here below you will find a list of more then 500 psychill labels / psybient labels that are working in the field of psychedelic* downtempo and psychedelic* midtempo music. The genre includes, but is not limited to psychill (psy-chill – psychedelic chillout), psybient (psychedelic ambient) aka psyambient (psy ambient, psy-ambient), ambient goa (ambient-goa), psydub (psy dub or psy-dub), dub, downtemple-dub, psydubient (psy dub ambient), psystep (psy step or psy-step), psybreaks (psy-breaks or psychedelic breaks), downtempo, midtempo, ambient downtempo, world, ethnic, ethno step (ethno-step), yoga-whomp, global bass, bass, psy bass (psy-bass), temple bass (sacred bass), chillgressive (progressive chillout), ambient, ambient dub, psydm, idm, trip hop, glitch, electronica and meditative. Basically psychedelic downtempo and psychedelic midtempo music.

* We use world psychedelic to describe mind expanding influence over person.

This list is obviously not exhaustive, we will do our best to keep it updated. if you have something to add in this list feel welcome to comment this post with information about label.

———————— List of psychill labels / psybient labels in alphabetic order: ————————

Ajana Records (Arnhem,The Netherlands) link
Aleph Zero Records (Kiryat Tivon, Israel) link
Altar Records (Canada) link
Audio Aashram (New Delhi, India) link
Beats & Pieces (Kiryat Tivon, Israel) link
Big Chill (London, Bristol, UK) link
Black Swan Sounds (US) link
Cardamar Music (n/a) link label is not active
Celestial Dragon (Hong Kong, China) link
Chill Om Ambient (New Delhi, India) link
Chill Tribe Records (Oslo, Norway) link
Chillcode Records (München, Bayern, Germany) link
Cosmicleaf Records (Cheltenham East, Australia) link
Dakini Records (Tokyo, Japan) link
Databloem (n/a) link
Desert Trax (USA) link
Dreaming Awakening (Ukraine) link
Dubmission Records (London, UK) link
Electrik Dream (France) link
Elestial Records (Switzerland) link
Existence Music link
Free Spirit (UK) link
GreenTree (formerly known as GanjaTree) link
Hadra Records (France) link
Iboga Records (Denmark) link
Interchill (Salt spring island, Canada) link
Iono Music (Berlin, Germany) link
Liquid Sound Design (UK) link
Maia Records (Mexico) link
Maia Brasil (Brazil) link
Mandala Records (France) link
Mareld (Sweden) link
Merkaba Music (Australia) link
Microcosmos Records (Russia) link
Mikelabella Records (Barcelona, Spain) link
Mystic Sound Records (Moscow, Russia) link
Nutek chill (Israel, Spain, Argentina) link
Peak Records (Ste-Croix, Switzerland) link
Plexus music (Russia) link
Sentimony Records (Kyiv, Ukraine) link
Sonic Loom (Greece) link
Space Alchemy Lab (Greece) link
Space Baby Records (Sevastopol, Ukraine) link
Spaceradio Records (Russia) link
Subbass Records (heidelberg, Germany) link
Time Resonance Music (Moscow, Russia) link
Timewave Records (London, UK) link
Trimurti Records (Russia) link
Twisted Records (London, UK) link
Ultimae Records (Lyon, France) link
Uxmal Records (Mexico) link
Warp Records (UK) link

a tag-cloud of labels that have a content published on this site:

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———————— Psychill Label / Psybient listed in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 release listings* ————————

