We are extremely excited to share with you that on 6,7 and 8 June the 1st Festival of Zen, Well-being and Spiritual Music will take place in Paris (10 a.m.- 22 p.m.). The organisers believe that the sound has an influence on the health, spirit and body.

This concept is not new, as the singing and mantra repetition make a part of hindu spiritual practices since thousands of years. Nowadays, being in the centre of interest, this “medicine” for the body and soul has gone through a range of transformation and modernisation in comparison with the ancient tradition. Come and discover!

The address: Salle Pan Piper – 2/4 Impasse Lamier – 75011 Paris

The artists of the Festival are considered as the most talented composers of zen, relaxation, spiritual, well-being and therapeutic music in France and many other countries. They are Aeolia (Matilda), Philippe Beer-Gabel, Emmanuel Comte (Canada), Catherine Darbord, Véronique & Denis Fargeot, Horizons Intérieurs (Arundhati & Vasistha), Kasara, FrAnck Nabet, Alain Penichot, Michel Pépé, Stephen Sicard (alias Logos), Pandit Shivkumar, L’Ensemble Unissons© (Laurent De Vecchi – Fabian Leduc – Alix Colin & Pierre Dossin) et Jean Michel Vincent…

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