Welcome, psychedelic friends, to the 2018 releases table. This is an effort to keep a finger on the pulse of the world of psychedelic downtempo music and its many subgenres (mainly psybient/psychill, psydub, psybass/psystep, and chillgressive/deep trance, but also the occasional non-psy ambient, downtempo and IDM.)

This table is meant to not only be an archive but also a news source for the latest releases. Bookmark this page and check back every week for updates!

If you know of any release that isn’t listed here, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and it will get added to the next week’s update, as long as it’s psychedelic and has at least some downtempo elements. Bandcamp links are preferred, soundcloud links will be ignored unless they have a download link.

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ArtistAlbum SortLabelCountryGenreTypeName Your PriceMonthFeatured
7 LunasCelestial TransformationPost-Modern MusicPsybient / PsychillAlbum2018-01-097 LunasCelestial TransformationPost-Modern MusicMexicoPsybient / PsychillAlbumYes01 - January
Anders ÅströmPsychadelicSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEP2018-01-09Anders ÅströmPsychadelicSelf ReleasedSwedenPsybient / PsychillEPYes01 - January
AquasphereVortex Of IllusionsSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingle2018-01-08AquasphereVortex Of IllusionsSelf ReleasedRussiaPsybient / PsychillSingleYes01 - January
ArgyriaTeen Ki Shakti (The Remixes 2018)Samana RecordsPsybient / PsychillRemix Album2018-01-03ArgyriaTeen Ki Shakti (The Remixes 2018)Samana RecordsGermanyPsybient / PsychillRemix AlbumYes01 - January
Bwoy De BhajanNola CelestaSelf ReleasedDowntempoSingle2018-01-10Bwoy De BhajanNola CelestaSelf ReleasedDenmarkDowntempoSingleYes01 - January
ChillyTrippyDippyIn High SpiritsHyperMusicPsybient / PsychillEP2018-01-12ChillyTrippyDippyIn High SpiritsHyperMusicSpainPsybient / PsychillEPNo01 - January
Chrisna KarastArcturian DawnSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep TranceSingle2018-01-13Chrisna KarastArcturian DawnSelf ReleasedUnited StatesChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo01 - January
CualliSpirit Of The JungleSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEP2018-01-02CualliSpirit Of The JungleSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes01 - January
David MatThe Astral PlansBlue Tunes ChilloutAmbientAlbum2018-01-11David MatThe Astral PlansBlue Tunes ChilloutFranceAmbientAlbumNo01 - January
DenseMelophorm Pt. 2Cosmicleaf RecordsChillgressive / Deep TranceEP2018-01-11DenseMelophorm Pt. 2Cosmicleaf RecordsGermanyChillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo01 - January
DimmatOmenSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingle2018-01-04DimmatOmenSelf ReleasedGreecePsybient / PsychillSingleYes01 - January
DubtrakAssault UnitSelf ReleasedPsydubRemastered Album2018-01-02DubtrakAssault UnitSelf ReleasedCanadaPsydubRemastered AlbumYes01 - January
EDD-989Journey To The Core Of The GalaxyMicrocosmos RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbum2018-01-05EDD-989Journey To The Core Of The GalaxyMicrocosmos RecordsRussiaPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo01 - JanuaryFeatured
Glass CannonDream BattlesSwamp MusicPsybass / PsystepSingle2018-01-08Glass CannonDream BattlesSwamp MusicUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes01 - January
HuuHaaFrostientSelf ReleasedAmbientEP2018-01-01HuuHaaFrostientSelf ReleasedFinlandAmbientEPYes01 - January
In'R'VoiceEunoiaCosmicleaf RecordsPsybient / PsychillEP2018-01-11In'R'VoiceEunoiaCosmicleaf RecordsRussiaPsybient / PsychillEPNo01 - January
InexedraCrystalineSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillSingle2018-01-08InexedraCrystalineSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybient / PsychillSingleNo01 - January
