpriseSpin Twist RecordsDowntempoAlbumW31Klangstrahler Projekt, The Royal Mercy OrchestraSurpriseSpin Twist RecordsGermanyDowntempoAlbumNo07 - July31
LusidhuSTLerSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW31LusidhuSTLerSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo07 - July31
PlesiadaNative PlacesSelf ReleasedAmbient, DowntempoAlbumW31PlesiadaNative PlacesSelf ReleasedRussiaAmbient, DowntempoAlbumNo07 - July31
ScionTears Of AtlantisNutek ChillPsybient / PsychillEPW31ScionTears Of AtlantisNutek ChillUnited KingdomPsybient / PsychillEPNo07 - July31
Unusual Cosmic ProcessHidden EmotionsOvnimoon RecordsAmbient, Psybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW31Unusual Cosmic ProcessHidden EmotionsOvnimoon RecordsUkraineAmbient, Psybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo07 - July31
Various ArtistsAmbient Online Compilation: Volume 9 (Part Two)Ambient OnlineAmbientCompilationW31Various ArtistsAmbient Online Compilation: Volume 9 (Part Two)Ambient OnlineUnited StatesAmbientCompilationNo07 - July31
Various ArtistsPsybass DimensionMystic Sound RecordsPsybass / PsystepCompilationW31Various ArtistsPsybass DimensionMystic Sound RecordsRussiaPsybass / PsystepCompilationNo07 - JulyFeatured31
Various ArtistsSpacevibesSpace BoogiePsybient / PsychillCompilationW31Various ArtistsSpacevibesSpace BoogieRussiaPsybient / PsychillCompilationNo07 - July31
AhanjackAtaraxiaSpaceradio RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW30AhanjackAtaraxiaSpaceradio RecordsIranChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo07 - July30
Art Of FactMysticDanktronicsPsybass / PsystepSingleW30Art Of FactMysticDanktronicsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes07 - July30
CropLifeUxmal RecordsPsybient / PsychillEPW30CropLifeUxmal RecordsGreecePsybient / PsychillEPNo07 - July30
Deep Forest, GaudiEpic CircuitsEMM SarlDowntempo, Psybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumW30Deep Forest, GaudiEpic CircuitsEMM SarlFrance, ItalyDowntempo, Psybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumNo07 - July30
DeerskinKokopelli's FluteThe Rust MusicPsybass / PsystepEPW30DeerskinKokopelli's FluteThe Rust MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes07 - July30
Die StadtPrahaSelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / PsychillSingleW30Die StadtPrahaSelf ReleasedSpainAmbient, Psybient / PsychillSingleNo07 - July30
EguanaBetweenCosmicleaf RecordsAmbient, DowntempoAlbumW30EguanaBetweenCosmicleaf RecordsRussiaAmbient, DowntempoAlbumNo07 - July30
Global KomaGlobal KomaSelf ReleasedPsydub, World FusionAlbumW30Global KomaGlobal KomaSelf ReleasedBrazilPsydub, World FusionAlbumNo07 - JulyFeatured30
InfrequencyElements Of NatureMindspring MusicPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW30InfrequencyElements Of NatureMindspring MusicUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepAlbumNo07 - JulyFeatured30
KiruSoSunriseSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW30KiruSoSunriseSelf ReleasedGermanyChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo07 - July30
Liquid BloomReGen: Drumspyder RemixesDesert TraxPsybass / Psystep, PsydubRemix EPW30Liquid BloomReGen: Drumspyder RemixesDesert TraxUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, PsydubRemix EPNo07 - JulyFeatured30
Lunar StructuresVoiceSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW30Lunar StructuresVoiceSelf ReleasedSwedenPsybient / PsychillSingleNo07 - July30
MaxfieldUnder The Pink UmbrellaStreet RitualPsybass / PsystepEPW30MaxfieldUnder The Pink UmbrellaStreet RitualUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes07 - July30
Pavel VitWorld Flute ImprovisationSelf ReleasedAmbient, World FusionAlbumW30Pavel VitWorld Flute ImprovisationSelf ReleasedUkraineAmbient, World FusionAlbumYes07 - July30
Rameses BSpacewalk II: Zero GravitySelf ReleasedDowntempoAlbumW30Rameses BSpacewalk II: Zero GravitySelf ReleasedUnited KingdomDowntempoAlbumNo07 - July30
SapidTri-TuneSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW30SapidTri-TuneSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes07 - July30
SeamanDream ExpressPlexus MusicAmbientAlbumW30SeamanDream ExpressPlexus MusicRussiaAmbientAlbumNo07 - July30
Stefan TortoPathfinderSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, World FusionSingleW30Stefan TortoPathfinderSelf ReleasedGreecePsybient / Psychill, World FusionSingleNo07 - July30
Steve HadfieldEther AweDisintegration StateIDM, TechnoAlbumW30Steve HadfieldEther AweDisintegration StateUnited KingdomIDM, TechnoAlbumNo07 - July30
TakkraMerging Matter With SpiritIboga RecordsPsybient / PsychillEPW30TakkraMerging Matter With SpiritIboga RecordsHungaryPsybient / PsychillEPNo07 - JulyFeatured30
Tryptich, MiseGalaxia EPSelf ReleasedPsybreaks, Psybass / PsystepEPW30Tryptich, MiseGalaxia EPSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomPsybreaks, Psybass / PsystepEPNo07 - JulyFeatured30
Black EtherA Story Never ToldSelf ReleasedPsychedelic Rock, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW29Black EtherA Story Never ToldSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsychedelic Rock, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo07 - July29
Detox Unit(Sub)PlatterSplatterSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW29Detox Unit(Sub)PlatterSplatterSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo07 - July29
Extrasolar PlanetsDistant ReachesSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep TranceEPW29Extrasolar PlanetsDistant ReachesSelf ReleasedUnited StatesChillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo07 - July29
Indigo EggAtenIxland RecordsAmbientAlbumW29Indigo EggAtenIxland RecordsUnited KingdomAmbientAlbumNo07 - July29
KuzmaHyperbolic EvolutionSpace BoogiePsybient / PsychillAlbumW29KuzmaHyperbolic EvolutionSpace BoogieRussiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo07 - July29
Lo.Renzo, Nico, AshaRajasthan In Dub EPOuttalectualsPsydub, Psybass / Psystep, World FusionEPW29Lo.Renzo, Nico, AshaRajasthan In Dub EPOuttalectualsItalyPsydub, Psybass / Psystep, World FusionEPNo07 - JulyFeatured29
Orchid StarMergePink Hampster RecordingsPsybient / Psychill, World FusionAlbumW29Orchid StarMergePink Hampster RecordingsUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, World FusionAlbumNo07 - JulyFeatured29
Organic PatternsThe SearchSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumW29Organic PatternsThe SearchSelf ReleasedDenmarkPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumNo07 - JulyFeatured29
OvoidAdamantStreet RitualPsybass / PsystepEPW29OvoidAdamantStreet RitualUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo07 - July29
PsychozCelestial DubStreet RitualPsydub, Psybass / PsystepSingleW29PsychozCelestial DubStreet RitualGermanyPsydub, Psybass / PsystepSingleYes07 - July29
PsychozThe SiegeSweet Dreams RecordsPsybass / Psystep, Downtempo, World FusionEPW29PsychozThe SiegeSweet Dreams RecordsGermanyPsybass / Psystep, Downtempo, World FusionEPNo06 - June29
SixsenseShantiBass Star RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW29SixsenseShantiBass Star RecordsIsraelPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo07 - July29
Syntez AtfSkylineSpace BoogiePsybient / PsychillEPW29Syntez AtfSkylineSpace BoogieRussiaPsybient / PsychillEPNo07 - July29
TriboneClear PatternsSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW29TriboneClear PatternsSelf ReleasedIsraelPsybass / PsystepSingleNo07 - July29
Various ArtistsChillout Lounge Vol. 2Iono MusicDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillCompilationW29Various ArtistsChillout Lounge Vol. 2Iono MusicGermanyDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillCompilationNo07 - July29
Various ArtistsClipping Paths 3Muti MusicPsybass / PsystepCompilationW29Various ArtistsClipping Paths 3Muti MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepCompilationNo07 - July29
Various ArtistsEthnostep 8SubbassDowntempo, Psydub, World FusionCompilationW29Various ArtistsEthnostep 8SubbassGermanyDowntempo, Psydub, World FusionCompilationYes07 - July29
Various ArtistsLoopmasters: Psychedelic Dub & Glitch Sample PackMindspring MusicPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPW29Various ArtistsLoopmasters: Psychedelic Dub & Glitch Sample PackMindspring MusicUnited StatesPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPYes07 - JulyFeatured29
Various ArtistsMicrocosmos FlashbacksMicrocosmos RecordsPsybient / PsychillCompilationW29Various ArtistsMicrocosmos FlashbacksMicrocosmos RecordsRussiaPsybient / PsychillCompilationYes07 - July29
Wise TreeAncestral Awakening EPSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW29Wise TreeAncestral Awakening EPSelf ReleasedCanadaPsybass / PsystepEPNo07 - July29
AytharCaravanserai (Improvisation)Self ReleasedAmbientSingleW28AytharCaravanserai (Improvisation)Self ReleasedHungaryAmbientSingleYes07 - July28
ChronosFriendology Vol. 1Mystic Sound RecordsPsybient / Psychill, IDM, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW28ChronosFriendology Vol. 1Mystic Sound RecordsRussiaPsybient / Psychill, IDM, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo07 - July28
Data RebelElectra CidSelf ReleasedIDMSingleW28Data RebelElectra CidSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomIDMSingleYes07 - July28
Earth ConnectMemory GeneratorCosmicleaf RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW28Earth ConnectMemory GeneratorCosmicleaf RecordsIsraelPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo07 - July28
FaserklangMomentonCyan MusicAmbient, Dub TechnoAlbumW28FaserklangMomentonCyan MusicGermanyAmbient, Dub TechnoAlbumYes06 - June28
GayalaxyAshes Of TimeAstroPilot MusicChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW28GayalaxyAshes Of TimeAstroPilot MusicPortugalChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo07 - JulyFeatured28
GeometraeCodes Of Creation (Original)Self ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepSingleW28GeometraeCodes Of Creation (Original)Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepSingleNo07 - July28
GiyoBird Of PreySelf ReleasedDowntempoEPW28GiyoBird Of PreySelf ReleasedUnited KingdomDowntempoEPNo07 - July28
GiyoCircadian RhythmSelf ReleasedDowntempo, HouseSingleW28GiyoCircadian RhythmSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomDowntempo, HouseSingleNo07 - July28
GovindaElvesSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW28GovindaElvesSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleNo07 - July28
KarmahackerMind SpreadCosmicleaf RecordsIDM, Psybreaks, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW28KarmahackerMind SpreadCosmicleaf RecordsRussiaIDM, Psybreaks, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo07 - July28
Kaya ProjectThe Dust RemixesTribal Shift RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, World FusionRemix AlbumW28Kaya ProjectThe Dust RemixesTribal Shift RecordsUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, World FusionRemix AlbumNo07 - JulyFeatured28
Keegan BowenEscapist's ChecklistSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbumW28Keegan BowenEscapist's ChecklistSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo07 - July28
Living LightThe Great AttractorDesert TraxPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW28Living LightThe Great AttractorDesert TraxUnited StatesPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo07 - JulyFeatured28
LO18MaaDisco Gecko RecordingsAmbient, DowntempoAlbumW28LO18MaaDisco Gecko RecordingsFinlandAmbient, DowntempoAlbumNo07 - July28
Photon A.D.Get On TopSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, PsybreaksEPW28Photon A.D.Get On TopSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, PsybreaksEPNo07 - July28
SpingerInternecineSelf ReleasedDowntempoAlbumW28SpingerInternecineSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomDowntempoAlbumNo07 - July28
SpiritBeats By SpiritBass Star RecordsPsybass / PsystepEPW28SpiritBeats By SpiritBass Star RecordsRussiaPsybass / PsystepEPNo07 - July28
StaunchDissecting The Groove RemixedDelicious MusicPsybass / PsystepRemix AlbumW28StaunchDissecting The Groove RemixedDelicious MusicAustraliaPsybass / PsystepRemix AlbumNo07 - July28
StratusphereThe Mother Connection (Calicofrost Remix)Self ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW28StratusphereThe Mother Connection (Calicofrost Remix)Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / PsychillSingleYes07 - July28
Tri AnglesNightsongSelf ReleasedAmbientEPW28Tri AnglesNightsongSelf ReleasedUnited StatesAmbientEPYes07 - July28
Tri AnglesThe JumpSelf ReleasedDrum And Bass, DowntempoSingleW28Tri AnglesThe JumpSelf ReleasedUnited StatesDrum And Bass, DowntempoSingleYes07 - July28
Advanced SuiteDriftingSelf ReleasedPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW27Advanced SuiteDriftingSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumYes06 - June27
AvilenteGravity WellsSelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / PsychillEPW27AvilenteGravity WellsSelf ReleasedGermanyAmbient, Psybient / PsychillEPNo06 - June27
Black SunGuide To The GalaxyOvnimoon RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPW27Black SunGuide To The GalaxyOvnimoon RecordsSwitzerlandChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPNo06 - June27
Connect.Ohm9980Ultimae RecordsAmbient, Psybient / PsychillRemastered AlbumW27Connect.Ohm9980Ultimae RecordsFrance, JapanAmbient, Psybient / PsychillRemastered AlbumNo06 - June27
Cosmosis, Quantica, Sonic SpeciesThe Sweet Side Of DarknessHolophonicPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW27Cosmosis, Quantica, Sonic SpeciesThe Sweet Side Of DarknessHolophonicUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo06 - June27
Demon CleanerGalaxy EyesFireTribeDrum And Bass, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW27Demon CleanerGalaxy EyesFireTribeUnited StatesDrum And Bass, Psybass / PsystepAlbumNo05 - May27
DubtrakPhantom VesselSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPW27DubtrakPhantom VesselSelf ReleasedCanadaPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPNo07 - July27
Green BeatsRadio UniverseNutek ChillPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumW27Green BeatsRadio UniverseNutek ChillSpainPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumNo06 - JuneFeatured27
Halo RefuserMycologicalSelf ReleasedDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW27Halo RefuserMycologicalSelf ReleasedUnited StatesDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - June27
IngerslipInhalatioStreet RitualPsybass / PsystepSingleW27IngerslipInhalatioStreet RitualRussiaPsybass / PsystepSingleNo06 - June27
KahtaSelected TracksSelf ReleasedPsydub, Psybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepEPW27KahtaSelected TracksSelf ReleasedUkrainePsydub, Psybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepEPNo06 - June27
Land SwitcherSampaSelf ReleasedPsydub, Psybass / PsystepSingleW27Land SwitcherSampaSelf ReleasedFrancePsydub, Psybass / PsystepSingleYes06 - June27
MiracetiWhale Space JourneysMamomam RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPW27MiracetiWhale Space JourneysMamomam RecordsPolandChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPNo06 - JuneFeatured27
One Arc DegreeThe Glow BeneathSynphaera RecordsAmbient, Psybient / Psychill, Dub TechnoAlbumW27One Arc DegreeThe Glow BeneathSynphaera RecordsGreeceAmbient, Psybient / Psychill, Dub TechnoAlbumNo06 - JuneFeatured27
Sleepy KoalaAstrumSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW27Sleepy KoalaAstrumSelf ReleasedCanadaPsybass / PsystepEPNo07 - July27
SoulularNever Knew YouSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW27SoulularNever Knew YouSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes06 - June27
