It is time to nominate “Best Festival 2017” and “Best Festival experience overall”. Festivals play an important role in making the bridges between music listeners and performing artists. Each festival has it’s own tastes and approaches.

Some will concentrate more on locations, others on accessibility, others on lineup or decoration. In ideal world, the festival team find gorgeous locations, install powerful sound systems, invite professional decorators and best producers and dj’s.

Our community selection will give you some ideas for the festivals to attend in future. We host one of the biggest festival listing for 2018, visit our festival page to discover more them 200 events planned for 2018.

We at love outdoor festivals and this poll is our way to thank some of the best festival teams for their work. We would appreciate if you share this page with the results over the internet in order to promote the “winners” and our poll, we hope to have more participants and more accurate results.

Best Psychedelic Festival of the year 2017:

Congratulations to PSY-FI, SUN and Samsara Europe for the excellent production.

01. Psy-Fi Festival (Netherlands)
02. Solar.United.Natives Festival – S.U.N. Festival (Hungary)
03. Samsara Festival Europe (Hungary)
04. O.Z.O.R.A. Festival (Hungary) / Ozora Festival
05. Oregon Eclipse (USA)
06. Modem (Croatia)
07. Festival Harmonic (France)
08. Chill Out Planet (Russia)
09. Shankra (Switzerland)
10. Hadra (France)

Best Psychedelic Festival overall :

This results represents the answer of poll participants on the questions “best chillout” experience at Festivals overall.
Somehow this year poll results are very similar to “best if 2017” results.

01. O.Z.O.R.A. Festival (Hungary) / Ozora Festival
02. Samsara Festival Europe (Hungary)
03. Boom (Portugal)
04. Psy-Fi Festival (Netherlands)
05. Solar.United.Natives Festival – S.U.N. Festival (Hungary)
06. Festival Harmonic (France)
07. Hadra (France)
08. Symbiosis Gathering (USA)
09. Antaris Project (Germany)
10. Oregon Eclipse (USA) festival listing

If you are thinking where to go this summer probably all of the above options are worth considering, if you want more choice we have prepared for you a list of more them 200 psytrance and transformational festivals.