Intrasol96Self ReleasedPsybass / PsystepSingle2018-01-14Intrasol96Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes01 - January
JajaMusic For Space ObservationCyan MusicAmbientAlbum2018-01-01JajaMusic For Space ObservationCyan MusicGermanyAmbientAlbumYes01 - January
JedidiahChill VibesInfinity-Tunes RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbum2018-01-01JedidiahChill VibesInfinity-Tunes RecordsMexicoPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo01 - January
KlaadaBreaking The CycleMindspring MusicPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbum2018-01-12KlaadaBreaking The CycleMindspring MusicCroatiaPsybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo01 - JanuaryFeatured
Noetik The AlchemistForgotten ScienceSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbum2018-01-01Noetik The AlchemistForgotten ScienceSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumNo01 - January
OmelKnowingOvnimoon RecordsChillgressive / Deep TranceEP2018-01-01OmelKnowingOvnimoon RecordsSwitzerlandChillgressive / Deep TranceEPNo01 - JanuaryFeatured
Organic ShapesThe Sonic Matter Of LightInteractive Test RecordsPsybient / PsychillAlbum2018-01-06Organic ShapesThe Sonic Matter Of LightInteractive Test RecordsItalyPsybient / PsychillAlbumNo01 - January
PsyruleusIt Begins...Self ReleasedPsybass / PsystepAlbum2018-01-11PsyruleusIt Begins...Self ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepAlbumYes01 - January
SmigonautConstructsStreet RitualPsybass / PsystepEP2018-01-02SmigonautConstructsStreet RitualUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPNo01 - January
SomatoastSpit SwishaSelf ReleasedPsybass / PsystepEP2018-01-10SomatoastSpit SwishaSelf ReleasedUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepEPYes01 - January
SpiralizedNeural InterferencesSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEP2018-01-07SpiralizedNeural InterferencesSelf ReleasedItalyPsybient / PsychillEPNo01 - January
SygnalsClimaxMindspring MusicPsybient / PsychillEP2018-01-05SygnalsClimaxMindspring MusicGreecePsybient / PsychillEPNo01 - JanuaryFeatured
Tara PutraAppearances 2010-2014Self ReleasedPsydubAlbum2018-01-01Tara PutraAppearances 2010-2014Self ReleasedGermanyPsydubAlbumNo01 - January
Tara PutraAppearances 2014-2017Self ReleasedPsydubAlbum2018-01-01Tara PutraAppearances 2014-2017Self ReleasedGermanyPsydubAlbumNo01 - January
ThumperFlinnPsyndicaPsybass / PsystepSingle2018-01-01ThumperFlinnPsyndicaUnited StatesPsybass / PsystepSingleYes01 - January
TofustaggerbushArt FormsSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep TranceAlbum2018-01-05TofustaggerbushArt FormsSelf ReleasedGermanyChillgressive / Deep TranceAlbumNo01 - January
TravelerKhan EPSelf ReleasedPsybient / PsychillEP2018-01-05TravelerKhan EPSelf ReleasedCanadaPsybient / PsychillEPYes01 - January
TrazerSpaceSelf ReleasedChillgressive / Deep TranceSingle2018-01-13TrazerSpaceSelf ReleasedUnited StatesChillgressive / Deep TranceSingleNo01 - January
Unscripted ProjectEverSelf ReleasedDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbum2018-01-09Unscripted ProjectEverSelf ReleasedGreeceDowntempo, Psybient / PsychillAlbumYes01 - January
Various ArtistsAudio Alchemy Vol. 1Audio Alchemy RecordsPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / Psystep, PsybreaksCompilation2018-01-11Various ArtistsAudio Alchemy Vol. 1Audio Alchemy RecordsUnited StatesPsybient / Psychill, Psybass / Psystep, PsybreaksCompilationYes01 - JanuaryFeatured
Yestegan ChaYGrande AllakefakMaktub RecordsPsydubSingle2018-01-04Yestegan ChaYGrande AllakefakMaktub RecordsIsraelPsydubSingleNo01 - January

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