* there are definitely a bit of duplicates with the list above, we will fix this later.
1320 Records
30 Hertz Records
Abstrakt Reflections
Adapted Records
Addictech Records
Affin Records
Ajnavision Records
Aleph Zero Records
Alex Tronic Records
Altar Records
Amrita Recordings
Apollo Records
Ashoka Records
Astronautic Records
Atmospheric Records
Audio Aashram
Autonomous Music
Avatar Records
Awakening Records
Ball of Waxx
Bass Star Records
Be Green Records
Beats & Pieces
Beatservice Records
Big Wave Records
Biomechanix Records
Black Swan Sounds
Blind Colour
Blue Flame Records
Blue Hour Sounds
Blue Tunes Records
BMSS Records
BP Resonating
Broken Records
Carpe Sonum
Cartesian Binary Recordings
Celestial Dragon Records
Chillcode Music
Circus Records
Contrast Records
Corybantic Dance Productions
Cosmic Conspiracy Records
Cosmicleaf Records
Cosmicopia Records
Crazy Language
Critical Beats
Cyan Music
Dakini Records
Darkapuggla Records
Delicious Music
Delsin Records
Denovali Records
Desert Trax
Digital Mind
Disco Gecko Recordings
Domino Records
Don Peyote Recordings
Double Life Records
Droneform Records
Drums For Development
Dub Temple Records
Dubmission Records
DVSM Records
Eardream Music
Earth City Records
Earth City Recordz
Earthdance Music
Echo Beach
Echoes Records
EE Records
Electrik Dream Records
Electronic Fantasy Records
Electronic Soundscapes
Electrypnosis Media
Elektrosfera Netlabel
Elestial Records
Elsewhere Studios
Enig’matik Records
Euphonic Conceptions Presents
False Industries
False Profit Records
Fitn Personal Records
Fluid Audio
Free-Spirit Records
Full Melt Records
Full Sound All Bits In Use
Galileo Dreams
GanjaTree Records
Geomagnetic Records
GerningsStedet Records
Gliese 581C Records
Glitch Hop Community
Glitchy Tonic Records
Goa Productions
Gravitas Recordings
Graviton Records
GreenTree Records
Hadra Records
Harmonic Resonance Recordings
Harmonious Discord
Hidden Shoal Recordings
Hispanodelicius Records
Home Normal
Hopskotch Records
Horsepower Productions
HuuHaa Music
Iboga Records
Ice Media
Impact Studio Records
Infinity Loop Music
Innerflight Music
Interchill Records
Iono Music
Jaira Records
Jaxx Enterprises
Jebu Records
Jellyfish Frequency Recordings
Jumpsuit Records
Just Music
Kahvi Collective
Karmatonic Records
KID Recordings
Kilk Records
Kilowatts Music
Kissthesound Records
Klangwirkstoff Records
Kupuri Music
L2 Music
La Briche Records
Leftfield Records
Liquid Records
Liquid Seed Recordings
Loci Records
Loki Foundation
Loodma Recordings
Looney Moon Experiment
Luminosity Project
M-Seven Music
Maia Brasil Records
Maia Records
Masala Records
Massive Ideas
Merkaba Music
Meta Junction
Meta Recordings
Microcosmos Records
Midijum Records
Mikelabella Records
Mirabilis Records
Mistique Music
Modus Records
Moon Koradji Records
Most Addictive Records
Mutantra Recordings
Muti Music
Mycelium Music
Mystic Sound Records
Mythical Records
Namaha Records
Neogoa Records
Neurotrance Records
Ninja Tune
Nutek Chill
Ohmspike Records
Old Growth Records
Omelette Records
OmMan Records
Organic Groove (Phantasm Records)
Ovnimoon Records
Peak Records
Phantasm Records
Pink Hampster Recordings
Plexus Music
Plusquam Chillout
Plusquam Records
Pretty Lights Music
Psybertribe Records
Psychonavigation Records
Psychotria Records
Psydance Records
Psyderweb Records
Psylife Records
Psyreactor Records
Pure Perception Records
Purple Hexagon Records
Qulture Production
Random Records
Record Union
Regen Records
Rexette Records
Roeth & Grey Recordings
Rural Colours
SarnarSchourt Records
Scripted Realities
Section Records
SectionZ Records
Sending Orbs
Sentimony Records
Shanti Planti
Shivlink Records
Silent Existence
Silentspace Records
Six Degrees Records
Slowcraft Records
Soft Phase
Sonar Library Records
Sonic Loom
Sonicturtle Records
Soulfood Music
Soundmute Recordings
Sounds True
Space Alchemy Lab
Space Baby Records
Space Tepee Music
Spaceal Orbeats
Spaceradio Records
Sparkwood Records
Spirit Level Studios
Spirited Records
Spotted Peccary Music
Sticky Music
Street Ritual
Studio !K7
Subwax Records
Sundoz Records
Suntrip Records
Surface Tension Records
Svetlana Industries
Swamp Music
Synchronos Recordings
Synergetic Records
Talismat Records
Tech Safari Records
Tempest Recordings
Think Baby Music
Tiger Grass Records
Time Resonance Music
Timewave Records
TIP Records
Tribal Shift Records
Trimurti Records
Triple Drop Productions
Twisted Records
Txt Recordings
Tympanik Audio
Ultimae Records
Undergroove Music
Unify Music
Universal Symbiosis Records
Upstream Records
Urban Sedated Records
Uxmal Records
Vermin Street
Wakyo Records
Warp Records
Warpath Group
Waveform Records
Waveguild Records
Waxhole Records
White Swan Records
Wiquid Liquid Records
Wist Records
Xerxes Music
Xtraplex Records
Yoga For Your Ears
Zenon Records
Zion Records
A Strangely Isolated Place
A-Wave Records
Abandon Building Records
Adventures Through The Mind
Ae Records
Aligning Minds Recordings
Ambient Online
Anomalistic Records
Aquatic Collective
Arkona Creation
Audio Aashram Music
Audio Gourmet Netlabel
Aural Network
Aviv Media
Baboon Clinic
Babylon Records
Back Room Recordings
Backflip Records
Be Green Records, Street Ritual
Beats Antique Records
Black Tuna Recordings
Bliss Music
Bloodsugar Records
Blue Tunes Chillout
Broken Robot Records
Caffix Records
Carpe Sonum Records
Cerebral Meltdown Records
Chaitra Records
Chillage Records
Cold Tear Records
Colony Productions
Cosm Records
Council Of Nine
Counter Records
Creative Shop Music
Cryo Chamber
Cydonian Recordings
Cymatic Lab
Déclassé Records
Deep Heads
Dewtone Recordings
Dhamika Music
Digital Duvet
Digital Whomp
Dreaming Awakening Records
Egregor Music
Eilean Records
Ekstre Records
Electrik Dream
Elixion Records
Endless Plains Records
Flying Woofer Records
Forest Freaks
Forestdelic Records
Foundations Recordings
Freakuency Records
Frog-Hop Records
Global Sect
Goa Entertainment
Goa Records
Green Beats Dub Netlabel
Green Tree Records
Hado Records
Hey Biff Records
Hidra Beats
Hymen Records
Hypnotic Instincts
Impulse Audio Records
Infinity Tunes Records
Infinity-Tunes Records
Keyframe Entertainment
Kinematic Records
Kollektiv Audio Archives
Lab Room Unlimited
Left Of Field Records
Liquid Sound Design
Lost Tribe Records
Luminus Music
Magma Records
Maia Brasil Records & Omnitropic
MalLabel Music
Merkaba Music, Zenon Records
Mindspring Music
Modular Grid Records
Monkeyface Records
Multifrequency Records
Mutantra Records
New Ancient
Nomad: Psybient Chai Bar
OM Mantra Records
OverSoul Project
Padang Records
Parvati Records
Pistolero Recordings
Planet Monkey Records
Portal Borealis
Psychill Records
Pureuphoria Records
Purple Fridge Records
Purple Hexagon Records & Trimurti Records
Quantum Digits Recordings
Renaissance Records
Samana Records
Saturate Records
Silk Sofa Music
Smallprint Recordings
Soul Resonance
Speedsound Records
Spin Twist Records
Spiritech Records
Sting Records
Sun Department Records
Svaha Sound Label
Synphaera Records
Tessellate Recordings
The Altered Echo Project
The Beats Bizarre
Time Limited
Transcendent Tunes
Truck Records
Tunguska Electronic Music Society
Uncomfortable Beats
United Studios Corporation
Universal Tribe Records
Urhixidur Records
Visionary Shamanics Records
Voidoscope Records
Voxxov Records
Wormhole Music Group
Z-Plane Records
Musea Records
Trance Lab Records
Chernobyl Music
Clone Records
Tycho Records
Virtual Music Reality
Global Phonehead Records
IT Records
Yogi Tunes
Old Tacoma Records
Karaoke Kalk
Astronomy Recording Music
Hibernate Recordings
Ya Basta Records
Les Vagues Records
Blue Tunes Recordings
Cold Busted
Psylove Records
Bonzai Progressive
Glacial Movements Records
Tactal Hots Music Environment
Time Released Sound
Nomadic Kids Republic
Acidsamovar Records
Indol Records
Thrill Jockey
Pink Hamster Recordings
Native Harmonix
Antiscarp Records
Rellman Enterprises
ADX Records
Your Lips
Telepath Music
4MPO Records
Real Music
Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
Urban Torque Recordings
Ghostly International
Spiral Trax Records
Dropping Gems
Nutek Records
Woorpz Records

