Psytrance Festivals 2018 – List and Calendar

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Thank you for everyone who contributed festivals and events to our list, we have compiled all together in this list.


Featured Festivals 2018

2018-07-12 Festival Harmonic 2018 France
2018-07-13 24. Antaris Project Germany
2018-07-19 Sun Festival 2018 Hungary
2018-08-15 Psy-Fi 2018 “A Shamanic Experience” Netherlands
2018-09-06 Hadra Trance Festival 2018 France
2018-09-xx CHILLUVIUM 2018 France

Psytrance Festivals 2018 – List

DateFestival Name (psytrance – psychedelic)Country
2018-01-20Tripantu Open Air Festival 2018Chile
2018-01-21Nomad 10 Anos - OficialBrazil
2018-01-26Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018Australia
2018-01-26Paradise Winter Festival 2018Austria
2018-02-01Dimension 2018New Zealand
2018-02-02Tripaicura - La Llegada Del Monito Del MonteChile
2018-02-03Dreamscape 2018Portugal
2018-02-09Zuvuya Festival - Carnaval 2018Brazil
2018-02-15Earth Frequency Festival 2018Australia
2018-02-16Galaxy Evolution 3/4 Feb 2017India
2018-02-22Envision Festival 2018Costa Rica
2018-02-23Psyfari Festival 2018Australia
2018-02-23Chill Top FestivalIndia
2018-02-23Tribal Gathering 2018Panama
2018-02-23Ozora - One Day In London 2018United Kingdom
2018-02-26Shalom Festival - Return To SourceIndia
2018-03-02Montemapu Festival 2018Chile
2018-03-09Esoteric Festival 2018Australia
2018-03-17Voov Experience Indoor Hamburg 2018Germany
2018-03-17Equinox Festival - 2018 - OmmixMexico
2018-03-23Festival Ometeotl 2018Mexico
2018-03-28Katun Festival 2018Brazil
2018-03-30Natural Experience 2018Mexico
2018-04-06Freekuency Festival 2018Portugal
2018-04-06Synchrontinuum Festival 2018Chile
2018-04-07Mystica 2018Switzerland
2018-04-07Psygathering 2018 : 3 RoomsBelgium
2018-04-25Transition Festival 2018Spain
2018-04-26Omkara Festival 2018Nepal
2018-04-27Festival Mundo De Oz - 9 AnosBrazil
2018-05-03Hai In Den Mai 2018Germany
2018-05-05Organic Dreams Viii With Astrix, Digicult And MoreBelgium
2018-05-17Psychedelic Experience Open Air Festival 2018Germany
2018-05-23Triplicity Music & Arts Festival 2018United Kingdom
2018-05-25Psy-Boutique Festival 2018Turkey
2018-05-30Pulsar Iv - Encontro De Arte, Cultura E SustentabilidadeBrazil
2018-05-31Psychedelic Circus Open Air Festival 2018Germany
2018-06-01Happy Daze Festival 2018Australia
2018-06-07Zur?Ck Zu Den Wurzeln Festival 2018Germany
2018-06-08Arkana Festival 2018Peru
2018-06-14Spirit Base Festival 2018Czech Republic
2018-06-15Wald Healing 2018 - Gemeinsam WachsenGermany
2018-06-15Forrest - Explosion S.N.T Sommernachtztraum Festival 2018Germany
2018-06-21Ufo Bufo 2018Czech Republic
2018-06-22Vortex Phoenix Festival Of FireSouth Africa
2018-06-22Own Spirit Festival 2018Spain
2018-06-27Burning Mountain Festival 2018Switzerland
2018-06-28Son Libre Festival 2018 • Full Moon EditionFrance
2018-06-29Reisefieber XivSwitzerland
2018-06-29Plur Festival 29-2 July 2018Greece
2018-07-04Freqs Of Nature Festival 2018 • Peculiar Art & Music FestivalGermany
2018-07-04One Love Festival 2018: Roots Of LoveSwitzerland
2018-07-05Noisily Festival Of Music & Arts 2018United Kingdom
2018-07-05Flow Festival 2018Austria
2018-07-06Kosmos Festival 2018Finland
2018-07-10Shankra Festival 2018Switzerland
2018-07-12Festival Harmonic 2018France
2018-07-12Lost Theory 2018Spain
2018-07-1324. Antaris ProjectGermany
2018-07-13Munay Festival 2018Spain
2018-07-15Chill Out Planet Festival 2018Russia
2018-07-17Elysium Island Festival 2018Serbia
2018-07-18Sonica Dance Festival - 2018Italy
2018-07-19Sun Festival 2018Hungary
2018-07-19Goadupa Festival 2018Poland
2018-07-20Voov Experience 2018Germany
2018-07-22Boom Festival 2018Portugal
2018-07-25Mozamboogy 2018Mozambique
2018-07-26Way Of Life Festival 2018Serbia
2018-07-30Ozora Festival 2018Hungary
2018-08-06Samsara 4Th Europe Edition & 1St Land Art FinissageHungary
2018-08-06Modem Festival 2018 (Momento Demento)Croatia
2018-08-09Yaga Gathering 2018Lithuania
2018-08-14Wao Festival 2018Italy
2018-08-15Psy-Fi 2018 "A Shamanic Experience"Netherlands
2018-08-16Digital Forest - Psychedelic Trance Music Festival 2018Czech Republic
2018-08-23Free Earth Festival / Greece / HalkidikiGreece
2018-08-23Waldfrieden Wonderland 2018Germany
2018-08-23Motion Notion 2018Canada
2018-08-25Genesis Daytime Festival!Sweden
2018-08-30Indian Spirit 2018Germany
2018-08-31Space Safari 2018Belgium
2018-09-04Connection Festival 2018Spain
2018-09-06Hadra Trance Festival 2018France
2018-09-07Psy Island Festival 2018Czech Republic
2018-09-12Primitif Festival 2018 - Desert & Psychedelic GatheringMorocco
2018-09-19Back To Nature Festival 2018 - September RitualTurkey
2018-10-05Mushroom Valley 2018Australia
2018-11-02Dragon Dreaming Festival 2018 - 10 Year AnniversaryAustralia
2019-07-19Forest Soul Gathering 2019 - 2Nd EditionPortugal
2019-07-22Sonica Festival 2019Italy
2019-08-19Zna Gathering 2019Portugal
2019-08-30Timeless Festival 2019 CanadaCanada
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