see the listing of 2018 festivals

Psytrance Festivals 2018 – List of Psychedelic Trance Festivals

Below you can find an updated list of future Psychedelic Festivals

Start DateFestival NameCountryLink
2017-12-27Universo Paralello 14Brazillink
2017-12-29Cosmic Convergence 2017 - Tribal TechnologyGuatemalalink
2017-12-30DCR Presents 2K18 New Year ✵ Krapul LIVE! ✵ Dhatri LIVE!Moroccolink
2017-12-30Mañagaha FestivalMicronesialink
2018-01-05Jungle Fever Festival PaiThailandlink
2018-01-12Golden Bass Music FestivalNew Zealandlink
2018-01-19Magic MountainThailandlink
2018-01-19Electropolis Festival (Belgium)Belgiumlink
2018-01-20Tripantu Open Air Festival 2018Chilelink
2018-01-20Nomad 10 Anos - OficialBrazillink
2018-01-26Paradise Winter Festival 2018Austrialink
2018-01-26Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018Australialink
2018-01-26Origin Festival 2018South Africalink
2018-01-31Kundalini Festival 2018 - Ed.Vôo da SerpenteBrazillink
2018-02-01Chilca OVNI Festival •••The VJS 2018 •••Perulink
2018-02-02DimensionNew Zealandlink
2018-02-02Belantara Gathering 2018Malaysialink
2018-02-02Tripaicura - La Llegada Del Monito Del MonteChilelink
2018-02-02WinterSUN in Tenerife 2018Tenerifelink
2018-02-02Jai Thep Festival 2018Thailandlink
2018-02-03Dreamscape 2018Portugallink
2018-02-09Zuvuya Festival - Carnaval 2018Brazillink
2018-02-10Xamanic ChillOhm #3 - Magia AncestralBrazillink
2018-02-14Moon Mountain Valentrance 2018Thailandlink
2018-02-16Earth Frequency Festival 2018Australialink
2018-02-16EQUINOX Enchanted Forest 2018South Africalink
2018-02-16BanditsSri Lankalink
2018-02-22Envision Festival 2018Costa Ricalink
2018-02-23Psyfari Festival 2018Australialink
2018-02-23Chill Top FestivalIndialink
2018-02-23Tribal Gathering 2018Panamalink
2018-02-23Ozora - One Day In London 2018United Kingdomlink
2018-02-26Shalom Festival - Return To SourceIndialink
2018-03-01Ťrilỡgỷ Festival ● Purim Of LegendsIsraellink
2018-03-01Full~m00n Eco GatheringNepallink
2018-03-02Ethereal Decibel Winter Festival 2018Francelink
2018-03-02Montemapu Festival 2018Chilelink
2018-03-03Love & Light Day FestivalSouth Africalink
2018-03-09Esoteric Festival 2018Australialink
2018-03-13UNITY ClebrationPanamalink
2018-03-16Aequinoctium Vernum 2018Estonialink
2018-03-17Voov Experience Indoor Hamburg 2018Germanylink
2018-03-17Equinox Festival - 2018 - OmmixMexicolink
2018-03-23SHAKTI PEAK FETIVAL 2018 NEPALNepallink
2018-03-23Festival Ometeotl 2018Mexicolink
2018-03-28Katun Festival 2018Brazillink
2018-03-29ReSPect Festival 2018 - Ilha Comprida (Feriado de Páscoa)Brazillink
2018-03-29Bioconstrutrance - Edição PáscoaBrazillink
2018-03-29Morocco Desert 2018Moroccolink
2018-03-30Natural Experience 2018Mexicolink
2018-03-31Vortex ✧ Parallel Universe ✧ Easter Weekend ✧South Africalink
2018-04-05Spirit Tribe V: Ascension 灵族 五:进化Chinalink
2018-04-05Spirit Tribe V: AscensionChinalink
2018-04-05DOOF Festival 2018 - The 15 EditionIsraellink
2018-04-06Synchrontinuum Festival - Psyculture GatheringChilelink
2018-04-06Freekuency Festival 2018Portugallink
2018-04-06Synchrontinuum Festival 2018Chilelink
2018-04-06Lucidity Festival 2018: Rising DawnUnited Stateslink
2018-04-07Mystica 2018Switzerlandlink
2018-04-07Psygathering 2018 : 3 RoomsBelgiumlink
2018-04-07Primer Festival De Medicina Ancestral EcuadorEcuadorlink
2018-04-20Magic Castle Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-04-20Samahi 2018Indonesialink
2018-04-25TRANSITION 2018 ::: Full Moon Open Air Trance FestivalSpainlink
2018-04-25Transition Festival 2018Spainlink
2018-04-26Omkara Festival 2018Nepallink
2018-04-27Festival Mundo De Oz - 9 AnosBrazillink
2018-04-27Cosmic Circus ★ Cirque du PsychedeliaSouth Africalink