Spectrum VisionSoul Dreamer BC VersionSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW27Spectrum VisionSoul Dreamer BC VersionSelf ReleasedRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo06 - June27
Spiral MindedSpectral SplatterMindspring MusicPsydub, Psybass / Psystep, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW27Spiral MindedSpectral SplatterMindspring MusicUnited StatesPsydub, Psybass / Psystep, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo06 - June27
Stefan TortoWings vs MachinesSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW27Stefan TortoWings vs MachinesSelf ReleasedGreecePsybient / PsychillSingleNo06 - June27
TerratecIn The Fog Of KareliaMudra MusicPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW27TerratecIn The Fog Of KareliaMudra MusicRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo06 - June27
The BitzpanAnother Deep DeltaIono MusicPsybient / PsychillAlbumW27The BitzpanAnother Deep DeltaIono MusicGreecePsybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - JuneFeatured27
Various ArtistsVision QuestVisionary Shamanics RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationW27Various ArtistsVision QuestVisionary Shamanics RecordsUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationYes07 - JulyFeatured27
B. AshraTicket To The MoonKlangwirkstoff RecordsAmbientAlbumW26B. AshraTicket To The MoonKlangwirkstoff RecordsGermanyAmbientAlbumNo06 - June26
Blue Lunar MonkeyEssential OnenessAltar RecordsPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW26Blue Lunar MonkeyEssential OnenessAltar RecordsMexicoPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - June26
ChlorophilChlorosSynchronos RecordingsAmbient, Downtempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW26ChlorophilChlorosSynchronos RecordingsUnited StatesAmbient, Downtempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - June26
CirqularNaked RealityTriple Drop ProductionsPsybass / Psystep, Drum And BassEPW26CirqularNaked RealityTriple Drop ProductionsMexicoPsybass / Psystep, Drum And BassEPNo06 - June26
DreamstalkerFractal Failure (Progressive Edit)Self ReleasedChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillSingleW26DreamstalkerFractal Failure (Progressive Edit)Self ReleasedRussiaChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillSingleNo06 - June26
EmogInfinite HorizonsMerkaba MusicPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillEPW26EmogInfinite HorizonsMerkaba MusicCanadaPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillEPNo06 - June26
HumandalaSun CyclesDesert TraxPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / Psystep, Psydub, PsybreaksEPW26HumandalaSun CyclesDesert TraxUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / Psystep, Psydub, PsybreaksEPNo06 - June26
I-OneSingularityLiquid Sound DesignAmbientAlbumW26I-OneSingularityLiquid Sound DesignCzech RepublicAmbientAlbumNo06 - June26
Maiia303GoasanaMystic Sound RecordsPsytrance, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW26Maiia303GoasanaMystic Sound RecordsRussiaPsytrance, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo06 - June26
MakyoHadra (2018 Mix)Dakini RecordsPsydub, Psybient / Psychill, World FusionSingleW26MakyoHadra (2018 Mix)Dakini RecordsJapanPsydub, Psybient / Psychill, World FusionSingleNo06 - June26
NathassiaDevine SunriseInterdimensional RecordingsDowntempo, Psybient / Psychill, World FusionAlbumW26NathassiaDevine SunriseInterdimensional RecordingsUnited KingdomDowntempo, Psybient / Psychill, World FusionAlbumNo06 - June26
Saeed DehghanVintage EffortSelf ReleasedIDM, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW26Saeed DehghanVintage EffortSelf ReleasedIranIDM, Psybient / PsychillAlbumYes06 - June26
SephiraThe Master WorkSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW26SephiraThe Master WorkSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo06 - JuneFeatured26
Serkan ElesTaya InformasiMerkaba MusicHouse, World FusionEPW26Serkan ElesTaya InformasiMerkaba MusicTurkeyHouse, World FusionEPNo06 - June26
ShaggsZorbaeSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW26ShaggsZorbaeSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes04 - April26
ShivvaEverything Will BePlexus MusicPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW26ShivvaEverything Will BePlexus MusicRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo06 - June26
SoulacybinAmygdalaSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, PsydubSingleW26SoulacybinAmygdalaSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, PsydubSingleYes06 - June26
StarseedPrayertronicaDivine Sound RecordingsPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumW26StarseedPrayertronicaDivine Sound RecordingsUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumYes06 - June26
Sundial AeonPsykinesisImpact Studio RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW26Sundial AeonPsykinesisImpact Studio RecordsPolandPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - JuneFeatured26
The OddnessCulminationCorymbia RecordingsPsydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW26The OddnessCulminationCorymbia RecordingsAustraliaPsydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumNo06 - June26
Various ArtistsBass FictionBadgers RecordsPsybass / PsystepCompilationW26Various ArtistsBass FictionBadgers RecordsGreecePsybass / PsystepCompilationYes06 - June26
Various ArtistsI Road To Arabian Dub1001NightRecordPsydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationW26Various ArtistsI Road To Arabian Dub1001NightRecordMoroccoPsydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationNo06 - June26
XenolinguistGrimaceStreet RitualPsybass / PsystepEPW26XenolinguistGrimaceStreet RitualUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes06 - June26
ZymosisNichna EPSentimony RecordsPsybient / PsychillEPW26ZymosisNichna EPSentimony RecordsUkrainePsybient / PsychillEPYes06 - June26
Atmosphere FactoryLiquid CrystalsDakini RecordsDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillEPW25Atmosphere FactoryLiquid CrystalsDakini RecordsJapanDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillEPNo06 - June25
AvironWhispersCosmicleaf RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW25AvironWhispersCosmicleaf RecordsGreecePsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo06 - June25
BrogWirelessSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillAlbumW25BrogWirelessSelf ReleasedAustraliaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - June25
Cosmosis, Quantica, Sonic SpeciesDubadelicHolophonicPsydub, Psybient / PsychillSingleW25Cosmosis, Quantica, Sonic SpeciesDubadelicHolophonicUnited KingdomPsydub, Psybient / PsychillSingleNo06 - June25
Desert DwellersMysterious RemixesIboga RecordsPsytrance, Chillgressive / Deep TranceRemix EPW25Desert DwellersMysterious RemixesIboga RecordsUnited StatesPsytrance, Chillgressive / Deep TranceRemix EPNo06 - June25
Elliot Lipp, Bass PhysicsBest Of LuckSelf ReleasedDowntempoSingleW25Elliot Lipp, Bass PhysicsBest Of LuckSelf ReleasedUnited StatesDowntempoSingleNo06 - June25
Emil EliavComing HomeCosmicleaf RecordsDowntempoEPW25Emil EliavComing HomeCosmicleaf RecordsIsraelDowntempoEPNo06 - June25
EntheogenicKykeonUniversal Symbiosis RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW25EntheogenicKykeonUniversal Symbiosis RecordsUnited KingdomPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - JuneFeatured25
Fascinating Earthbound ObjectsCoordinate PointsSelf ReleasedDowntempo, IDMEPW25Fascinating Earthbound ObjectsCoordinate PointsSelf ReleasedUnited StatesDowntempo, IDMEPYes06 - June25
Fils Des Étoiles0 To InfiniteSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, PsytranceAlbumW25Fils Des Étoiles0 To InfiniteSelf ReleasedFrancePsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, PsytranceAlbumYes06 - June25
GlobularEntangled EverythingSelf ReleasedPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW25GlobularEntangled EverythingSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumYes06 - JuneFeatured25
Intent To SellBubble DubBass Star RecordsPsybass / PsystepAlbumW25Intent To SellBubble DubBass Star RecordsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo06 - June25
JaiTartariaMystic Sound RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW25JaiTartariaMystic Sound RecordsRussiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - June25
Jef StottAslan Dub System Vol. 1Self ReleasedDowntempo, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepEPW25Jef StottAslan Dub System Vol. 1Self ReleasedUnited StatesDowntempo, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepEPNo06 - June25
Key-G, Hertz ByrdzFordubbin' PlanetDesert TraxPsydubEPW25Key-G, Hertz ByrdzFordubbin' PlanetDesert TraxSpainPsydubEPNo06 - June25
Monkee WonkeyWest Of Kalahari Going South - Part II - Into The ValleyL25 EntertainmentAmbientEPW25Monkee WonkeyWest Of Kalahari Going South - Part II - Into The ValleyL25 EntertainmentCyprusAmbientEPNo05 - May25
Mr. JenningsHelter SquelterStreet RitualPsybass / PsystepSingleW25Mr. JenningsHelter SquelterStreet RitualUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes06 - June25
Natural Life EssencePlants And TreesCyan MusicAmbientAlbumW25Natural Life EssencePlants And TreesCyan MusicArgentinaAmbientAlbumNo06 - June25
Nü TaoLouder SilenceSpaceradio RecordsDowntempo, IDM, PsybreaksAlbumW25Nü TaoLouder SilenceSpaceradio RecordsSpainDowntempo, IDM, PsybreaksAlbumNo06 - June25
Photon A.D.New LifeSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbumW25Photon A.D.New LifeSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo06 - June25
Sacred SeedsLuminous LifeAstroPilot MusicAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW25Sacred SeedsLuminous LifeAstroPilot MusicIndiaAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - June25
Sleeping PandoraBlue SphereSelf ReleasedPsychedelic Rock, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW25Sleeping PandoraBlue SphereSelf ReleasedGermanyPsychedelic Rock, Psybient / PsychillAlbumYes06 - June25
SouroneSubsurfaceDigital WhompPsybass / PsystepAlbumW25SouroneSubsurfaceDigital WhompPolandPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo06 - June25
SubsetSeries90 (Part Two)The Dub FactoryPsydubEPW25SubsetSeries90 (Part Two)The Dub FactoryAustraliaPsydubEPNo06 - June25
SumirunaCoalescentMerkaba MusicPsybass / PsystepEPW25SumirunaCoalescentMerkaba MusicAustraliaPsybass / PsystepEPNo06 - June25
SynthesthesicsAfterlifeSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psytrance, Drum And BassEPW25SynthesthesicsAfterlifeSelf ReleasedGermanyPsybient / Psychill, Psytrance, Drum And BassEPNo06 - June25
The Egg, Az-RaGalactic Love MachineLoop de Loop RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW25The Egg, Az-RaGalactic Love MachineLoop de Loop RecordsUnited KingdomPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - May25
The Galactic EffectSeldom WindSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbumW25The Galactic EffectSeldom WindSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo06 - June25
The Space CadetRemixesSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, IDMRemix EPW25The Space CadetRemixesSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, IDMRemix EPYes06 - June25
Various ArtistsSacred Bass Sessions Vol. 1Visionary Shamanics RecordsPsybass / PsystepCompilationW25Various ArtistsSacred Bass Sessions Vol. 1Visionary Shamanics RecordsUnited KingdomPsybass / PsystepCompilationYes06 - JuneFeatured25
Various ArtistsSpace BoogieSpace BoogiePsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationW25Various ArtistsSpace BoogieSpace BoogieRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationYes06 - June25
AtmoswavesDistant HorizonsMindspring MusicAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW24AtmoswavesDistant HorizonsMindspring MusicRussiaAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - June24
Austin ColeThe ArcadeBass Star RecordsDowntempo, House, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW24Austin ColeThe ArcadeBass Star RecordsCanadaDowntempo, House, Psybass / PsystepAlbumNo06 - June24
Dream TwiceEntaAstroPilot MusicPsybient / PsychillAlbumW24Dream TwiceEntaAstroPilot MusicRussiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - June24
DubaeruginosaEntheogeniusSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW24DubaeruginosaEntheogeniusSelf ReleasedNew ZealandChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - June24
DubsalonRiverside TalesDubmission RecordsPsydubAlbumW24DubsalonRiverside TalesDubmission RecordsArgentinaPsydubAlbumNo06 - June24
Earth MethodLong GameSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW24Earth MethodLong GameSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleNo06 - June24
Galaxy DropSpeed HarnessIboga RecordsPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPW24Galaxy DropSpeed HarnessIboga RecordsSwitzerlandPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPNo06 - June24
In The Branches, BluetechBehind The SkyBehind The Sky MusicAmbientAlbumW24In The Branches, BluetechBehind The SkyBehind The Sky MusicUnited StatesAmbientAlbumNo06 - June24
LevrigeSwitchboardShadowTrix MusicPsybass / Psystep, Drum And BassAlbumW24LevrigeSwitchboardShadowTrix MusicUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, Drum And BassAlbumYes06 - June24
Liquid FrameReflectionsSelf ReleasedDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillEPW24Liquid FrameReflectionsSelf ReleasedItalyDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillEPYes06 - June24
MidikCyclesStreet RitualPsybass / Psystep, Drum And BassSingleW24MidikCyclesStreet RitualUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, Drum And BassSingleYes05 - May24
Mobitex7.9 Ways Of HappinessAltar RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPW24Mobitex7.9 Ways Of HappinessAltar RecordsIsraelChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPNo06 - June24
Olivier OrandHumanSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillRemastered AlbumW24Olivier OrandHumanSelf ReleasedFrancePsybient / PsychillRemastered AlbumNo06 - June24
SpundoseEnvoyStreet RitualPsybass / PsystepAlbumW24SpundoseEnvoyStreet RitualUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo06 - JuneFeatured24
StratusphereLight CodesDesert TraxDowntempoAlbumW24StratusphereLight CodesDesert TraxUnited StatesDowntempoAlbumNo06 - June24
TrifonicEmergence (Special Edition)Self ReleasedDowntempo, IDMRemastered AlbumW24TrifonicEmergence (Special Edition)Self ReleasedUnited StatesDowntempo, IDMRemastered AlbumNo06 - June24
Various ArtistsIn The Blink Of An EyeDisco Gecko RecordingsAmbient, Downtempo, Psybient / PsychillCompilationW24Various ArtistsIn The Blink Of An EyeDisco Gecko RecordingsUnited KingdomAmbient, Downtempo, Psybient / PsychillCompilationNo06 - June24
Various ArtistsZero GravityInterchill RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, AmbientCompilationW24Various ArtistsZero GravityInterchill RecordsCanadaPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, AmbientCompilationNo06 - JuneFeatured24
Vena PortaeUnderwater RemixesMicrocosmos RecordsAmbient, Psybient / PsychillRemix AlbumW24Vena PortaeUnderwater RemixesMicrocosmos RecordsRussiaAmbient, Psybient / PsychillRemix AlbumNo06 - June24
Whitebear, MumukshuImpactSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, Drum And BassSingleW24Whitebear, MumukshuImpactSelf ReleasedAustralia, United StatesPsybass / Psystep, Drum And BassSingleYes06 - June24
Zebbler Encanti ExperienceId.EntityGravitas RecordingsPsybass / PsystepAlbumW24Zebbler Encanti ExperienceId.EntityGravitas RecordingsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes06 - June24
Zen BaboonLa LibreBaboon ClinicDowntempo, House, TechnoAlbumW24Zen BaboonLa LibreBaboon ClinicPortugalDowntempo, House, TechnoAlbumNo06 - June24
01-NSoutheast Asian WindowBass Star RecordsDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW2301-NSoutheast Asian WindowBass Star RecordsJapanDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - May23
