Here is our collection of different electronic music labels, it’s all mixed together. Not sure if you will find utility in this, but who knows.

Labels listing

AAA Recordings, A Wave Records, A.M.E. Media Records, ADS Productions Records, ADX Records, AP Records, AVA Records, Aboriginal Records, Absolute Ambient Records, Abstrait Music Records, Acid Casualities Records, Acidance Records, Acidsamovar Records, Active Meditation Music Records, Active Neo Psy Records, Adama Records, Adapted Records, Addic-Sound Productions Records, Adult Music Records, Adodisc Records, Aeon Records, Afrogalactic Records, Afterburn Records, Agartha Records, Agitato Records, Agnosia Records, Aiam Project Records, Air Snare Records, Airglow Records, Ajana Records, Ajnabeat Records, Ajnagroove Records, Ajnavision Records, Ajuca Productions, Akashik Record, Alchemy Records, Aleph Zero Records, Alex Tronic Records, Alice-d Productions, Alkaloid Productions, All Records, Alphaproduction, Altar Records, Altstadt Records, Amarsis Records, Ambivalent Records, Amboworld Records, Amakusa Records, Amoeba Records, Amplidudes Records, Anomalistic Records, Anomaly System Recordings, Another Dimension Music, Another Fine Label, Another Psyde, Antiscarp Records, Antishanti Records, Antu Records, Anunaki Records, Aphid Records, Aphonix Records, Apocalypse Records, Apoxina Records, Apuruami Records, Area 709 Recordings, Aries tunes Records, Arka Sound Records, Arkadia Productions, Arkona Creation, Artificial Music Machine, As Records, Ashoka Records, Astro Records, Atmospherex Records, Atomic Records, Attic Records, Audio Ashram,
Audioalchemists, Audioload Music, Audiosex Records, Aura Quake Records, Auracle Recordings, Aurinko Records, Automatic Records, Avalanche Records, Avatar Records, Avigmatic Records, Avney Hachoshen Records, Aquatec Records, Awakening Records, Ayahuasca Records, Ayia Napa, BMSS Records, BPF Records, Bochumer Ton Manufaktur, Backroom Beats Records, Balloonia ltd.Records, Baluns Records, Bambuddha Grove Music Records, Banyan Records, Barbarian Records, Baroque Records, Barraka Productions, Basic Algorithm Records, Bass – Star Records, Beat Freak Recordings, Beats and Pieces, Beef Records, Beirut Cafe Records, Beyond Logic Records, Bhooteshwara Records, Biijah Records, Binary Audio Machinery Records, Bio-Sine Records, Biolive Records, Biomechanikal Records, Biomechanix Records, Bionic Instinct Records, Bionics Records, Black Hole Records, Black Magik Records, Black Swan Sounds, Blacklite Records, Blissbits Records, Blissdom Recordings, Blitz Studios, Blue Flame Records, Blue Hour Sounds, Blue Magik Records, Blue Room Records, Blue Tunes Recordings, Boa Group Records, Bocaraka Records, Bom Shanka Music, BooM! Records, Bomm Records, Boost Records, Boshke Beats Records, Boundless Music, Bozboz Records, Brain Massacre Project Records, Buddja Records, Bungalow Records, Bus Records, Butterfly Records, C.O.R.N Recordings, Caffix Records, California Sunshine Records, Candyflip Records, Cannibal Syndrome Records, Cartesian Binary Recordings, Catalyst Records, Catawampus Records, Ceiba Records, Celestial Dragon Records, Celtic Records, Chaishop Records, Chakradelic Records, Chemical Crew Records, Chill Om Records, Chill Tribe Records, Chillcode Records,