2018-04-27TheDarkCode - DualityTurkeylink
2018-05-03Hai In Den Mai 2018Germanylink
2018-05-03Green Magic 2018Japanlink
2018-05-04Tolerance WALD GOA 2018Germanylink
2018-05-05Organic Dreams Viii With Astrix, Digicult And MoreBelgiumlink
2018-05-11Schallkonflikt Open Air Festival 2018 - The RebirthGermanylink
2018-05-17Psychedelic Experience Open Air Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-05-18Taurus Connection 2018Italylink
2018-05-18Galactic Gathering - Vol.3Turkeylink
2018-05-23Triplicity Music & Arts Festival 2018United Kingdomlink
2018-05-25Psy-Boutique Festival 2018Turkeylink
2018-05-26Sacred Ritual FestivalCypruslink
2018-05-30Pulsar Iv - Encontro De Arte, Cultura E SustentabilidadeBrazillink
2018-05-31Chill FestivalGermanylink
2018-05-31Psychedelic Circus Open Air Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-06-01Happy Daze Festival 2018Australialink
2018-06-07Synaptic Eclipse Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-06-07Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-06-08We Are Not Alone Family FestivalGermanylink
2018-06-08Samsara 4th Europe Edition HungaryHungarylink
2018-06-08Arkana Festival 2018Perulink
2018-06-08Universal Gatherings - SynchronicitiesUnited Stateslink
2018-06-10Sacred Mountains Shamanic Festival 2018Austrialink
2018-06-14SPIRIT BASE FESTIVAL 2018Czech Republiclink
2018-06-14SOLSTITIUM 2018 Estonialink
2018-06-15ForRest-Explosion Sommernachtztraum Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-06-15Wald Healing 2018 - Gemeinsam WachsenGermanylink
2018-06-15Dharma Trance Festival 2018Mexicolink
2018-06-16Mystic Mountain Festival :: Solstice edition 2018Croatialink
2018-06-21Ufo Bufo 2018Czech Republiclink
2018-06-21Forest Star Festival 2018Swedenlink
2018-06-21AYMON Festival 2018: Intergalactic GatheringBulgarialink
2018-06-22Own Spirit Festival 2018Spainlink
2018-06-22Vortex Phoenix Festival of Fire 2018South Africalink
2018-06-27Dakini Festival 2018Romanialink
2018-06-27Burning Mountain Festival 2018Switzerlandlink
2018-06-28Son Libre Festival 2018 • Full Moon EditionFrancelink
2018-06-28The Light Will Shine from The DarknessSwedenlink
2018-06-29Reisefieber XivSwitzerlandlink
2018-06-29Reign Bough Fiddle 2018 (Space Cats v. Flying Saucers)Canadalink
2018-06-29The light will shine from the darknessSwedenlink
2018-07-04Freqs Of Nature Festival 2018 • Peculiar Art & Music FestivalGermanylink
2018-07-04One Love Festival 2018: Roots Of LoveSwitzerlandlink
2018-07-05Noisily Festival Of Music & Arts 2018United Kingdomlink
2018-07-05Flow Festival 2018Austrialink
2018-07-05Dharma Festival 2018Polandlink
2018-07-05Transylvaliens Festival 2018Romanialink
2018-07-06Metronome Festival 2018Georgialink
2018-07-06ATLAS GATHERING 2018 - Celebrating UniquenessItalylink
2018-07-06Kosmos Festival 2018Finlandlink
2018-07-06Plateau by Intergalacted TribeTurkeylink
2018-07-06Seeds of Freedom Festival 2018Portugallink
2018-07-10Shankra Festival 2018Switzerlandlink
2018-07-11Funny Moon Festival 2018Czech Republiclink
2018-07-12Visionaria Art Community -Festival2018-Italylink
2018-07-12Festival Harmonic 2018Francelink
2018-07-12Lost Theory 2018Spainlink
2018-07-12Waha Festival 2018Romanialink
2018-07-1324. Antaris ProjectGermanylink
2018-07-13Munay Festival 2018Spainlink
2018-07-16Chill Out Planet Festival 2018Russialink
2018-07-18Elysium Island Festival 2018Serbialink
2018-07-18Sonica Dance Festival - 2018Italylink
2018-07-19SUN Festival 2018Hungarylink
2018-07-19Goadupa Festival 2018Polandlink
2018-07-20VooV Experience 2018Germanylink
2018-07-20Stone Moon 6Francelink
2018-07-22Boom Festival 2018Portugallink
2018-07-25Mozamboogy 2018Mozambiquelink