———————— MORE DOWNTEMPO / PSY LABELS ————————

we didn’t have time to verify if they exist, but they might be usefull for you
Absolute Ambient
Arkona Creation
Bakshish (IT)
Dreamtime (RO)
Electronic Soundscapes (GR)
FairyTales Records
Fish ‘n Trips Records (AU)
Hypo=espresso (ID)
Sangita Sounds (UK)
Six Degrees
Sofa Beats (DK)
Waveform (USA)
Wonk#ay (UK)

new age, electronic, ambient labels (a website with an impressive list of netlabels in different genres ) link
soundshiva – a website, an audio catalogue with an impressive list of netlabels in different genres including:
ambient labels / netlabels / music
idm labels / netlabels / music
glitch labels / netlabels / music
drone labels / netlabels / music
trip-hop labels / netlabels / music

———————— AMBIENT MUSIC LABELS ————————

Hooker Vision
Tranquility Tapes
Reverb Worship
Peasant Magik
Anathema Sound
Sacred Phrases
Moon Glyph
Field Studies
Hidden Shoal
Orange Milk
Beer On The Rug
Under The Spire
Goldtimers Tapes
House Of Alchemy
Sunk Series
Fadeaway Tapes
Different Lands
Space Slave
Hobo Cult

———————— SOME MORE LABELS ambient bass/glitch hop ** ————————

** strictly ambient or too strictly bass/glitch hop and not psychedelic enough

Adapted Records
Audio Gourmet (
Big Wave Records
Black Swan Records
Databloem (
Dewtone Recordings
Digital Whomp
Echospace [Detroit] Eire Supply
Future Sequence
Glitch Hop Community
Hibernate (
Home Normal (
Hopskotch Records
MalLabel Music
Old Growth Records
Plusquam Chillout
Projekt Records
Psychonavigation Records
SectionZ Records
Silent Season (
Tranquilo (Psychonavigation)
White Swan Records

There is a lot of information on this page about psychill labels / psybient labels

if something is missing feel welcome to contact us.


Don't hesitate to comment this post <3