Chronicle Of Mystery Records, Chunk Junky Records, Cinetiks Cinematic Music, Clima Records, Clocktail Records, Cocoon Records, Cog Jam Records, Coldgroove Records, Collowrath Records, Com.pact Records, Concept In Dance Records, Contrast Records, Copihue Records, Cosm Records, Cosmic Conspiracy Records, Cosmic Theatre Records, Cosmicleaf Records, Completely Cabbaged Records, Cosmo Sounds Records, Cosmogenesis Recordings, Cosmophilia Records, Council Of Nine Records, Creamcrop Records, Creon Records, Critical Method Records, Critical Rhythm Records, Cronomi Records, Crotus Records, Cruise Control Records, Cryptek Records, Crystal Matrix Records, Cyan Music, Cyber Production, Cyberdelica Records, Cyberset Records, D-A-R-K- Records, D.Drum Records, DJ Beat Records, Dmt Music Records, DNA Records, DR Recordings, DSofa Recordings, DaDa Music, Daam Records, Dacru Records, Dada Stream Publishing, Dakini Records, Damaru Records, Dance N Dust Records, Dank Disk, Dark Life Records, Dark Prisma Records, Darkapuggla Records, Dat Records, DAT Mafia Recordings, Databass Music, Databloem, Dead Tree Productions, Deja Vu Records, Delicatek Records, Demon Tea Recordings, Deviant Force Records, Devils Mind Records, Devolution Records, Dharma Kshetra Records, Dharmaharmony Records, Digital Distortion Records, Digital Drugs Coalition, Digital Nature, Digital Om Productions, Digital Oracle Records, Digital Psionics Records, Digital Reality Records, Digital Samsara Records, Digital Shamans Records, Digital Structures Records, Digital Yonkis Records, Digitalfrequenz Records, Dimensional Records, Dinsha Prana Records, Disco Gecko Recordings, Discobole Recordings, Discovalley Records, Distant Tremor, Diverse Labels, Divine Balance Records, Doss-House Records, Dominance Records, Domo Records, Don Peyote Recordings, Doof Records, Dooflex Records, Dope Deer Records, Dragonfly Records, Dream Creation Records, Dream Vision Records, Drive Records Records, Dropout Productions Records, Drugless Records, Dubmission Records, Durga Records, Dutch Flowers Records, E French Sound Records, E- Watt Records, Eighteenth
Street Lounge Music Records, Ear Peaks Music Group Records, Eccodek Records, Echo Vortex Records, Echoes Records, Echoplast Records, Electribe Records, Electric Dream Records, Electric Forest Records, Electric Monkeys Records, Electric Orgasm Records, Electric Universe Records, Electrochoc Records, Electrode Music, Electronic Dope Records, Electronic Soundscapes, Electrypnosis Media, Elefaria Records, Elejam Records, Elektrax Progressive, Elektrik Dragon Records, Elektrolux Records, Elektronica Records, Element Records, Elestial Records, Elf Music Records, Elxis Discographic Records, Emit Records, Enigmatic Sound Records, Entropica Records, Enzyme Records, Epileptic Dance Records, Eqnation Records, Equinox Production, Erase Records, Escape Records, Essen Records Ltd.Records, Essential Records, Etnicanet Records, Euphonic Records, European Dance Recordings, Evil Knivel Records, Ewok Records, Exogenic Records, Exogenic Breaks Recordings, Exotic Native Records, Exposure Productions, Ezel Ebed Records, FAmusic Records, Fabula Records, Faerie Dragon Records, Fairytales Records, Farfield Records, Farm Records, Feedback Recordings, Feeless Records, Fektive Records, Fiin Records, Fineplay Records, Flinc Music Records, Floatation Records, Flow Records, Flugbegleiter Recordings, Fluid Audio Records, Flying Rhino Records, Flying Spores, Foot Stompin Records, Forestdelic Records, Fowl Play Records, Fractal Audio Machinery, Fractal Records, Fractal Species, Fragile Planet Records, Frakasound Records, Fraud Recordings, Freakdance Records, Free Form Records, Free Freak Music, Free Radical Records, Free Spirit Records, FreeAnce Records, Freefall Records, Freetransform Records, Fresh Frequencies, Frogadelic Records, Full Melt Records, Fullmoon Records, Fungi Records, Fungus Productions, Furthur Progressions Records, Fusion For Peace Productions Records, Future Tribe Office Records, G-Echoes