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Featured Festivals 2018

2018-07-12 Festival Harmonic 2018 France
2018-07-13 24. Antaris Project Germany
2018-07-19 Sun Festival 2018 Hungary
2018-08-15 Psy-Fi 2018 “A Shamanic Experience” Netherlands
2018-09-06 Hadra Trance Festival 2018 France
2018-09-xx CHILLUVIUM 2018 France

complete calendar of festivals and psychill events

this calendar includes “chill” related events and psytrance festivals and transformational festivals. You can also visit a dedicated psytrance and transformational festivals page with more psytrance festivals and events.


2018 events

Nuit Cosmique III2018-01-05FranceToulouse
Psychedelic Jelly2018-01-13UKBristol
Temple of Darkness 22018-01-20SwitzerlandBalsthal
Mystic Sound - Zero Cult2018-02-03RussiaMoscow
Fusion Culture2018-02-09Israel
Résilience 2018 by Hadra2018-02-10France
A Trip to Border 502018-03-03Germany
MOON DANCE Chillout Party2018-03-03Brazil
Time Traveller2018-03-10Netherlands
Live Love Create2018-05-10France
Desert Dwellers: Breath (USA)2018-03-10USA
Textura III2018-04-27Denmark

2017 events

Immersion Cosmique - Voyage sonore2017-01-04FranceToulouse
PsyFreaks > Neushoorn2017-01-13NetherlandsLeeuwarden
Psychill Café 72017-01-20FranceParis
Dimensions Explorers2017-01-21FranceParis
OZORA One Day in Tokyo 20172017-01-21JapanTokyo
Textura w/ Miktek LIVE + more2017-01-27DenmarkCopenhagen
Liquid Drop Groove2017-01-28JapanTokyo
Downtempo Paintings Presents Taj Mahal/Sergio Walgood2017-02-04GreeceAthens
Zero Cult in Moscow2017-02-04RussiaMoscow
Microcosmos in Goa2017-02-06IndiaGoa
Aes Dana Vs Fishimself2017-02-10GreeceAthens
Immersion Cosmique IV - Voyage sonore2017-02-11FranceToulouse
Awakening Merkaba w/ Master Minded2017-02-11Switzerland
Translippers Live SPb2017-02-11RussiaSaint Petersburg
Harmonic Temple ft. Desert Dwellers, Collin Elder, Quanta2017-02-12AustraliaByron Bay
One Love Party on St. Valentine Day2017-02-14UkraineKiev
Global Chill-Out Evening 82017-02-25Czech RepublicBrno
Contact w/ Liquid Ace2017-02-25UKLondon
Temple Movement w/ Celt Islam *Live* & Broken Eye *Live*2017-03-04UKBrighton
Avatar Project with Solar Fields2017-03-10SwedenGoteborg
Mystic Sound Party2017-03-11RussiaMoscow
Spring Celebration Party2017-03-11JapanTokyo
Akasha Nights2017-03-18IndonesiaBali
Chillectronica No.9 - Hide de Shwaya2017-03-22IsraelKibbutz Afikim
Pitch Black: Live in Bristol2017-03-23UKBristol
Psychill Café 82017-03-24FranceParis
Pitch Black: Live in London2017-03-25UKLondon
Pitch Black: Live in Amsterdam2017-03-29NetherlandsAmsterdam
Liquid Crystal - Ambient night in Besarabia2017-03-31IsraelJerusalem
Psychedelic Art Gallery "WTT"2017-03-31TurkeyIstanbul
Temple Movement w/ Kaya Project, Hibernation, Slackbaba & more2017-04-07UKBrighton
V?greP?ntek Special: GAUDI live2017-04-14HungaryBudapest
Mystic Sound Birthday2017-04-15RussiaMoscow
Bom Voyage Easter Sunday2017-04-16NetherlandsAmsterdam
Shwaya Presents - Valley Of Dreams2017-04-21IsraelNorth
F.S.I indoor closing event2017-04-22GreeceAthens
Shanti Planti Records - Label Party2017-04-29CanadaMontreal
Sound Fest2017-04-30UkraineKiev
Psychedelic Jelly (UK)2017-05-05UKBristol
Summer of Weird2017-05-07USASan Fransisco
Ambient & More Festival 32017-05-13RussiaMoscow
Take it Easy2017-05-20BrazilGoi?nia
Chillectronica - Psy Sky2017-05-24IsraelHazafon
Ott w/ Bluetech at Middle East Down2017-05-26USACambridge
Psychill Café 92017-05-26FranceParis
Another Dimension #22017-05-26FranceLille
Ecstatic Dance Lisboa - Allix2017-05-27PortugalLisbon
Fusion PARTY - Spring Mystery2017-05-27RussiaMoscow
Karma Kusala - Anubis Groove2017-05-27FranceP?zenas
Sonica Festival Teaser - Tokyo2017-06-03JapanTokyo
The Psychedelic Sleepover2017-06-03USACroydon
Temple Movement w/ Quanta, Brujo's Bowl & Beatroots2017-06-10UKBrighton
ZEN ZEN Evening2017-06-14JapanTokyo
La cerveza & Shwaya - Summer Opening2017-06-24IsraelNorth
Liquid Drop Groove2017-07-01JapanTokyo
Hadra AlterVision Records - Promo PARTY2017-07-01FranceParis
Downtime with Dub Module2017-08-27UKLondon
Chillectronica - In Chill We Trust2017-08-30IsraelHazafon
Chillectronica - Psyayay2017-09-27IsraelHazafon
Entheogenic, Stratosphere, Dissisoma at Aisle 52017-09-30USAAtlanta
MOONrise - Chillout Sessions2017-10-11PortugalLisbon
Textura II2017-10-13DenmarkKopenhagen
Temple Movement 1 Year Anniversary2017-10-13UKBrighton
Shwaya Downtempo Festival2017-10-20Israel
Fusion Party - Indian Vibe2017-10-20RussiaMoscow
Intergalactic Costume Party2017-10-27USANashville
Planet 6th Anniversary Electroshock FES2017-10-28JapanOhba Camp Village
Radiate by Bom Voyage & Voyager2017-11-03NetherlandsAmsterdam
Shamanic Sound Connect2017-11-04RussiaMoscow
Equinox Invites: Dr. NOX BDay Bash2017-11-04NetherlandsWageningen
Luminopolis - "The Tribe"2017-11-04PortugalAlpiar?a
Psychill Café 102017-11-10FranceParis
Mystic Sound Party2017-11-11RussiaMoscow
MOONrise Chillout Sessions2017-11-15PortugalLisbon
Sofa Beats Showcase2017-12-01IsraelTel Aviv
Odyssey 20172017-12-01RussiaMoscow
Temple Movement Winter Special2017-12-02UKBrighton
The Origin of Psychedelic2017-12-02JapanTokyo
Downtempo Paintings on Tour2017-12-09GreeceAthens
MOON DANCE Chillout Party2017-12-09PortugalLisbon
SOMA SONIC2017-12-15UKLiverpool
Ott & The All Seeing i / Zen Baboon / Zen Racoon2017-12-15IsraelTel Aviv
Natya Satyam: Sound Journey & Meditative Dance2017-12-16PortugalLisbon
Warp Zone2017-12-16NetherlandsArnhem
Twisted Frequencies visit The Place2017-12-22GreeceAthens
The -S- Xperience presents "The Christmas Cuckoo"2017-12-26NetherlandsNijmegen
WinterSUN 20172017-12-27HungaryBudapest
Boogie Woogie/London New Year's Eve2017-12-31UKLondon

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