Coming from twenty countries or more, indigenous tribes, shaman, musicians, artists, teachers and attendees from over forty countries will gather together for one of the worlds most important indigenous cultural celebrations. Spanning 18 days on an amazing beach in the Caribbean, Tribal Gathering melds the ancient and modern, providing a space for discourse, ceremony and fun.

The first half is dedicated to the tribes and their shaman with several zones offering workshops, ceremonies and indigenous music. Slowly the pace picks up and we seemingly travel through time to the finale of five days of electronic music and what might be described as our modern rituals of dance, art and creativity.

Things don’t stop there, Tribal Gathering is a fundraising event for our public charity Geoparadise, the money we raise funds numerous projects throughout the year with the tribes in attendance. It is also a platform where projects are created and we all get the chance to involve ourselves in this process. The profits from every cent you spend at Tribal Gathering, from your entry ticket to money spent at the bars and our restaurant go towards these projects. Without your contribution none of this would be possible so, thank you!

Music: Two stages with over 100 Artists and DJ’s
Shamanic Ceremonies: With shaman from a dozen different tribes holding ceremonies in three different shamanic realms.
Tribes: Representatives from tribes from over twenty countries throughout the planet.
Workshops: 18 days of Workshops, Body Movement classes, Ecology, Primitive Technologies, Traditional Skills and more.
Art Gallery: With representatives from the indigenous and shamanic arts.
Market: With artisan goods and clothing from our global communities
Food: Local, organic, cooked, raw and more.

The lineup:

GAUDI ftg Danny Ladwa (UK)
Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue) (SWE)
Youth (UK)
James Monro (UK)
Perfect Stranger (ISR)
Desert Dwellers (USA)
Entheogenic (UK)
Gus Till (UK/AUS)
Gabriel le Mar (Saafi Brothers) (DE)
Total Eclipse (FR)
Gaudium (SWE)
Birds of Paradise (USA)
Klopfgeister (DE)
Gaspard (CH)
Mixmaster Morris (UK)
Yab Yum (Gaspard DJ set)
Bumbling Loons (UK)
Yuli Fershtat (ISR)
Slinky Wizard (UK/AUS)
Madmaxx (FR/USA)
Tron (MX)
Master Margherita (CH)
Hedflux (UK)
Cubixx (DE)
DJ Shahar (ISR)


Aaron Fractaltribe (USA)
Acid Black (PRK)
Akasha Vibes (F)
Alexander (USA)
Alex Tolstey (ES)
Alien Visitors (IT/MK)
Aliji (UK)
Aran-Project (IT)
Avery Runner (USA)
AumLab (USA)
Aureohm (CR)
Bayawaka (ISR)
Beardy Weardy (UK)
Brian Sentient (USA)
Caballero (MX)
Charlie Harpoon (UK)
Crystal Monkey (CH)
Copyright Criminal (UK)
CrookedMind (CR)
Dan Covan (USA)
Dan Gilbert (UK)
Dela Moontribe (USA)
DJ Ambidecktricks (USA)
Digo (GTM)
DM Tree (UK)
Duologic (IT)
Dymons (CH)
Ecliptic (MX)
Ekanta (BR)
Eric Mandala (CA)
Erothyme (USA)
Fathoms (CA)
Gibson (USA)
Gino Sonica (IT)
Globular (UK)
Gordito (USA)
Impulse Response (PA)
Ipcress (UK)
Jossie Telch (MX)
Kals (MX)
Kukan Dub Lagan (ES)
Liftshift (NL)
Lawrence Straw (PA)
Lunar Sound (MX)
Madhatter (USA)
Massern (CR)
Mind Pulse (PA)
Nanoplex (UK)
Natural Street Freak (UK)
Ozzidelic (PA)
Paradigm (USA)
Pepe Wash (MX)
Pulum (PA)
R2 (CR)
Rikam (CA)
Raijin Gaijin (ES)
Robert Leoni (IT)
Robin Triskele (UK/USA)
Rulas Undergroove (MX)
Shove (MX)
Sorian (ES)
Smoke Sign (USA)
Solomoon (USA)
Tiefenrausch (AUT)
The Bohemian (FR/USA)
Victor from Qbeek (IT)
Vicky Merlino (IT)
Zen Lemonade (UK/AUS)
Zu Zen (CA)