Records, Gaga Records, Gaia Tonträger Records, Gaian Mind Records, Galactic Federation Media Records, Galactica Records, Ganga Giri, GanjaTree Records, Generation Sound Prod. Records, Geomagnetic TV Records, Ghost Label Records, Global Eyes Records, Global Phonehead Records, Global Sect Music Records, Global Trance Network Records, Globetronica Records, Glowing Flame Records, Gnostic Records, Goa Crops Records, Goa Madness Records, Goa Records, Goalogique Records, Goanmantra Records, Goatika Creative Lab, Goaty Prod Records, Goegoe Records, Golden Bay Records, Grasshopper Records, Gravity Plus Records, Green Ant Records, Green Magik Records, Green Phase Records, Green Wizards Records, Greytone Records, Groove Control Records, Groove Criminal Records, Groove Zone Records, Groovexploder Records, Groovy Gravy Records, Ground Breaking Music Records, Guardian Angel Records, Gurimor Records, H2O Records, HOM-mega Productions, HS Recordings, Hado Records, Hadshot Haheizar Records, Halu Beats Records, Happy People Music, Hardboiled Records, Harmonia Records, Harmonize Records, Harper Diabate Records, Headroom Productions Records, Headstick Records, Heart Of Trance Records, Heart’s Eye Records, Helix Records,
Helicon Sound System Records, Hellchedelic Records, Herb Recordings, High End Music Records, High Society Records, High Fidelity Productions Records, Higher Taste Project Records, Highwaystar Recordings, Hilltop Records, Hippie Killer Records, Hit Mania Records, Holophonic Records, Hoots Records, Horns and Hoofs Entertainment Records, Horrordelic Records, Hypnodisk Records, Hyperflow Records, Hypergate Records, Hypnotic Room Records, Hypnotica Records, Hypo Espresso Records, I.C.C. Records, IDSpiral Soundscapes, IT Records, Iboga Records, Iboga Mexico Records, Tribal Vision Records, Icarus Creations Records, Ideal Audio Records, Illuminati Records, Impact Studio Records, Implant Recordings, Import Exploit Records, Intruder Records, Indica Music, Indigo Records, Indol Records, Innersound Records, Inpsyde Media Records, Inpsyde Reissues Records, Insolation Records, Insomnia Records, Inter 1 Records, Intelligent Monkey Records, Interchill Records, Interface Records, Intergalactic Synergy Records, Interzone Records, Intastella Records, Inti Raimy Records, Invent Recordings, Jester Records, Joker Records, Joof Recordings, Jorno Records, Jubilee Records, Jum Jam Records, Karmic Records, Kabrathor Records, Kagdilia Records, Kaguya Records, Kairoo Records, Kajoonk Records, Katarsis Records, Kavator Records, Kethu Records, Kinematic Records, Kinetix Recordings, Kinetic Records, Kinetik Records, Klangstrahler Records, Klik Records, Kling Klang Studio Records, Kosmik Hoboes Records, Koyote Records, Krembo Records, Krikl Krakl Records, Kundalini Records, Kupuri Music Records, Kutmusic Italhouse Records, La Magica Boutique Records, Labyrinthine Crew Records, Lacunarity Records, Lamat Records, Last Possible Solution, Last Xenobiology Records, Laugh and Dance Records, Lava 303 Records, Leguan Records, Lemongrass Music Records, Lens Records, Les Vagues Records, Leviathan Music Records, Light Music Records, Limitspace Records, Linear Flow Music Records, Lisergica Records, Liquid Records, Liquid Audio Sounds Records, Liquid Sound Records, Liquid Crystal Vision, Lookinglook Records, Looney Moon Records, Loopsnoo Records, Loose Cognition Records, Lost Theory Records, Lunacy Records, Lunamusic Records, Lycantrop Records, M.A.S.H. Records, Master Production Ltd.Records, M10 Records, MDMA Records, MIDA Records, MK Records, MMD Records, MP Records, Mac Ben Music, Macky Mad House Records, Macro Records, Mad Dog