2018-07-26Way Of Life Festival 2018Serbialink
2018-07-26Éclipse Festival 2018Canadalink
2018-07-30Ozora Festival 2018Hungarylink
2018-08-02Tantra Music Festival 5th Edition - 72H Open AirFrancelink
2018-08-02FORA de TEMPO Festival / Goache Family & Atomes 10th AnniversaryPortugallink
2018-08-03SimSalaBoom Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-08-03Star Camp Shasta 2018United Stateslink
2018-08-03CaMaKaVuM FestivalGermanylink
2018-08-06MoDem Festival 2018 (Momento Demento)Croatialink
2018-08-08Apsara Festival 2018Romanialink
2018-08-09Yaga Gathering 2018Lithuanialink
2018-08-10Infected Guitars FestivalPortugallink
2018-08-10Summer Dream Open Air Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-08-10Infected Festival 10,11,12 Agosto – ✾ by SpaceMusicDropsPortugallink
2018-08-10Funkloch-Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-08-13New Healing Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-08-14WAO Festival 2018Italylink
2018-08-15Psy-Fi 2018Netherlandslink
2018-08-16Lost in Summer TimeBelgiumlink
2018-08-16Digital Forest - Psychedelic Trance Music Festival 2018Czech Republiclink
2018-08-17Silver Lake Festival 2018Polandlink
2018-08-17Whirly-Fayre 2018United Kingdomlink
2018-08-17Native Noise Festival 2018United Stateslink
2018-08-17Psylanguage 2018Australialink
2018-08-23Free Earth Festival / Greece / HalkidikiGreecelink
2018-08-23Waldfrieden Wonderland 2018Germanylink
2018-08-23Motion Notion 2018Canadalink
2018-08-23Sunshine Lake Festival 2018Italylink
2018-08-24Spiritz Of D-JungeLSwedenlink
2018-08-24Tabularasa Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-08-25Genesis Daytime Festival!Swedenlink
2018-08-307 CHAKRASItalylink
2018-08-30Indian Spirit 2018Germanylink
2018-08-31Space Safari 2018Belgiumlink
2018-08-31Aura Psy FestivalSpainlink
2018-09-04Connection Festival 2018Spainlink
2018-09-05Skogtroll 2018Norwaylink
2018-09-06Hadra Trance Festival 2018Francelink
2018-09-06Festival Terra Azul 6 - A Vibração da luz!Brazillink
2018-09-06Samsara Festival #19Brazillink
2018-09-06Earthquake Open Air Gathering 2018Germanylink
2018-09-07PSY ISLAND FESTIVAL 2018Czech Republiclink
2018-09-12Primitif Festival 2018 - Desert & Psychedelic GatheringMoroccolink
2018-09-14CHILLUVIUM 2018
2018-09-19Back To Nature Festival 2018 - September RitualTurkeylink
2018-09-21Earthdance Festival 2018Brazillink
2018-10-05Mushroom Valley 2018Australialink
2018-11-02Dragon Dreaming Festival 2018 - 10 Year AnniversaryAustralialink
2018-12-13Vortex Open Source 2018South Africalink
2018-12-21Magik Solstice+FullMoon Gatheringlink
2019-01-09Atman Festival 2019Sri Lankalink
2019-01-23Tayrona Trance Beach FestivalColombialink
2019-02-14Earth Frequency Festival 2019Australialink
2019-05-30Schallkonflikt Open Air Festival 2019 - The RebirthGermanylink
2019-06-14ForRest-Explosion Sommernachtztraum Festival 2019Germanylink
2019-06-14PSY Circus Festival 2019: Hora de LocuraMexicolink
2019-07-19Forest Soul Gathering 2019 - 2Nd EditionPortugallink
2019-07-22Sonica Festival 2019Italylink
2019-08-19Zna Gathering 2019Portugallink
2019-08-30Timeless Festival 2019 CanadaCanadalink
2020-06-12ForRest-Explosion Sommernachtztraum Festival 2020Germanylink
2020-12-10Total Solar Eclipse Festival 2020 - ChileChilelink – 2017 – best of results

Best new artist for 2017
Best psychedelic radio of the year 2017
Favorite “downtempo/ambient dj” of the year 2017
Best “Remix EP / album” of the year 2017
Label of the year 2017 (ambient / chill)
Best Psychedelic Festival of the year 2017 and overall
EP of the year 2017 (psychill/ psybient / chill )
Best chillout Compilation of the year 2017
Best psybient Album of the year 2017 (top 50)