Advanced SuiteBeyond Closed Eyes, Part IIAstroPilot MusicPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepEPW23Advanced SuiteBeyond Closed Eyes, Part IIAstroPilot MusicUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepEPNo05 - May23
AstroPilotHeritage. Chapter IIAstroPilot MusicChillgressive / Deep Trance, House, TechnoEPW23AstroPilotHeritage. Chapter IIAstroPilot MusicRussiaChillgressive / Deep Trance, House, TechnoEPNo06 - June23
BalancéDiving In The PastSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillAlbumW23BalancéDiving In The PastSelf ReleasedPortugalPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - May23
Chrisna KarastMagma ShamansSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW23Chrisna KarastMagma ShamansSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo05 - May23
Dreadlock TalesDesigned By Jah Dub PlateSelf ReleasedPsydubEPW23Dreadlock TalesDesigned By Jah Dub PlateSelf ReleasedFinlandPsydubEPNo05 - May23
Echo SeasonPeripherySynphaera RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW23Echo SeasonPeripherySynphaera RecordsUnited StatesPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - MayFeatured23
Escape IntoThe MirrorSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psychedelic RockAlbumW23Escape IntoThe MirrorSelf ReleasedBrazilPsybient / Psychill, Psychedelic RockAlbumNo05 - May23
In'R'VoiceInfinite SunsetCosmicleaf RecordsAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW23In'R'VoiceInfinite SunsetCosmicleaf RecordsRussiaAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - June23
Just PatternsLost And Found EPSelf ReleasedDowntempo, Psybass / PsystepEPW23Just PatternsLost And Found EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesDowntempo, Psybass / PsystepEPYes06 - June23
KumharasKaosmetricNoosphere NetworkPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW23KumharasKaosmetricNoosphere NetworkIndiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPYes06 - June23
Land SwitcherRealizerShanti PlantiPsydub, Psybass / PsystepEPW23Land SwitcherRealizerShanti PlantiFrancePsydub, Psybass / PsystepEPNo06 - June23
LusidVaporwaveSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW23LusidVaporwaveSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo05 - May23
Master MargheritaDigital Singles #4Self ReleasedAmbient, House, Psydub, TechnoEPW23Master MargheritaDigital Singles #4Self ReleasedSwitzerlandAmbient, House, Psydub, TechnoEPNo05 - May23
Mick ChillageBetween The Endless SilenceCarpe Sonum RecordsAmbientAlbumW23Mick ChillageBetween The Endless SilenceCarpe Sonum RecordsIrelandAmbientAlbumNo05 - May23
NibanaEarth From AboveSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillAlbumW23NibanaEarth From AboveSelf ReleasedFrancePsybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - JuneFeatured23
Pavel VitMirrorsSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillAlbumW23Pavel VitMirrorsSelf ReleasedUkrainePsybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - May23
PsychozAlien Agent: The RemixesMindspring MusicPsybient / Psychill, PsydubRemix AlbumW23PsychozAlien Agent: The RemixesMindspring MusicGermanyPsybient / Psychill, PsydubRemix AlbumNo06 - June23
Sacral CrownTestament EPThe Great MagnetPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW23Sacral CrownTestament EPThe Great MagnetUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillAlbumYes05 - May23
SoohanAsyamoSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW23SoohanAsyamoSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleNo05 - May23
SoulularSeven TimesSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW23SoulularSeven TimesSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes05 - May23
Spin ArtesElementisSelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW23Spin ArtesElementisSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo06 - June23
System 7, Mirror SystemCafe SevenA Wave RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, TechnoAlbumW23System 7, Mirror SystemCafe SevenA Wave RecordsUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, TechnoAlbumNo06 - June23
TranslippersCycling To The SunCosmicleaf RecordsPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumW23TranslippersCycling To The SunCosmicleaf RecordsRussiaPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumNo06 - June23
Various ArtistsColorful DownbeatsBlue Tunes ChilloutChillgressive / Deep Trance, Downtempo, Psybient / PsychillCompilationW23Various ArtistsColorful DownbeatsBlue Tunes ChilloutGermanyChillgressive / Deep Trance, Downtempo, Psybient / PsychillCompilationNo06 - June23
Woob新 プログラムTime LimitedAmbientAlbumW23Woob新 プログラムTime LimitedUnited KingdomAmbientAlbumNo06 - June23
YarnSoaked Sunlight (Remastered)Self ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW23YarnSoaked Sunlight (Remastered)Self ReleasedHungaryPsybient / PsychillSingleYes05 - May23
YarnUndiscovered PlacesSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW23YarnUndiscovered PlacesSelf ReleasedHungaryPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo06 - JuneFeatured23
AquatoneAlpha SongUSCChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW22AquatoneAlpha SongUSCRussiaChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - May22
Archaic and AvarisArchaic's Medicine BagParvati RecordsPsybient / PsychillEPW22Archaic and AvarisArchaic's Medicine BagParvati RecordsGreecePsybient / PsychillEPYes05 - May22
Bearded ElectronicsHeartbeats 4Self ReleasedDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillEPW22Bearded ElectronicsHeartbeats 4Self ReleasedBelgiumDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillEPNo05 - May22
BOAIncarnationsShadowTrix MusicPsybass / PsystepAlbumW22BOAIncarnationsShadowTrix MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes05 - May22
Chrisna KarastPure LandsSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW22Chrisna KarastPure LandsSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / PsychillSingleNo05 - May22
Fractal ImpulseSoul FragmentsBass Star RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW22Fractal ImpulseSoul FragmentsBass Star RecordsGermanyPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo05 - May22
Gem ReflectionLive At BionysieSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, PsydubLive AlbumW22Gem ReflectionLive At BionysieSelf ReleasedCzech RepublicPsybient / Psychill, PsydubLive AlbumYes05 - May22
Hullabalo0Rachmaninov - Prelude In C#m (Hullabalo0 Bootleg)Self ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW22Hullabalo0Rachmaninov - Prelude In C#m (Hullabalo0 Bootleg)Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes05 - May22
KLL sMTHDNT FEED DRNK GRLS CHPS IN BEDSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW22KLL sMTHDNT FEED DRNK GRLS CHPS IN BEDSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleNo05 - May22
Kwali Kumara, Pete ArdronEcstatic - Kundalini Yoga MantrasPink Hampster RecordingsAmbientAlbumW22Kwali Kumara, Pete ArdronEcstatic - Kundalini Yoga MantrasPink Hampster RecordingsUnited KingdomAmbientAlbumNo05 - May22
MahaonExperimental Orthodox MusicSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumW22MahaonExperimental Orthodox MusicSelf ReleasedRussiaPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumYes05 - May22
MapadhaChemical SplitProtonic RecordsPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPW22MapadhaChemical SplitProtonic RecordsRussiaPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPNo05 - May22
Sea Of PsilocybinButterfly Chapter 1Self ReleasedDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW22Sea Of PsilocybinButterfly Chapter 1Self ReleasedRussiaDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - May22
Spacey KoalaBrocoliptus RexSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep Trance, PsytranceEPW22Spacey KoalaBrocoliptus RexSelf ReleasedCanadaChillgressive / Deep Trance, PsytranceEPNo05 - May22
Terra NineLaniakeaIboga RecordsPsybient / PsychillEPW22Terra NineLaniakeaIboga RecordsNew ZealandPsybient / PsychillEPNo05 - May22
TrazerSerenitySelf ReleasedAmbientSingleW22TrazerSerenitySelf ReleasedUnited StatesAmbientSingleNo05 - May22
TrikayaYb ChainStreet RitualPsybass / Psystep, Drum And BassEPW22TrikayaYb ChainStreet RitualUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, Drum And BassEPNo05 - May22
Various ArtistsChilam Impacts 2Badgers RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationW22Various ArtistsChilam Impacts 2Badgers RecordsGreecePsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationYes05 - MayFeatured22
Various ArtistsJournal Of Organic MusicTxt RecordingsAmbientCompilationW22Various ArtistsJournal Of Organic MusicTxt RecordingsUnited KingdomAmbientCompilationNo05 - May22
ZenturionOwl's SongPsyndicaPsybass / PsystepSingleW22ZenturionOwl's SongPsyndicaUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes05 - May22
5AMOnwardThe Rust MusicPsybass / PsystepEPW215AMOnwardThe Rust MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo05 - May21
Atmosphere FactoryYurikamomeDakini RecordsAmbientEPW21Atmosphere FactoryYurikamomeDakini RecordsJapanAmbientEPNo05 - May21
Chrisna KarastElemental ImmersionSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW21Chrisna KarastElemental ImmersionSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo05 - May21
DillardQuestioning EPSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW21DillardQuestioning EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes05 - May21
DRRTYWULVZRe-HatchedSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, PsydubEPW21DRRTYWULVZRe-HatchedSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, PsydubEPNo05 - MayFeatured21
Echo GridEarly DaysSelf ReleasedAmbient, IDM, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW21Echo GridEarly DaysSelf ReleasedNetherlandsAmbient, IDM, Psybient / PsychillAlbumYes05 - May21
EguanaStardustCosmicleaf RecordsAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW21EguanaStardustCosmicleaf RecordsRussiaAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - May21
EpilogueElevateSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW21EpilogueElevateSelf ReleasedSwedenPsybient / PsychillEPNo05 - May21
FormationzNature Remind UsKinematic RecordsPsybient / PsychillEPW21FormationzNature Remind UsKinematic RecordsAustraliaPsybient / PsychillEPYes05 - May21
Gabriel Le MarAmong Trees I Want To LiveCarpe Sonum RecordsDowntempo, TechnoAlbumW21Gabriel Le MarAmong Trees I Want To LiveCarpe Sonum RecordsGermanyDowntempo, TechnoAlbumNo05 - May21
KerchaRevivalAquatic CollectivePsybass / PsystepAlbumW21KerchaRevivalAquatic CollectiveRussiaPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes05 - May21
KR3TUREANTHROPOCENEStreet RitualPsybass / PsystepSingleW21KR3TUREANTHROPOCENEStreet RitualUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleNo05 - May21
MindwalkerFracture EPSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW21MindwalkerFracture EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes03 - March21
MirandaWhereverProtonic RecordsDowntempoAlbumW21MirandaWhereverProtonic RecordsIsraelDowntempoAlbumNo05 - May21
Moai SystemCosmic DiveNutek ChillPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPW21Moai SystemCosmic DiveNutek ChillFrancePsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPNo05 - May21
Mystic Crock, DenseLiaison NorthSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW21Mystic Crock, DenseLiaison NorthSelf ReleasedGermanyPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo05 - May21
Myth MakerIn Not OfSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, IDMAlbumW21Myth MakerIn Not OfSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, IDMAlbumNo05 - May21
NanosphereWorksSelf ReleasedPsybreaksAlbumW21NanosphereWorksSelf ReleasedAustraliaPsybreaksAlbumYes05 - MayFeatured21
NetsuVoidgazingMamomam RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW21NetsuVoidgazingMamomam RecordsPolandPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo05 - May21
ObsqureTabula RasaCosmicleaf RecordsDowntempo, World FusionAlbumW21ObsqureTabula RasaCosmicleaf RecordsTunisiaDowntempo, World FusionAlbumNo05 - May21
Saafi BrothersThe Quality Of Being One : The Remixes Part 2Liquid Sound DesignPsybient / Psychill, PsydubRemix AlbumW21Saafi BrothersThe Quality Of Being One : The Remixes Part 2Liquid Sound DesignGermanyPsybient / Psychill, PsydubRemix AlbumNo05 - May21
SpoonbillCrosshatchAddictech RecordsPsybass / PsystepEPW21SpoonbillCrosshatchAddictech RecordsAustraliaPsybass / PsystepEPNo05 - May21
SubdreamBeaconMindspring MusicChillgressive / Deep Trance, PsytranceAlbumW21SubdreamBeaconMindspring MusicGermanyChillgressive / Deep Trance, PsytranceAlbumNo05 - May21
SubsetSeries90 (Part One)The Dub FactoryPsydubEPW21SubsetSeries90 (Part One)The Dub FactoryAustraliaPsydubEPNo05 - May21
SubtalesThrough The Aquatic Blossom Of DreamsArmadillo RecordsDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW21SubtalesThrough The Aquatic Blossom Of DreamsArmadillo RecordsLatviaDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - May21
Various ArtistsGrounds Of The UndersoundVisionary Shamanics RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationW21Various ArtistsGrounds Of The UndersoundVisionary Shamanics RecordsUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationYes05 - MayFeatured21
VershestScience And ImaginationArt.VaultPsybient / Psychill, PsydubSingleW21VershestScience And ImaginationArt.VaultRussiaPsybient / Psychill, PsydubSingleNo05 - May21
Wolf TechNavigateShanti PlantiPsydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW21Wolf TechNavigateShanti PlantiUnited KingdomPsydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumNo05 - MayFeatured21
Acid_CPsychic ReptilesArt.VaultPsybass / PsystepEPW20Acid_CPsychic ReptilesArt.VaultRussiaPsybass / PsystepEPNo04 - April20
BirdwingStones & CrystalsStreet RitualPsybass / PsystepEPW20BirdwingStones & CrystalsStreet RitualAustraliaPsybass / PsystepEPYes05 - May20
Byzantine Time MachineTrapped In The Sultan's PalaceOuttalectualsPsybass / Psystep, World FusionSingleW20Byzantine Time MachineTrapped In The Sultan's PalaceOuttalectualsUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, World FusionSingleNo05 - May20
CosmosisStratocruiseHolophonicPsybient / PsychillSingleW20CosmosisStratocruiseHolophonicUnited KingdomPsybient / PsychillSingleNo05 - May20
Dream TwiceEllipseAstroPilot MusicPsybient / Psychill, IDMEPW20Dream TwiceEllipseAstroPilot MusicRussiaPsybient / Psychill, IDMEPNo05 - May20
EnderTimeless ResilienceSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / Psychill, PsytranceAlbumW20EnderTimeless ResilienceSelf ReleasedAustraliaChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / Psychill, PsytranceAlbumNo05 - MayFeatured20
GyrosonikMaple And Birch EPSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW20GyrosonikMaple And Birch EPSelf ReleasedSouth AfricaPsybient / PsychillEPYes05 - May20
Kaya ProjectUp From The DustTribal Shift RecordsDowntempo, Psybient / Psychill, World FusionAlbumW20Kaya ProjectUp From The DustTribal Shift RecordsUnited KingdomDowntempo, Psybient / Psychill, World FusionAlbumNo05 - MayFeatured20
LiveloulaLiveloula & FriendsLiquidseed RecordingsPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW20LiveloulaLiveloula & FriendsLiquidseed RecordingsGreecePsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPYes05 - May20
RukirekMain Secret Of The UniverseMystic Sound RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW20RukirekMain Secret Of The UniverseMystic Sound RecordsRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo05 - MayFeatured20
SapienDeep ViewSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, PsydubSingleW20SapienDeep ViewSelf ReleasedAustraliaPsybass / Psystep, PsydubSingleNo05 - May20