Records, Mad Muzik Records, Mad Skippers, Magma Records, Mahana Bay Label, Mahogany Records, Maia Records, Mandala Records, Maniac I.Q Records, Manic Dragon Records, Manta Recordings Mantequilla Music Records, Mass Abduction Records, Materia Records, Matsuri Productions, Maui Tribe Records, MDMA Music Ltd Records, Mechanical Dragon Records, Mechanik Sound Records, Medium Records, Medulla Oblongata Records, Medusa Records, Meerestief Records, Megadodo Recordings, Megadroom Records, Meira Records, Mental Arts Records, Mental Cruelty Records, Mental Mekanix Records, Mental Sauce Records, Mesmobeat Records, Metatron Production Records, Metropolis Records, Micro Dot Records, Microcosmos Records, Midnight Underground Records, MidwayStation Records, Mighty Fat Records, Mighty Quinn Records, MikelaBella Records, Mikrokosmos Records, Millenium Records, Mimoza Records, Mind Control Records, Mind Expansion, Mind Tweakers Records,
Mindfull Records, Mindfunk Records, Mindsound Records, Mindwaves Music, Mistress Of Evil Records, M-Track Records, Modus Records, Monkeyface Records, Moon Koradji Records, Moon Spirits Records, Moon Station Records, Moonflower Productions, Moonloop Records, Moonquest Records, Moonstone Records, Moonsun Records, Morning Monster Records, Morphonic Records, Mosaico Records, Motion Control Records, Move Records, Movement Recordings, Mushroom Mafia Records, Mushy Records, Music Chicken Records, Mutagen Records, Mystic Sound Records, NE Recording, NMC Music Ltd.Records, Nabi Records, Naked Records, Namaha Records, Namnam Records, Nana Records, Nano Beat Records, Nano Records, Nataraja Records, Native Harmonics Records, Native State Records, Natraj Temple Records, Naturall Productions Records, Nervine Records, Neurobiotics Records, Neuromind Records, Neuronal Records, New Land Music Records, Newstate Music Records, Nexus Media Records, Nice Dreams Music Records, Night Oracle Records, No Comment Records, No Label Records, Noga Records, Noise Poison Records, Noize Conspiracy Records, Nonverbal Communications Records, Northern Psylight Records, Nova Zembla Records, Nova Tekk Records, Noya Records, Nun Shaker Records, Nutek Chill Records, Nutek Records, Nutriadance Records, Nuuktal Records, ORB Records, OVNI Records, Oaksmusic Records, Object Records, Occulta Records, Odd Records, Oktava Records, Omveda Records, One Tribe Records, One World Music Records, Open Records, Optica Records, Optimus Records, Organic Records, Organic Alchemy Records, Organik Media Records, Origo Sound Records, Osom Music Records, Ottsonic Records, Out Of Orion Records, Ov-Silence Recordings, Ovnimoon Records, Ovum Recordings, Oxygen Records, Ozmali Records, Ozore Age Records, POF Music Records, Pagoda Records, Pandora Records, Panorama Records, Para Meta Music Records, Parabola Music, Paradise Productions Records, Paradiso Records, Parquet Recordings, Parvati Records, Peak Records, Pete The Moon Records, Peyote Records, Peyotii Recordings, Phantasm Records, Phar Psyde Records, Phoenix Groove Records, Phoenix Records, Phonix Records, Phonokol Records, Phototropic Records, Phreex Networx Records, Pink Hampster Recordings, Pinwheel Records, Pixan Recordings, Pixan HT Records, Planet B.E.N Records, Planet Dog Records, Planetware Records, Plastik Park Records, Play Out Right Now, Pleiadian Records, Plusquam Records, Plusquam Chillout, Plutonic Records, Point Zero Records, Polarlight Recordings, Polytox Records, Polena Records, Popfloor Edition Records, Positive Reaction Records, Pro Tune Recordings, Pro.Tone Recordings, Process Production Records, Procyon Records, Profound Records, Prog On Syndicate Records, Progress Tunes Records, Prosolation Records, Proton Records, Psy Core Records, Psy-Harmonics, Psy-Rave Records,
