It is time to nominate “Best Festival 2017” and “Best Festival experience overall”. Festivals play an important role in making the bridges between music listeners and performing artists. Each festival has it’s own tastes and approaches.

Some will concentrate more on locations, others on accessibility, others on lineup or decoration. In ideal world, the festival team find gorgeous locations, install powerful sound systems, invite professional decorators and best producers and dj’s.

Our community selection will give you some ideas for the festivals to attend in future. We host one of the biggest festival listing for 2018, visit our festival page to discover more them 200 events planned for 2018.

We at love outdoor festivals and this poll is our way to thank some of the best festival teams for their work. We would appreciate if you share this page with the results over the internet in order to promote the “winners” and our poll, we hope to have more participants and more accurate results.

Best Psychedelic Festival of the year 2017:

Congratulations to PSY-FI, SUN and Samsara Europe for the excellent production.

01. Psy-Fi Festival (Netherlands)
02. Solar.United.Natives Festival – S.U.N. Festival (Hungary)
03. Samsara Festival Europe (Hungary)
04. O.Z.O.R.A. Festival (Hungary) / Ozora Festival
05. Oregon Eclipse (USA)
06. Modem (Croatia)
07. Festival Harmonic (France)
08. Chill Out Planet (Russia)
09. Shankra (Switzerland)
10. Hadra (France)

Best Psychedelic Festival overall :

This results represents the answer of poll participants on the questions “best chillout” experience at Festivals overall.
Somehow this year poll results are very similar to “best if 2017” results.

01. O.Z.O.R.A. Festival (Hungary) / Ozora Festival
02. Samsara Festival Europe (Hungary)
03. Boom (Portugal)
04. Psy-Fi Festival (Netherlands)
05. Solar.United.Natives Festival – S.U.N. Festival (Hungary)
06. Festival Harmonic (France)
07. Hadra (France)
08. Symbiosis Gathering (USA)
09. Antaris Project (Germany)
10. Oregon Eclipse (USA) festival listing

If you are thinking where to go this summer probably all of the above options are worth considering, if you want more choice we have prepared for you a list of more them 200 psytrance and transformational festivals.

see the listing of 2018 festivals – 2017 – best of results

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