SuduayaThe Tribes Of The Sand PlanetAltar RecordsChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW20SuduayaThe Tribes Of The Sand PlanetAltar RecordsFranceChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo05 - May20
TetariseDrifting And DreamingMicrocosmos RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW20TetariseDrifting And DreamingMicrocosmos RecordsRussiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - May20
TRSMystic GatheringMindspring MusicChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW20TRSMystic GatheringMindspring MusicUnited KingdomChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - May20
Various ArtistsThe New SoulPsykedream MusicPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationW20Various ArtistsThe New SoulPsykedream MusicFrancePsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationNo05 - May20
Wise TreeRoots Of The Sacred MotherSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW20Wise TreeRoots Of The Sacred MotherSelf ReleasedCanadaPsybass / Psystep, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleYes05 - May20
YaghanYaghan's Land EPSelf ReleasedAmbientEPW20YaghanYaghan's Land EPSelf ReleasedArgentinaAmbientEPNo05 - May20
ZephyrTime In SensationsSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoAlbumW20ZephyrTime In SensationsSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoAlbumYes05 - May20
CualliThird Eye ThunderSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW19CualliThird Eye ThunderSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo04 - April19
EvökmachineDream MachineSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW19EvökmachineDream MachineSelf ReleasedCanadaPsybient / PsychillSingleYes04 - April19
HumandalaThe PathSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW19HumandalaThe PathSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes05 - May19
Kick BongMysticaCosmicleaf RecordsDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW19Kick BongMysticaCosmicleaf RecordsFranceDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - May19
Kri SamadhiPsynaesthetistMindspring MusicChillgressive / Deep Trance, PsytranceAlbumW19Kri SamadhiPsynaesthetistMindspring MusicUnited StatesChillgressive / Deep Trance, PsytranceAlbumNo05 - May19
MantisMashOmnipresentShanti PlantiPsybass / Psystep, PsydubAlbumW19MantisMashOmnipresentShanti PlantiIsraelPsybass / Psystep, PsydubAlbumNo05 - MayFeatured19
McthfgKorean Dub, Volume OneDubmission RecordsDowntempo, PsydubRemix EPW19McthfgKorean Dub, Volume OneDubmission RecordsSouth KoreaDowntempo, PsydubRemix EPNo05 - May19
MindexEclipsed EPTime Resonance MusicPsybass / PsystepEPW19MindexEclipsed EPTime Resonance MusicRussiaPsybass / PsystepEPNo05 - May19
PsychozArabic JukeboxVisionary Shamanics RecordsPsydubAlbumW19PsychozArabic JukeboxVisionary Shamanics RecordsGermanyPsydubAlbumNo05 - May19
Red Sun RisingCampfireAltar RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW19Red Sun RisingCampfireAltar RecordsPolandChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - May19
Resonant LanguageExoskeletonDanktronicsPsybass / PsystepSingleW19Resonant LanguageExoskeletonDanktronicsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes05 - May19
SlackbabaIndian SummerSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, Psydub, Psybient / PsychillEPW19SlackbabaIndian SummerSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomPsybass / Psystep, Psydub, Psybient / PsychillEPNo05 - MayFeatured19
StereOMantraWingsOM Mantra RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW19StereOMantraWingsOM Mantra RecordsHungaryChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - May19
TonyModi2Q18Cosmicleaf RecordsDowntempoAlbumW19TonyModi2Q18Cosmicleaf RecordsFranceDowntempoAlbumNo05 - May19
UascaCosmos UmbilicalElectrik DreamPsybient / PsychillAlbumW19UascaCosmos UmbilicalElectrik DreamFrance, PortugalPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - May19
Unusual Cosmic ProcessFrames Of SilenceAstroPilot MusicAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW19Unusual Cosmic ProcessFrames Of SilenceAstroPilot MusicUkraineAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo05 - MayFeatured19
Various ArtistsAmbient Online Compilation: Volume 9 (Part One)Ambient OnlineAmbientCompilationW19Various ArtistsAmbient Online Compilation: Volume 9 (Part One)Ambient OnlineUnited StatesAmbientCompilationNo05 - May19
Various ArtistsTimeless Gems From The Vaults And The FieldsIboga RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, TechnoCompilationW19Various ArtistsTimeless Gems From The Vaults And The FieldsIboga RecordsDenmarkPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, TechnoCompilationNo05 - May19
Whitebear, KLL sMTHBorborygym (Whitebear Mix)Self ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW19Whitebear, KLL sMTHBorborygym (Whitebear Mix)Self ReleasedAustralia, United StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes05 - May19
AkoarelaCross The MindMindspring MusicPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPW18AkoarelaCross The MindMindspring MusicGreecePsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPNo04 - April18
Data RebelEscape VelocitySelf ReleasedAmbient, Downtempo, IDMAlbumW18Data RebelEscape VelocitySelf ReleasedUnited KingdomAmbient, Downtempo, IDMAlbumNo04 - April18
DendeEntropy EPSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW18DendeEntropy EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes04 - April18
DreamwalkerCatharsisAquatic CollectivePsybass / Psystep, DowntempoEPW18DreamwalkerCatharsisAquatic CollectiveUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoEPYes04 - April18
EntheoBeyond OblivionSelf ReleasedAmbient, DowntempoAlbumW18EntheoBeyond OblivionSelf ReleasedUnited StatesAmbient, DowntempoAlbumNo04 - April18
Esthetic DreamsShantiSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumW18Esthetic DreamsShantiSelf ReleasedBelarusPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumNo04 - April18
Green Ice CreamImprintsSpiralmind RecordsTechno, IDMAlbumW18Green Ice CreamImprintsSpiralmind RecordsRussiaTechno, IDMAlbumNo04 - April18
Griffin PaisleyBlinkDesert TraxDowntempo, TechnoEPW18Griffin PaisleyBlinkDesert TraxUnited StatesDowntempo, TechnoEPNo04 - April18
Kevin FolletVisceraBlue Tunes ChilloutIDMAlbumW18Kevin FolletVisceraBlue Tunes ChilloutItalyIDMAlbumNo04 - April18
Pallasite ProjectCrystal Staircase EPSelf ReleasedDowntempo, Psybass / PsystepEPW18Pallasite ProjectCrystal Staircase EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesDowntempo, Psybass / PsystepEPYes04 - April18
SequentonalDreams EvolvedSelf ReleasedAmbientEPW18SequentonalDreams EvolvedSelf ReleasedIrelandAmbientEPYes04 - April18
Temple StepCollaborationsSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbumW18Temple StepCollaborationsSelf ReleasedAustraliaPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo04 - April18
The MonogahelaPassageSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW18The MonogahelaPassageSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumYes04 - April18
Various ArtistsInfinite Worlds Vol. 3 - No BeatSpiralmind RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationW18Various ArtistsInfinite Worlds Vol. 3 - No BeatSpiralmind RecordsRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationNo04 - April18
Various ArtistsWe Are Sky DancersMelusine RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationW18Various ArtistsWe Are Sky DancersMelusine RecordsRomaniaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationYes04 - April18
Wise Old TreeAutotypeSelf ReleasedDowntempo, Psychedelic RockAlbumW18Wise Old TreeAutotypeSelf ReleasedAustraliaDowntempo, Psychedelic RockAlbumNo04 - April18
Advanced SuiteSuite DreamsAstroPilot MusicPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumW17Advanced SuiteSuite DreamsAstroPilot MusicUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumNo04 - AprilFeatured17
Axon GenesisSojournProducers SocialChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillEPW17Axon GenesisSojournProducers SocialUnited StatesChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillEPYes04 - April17
BeatrootsTime CapsulesSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, Drum And BassRemastered AlbumW17BeatrootsTime CapsulesSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomPsybass / Psystep, Drum And BassRemastered AlbumYes04 - April17
BerrikNoise ShadowsPsyndicaPsybass / PsystepSingleW17BerrikNoise ShadowsPsyndicaUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes04 - April17
BioscapeImagine AlchemySelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumW17BioscapeImagine AlchemySelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumNo04 - AprilFeatured17
Celt IslamSufi DubUrban Sedated RecordsPsydubAlbumW17Celt IslamSufi DubUrban Sedated RecordsUnited KingdomPsydubAlbumNo04 - April17
Cosmosis, QuanticaDissolutionHolophonicChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW17Cosmosis, QuanticaDissolutionHolophonicUnited KingdomChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo04 - April17
DillardFindAquatic CollectivePsybass / PsystepAlbumW17DillardFindAquatic CollectiveUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes04 - April17
ElectrowaveZElementalMerkaba MusicPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW17ElectrowaveZElementalMerkaba MusicUnited KingdomPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo04 - April17
Evil Oil ManA Hundred Miles Of WireZenon RecordsPsybass / Psystep, PsytranceAlbumW17Evil Oil ManA Hundred Miles Of WireZenon RecordsUnited KingdomPsybass / Psystep, PsytranceAlbumNo04 - April17
FireWaterRoots Of Gaia EPSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW17FireWaterRoots Of Gaia EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo04 - April17
Green BeatsJumping And RumpingNutek ChillChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / Psychill, TechnoEPW17Green BeatsJumping And RumpingNutek ChillSpainChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / Psychill, TechnoEPNo04 - AprilFeatured17
HaquinRêver EPOuttalectualsDowntempoEPW17HaquinRêver EPOuttalectualsUnited KingdomDowntempoEPNo04 - April17
Johanna von PfeifeDevotional DreamingCyan MusicChillgressive / Deep TranceEPW17Johanna von PfeifeDevotional DreamingCyan MusicBelgiumChillgressive / Deep TranceEPYes04 - April17
KubaAnimaliaLiquid Sound DesignPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumW17KubaAnimaliaLiquid Sound DesignUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumNo04 - AprilFeatured17
MalunsBloodline HunterSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW17MalunsBloodline HunterSelf ReleasedSwitzerlandPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo04 - April17
Max CorbachoNocturnes IISelf ReleasedAmbientAlbumW17Max CorbachoNocturnes IISelf ReleasedSpainAmbientAlbumNo04 - April17
OmelIt's TimeCosmicleaf RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, DowntempoAlbumW17OmelIt's TimeCosmicleaf RecordsSwitzerlandChillgressive / Deep Trance, DowntempoAlbumNo04 - April17
OutersectKinnari EPSelf ReleasedPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPW17OutersectKinnari EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPYes04 - April17
Perfect BlindReplikaSelf ReleasedDowntempoAlbumW17Perfect BlindReplikaSelf ReleasedCroatiaDowntempoAlbumYes04 - April17
RhizomorphicHappy 420Self ReleasedPsydubSingleW17RhizomorphicHappy 420Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsydubSingleYes04 - April17
Sérgio WalgoodThis PlaceSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW17Sérgio WalgoodThis PlaceSelf ReleasedPortugalPsybient / PsychillEPNo04 - AprilFeatured17
ShpongleWhen Shall I Be Free (Shalohim Remix)Self ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW17ShpongleWhen Shall I Be Free (Shalohim Remix)Self ReleasedUnited Kingdom, NetherlandsPsybass / PsystepSingleYes04 - April17
Shunkan IdouPerspectiveCosmicleaf RecordsAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW17Shunkan IdouPerspectiveCosmicleaf RecordsGreeceAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo04 - April17
SoulularThe Same FlowerSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW17SoulularThe Same FlowerSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes04 - April17
TaicaThose Who Are HiddenMindspring MusicPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPW17TaicaThose Who Are HiddenMindspring MusicFinlandPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPNo04 - April17
TotemMy MachineElliptic Audio ResearchPsybass / PsystepEPW17TotemMy MachineElliptic Audio ResearchUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo04 - April17
Various ArtistsConvoyWakaanPsybass / PsystepCompilationW17Various ArtistsConvoyWakaanUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepCompilationYes04 - April17
Various ArtistsGoa Meditation Vol. 2Timewarp RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationW17Various ArtistsGoa Meditation Vol. 2Timewarp RecordsCroatiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationNo04 - April17
Various ArtistsInfusion Vol. 5Gravitas RecordingsPsybass / PsystepCompilationW17Various ArtistsInfusion Vol. 5Gravitas RecordingsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepCompilationNo04 - April17
Various ArtistsTranquil DeliriumPost-Modern MusicAmbient, Psybient / PsychillCompilationW17Various ArtistsTranquil DeliriumPost-Modern MusicIndiaAmbient, Psybient / PsychillCompilationYes04 - April17
Adham ShaikhBlossom Vol. 1Sonicturtle RecordsAmbientAlbumW16Adham ShaikhBlossom Vol. 1Sonicturtle RecordsCanadaAmbientAlbumYes04 - April16
Adham ShaikhBlossom Vol. 2Sonicturtle RecordsAmbientAlbumW16Adham ShaikhBlossom Vol. 2Sonicturtle RecordsCanadaAmbientAlbumYes04 - April16
Akasha ProjectBicycleday 2018Self ReleasedAmbientEPW16Akasha ProjectBicycleday 2018Self ReleasedGermanyAmbientEPNo04 - April16
Chronos & OkoloSnaSonos MosaicMerkaba MusicPsybreaks, Psybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW16Chronos & OkoloSnaSonos MosaicMerkaba MusicRussiaPsybreaks, Psybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo04 - April16
CircadaAwakenTranquil Sounds ProductionsPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepEPW16CircadaAwakenTranquil Sounds ProductionsAustraliaPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepEPYes04 - April16
Cloower WoomaDeep See DiveSelf ReleasedAmbient, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / Psychill, Drum And BassEPW16Cloower WoomaDeep See DiveSelf ReleasedRussiaAmbient, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / Psychill, Drum And BassEPNo04 - April16
DimmatEmotionsMindspring MusicPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW16DimmatEmotionsMindspring MusicGreecePsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo04 - April16
LOKDyna ft. Julian FreseSelf ReleasedPsydub, Psybient / PsychillSingleW16LOKDyna ft. Julian FreseSelf ReleasedAustraliaPsydub, Psybient / PsychillSingleYes04 - April16
Lost ShamanEquilibrium ConstantBass Star RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW16Lost ShamanEquilibrium ConstantBass Star RecordsIsraelChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo04 - April16
LuminoSpontaneouslyMelusine RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW16LuminoSpontaneouslyMelusine RecordsRomaniaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo04 - April16
Mind.DividedEdenCRL StudiosAmbient, Downtempo, IDMAlbumW16Mind.DividedEdenCRL StudiosBelgiumAmbient, Downtempo, IDMAlbumNo04 - April16
Olivier OrandBorderlandsSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, IDMSingleW16Olivier OrandBorderlandsSelf ReleasedFrancePsybient / Psychill, IDMSingleNo01 - January16
Plu-TonWings Of LibertyOLD SQL RecordingsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW16Plu-TonWings Of LibertyOLD SQL RecordingsRussiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo03 - March16