PsyPneumatix Records, Psybaba Records, Psybooty Records, Psychedelic System Records, Psychic Deli Records, Psychonavigation Records, Psychotic Viridis Records, Psycircle Records, Psyclon Records, Psyde Effect Records, Psyence Records, Psyforce Productions, Psygrun Records, Psylife Records, Psymag Records, Psynon Records, Psyristor Records, Psyshark Records, Psysolation Records Psystation Entertainment Records, Psytraveller Records, Psytropic Records, Pukka Music Records, Pukkawallah Records, Pure Perception Records, Pureuphoria Records, Purple Hexagon Records, PurpleOm Recordings, Push Records, Psyber Tribe Records, Pyramid Records, Qooki Records, Quantic Chill Records, Quantum Frog Productions, Quazi Delict Records, Quest4Goa Records, Question Mark Records, Ra Recordings, Radio With Pictures Records, Radiosonic Records, Rajas Records, Random Records, Raniv Music Records, Return To The Source Records, Real Vision Music Records, Reckless Rhythm Records, Red Magik Records, Red Revenge Records, Regen Records, Relativity Records, Remute Records, Resonoise Records, Resopal Records, Revolve Magazin Records, Rhythms Of Peace Records, Ricochet Dream Records, Riff Raff Recordings, Rip and Burn Recordings, Risham Records, Ritter Records, Rizoma Records, Rockdenashi Productionz Records, Rococo Records, Room 31 Records, Rudraksh Records, Rumour Records, Saafi Records, Sabotage System LTD Records, Sabretooth Records, Sacred Media Records, Sadhu Records Records, Samana Records Records, Samsara Recordings, Sangoma Records, Sanskara Records, Save To Disc Recordings, Savva Records, Screen Recordings Secret Tale Records, Section Records, SeeHear Recordings, Sekretlab Records, Sensotech Records, Sentimony Records, Serephana Records, Seres Music Records, Sessions Recordings, Shaffel Records, Shaman Electro Records, Shaman Films Media Records, Shanti Jatra Music Records, Shantipi Records, Shellsplinta Records, Shiva Space Japan Records, Shiva Space Technology Records, Shiva Squad Records, Shivlink Records, Short Records, Shpastic Elastic Records, Records, Sigma Records, Silicon Buddha Records, Sin Records, Sinn Tec Records, Sirius Records, Sita Records, Six Degrees Records, Skygravity Records, Skykey Records, Slope Records, Sofa Beats Records, Sog Records, Solar Tech Records, Solarsiv Records, Solstice Records, Somnia Records, Sonic Chakras Records, Sonic Dragon Records, Sonic Loom Music Records, Sonic Motion Records, Sonic Tantra Records, Sonic Traveler Music, Sonica Recordings, Sonicturtle Music Records, Sonnenklang Records, Soular Records, Soular Flares Records,
Soulectro Music Records, Soultribe Records, Sound Sorcery Records, Soundkraft Records, Soundmute Recordings, Sounds Of Earth Records, Sounds Of Freedom Records, Sounds Of Sanity Records, Sourcecode Records, Sourcecode Transmissions Records, Space Baby Records, Space Boogie Productions Records, Space Radio Records, Space Tepee Records, Space Tribe Music Records, Spacedock Records, Spaceport Records, Spectral Concepts Records,Spectral Moon Records, Spectral Records, Spectrum Music Records, Sphere Records ltd.Records, Spin Twist Records, Spiral Trax Records, Spirit Zone Recordings, Spiritual Beings Records, Spliff Music Records, Spontaneous Records, Spreadtune Records, Spun Records, Spundae Recordings, Star Jelly Records, Star Track Records, Starbox Records, Stargate Records, Starsound Records, Statik Records, Steady Beatz Records, Stereo Productions Records, Sticky Music Records, Stone Age Records, Stretchy Records, Secret Life Recordings, Sub