SipporSaharaStreet RitualPsybass / PsystepSingleW16SipporSaharaStreet RitualHungaryPsybass / PsystepSingleYes04 - April16
Sound StriderIllusion Of ControlRed Tent RecordsPsybient / Psychill, IDMEPW16Sound StriderIllusion Of ControlRed Tent RecordsFrancePsybient / Psychill, IDMEPYes03 - March16
Strana 03Flashback MasterPlexus MusicPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW16Strana 03Flashback MasterPlexus MusicRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo04 - April16
The CreatureElementsOuttalectualsPsybass / PsystepSingleW16The CreatureElementsOuttalectualsCanadaPsybass / PsystepSingleNo04 - April16
Various ArtistsAnandaKunayala RecordsPsybient / PsychillCompilationW16Various ArtistsAnandaKunayala RecordsPortugalPsybient / PsychillCompilationNo04 - AprilFeatured16
Various ArtistsFrom Here To Tranquility Vol. 9 - In DreamsSilent RecordsAmbientCompilationW16Various ArtistsFrom Here To Tranquility Vol. 9 - In DreamsSilent RecordsUnited StatesAmbientCompilationNo04 - April16
Various ArtistsTounge Of LoungeBlue Tunes ChilloutPsybient / Psychill, DowntempoCompilationW16Various ArtistsTounge Of LoungeBlue Tunes ChilloutGermanyPsybient / Psychill, DowntempoCompilationNo04 - April16
WasisunquFrequenSeed RevelationsSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW16WasisunquFrequenSeed RevelationsSelf ReleasedMexicoChillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo04 - AprilFeatured16
Wise TreeFractal AscensionSelf ReleasedPsydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW16Wise TreeFractal AscensionSelf ReleasedCanadaPsydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumNo04 - April16
36Circuit BloomSelf ReleasedAmbientAlbumW1536Circuit BloomSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomAmbientAlbumNo04 - April15
Bagavond, Mystic GrizzlyTistle WhipsBatik RecordsPsybass / PsystepSingleW15Bagavond, Mystic GrizzlyTistle WhipsBatik RecordsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes04 - April15
Bearded ElectronicsHeartbeats 3Self ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW15Bearded ElectronicsHeartbeats 3Self ReleasedBelgiumPsybient / PsychillEPNo04 - April15
CabeiriThe ChangeAstroPilot MusicChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPW15CabeiriThe ChangeAstroPilot MusicGreeceChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPNo04 - April15
Communication TubeAmener LumièreMicrocosmos RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW15Communication TubeAmener LumièreMicrocosmos RecordsIsraelPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo04 - April15
Cosmic TouchNataraja EPVisionary Shamanics RecordsPsybass / Psystep, PsydubEPW15Cosmic TouchNataraja EPVisionary Shamanics RecordsFinlandPsybass / Psystep, PsydubEPYes04 - April15
DezonCondorSublimeIono MusicPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumW15DezonCondorSublimeIono MusicPortugalPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumNo04 - AprilFeatured15
Dr TrippyBhang!Disco Gecko RecordingsDowntempo, PsydubAlbumW15Dr TrippyBhang!Disco Gecko RecordingsUnited KingdomDowntempo, PsydubAlbumNo04 - April15
DroplitzAt Thy RootSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW15DroplitzAt Thy RootSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes03 - March15
Earth Connectm1cr0rgan1smCosmicleaf RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW15Earth Connectm1cr0rgan1smCosmicleaf RecordsIsraelPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo04 - April15
EindringlingSoundgift From ZanzibarSub.Conscience RecordsChillgressive / Deep TranceEPW15EindringlingSoundgift From ZanzibarSub.Conscience RecordsFranceChillgressive / Deep TranceEPYes04 - April15
EsseksA Hole In The Fourth WallWakaanPsybass / PsystepAlbumW15EsseksA Hole In The Fourth WallWakaanUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes04 - April15
FinogenixAstral ChildSpiralmind RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW15FinogenixAstral ChildSpiralmind RecordsRussiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo03 - March15
GentleAlchemising AngerSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbumW15GentleAlchemising AngerSelf ReleasedNew ZealandPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes04 - April15
HinkstepElven ForestMystic Sound RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW15HinkstepElven ForestMystic Sound RecordsSwedenPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo04 - AprilFeatured15
HivetribeIslands Of FluorMindspring MusicPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumW15HivetribeIslands Of FluorMindspring MusicUkrainePsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumNo04 - April15
Hudur ShrimParis EPAltar TechnoTechnoEPW15Hudur ShrimParis EPAltar TechnoIsraelTechnoEPNo04 - April15
Huffman TreeDecompressionSelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / PsychillEPW15Huffman TreeDecompressionSelf ReleasedPolandAmbient, Psybient / PsychillEPNo04 - April15
Kill The GeekTwin FlameCosmicleaf RecordsDowntempo, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW15Kill The GeekTwin FlameCosmicleaf RecordsDenmarkDowntempo, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo04 - April15
LOKElemental GearsShanti PlantiPsydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW15LOKElemental GearsShanti PlantiAustraliaPsydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumNo04 - April15
MoonfrogReboot: Early B-SidesSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW15MoonfrogReboot: Early B-SidesSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / PsychillEPYes04 - April15
Psychoz, Yestegan ChayMysterious Pathways To Heaven - The RemixesVisionary Shamanics RecordsPsydub, Psybient / PsychillRemix EPW15Psychoz, Yestegan ChayMysterious Pathways To Heaven - The RemixesVisionary Shamanics RecordsGermany, IsraelPsydub, Psybient / PsychillRemix EPYes04 - April15
SeamoonArchaic MindMerkaba MusicPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW15SeamoonArchaic MindMerkaba MusicGermanyPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepAlbumNo04 - AprilFeatured15
ShantifaxSub TilReson8 MusicPsybient / PsychillEPW15ShantifaxSub TilReson8 MusicItalyPsybient / PsychillEPNo04 - April15
Steve HadfieldPile Of WorldsSelf ReleasedAmbient, TechnoAlbumW15Steve HadfieldPile Of WorldsSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomAmbient, TechnoAlbumNo04 - April15
Stimpack?Self ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW15Stimpack?Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo04 - April15
The AdaptiveLow Sun (Live In Santa Fe)Self ReleasedAmbient, DowntempoLive AlbumW15The AdaptiveLow Sun (Live In Santa Fe)Self ReleasedUnited StatesAmbient, DowntempoLive AlbumYes02 - February15
Tor.Ma In DubFrom Doubt To LightDubmission RecordsPsydubAlbumW15Tor.Ma In DubFrom Doubt To LightDubmission RecordsMexicoPsydubAlbumNo04 - April15
WagawagaB-Sides And Mixers 07-09Self ReleasedDowntempo, IDMAlbumW15WagawagaB-Sides And Mixers 07-09Self ReleasedUnited KingdomDowntempo, IDMAlbumYes04 - April15
AstroPilot, Dynamic IllusionHeritage. Chapter 1AstroPilot MusicDowntempo, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, TechnoEPW14AstroPilot, Dynamic IllusionHeritage. Chapter 1AstroPilot MusicRussia, HungaryDowntempo, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, TechnoEPNo03 - March14
Atmosphere FactorySketchesDakini RecordsPsybient / PsychillEPW14Atmosphere FactorySketchesDakini RecordsJapanPsybient / PsychillEPNo04 - April14
BalancéThis Is Not An AlbumSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW14BalancéThis Is Not An AlbumSelf ReleasedPortugalPsybient / PsychillEPNo03 - MarchFeatured14
CosmalSlow Motion EPMalLabel MusicDowntempoEPW14CosmalSlow Motion EPMalLabel MusicUnited StatesDowntempoEPYes03 - March14
CosmosisFloatingHolophonicPsybient / PsychillSingleW14CosmosisFloatingHolophonicUnited KingdomPsybient / PsychillSingleNo03 - March14
Cosmosis, QuanticaJourney To GondorHolophonicPsybient / PsychillSingleW14Cosmosis, QuanticaJourney To GondorHolophonicUnited KingdomPsybient / PsychillSingleNo03 - March14
Cosmosis, QuanticaOther WorldsHolophonicPsybient / PsychillSingleW14Cosmosis, QuanticaOther WorldsHolophonicUnited KingdomPsybient / PsychillSingleNo03 - March14
Cosmosis, QuanticaThe Enchanted ForestHolophonicPsybient / PsychillSingleW14Cosmosis, QuanticaThe Enchanted ForestHolophonicUnited KingdomPsybient / PsychillSingleNo03 - March14
DhamikaPashupatiSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW14DhamikaPashupatiSelf ReleasedSwedenChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo03 - March14
Dream TwiceIntrospectionAstroPilot MusicAmbientAlbumW14Dream TwiceIntrospectionAstroPilot MusicRussiaAmbientAlbumNo03 - March14
Earth MethodPattern LanguageSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW14Earth MethodPattern LanguageSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo03 - March14
Elfic CircleBardik Springs - The RemixesSuriya RecordingsPsydub, Psybient / PsychillRemix AlbumW14Elfic CircleBardik Springs - The RemixesSuriya RecordingsUnited KingdomPsydub, Psybient / PsychillRemix AlbumNo03 - March14
ErothymeA Light In The Deeper SpacesPerpetual Victory MachinePsybient / PsychillEPW14ErothymeA Light In The Deeper SpacesPerpetual Victory MachineUnited StatesPsybient / PsychillEPYes03 - March14
JajaUpon The River Of HeavenCyan MusicAmbientAlbumW14JajaUpon The River Of HeavenCyan MusicGermanyAmbientAlbumYes03 - March14
KoanLeap Of FaithBlue Tunes RecordsChillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW14KoanLeap Of FaithBlue Tunes RecordsRussiaChillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo03 - March14
KOJOFrom Other DimensionsFusion Culture RecordsPsybass / PsystepEPW14KOJOFrom Other DimensionsFusion Culture RecordsIsraelPsybass / PsystepEPYes03 - March14
Logical ElementsUnexplored ElementsSelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW14Logical ElementsUnexplored ElementsSelf ReleasedRomaniaAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo03 - March14
Noya ProjectTalking To The TribeSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW14Noya ProjectTalking To The TribeSelf ReleasedPortugalChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo03 - March14
NyrusMegafloraSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW14NyrusMegafloraSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes03 - March14
PoztmanKomorebi EPOuttalectualsPsybass / PsystepEPW14PoztmanKomorebi EPOuttalectualsBelgiumPsybass / PsystepEPNo03 - March14
Soft KneesOscillate (feat. Tapani Rinne)Self ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW14Soft KneesOscillate (feat. Tapani Rinne)Self ReleasedFinlandPsybient / PsychillSingleYes04 - April14
Solar FieldsOurdomDroneform RecordsAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW14Solar FieldsOurdomDroneform RecordsSwedenAmbient, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo03 - MarchFeatured14
SomatoastDon't Worry Be HappySelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW14SomatoastDon't Worry Be HappySelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes04 - April14
Tara PutraLimitless One (Nama)Existence MusicAmbientAlbumW14Tara PutraLimitless One (Nama)Existence MusicGermanyAmbientAlbumNo03 - March14
Temple StepBlessingsSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW14Temple StepBlessingsSelf ReleasedAustraliaPsybass / PsystepEPNo03 - March14
Whitebear, SumirunaAmalgam (Whitebear Remix)Self ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW14Whitebear, SumirunaAmalgam (Whitebear Remix)Self ReleasedAustraliaPsybass / PsystepSingleYes04 - April14
ZeplinnHelium EPToortousPsybass / PsystepAlbumW14ZeplinnHelium EPToortousUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes03 - March14
ZounglaFamilySelf ReleasedPsychedelic RockAlbumW14ZounglaFamilySelf ReleasedCanadaPsychedelic RockAlbumNo03 - March14
Badub, CoddiwobbleHector's PlaceSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPW13Badub, CoddiwobbleHector's PlaceSelf ReleasedGermanyPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPNo03 - March13
CatchAllSignalsPlexus MusicPsybient / PsychillEPW13CatchAllSignalsPlexus MusicRussiaPsybient / PsychillEPNo03 - March13
Cosmic ReplicantArchive Of SignalsSelf ReleasedAmbientAlbumW13Cosmic ReplicantArchive Of SignalsSelf ReleasedRussiaAmbientAlbumNo03 - MarchFeatured13
CraftalBoxed InAquatic CollectivePsybass / PsystepEPW13CraftalBoxed InAquatic CollectiveUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes03 - March13
DeerskinLost In AmberMalLabel MusicAmbient, DowntempoEPW13DeerskinLost In AmberMalLabel MusicUnited StatesAmbient, DowntempoEPYes03 - March13
DISSØLVKintalaMerkaba MusicPsybass / PsystepEPW13DISSØLVKintalaMerkaba MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo03 - March13
Dreadlock TalesSynchroniCity (2018 Remaster)Self ReleasedPsydubRemastered AlbumW13Dreadlock TalesSynchroniCity (2018 Remaster)Self ReleasedFinlandPsydubRemastered AlbumNo03 - March13
Earth ChildFragileNutek ChillPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumW13Earth ChildFragileNutek ChillSpainPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumNo03 - March13
Liquid BloomReGen: Mose RemixesDesert TraxDowntempo, House, Psybient / PsychillRemix AlbumW13Liquid BloomReGen: Mose RemixesDesert TraxUnited StatesDowntempo, House, Psybient / PsychillRemix AlbumNo03 - March13
Lowering IpnoseWalking In The WoodsPadang RecordsAmbient, DowntempoEPW13Lowering IpnoseWalking In The WoodsPadang RecordsBrazilAmbient, DowntempoEPNo03 - March13
Spaceship EarthOrganic TimelineSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, Drum And BassSingleW13Spaceship EarthOrganic TimelineSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, Drum And BassSingleYes03 - March13
Spectrum VisionI'm Looking For YouSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW13Spectrum VisionI'm Looking For YouSelf ReleasedRussiaPsybient / PsychillSingleNo03 - March13
Split PhaseCompendiumSelf ReleasedDowntempoAlbumW13Split PhaseCompendiumSelf ReleasedUnited StatesDowntempoAlbumYes03 - March13
Static Noise BirdParallel PerceptionSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Drum And BassSingleW13Static Noise BirdParallel PerceptionSelf ReleasedFinlandPsybient / Psychill, Drum And BassSingleYes03 - March13
Thought GuildArchiphonicHarmonic Resonance RecordingsAmbientEPW13Thought GuildArchiphonicHarmonic Resonance RecordingsUnited StatesAmbientEPNo03 - March13
Various ArtistsEthneomystica Vol. 6Mystic Sound RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationW13Various ArtistsEthneomystica Vol. 6Mystic Sound RecordsRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationNo03 - MarchFeatured13
YUVBluntlySelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, PsydubSingleW13YUVBluntlySelf ReleasedAustraliaPsybient / Psychill, PsydubSingleNo03 - March13
AkshanWorld Of DualityAltar RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW12AkshanWorld Of DualityAltar RecordsFranceChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo03 - March12
AmanezcaWater & StoneUUEIRDPsybass / PsystepEPW12AmanezcaWater & StoneUUEIRDUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes03 - March12
Astral Travel AgencySoulFormSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW12Astral Travel AgencySoulFormSelf ReleasedHungaryPsybient / PsychillSingleYes03 - March12
D. BatistatosSidesCosmicleaf RecordsDowntempoEPW12D. BatistatosSidesCosmicleaf RecordsGreeceDowntempoEPNo03 - March12
DenseBellwetherCosmicleaf RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW12DenseBellwetherCosmicleaf RecordsGermanyChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo03 - March12
Dynamic Illusion, Kelly NolandThis FireAstroPilot MusicDrum And Bass, DowntempoEPW12Dynamic Illusion, Kelly NolandThis FireAstroPilot MusicHungaryDrum And Bass, DowntempoEPNo03 - March12
EschatonRadiant Successor EPSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW12EschatonRadiant Successor EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes03 - March12
Master MindedFungi StepsShanti PlantiPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillEPW12Master MindedFungi StepsShanti PlantiIsraelPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillEPNo03 - MarchFeatured12
MemphidosMelody In The MistSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumW12MemphidosMelody In The MistSelf ReleasedGreecePsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumNo03 - March12
Mystic CrockLive At Antaris 2017Self ReleasedPsybient / PsychillLive AlbumW12Mystic CrockLive At Antaris 2017Self ReleasedGermanyPsybient / PsychillLive AlbumYes03 - March12
PsynatraEpimaticSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW12PsynatraEpimaticSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes02 - February12
RasaSoundFragrant FlowersSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, Psychedelic RockAlbumW12RasaSoundFragrant FlowersSelf ReleasedHungaryPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, Psychedelic RockAlbumNo03 - March12
Sadhu SensiMystic SunIboga RecordsDowntempoAlbumW12Sadhu SensiMystic SunIboga RecordsSouth AfricaDowntempoAlbumNo03 - March12
TatsavaThe InterMIDIariesSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumW12TatsavaThe InterMIDIariesSelf ReleasedPortugalPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumYes03 - MarchFeatured12
Under GalaxiesWhere We Are EPCymatic Lab RecordsPsybient / PsychillEPW12Under GalaxiesWhere We Are EPCymatic Lab RecordsChilePsybient / PsychillEPYes03 - March12
Vanderson, LambertSequenced ThoughtsSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumW12Vanderson, LambertSequenced ThoughtsSelf ReleasedPolandPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumNo03 - March12
Various ArtistsIdeatio(N)Transcendent TunesPsybass / PsystepCompilationW12Various ArtistsIdeatio(N)Transcendent TunesUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepCompilationNo03 - March12
Various ArtistsPortal To PangeaGaia Psybient MusicPsybient / PsychillCompilationW12Various ArtistsPortal To PangeaGaia Psybient MusicNetherlandsPsybient / PsychillCompilationNo03 - March12
Various ArtistsShanti NilayaVisionary Shamanics RecordsPsybient / Psychill, PsydubCompilationW12Various ArtistsShanti NilayaVisionary Shamanics RecordsUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, PsydubCompilationYes03 - MarchFeatured12
VOLODrifterGravitas RecordingsDowntempo, Psybass / PsystepEPW12VOLODrifterGravitas RecordingsUnited StatesDowntempo, Psybass / PsystepEPYes03 - March12
WakhanHer Last Journey To The MountainMelusine RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW12WakhanHer Last Journey To The MountainMelusine RecordsSpainChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo03 - MarchFeatured12
ZazenHidden Temple EPSelf ReleasedPsydub, Psybass / PsystepEPW12ZazenHidden Temple EPSelf ReleasedFrancePsydub, Psybass / PsystepEPNo03 - March12
Advanced SuiteBeyond Closed Eyes Part 1 EPAstroPilot MusicPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPW11Advanced SuiteBeyond Closed Eyes Part 1 EPAstroPilot MusicUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPYes03 - March11
AeonicsStrange NebulaVirtualAmbientAlbumW11AeonicsStrange NebulaVirtualUnited KingdomAmbientAlbumNo03 - March11
Ancestral ElephantsEritheriumMerkaba MusicPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoEPW11Ancestral ElephantsEritheriumMerkaba MusicAustriaPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoEPNo03 - March11
Avith OrtegaEnophophiliaSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW11Avith OrtegaEnophophiliaSelf ReleasedMexicoChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo03 - March11
BasikOneTake OffSarnarschourt RecordsChillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW11BasikOneTake OffSarnarschourt RecordsItalyChillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumYes03 - March11
Bearded ElectronicsHeartbeats 2 EPSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPW11Bearded ElectronicsHeartbeats 2 EPSelf ReleasedBelgiumPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPNo03 - March11
BeatfarmerIn StillnessSelf ReleasedAmbientAlbumW11BeatfarmerIn StillnessSelf ReleasedCanadaAmbientAlbumNo03 - March11
Cosmic Touch, DubnoticDivine Visions EPVisionary Shamanics RecordsPsybass / Psystep, PsydubEPW11Cosmic Touch, DubnoticDivine Visions EPVisionary Shamanics RecordsFinland, MacedoniaPsybass / Psystep, PsydubEPNo03 - March11
DaichiFoxDipped In GoldPsyndicaPsybass / PsystepEPW11DaichiFoxDipped In GoldPsyndicaUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo03 - March11
Earth Sine, Earth ConnectConnected SineSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW11Earth Sine, Earth ConnectConnected SineSelf ReleasedIsraelPsybient / PsychillSingleNo03 - March11
EnderCome BackSelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / PsychillSingleW11EnderCome BackSelf ReleasedAustraliaAmbient, Psybient / PsychillSingleNo03 - March11
Floating MachineCorrupted Files - RemixesSelf ReleasedDowntempo, TechnoRemix AlbumW11Floating MachineCorrupted Files - RemixesSelf ReleasedPortugalDowntempo, TechnoRemix AlbumNo03 - March11
Forced HappinessFroghillSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, PsydubSingleW11Forced HappinessFroghillSelf ReleasedFinlandPsybient / Psychill, PsydubSingleNo03 - March11
FuturologyMoonshipVirtualAmbientAlbumW11FuturologyMoonshipVirtualUnited KingdomAmbientAlbumNo03 - March11
KattenmedHattenMade On EarthAlfheimr RecordsPsybient / PsychillEPW11KattenmedHattenMade On EarthAlfheimr RecordsNorwayPsybient / PsychillEPYes03 - MarchFeatured11
Key-GSinglesSelf ReleasedPsydubEPW11Key-GSinglesSelf ReleasedSpainPsydubEPNo03 - March11
KLL sMTHBlackstrap The MassesSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW11KLL sMTHBlackstrap The MassesSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes03 - March11
KoanIt's The Quiet Ones You Got To WatchBlue Tunes ChilloutPsybient / PsychillAlbumW11KoanIt's The Quiet Ones You Got To WatchBlue Tunes ChilloutRussiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo03 - March11
MinnesotaCurioWakaanPsybass / PsystepEPW11MinnesotaCurioWakaanUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes03 - March11
SoulularTidesAquatic CollectivePsybass / PsystepEPW11SoulularTidesAquatic CollectiveUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes03 - March11
Stefan TortoGrowing RoomSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW11Stefan TortoGrowing RoomSelf ReleasedGreecePsybient / PsychillSingleNo03 - March11
TemploJungle ProofSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW11TemploJungle ProofSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes03 - March11
Various ArtistsAvatar 20 (In) ChillAvatar RecordsPsybient / PsychillCompilationW11Various ArtistsAvatar 20 (In) ChillAvatar RecordsIsraelPsybient / PsychillCompilationNo03 - March11
Various ArtistsBird Of PreySpaceBaby RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillCompilationW11Various ArtistsBird Of PreySpaceBaby RecordsUkraineChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillCompilationNo03 - March11
YouginiaThe AwakeningMicrocosmos RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW11YouginiaThe AwakeningMicrocosmos RecordsRussiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo03 - MarchFeatured11
AeuumChiralitySelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / Psychill, IDMAlbumW10AeuumChiralitySelf ReleasedSloveniaAmbient, Psybient / Psychill, IDMAlbumNo02 - February10
Ashnaia ProjectPsychedelic LeftoversSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW10Ashnaia ProjectPsychedelic LeftoversSelf ReleasedSpainPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumYes03 - March10
AstroPilotHeritage.ForewordAstroPilot MusicChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPW10AstroPilotHeritage.ForewordAstroPilot MusicRussiaChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPNo02 - February10
Bwoy De BhajanAmazon Lily HutSelf ReleasedDowntempoSingleW10Bwoy De BhajanAmazon Lily HutSelf ReleasedDenmarkDowntempoSingleYes02 - February10
CircadaAmaruSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepEPW10CircadaAmaruSelf ReleasedAustraliaPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepEPYes02 - February10
DeeZStrange MatterSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW10DeeZStrange MatterSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes02 - February10
DubtrakReggae PartySelf ReleasedPsydubRemix EPW10DubtrakReggae PartySelf ReleasedCanadaPsydubRemix EPYes02 - February10
Dust and HofmannOuter SelfSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW10Dust and HofmannOuter SelfSelf ReleasedGermanyChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo03 - March10
Echo GridArdor feat. Slow Dancing SocietySelf ReleasedAmbient, Downtempo, IDMSingleW10Echo GridArdor feat. Slow Dancing SocietySelf ReleasedNetherlandsAmbient, Downtempo, IDMSingleYes03 - March10
Gnomes Of KushChillin'Self ReleasedDowntempo, Psybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumW10Gnomes Of KushChillin'Self ReleasedUnited StatesDowntempo, Psybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumYes02 - February10
Grouch In DubGrouch In DubShanti PlantiPsydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW10Grouch In DubGrouch In DubShanti PlantiNew ZealandPsydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumNo03 - MarchFeatured10
In'R'VoiceAncient SecretsCosmicleaf RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW10In'R'VoiceAncient SecretsCosmicleaf RecordsRussiaChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo03 - March10
J.P. Illusion and DimmatSynesthesiaSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPW10J.P. Illusion and DimmatSynesthesiaSelf ReleasedGreecePsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPNo03 - March10
JedidiahAlly EPSynchronos RecordingsPsybient / PsychillRemix EPW10JedidiahAlly EPSynchronos RecordingsMexicoPsybient / PsychillRemix EPNo02 - February10
Maxfield, WessandersTacos Al Pastor EPThe Rust MusicPsybass / PsystepEPW10Maxfield, WessandersTacos Al Pastor EPThe Rust MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo01 - January10
Mild MovementsResidual (Dancemyth Remix)Batik RecordsDowntempo, Psybass / PsystepSingleW10Mild MovementsResidual (Dancemyth Remix)Batik RecordsUnited StatesDowntempo, Psybass / PsystepSingleYes02 - February10
PlantraeSeeing In The DarkSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoAlbumW10PlantraeSeeing In The DarkSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoAlbumNo03 - March10
Rising GalaxyTimeCosmicleaf RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPW10Rising GalaxyTimeCosmicleaf RecordsGreeceChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPNo03 - March10
SmilkBlossomSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW10SmilkBlossomSelf ReleasedAustraliaChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybass / PsystepAlbumNo02 - February10
StoikSenescenceEkstre RecordsPsybass / PsystepAlbumW10StoikSenescenceEkstre RecordsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes02 - February10
SuDsDream SequencerStreet RitualPsybass / PsystepAlbumW10SuDsDream SequencerStreet RitualUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo03 - March10
Various ArtistsInfinite Worlds Vol. 2 - Broken BeatSpiralmind RecordsPsybreaks, Drum And Bass, Psybient / PsychillCompilationW10Various ArtistsInfinite Worlds Vol. 2 - Broken BeatSpiralmind RecordsRussiaPsybreaks, Drum And Bass, Psybient / PsychillCompilationNo03 - March10
Various ArtistsSympathy In Chaos 4Matsuri Digital ChillPsybient / Psychill, PsydubCompilationW10Various ArtistsSympathy In Chaos 4Matsuri Digital ChillJapanPsybient / Psychill, PsydubCompilationNo03 - March10
Various ArtistsWarpballOuttalectualsPsybass / PsystepCompilationW10Various ArtistsWarpballOuttalectualsUnited KingdomPsybass / PsystepCompilationNo03 - March10
VusiveHolodeckThazDope RecordsPsybass / PsystepEPW10VusiveHolodeckThazDope RecordsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes03 - March10
WaterchildLoriaThe Rust MusicDowntempo, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW10WaterchildLoriaThe Rust MusicUnited StatesDowntempo, Psybass / PsystepAlbumNo02 - February10
WiseyoungfoolDenizensThe Rust MusicPsybass / PsystepAlbumW10WiseyoungfoolDenizensThe Rust MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo02 - February10
Acidic DreamsHappy MistakesSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW09Acidic DreamsHappy MistakesSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo01 - January09
AscentAwakeningBMSS RecordsPsytrance, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW09AscentAwakeningBMSS RecordsSerbiaPsytrance, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo02 - February09
Chrisna KarastSon Of ShivaSelf ReleasedDowntempo, Psybass / PsystepSingleW09Chrisna KarastSon Of ShivaSelf ReleasedUnited StatesDowntempo, Psybass / PsystepSingleNo02 - February09
DaichiFoxAbductPsyndicaPsybass / PsystepSingleW09DaichiFoxAbductPsyndicaUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes02 - February09
EguanaFlashbackPlexus MusicAmbientAlbumW09EguanaFlashbackPlexus MusicRussiaAmbientAlbumYes02 - February09
Electrosoul SystemFish Eat Duck - Extended 2018 VersionKos.Mos.MusicPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Drum And BassAlbumW09Electrosoul SystemFish Eat Duck - Extended 2018 VersionKos.Mos.MusicRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Drum And BassAlbumNo02 - February09
EurythmyMuiriledSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW09EurythmyMuiriledSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomPsybass / PsystepSingleYes02 - February09
EvlovYoga Lounge - Contemporary FlowSelf ReleasedAmbientAlbumW09EvlovYoga Lounge - Contemporary FlowSelf ReleasedUnited StatesAmbientAlbumNo02 - February09
Fascinating Earthbound ObjectsEelahooSelf ReleasedDowntempo, Psybass / Psystep, TechnoAlbumW09Fascinating Earthbound ObjectsEelahooSelf ReleasedUnited StatesDowntempo, Psybass / Psystep, TechnoAlbumYes02 - February09
Forced HappinessJaguarySelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW09Forced HappinessJaguarySelf ReleasedFinlandPsybient / PsychillSingleNo02 - February09
GriffAerial OneSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoAlbumW09GriffAerial OneSelf ReleasedAustraliaPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoAlbumNo02 - February09
JedidiahSanctuary Of The FirefliesUxmal RecordsPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPW09JedidiahSanctuary Of The FirefliesUxmal RecordsMexicoPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPNo02 - February09
Madcap MookDNB Stylee EPBlue Monkey Spaceship RecordingsPsybass / Psystep, Drum And Bass, PsybreaksEPW09Madcap MookDNB Stylee EPBlue Monkey Spaceship RecordingsUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, Drum And Bass, PsybreaksEPYes02 - February09
Mick ChillageHarmonic ConnectionsTxt RecordingsAmbient, IDM, TechnoAlbumW09Mick ChillageHarmonic ConnectionsTxt RecordingsIrelandAmbient, IDM, TechnoAlbumNo02 - February09
Mystic CrockTenNomad RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW09Mystic CrockTenNomad RecordsGermanyPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo02 - February09
NaturelementIngrained RemixedMystic Sound RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Chillgressive / Deep TranceRemix AlbumW09NaturelementIngrained RemixedMystic Sound RecordsGreecePsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Chillgressive / Deep TranceRemix AlbumNo02 - February09
OvoidYea BoiAddictech RecordsPsybass / PsystepEPW09OvoidYea BoiAddictech RecordsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo02 - February09