Records, Sub Machine Records, Substical Records, Sun Project Records, Sun Station Records, Sundance Records, Sundrop Records, Sunlight Records, Sunline Records, Sunset Recordings, Suntrip Records, Superstition Records, Surreal Audio Recordings, Sweettrade Records, Swisspsy Records, Swordtail Records, Sygno Music Records, Symbiosis Records, Synchronos Recordings, Syncro Music Records, Syncronize Records, Synergetic Records, Synphonie Records, System Records, Systematic Recordings, T.P.R Production Records, TPE Records, Tantrys Hascyah Caelistys Records,Tactic Records, Tarunamusic Records, Tatsu Recordings, Tech Support Records, TechSafari Records, Technical Freaks Records, Technique,Records, Tekkin Over Records, Telekiness Records, Tempest Recordings, Temple Twister Records, Terror Lab Industries,Records, TesseracTstudio, Records, Third Eye Records, Thirteen Productions Records, Thirtieth Co.Ltd.Records, Throb Records, Trigger Records, Trans’Pact Productions, Time Stretch Music Records, Timecode Records, Timewarp Records, Tip New World Records, TIP Records, Tokyo Tekno Tribe Records, Toires Records, Touch To Records, Touringpartner Records, Trade Sound Records, Traktor Records, Trance Karma Records, Trance Lab Records, Tranceform Records,Trancelucent Productions Records, Trancexplorer Records, Transcend Records, Transient Records, Transonic Records, Trantrumm Records, Treetrolla Records, Tremors Underground Productions Records, Tribal Radio Records, Tribal Records, Tribal Vision Records, Tribeadelic Records, Trick Music Records, Trimurti Records, Trip Records, Triplag Music Records, Trishula Records, Tropical Beats Records, Trostlos Records, True Trance Records, Truffle Records, Trust in Trance Records, Tunnel Records, Tua Records, Turbo Trance Records, Twisted Records, Twizted Lotus Records, Tycho Records, Typhoon Records, Tzolkin Productions Records, U3R Music Records, UP Records, Underground Sound of Tel Aviv Records, Ultimae Records, Ultiva Records, Ultra Groove Records, Ultra VistaRecords, Ultravision Records, Underground Lessons Recordings, Unit.r Recordings, United Beats Records, Universal Mexico Records, Universal Symbiosis Records, Uphonic Records, Upstream Records, Urban Antidote Records, Utopia Records, Uxmal Records, VP Records, Vagalume Records, Vantara Vichitra Records, Vapor Vent Records, Vaso Music Records, Veleno Music Records, Velvet INC.Records, Vertigo Records, Vertikal Records, Very Progressive Records, Vibrating Balance Records, Victor Entertainment Records, Virtual World Records, Virus Tekk Records, Vision Quest Records, Vision Records, Vortex Records, WPM Records, Wakyo Records, Warp Brain Records, Warp Records, Waveform Records, Why Not Records, Wild Seven Recordz Records, Wildthings Records, Wired Music Records, Wirikuta Records, Wobbly Records, Wonkavator Records, Wonkay Records, Woo-Dog Records, Wood Room Record, Woorpz Records, World People Records, World Service Records, Wreked Records, XIII Bis Records, Xilium Records, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Yabai Records, Yage Records, Yggdrasil Records, Younger Brother Records, Yoyo Records, ZAP Music Records, Zillion Mental Anarchic Records, Zaikadelic Records, Zenon Records, Zero Gravity Records, Zero One Music Records, Zerotonin UK Records, Zion 604 Records, Zila Records, Zoo Music, Zourlia Division Records, Zulu Warrior Records,10 Kilo Records, 20-Hertz Records, 2012 Music Records, 21-3 Records, 23 Temple Records, 24/7 Records, 2TO6 Records, 3D Vision, 3rd Eye Productions Records, 45trance Records, 5th Element Records, 6 Dimension Soundz Records, 67 Records, 9 Beach Records, 9th Circle Records