Radioactive ManSonic Portal (Pitch Black's Magnetospheric Multiscale Remix)Dubmission RecordsTechno, PsydubSingleW09Radioactive ManSonic Portal (Pitch Black's Magnetospheric Multiscale Remix)Dubmission RecordsNew ZealandTechno, PsydubSingleNo02 - February09
SamwayAll Directions EPPsykedream MusicPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepEPW09SamwayAll Directions EPPsykedream MusicFrancePsybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepEPYes02 - February09
ScionAscendNutek ChillPsybient / PsychillAlbumW09ScionAscendNutek ChillUnited KingdomPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo02 - February09
ShpongleTales Of The Inexpressible (Remastered)Twisted RecordsPsybient / PsychillRemastered AlbumW09ShpongleTales Of The Inexpressible (Remastered)Twisted RecordsUnited KingdomPsybient / PsychillRemastered AlbumNo02 - February09
SkytechnicAstral InsigniasAstroPilot MusicPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, Dub TechnoAlbumW09SkytechnicAstral InsigniasAstroPilot MusicTurkmenistanPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, Dub TechnoAlbumNo02 - February09
SkytechnicImmersion EPAstroPilot MusicPsybient / Psychill, Dub TechnoEPW09SkytechnicImmersion EPAstroPilot MusicTurkmenistanPsybient / Psychill, Dub TechnoEPYes02 - February09
SmigonautDistractionsSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW09SmigonautDistractionsSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes02 - February09
TeriyakichknDreamsSynchronos RecordingsDowntempo, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW09TeriyakichknDreamsSynchronos RecordingsUnited StatesDowntempo, Psybass / PsystepAlbumYes01 - January09
The Space CadetNebulousSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillAlbumW09The Space CadetNebulousSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo02 - February09
TrancewayChill InGoa GalaxyChillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW09TrancewayChill InGoa GalaxyItalyChillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumYes01 - January09
Tri AnglesGuide StarSelf ReleasedDrum And Bass, Psybient / Psychill, AmbientEPW09Tri AnglesGuide StarSelf ReleasedUnited StatesDrum And Bass, Psybient / Psychill, AmbientEPYes02 - February09
Various ArtistsCelestial Beats Vol. 2Sunna RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationW09Various ArtistsCelestial Beats Vol. 2Sunna RecordsGermanyPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationNo02 - FebruaryFeatured09
XZENTRADIFrom Weird To InsaneSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW09XZENTRADIFrom Weird To InsaneSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes02 - February09
AndreilienFragmentMuti MusicPsybass / PsystepEPW08AndreilienFragmentMuti MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo02 - February08
AquatoneMental ImagesUSCPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW08AquatoneMental ImagesUSCRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo02 - February08
Art Of FactNight ShadeDanktronicsPsybass / PsystepSingleW08Art Of FactNight ShadeDanktronicsUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes02 - February08
Autumn Of CommunionStreamsTxt RecordingsAmbientAlbumW08Autumn Of CommunionStreamsTxt RecordingsIrelandAmbientAlbumNo02 - February08
BadubNatural InspirationSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillAlbumW08BadubNatural InspirationSelf ReleasedGermanyPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo02 - February08
Bearded ElectronicsHeartbeats EPSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW08Bearded ElectronicsHeartbeats EPSelf ReleasedBelgiumPsybient / PsychillEPNo02 - February08
CalicofrostHer Summer EyesSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW08CalicofrostHer Summer EyesSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / PsychillSingleYes02 - February08
CAVE DWLRBest Served ChilledToortousPsybass / PsystepEPW08CAVE DWLRBest Served ChilledToortousUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes02 - February08
Dave LuxtonExplorations Of InfinitySelf ReleasedAmbientAlbumW08Dave LuxtonExplorations Of InfinitySelf ReleasedUnited StatesAmbientAlbumNo02 - February08
DrumspyderJenny NettlesSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW08DrumspyderJenny NettlesSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleNo02 - February08
EntheoRise Like The SunSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoAlbumW08EntheoRise Like The SunSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoAlbumNo02 - February08
Gabi PelegPure ModestyIono MusicPsybient / PsychillEPW08Gabi PelegPure ModestyIono MusicIsraelPsybient / PsychillEPNo02 - February08
InexedraDivine Satori EPSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW08InexedraDivine Satori EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo02 - February08
Kalpataru TreeRhythmic Fractals Of Earth's ImaginationSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumW08Kalpataru TreeRhythmic Fractals Of Earth's ImaginationSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, PsydubAlbumNo02 - FebruaryFeatured08
LapaSpirit VesselLoci RecordsDowntempoAlbumW08LapaSpirit VesselLoci RecordsUnited StatesDowntempoAlbumNo02 - February08
Nas-JaOdd Logic EPSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW08Nas-JaOdd Logic EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes02 - February08
PsychozGone With The RainMamomam RecordsPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPW08PsychozGone With The RainMamomam RecordsGermanyPsybient / Psychill, PsydubEPNo02 - February08
Rasec LeonManimalSelf ReleasedPsydubSingleW08Rasec LeonManimalSelf ReleasedBrazilPsydubSingleYes02 - February08
SapienOriginsMindspring MusicPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepEPW08SapienOriginsMindspring MusicAustraliaPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepEPNo02 - FebruaryFeatured08
Soft KneesOne Riff TripSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW08Soft KneesOne Riff TripSelf ReleasedFinlandPsybient / PsychillEPYes02 - February08
TripwreckI Am BecomeSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW08TripwreckI Am BecomeSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes02 - February08
Unknown RealityOceanaSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, AmbientSingleW08Unknown RealityOceanaSelf ReleasedSwitzerlandPsybient / Psychill, AmbientSingleNo02 - February08
Various ArtistsBlue Dubs Volume 1Blue Hour SoundsPsydub, Psybient / PsychillCompilationW08Various ArtistsBlue Dubs Volume 1Blue Hour SoundsItalyPsydub, Psybient / PsychillCompilationNo02 - February08
Various ArtistsInfinite Worlds Vol. 1 - Dark ChillSpiralmind RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillCompilationW08Various ArtistsInfinite Worlds Vol. 1 - Dark ChillSpiralmind RecordsRussiaChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillCompilationNo02 - February08
Various ArtistsPorta ApertusPortal BorealisPsybass / PsystepCompilationW08Various ArtistsPorta ApertusPortal BorealisCanadaPsybass / PsystepCompilationYes02 - February08
Various ArtistsPsichiMatsuri Digital ChillPsybient / PsychillCompilationW08Various ArtistsPsichiMatsuri Digital ChillJapanPsybient / PsychillCompilationNo01 - JanuaryFeatured08
Various ArtistsRhythm Code IIIShanti PlantiPsybass / Psystep, PsydubCompilationW08Various ArtistsRhythm Code IIIShanti PlantiUnited KingdomPsybass / Psystep, PsydubCompilationNo02 - FebruaryFeatured08
YarnMemories Vol. 2Self ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW08YarnMemories Vol. 2Self ReleasedHungaryPsybient / PsychillEPNo02 - FebruaryFeatured08
Zero CultTangoaCosmicleaf RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPW08Zero CultTangoaCosmicleaf RecordsIsraelChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / PsychillEPNo02 - February08
Charlie RoscoeIndigoDivine Sound RecordingsDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillSingleW07Charlie RoscoeIndigoDivine Sound RecordingsUnited KingdomDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillSingleYes02 - February07
Choop ProjectOcean Of NoiseSpaceradio RecordsTechno, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW07Choop ProjectOcean Of NoiseSpaceradio RecordsRussiaTechno, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo02 - February07
Darshan AtmosphereShades Of ColorMasala RecordsAmbientAlbumW07Darshan AtmosphereShades Of ColorMasala RecordsBelgiumAmbientAlbumNo02 - February07
David StarfireNa Hearn RemixesSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepRemix EPW07David StarfireNa Hearn RemixesSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepRemix EPYes02 - February07
DrrtywulvzMissed MarkSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW07DrrtywulvzMissed MarkSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleNo02 - February07
Dub EdelicsEclipticSelf ReleasedPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPW07Dub EdelicsEclipticSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPYes02 - February07
EmogCollection From CompilationsSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW07EmogCollection From CompilationsSelf ReleasedCanadaPsybass / Psystep, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo02 - February07
EwakeSeasunsSub.Conscience RecordsChillgressive / Deep Trance, Dub TechnoEPW07EwakeSeasunsSub.Conscience RecordsFranceChillgressive / Deep Trance, Dub TechnoEPYes01 - January07
In The BranchesTranscience EPThe AdaptiveAmbientEPW07In The BranchesTranscience EPThe AdaptiveUnited StatesAmbientEPNo01 - January07
JdoblomThe Wild FieldsPlexus MusicPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumW07JdoblomThe Wild FieldsPlexus MusicUkrainePsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumNo02 - February07
KyotoDestiny ChildAstroPilot MusicPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW07KyotoDestiny ChildAstroPilot MusicRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo02 - FebruaryFeatured07
Lavender Fields7th Generation (Spaceship Earth Remix)Self ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW07Lavender Fields7th Generation (Spaceship Earth Remix)Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes02 - February07
LiquidyneChildren Of EdenLiquid Sound DesignPsytrance, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW07LiquidyneChildren Of EdenLiquid Sound DesignUnited KingdomPsytrance, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo02 - February07
Loom In EssenceSquig Chronicles: Episode 1 - The Great CoddiwompleSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW07Loom In EssenceSquig Chronicles: Episode 1 - The Great CoddiwompleSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes02 - February07
Martins GardenRenaissance - A Dub OperaMerkaba MusicPsydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW07Martins GardenRenaissance - A Dub OperaMerkaba MusicSwitzerlandPsydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumNo02 - February07
ObriAfterglowSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep Trance, TechnoAlbumW07ObriAfterglowSelf ReleasedGeorgiaChillgressive / Deep Trance, TechnoAlbumYes02 - February07
Sasha MalkovichPractical LevitationMicrocosmos RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW07Sasha MalkovichPractical LevitationMicrocosmos RecordsRussiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo02 - FebruaryFeatured07
Tea TreeLeguminousMindspring MusicPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPW07Tea TreeLeguminousMindspring MusicUnited KingdomPsydub, Psybient / PsychillEPNo02 - FebruaryFeatured07
ToscaBoom Boom Boom (The Going Going Going Remixes)!K7 RecordsDowntempoRemix AlbumW07ToscaBoom Boom Boom (The Going Going Going Remixes)!K7 RecordsAustriaDowntempoRemix AlbumNo02 - February07
TryptichRecharge EPAddictech RecordsPsybass / Psystep, PsybreaksEPW07TryptichRecharge EPAddictech RecordsUnited KingdomPsybass / Psystep, PsybreaksEPNo02 - February07
Various ArtistsEclecta ITime Resonance MusicPsybass / PsystepCompilationW07Various ArtistsEclecta ITime Resonance MusicRussiaPsybass / PsystepCompilationNo02 - February07
ZenDark BlueAltar TechnoTechnoSingleW07ZenDark BlueAltar TechnoCanadaTechnoSingleNo02 - February07
ArgusField Of DreamsAltar RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW06ArgusField Of DreamsAltar RecordsSerbiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo02 - February06
CatchAllRainbowPlexus MusicPsybient / PsychillAlbumW06CatchAllRainbowPlexus MusicRussiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo01 - January06
CloZeeHarmony RemixesGravitas RecordingsPsybass / PsystepRemix AlbumW06CloZeeHarmony RemixesGravitas RecordingsFrancePsybass / PsystepRemix AlbumYes01 - January06
Cubering, Noraus22:22Mindspring MusicPsybient / PsychillAlbumW06Cubering, Noraus22:22Mindspring MusicRussiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo02 - FebruaryFeatured06
Dimension Of SoundConsciousnessSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW06Dimension Of SoundConsciousnessSelf ReleasedIsraelPsybient / PsychillEPYes02 - February06
Elkin SergeyRaysPlexus MusicPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumW06Elkin SergeyRaysPlexus MusicRussiaPsybient / Psychill, AmbientAlbumNo01 - January06
EvökmachineTribal Space DolphinsSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, PsydubSingleW06EvökmachineTribal Space DolphinsSelf ReleasedCanadaPsybient / Psychill, PsydubSingleNo02 - February06
Experiments In SilenceEscape To The SkylineTxt RecordingsAmbientAlbumW06Experiments In SilenceEscape To The SkylineTxt RecordingsUnited KingdomAmbientAlbumNo02 - February06
GraceroomsSurfin' The ScratchnessSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psychedelic RockAlbumW06GraceroomsSurfin' The ScratchnessSelf ReleasedNetherlandsPsybient / Psychill, Psychedelic RockAlbumNo02 - February06
IooNTele Chaishop MusicMelusine RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW06IooNTele Chaishop MusicMelusine RecordsItalyPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo01 - JanuaryFeatured06
MagnetikBody LanguageCosmicleaf RecordsChillgressive / Deep TranceEPW06MagnetikBody LanguageCosmicleaf RecordsSerbiaChillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo02 - February06
Medicine FoxThe New SoundsSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoEPW06Medicine FoxThe New SoundsSelf ReleasedCanadaPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoEPNo01 - January06
MemorioCognizant StructuresOvnimoon RecordsAmbientAlbumW06MemorioCognizant StructuresOvnimoon RecordsGreeceAmbientAlbumNo01 - January06
Merlyn SilvaSamosa Solar SystemIboga RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW06Merlyn SilvaSamosa Solar SystemIboga RecordsDenmarkPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo02 - February06
Mouldy SoulOne WonderedSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbumW06Mouldy SoulOne WonderedSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo02 - February06
Ojini ProjectLightmaha EPProtonic RecordsPsybient / PsychillEPW06Ojini ProjectLightmaha EPProtonic RecordsIsraelPsybient / PsychillEPNo01 - January06
QuantaPortalsShanti PlantiPsydub, Psybass / PsystepEPW06QuantaPortalsShanti PlantiGuernseyPsydub, Psybass / PsystepEPNo02 - FebruaryFeatured06
Rameses BSpacewalkSelf ReleasedDowntempoAlbumW06Rameses BSpacewalkSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomDowntempoAlbumNo01 - January06
Rasec LeonCreakingSelf ReleasedPsydubSingleW06Rasec LeonCreakingSelf ReleasedBrazilPsydubSingleNo01 - January06
Side LinerLife CalculatorCosmicleaf RecordsPsybient / Psychill, DowntempoEPW06Side LinerLife CalculatorCosmicleaf RecordsGreecePsybient / Psychill, DowntempoEPNo02 - February06
Sleeping PandoraFrom AboveSelf ReleasedPsychedelic Rock, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW06Sleeping PandoraFrom AboveSelf ReleasedGermanyPsychedelic Rock, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo02 - February06
SoulularDifferent ShadesSelf ReleasedPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoEPW06SoulularDifferent ShadesSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / Psystep, DowntempoEPNo02 - February06
The Space CadetPreludeSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Downtempo, IDMEPW06The Space CadetPreludeSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Downtempo, IDMEPYes01 - January06
TIZA R T I F A C TSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psychedelic RockAlbumW06TIZA R T I F A C TSelf ReleasedNew ZealandPsybient / Psychill, Psychedelic RockAlbumYes01 - January06
Various ArtistsAncient Sacred KnowledgeAxios RecordsPsybient / Psychill, PsydubCompilationW06Various ArtistsAncient Sacred KnowledgeAxios RecordsMacedoniaPsybient / Psychill, PsydubCompilationNo02 - February06
Various ArtistsRelax Culture Vol. 1Cosmicleaf RecordsDowntempoCompilationW06Various ArtistsRelax Culture Vol. 1Cosmicleaf RecordsGreeceDowntempoCompilationNo01 - January06
Various ArtistsSacred RhythmsVisionary Shamanics RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationW06Various ArtistsSacred RhythmsVisionary Shamanics RecordsUnited KingdomPsybient / Psychill, Psydub, Psybass / PsystepCompilationYes02 - FebruaryFeatured06
Various ArtistsShadows: Volume ThreeShadowTrix MusicPsybass / PsystepCompilationW06Various ArtistsShadows: Volume ThreeShadowTrix MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepCompilationYes01 - January06
Various ArtistsSoul CurryNoosphere NetworkPsydub, Psybient / Psychill, IDMCompilationW06Various ArtistsSoul CurryNoosphere NetworkIndiaPsydub, Psybient / Psychill, IDMCompilationYes02 - February06
BalancéThe Colors Of My SoulSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW05BalancéThe Colors Of My SoulSelf ReleasedPortugalPsybient / PsychillEPNo01 - January05
Beat D FenderTranslucidSelf ReleasedAmbient, Dub TechnoEPW05Beat D FenderTranslucidSelf ReleasedPortugalAmbient, Dub TechnoEPNo01 - January05
Crystal MoonTempleSelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / PsychillRemastered AlbumW05Crystal MoonTempleSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomAmbient, Psybient / PsychillRemastered AlbumNo01 - January05
Ghost In The ChillGhost In The ChillSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, IDMEPW05Ghost In The ChillGhost In The ChillSelf ReleasedFrancePsybient / Psychill, IDMEPYes01 - January05
Ghost In The ChillNSASelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, IDMSingleW05Ghost In The ChillNSASelf ReleasedFrancePsybient / Psychill, IDMSingleYes01 - January05
IsmSelf SeededEnig'matik RecordsPsybass / PsystepEPW05IsmSelf SeededEnig'matik RecordsNew ZealandPsybass / PsystepEPNo01 - January05
KLL sMTHDupaflySelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW05KLL sMTHDupaflySelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes01 - January05
KoanWhen The Silence Is Speaking (Reflection Remixes)Blue Tunes ChilloutPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceRemix EPW05KoanWhen The Silence Is Speaking (Reflection Remixes)Blue Tunes ChilloutRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceRemix EPNo01 - January05
Liquid Love DropsSerpent MedicineSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepRemix AlbumW05Liquid Love DropsSerpent MedicineSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepRemix AlbumNo01 - January05
OmnisoundDestinySentimony RecordsPsybient / PsychillEPW05OmnisoundDestinySentimony RecordsUkrainePsybient / PsychillEPYes01 - JanuaryFeatured05
RhizomorphicInner WorkingsSelf ReleasedPsydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumW05RhizomorphicInner WorkingsSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsydub, Psybass / PsystepAlbumNo01 - January05
RukirekVoices Of UnknownMystic Sound RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW05RukirekVoices Of UnknownMystic Sound RecordsRussiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo01 - JanuaryFeatured05
SiqFarewellSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW05SiqFarewellSelf ReleasedNetherlandsPsybass / PsystepSingleYes01 - January05
StimpackElevateSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW05StimpackElevateSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo01 - January05
Strana 03The Whale 52 HzPlexus MusicPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW05Strana 03The Whale 52 HzPlexus MusicRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo01 - January05
Tangled BranchesFacing The FireTranscendent TunesPsybass / PsystepEPW05Tangled BranchesFacing The FireTranscendent TunesUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo01 - January05
TemploWhispersMerkaba MusicPsybass / PsystepEPW05TemploWhispersMerkaba MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo01 - January05
TRSRevelationsMindspring MusicPsytrance, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPW05TRSRevelationsMindspring MusicUnited KingdomPsytrance, Chillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo01 - January05
Various ArtistsBest Of 2017AstroPilot MusicPsybient / PsychillCompilationW05Various ArtistsBest Of 2017AstroPilot MusicRussiaPsybient / PsychillCompilationNo01 - January05
Various ArtistsFrom Sand To StoneDesert TraxDowntempo, HouseCompilationW05Various ArtistsFrom Sand To StoneDesert TraxUnited StatesDowntempo, HouseCompilationNo01 - January05
Various ArtistsGaia PhoenixKunayala ProductionsPsytrance, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationW05Various ArtistsGaia PhoenixKunayala ProductionsPortugalPsytrance, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationNo01 - January05
Various ArtistsPrismatic Perceptions Vol. 1Reson8 MusicPsytrance, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationW05Various ArtistsPrismatic Perceptions Vol. 1Reson8 MusicPolandPsytrance, Chillgressive / Deep TranceCompilationNo01 - January05
XerxesOneSelf ReleasedAmbient, Psybient / PsychillSingleW05XerxesOneSelf ReleasedNorwayAmbient, Psybient / PsychillSingleYes01 - January05
ALIAFeminine Medicine Volume 1 RemixesSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepRemix AlbumW04ALIAFeminine Medicine Volume 1 RemixesSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepRemix AlbumNo01 - January04
Ancient CoreGuidelinesMelusine RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW04Ancient CoreGuidelinesMelusine RecordsRomaniaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo01 - JanuaryFeatured04
AtYyAVolitionSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbumW04AtYyAVolitionSelf ReleasedCanadaPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo01 - JanuaryFeatured04
BogtrotterVillainousSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW04BogtrotterVillainousSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo01 - January04
EvökmachineCursed Elephants WalkSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW04EvökmachineCursed Elephants WalkSelf ReleasedCanadaPsybient / PsychillEPYes01 - January04
FlexagonStrands feat. YoshiSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW04FlexagonStrands feat. YoshiSelf ReleasedGuernseyPsybient / PsychillSingleNo01 - January04
FlintwickWhiskers EPSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW04FlintwickWhiskers EPSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo01 - January04
Forced HappinessEgomeltSelf ReleasedPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW04Forced HappinessEgomeltSelf ReleasedFinlandPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo01 - January04
Forced HappinessReality Connection TimeoutSelf ReleasedPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW04Forced HappinessReality Connection TimeoutSelf ReleasedFinlandPsydub, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo01 - January04
InfinatiItanifniSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbumW04InfinatiItanifniSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo01 - January04
KarmasynKFlip ThatMuti MusicPsybass / PsystepEPW04KarmasynKFlip ThatMuti MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo01 - January04
Lars LeonhardAdrift In TimeSelf ReleasedAmbient, Dub TechnoAlbumW04Lars LeonhardAdrift In TimeSelf ReleasedGermanyAmbient, Dub TechnoAlbumNo01 - January04
Little StarCelestine, The Remixes (Volume 3)Self ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepRemix AlbumW04Little StarCelestine, The Remixes (Volume 3)Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepRemix AlbumYes01 - January04
Mind.DividedIn White And GreySelf ReleasedAmbientAlbumW04Mind.DividedIn White And GreySelf ReleasedBelgiumAmbientAlbumNo01 - January04
MiramorfAmbient IntelligenceSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW04MiramorfAmbient IntelligenceSelf ReleasedAustraliaPsybient / PsychillEPNo01 - January04
MoonfrogSpecial ForcesSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepEPW04MoonfrogSpecial ForcesSelf ReleasedUnited StatesChillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / Psychill, Psybass / PsystepEPNo01 - January04
Mystical SunOverview EffectSelf ReleasedDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW04Mystical SunOverview EffectSelf ReleasedUnited StatesDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumNo01 - January04
Nacht PlankNemmit ConTxt RecordingsAmbientAlbumW04Nacht PlankNemmit ConTxt RecordingsItalyAmbientAlbumNo01 - January04
Nik MarTechnik EPPupsidelic MediaChillgressive / Deep TranceEPW04Nik MarTechnik EPPupsidelic MediaGreeceChillgressive / Deep TranceEPYes01 - January04
Noetik The AlchemistHeal With Music feat. Ixchel PrismaSelf ReleasedDowntempoSingleW04Noetik The AlchemistHeal With Music feat. Ixchel PrismaSelf ReleasedUnited StatesDowntempoSingleYes01 - January04
OomahPollywogSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW04OomahPollywogSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes01 - January04
RumpistolDrops RemixesRump RecordingsDowntempo, IDMRemix AlbumW04RumpistolDrops RemixesRump RecordingsDenmarkDowntempo, IDMRemix AlbumNo01 - January04
Secret RecipeLaddersWormhole Music GroupPsybass / PsystepEPW04Secret RecipeLaddersWormhole Music GroupUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes01 - January04
ShaggsStumpy 3PSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW04ShaggsStumpy 3PSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes01 - January04
ShaggsTrewdat 3PSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW04ShaggsTrewdat 3PSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes01 - January04
Spectrum VisionMetroohmSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW04Spectrum VisionMetroohmSelf ReleasedRussiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo01 - January04
Spectrum VisionTajmahalSelf ReleasedPsybient / Psychill, PsybreaksSingleW04Spectrum VisionTajmahalSelf ReleasedRussiaPsybient / Psychill, PsybreaksSingleNo01 - January04
Tikka WadadaTikka WadadaSelf ReleasedPsydubEPW04Tikka WadadaTikka WadadaSelf ReleasedUnited KingdomPsydubEPNo01 - January04
Unknown RealityStep By StepSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW04Unknown RealityStep By StepSelf ReleasedSwitzerlandPsybient / PsychillSingleNo01 - January04
Various ArtistsMusic To Get High To - Remixes & DubplatesLiquid Sound DesignPsydub, Psybient / PsychillCompilationW04Various ArtistsMusic To Get High To - Remixes & DubplatesLiquid Sound DesignUnited KingdomPsydub, Psybient / PsychillCompilationNo01 - January04
7 LunasCelestial TransformationPost-Modern MusicPsybient / PsychillAlbumW037 LunasCelestial TransformationPost-Modern MusicMexicoPsybient / PsychillAlbumYes01 - January03
Anders ÅströmPsychedelicSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW03Anders ÅströmPsychedelicSelf ReleasedSwedenPsybient / PsychillEPYes01 - January03
AquasphereVortex Of IllusionsSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW03AquasphereVortex Of IllusionsSelf ReleasedRussiaPsybient / PsychillSingleYes01 - January03
Bwoy De BhajanNola CelestaSelf ReleasedDowntempoSingleW03Bwoy De BhajanNola CelestaSelf ReleasedDenmarkDowntempoSingleYes01 - JanuaryFeatured03
ChillyTrippyDippyIn High SpiritsHyperMusicPsybient / PsychillEPW03ChillyTrippyDippyIn High SpiritsHyperMusicSpainPsybient / PsychillEPNo01 - January03
Chrisna KarastArcturian DawnSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW03Chrisna KarastArcturian DawnSelf ReleasedUnited StatesChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo01 - January03
David MatThe Astral PlansBlue Tunes ChilloutAmbientAlbumW03David MatThe Astral PlansBlue Tunes ChilloutFranceAmbientAlbumNo01 - January03
DenseMelophorm Pt. 2Cosmicleaf RecordsChillgressive / Deep TranceEPW03DenseMelophorm Pt. 2Cosmicleaf RecordsGermanyChillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo01 - January03
Glass CannonDream BattlesSwamp MusicPsybass / PsystepSingleW03Glass CannonDream BattlesSwamp MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes01 - January03
In'R'VoiceEunoiaCosmicleaf RecordsPsybient / PsychillEPW03In'R'VoiceEunoiaCosmicleaf RecordsRussiaPsybient / PsychillEPNo01 - January03
Intrasol96Self ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingleW03Intrasol96Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes01 - January03
KlaadaBreaking The CycleMindspring MusicPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumW03KlaadaBreaking The CycleMindspring MusicCroatiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo01 - JanuaryFeatured03
PsyruleusIt Begins...Self ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbumW03PsyruleusIt Begins...Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes01 - January03
SomatoastSpit SwishaSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW03SomatoastSpit SwishaSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes01 - January03
TravelerKhan EPSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEPW03TravelerKhan EPSelf ReleasedCanadaPsybient / PsychillEPYes01 - January03
TrazerSpaceSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleW03TrazerSpaceSelf ReleasedUnited StatesChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo01 - January03
Unscripted ProjectEverSelf ReleasedDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumW03Unscripted ProjectEverSelf ReleasedGreeceDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumYes01 - January03
Various ArtistsAudio Alchemy Vol. 1Audio Alchemy RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / Psystep, PsybreaksCompilationW03Various ArtistsAudio Alchemy Vol. 1Audio Alchemy RecordsUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / Psystep, PsybreaksCompilationYes01 - JanuaryFeatured03
ArgyriaTeen Ki Shakti (The Remixes 2018)Samana RecordsPsybient / PsychillRemix AlbumW02ArgyriaTeen Ki Shakti (The Remixes 2018)Samana RecordsGermanyPsybient / PsychillRemix AlbumYes01 - January02
CualliSpirit Of The JungleSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEPW02CualliSpirit Of The JungleSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes01 - January02
DimmatOmenSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingleW02DimmatOmenSelf ReleasedGreecePsybient / PsychillSingleYes01 - January02
DubtrakAssault UnitSelf ReleasedPsydubRemastered AlbumW02DubtrakAssault UnitSelf ReleasedCanadaPsydubRemastered AlbumYes01 - January02
EDD-989Journey To The Core Of The GalaxyMicrocosmos RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW02EDD-989Journey To The Core Of The GalaxyMicrocosmos RecordsRussiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo01 - JanuaryFeatured02
HuuHaaFrostientSelf ReleasedAmbientEPW02HuuHaaFrostientSelf ReleasedFinlandAmbientEPYes01 - January02
JajaMusic For Space ObservationCyan MusicAmbientAlbumW02JajaMusic For Space ObservationCyan MusicGermanyAmbientAlbumYes01 - January02
JedidiahChill VibesInfinity-Tunes RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbumW02JedidiahChill VibesInfinity-Tunes RecordsMexicoPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo01 - January02
Noetik The AlchemistForgotten ScienceSelf R