Today, we have interesting coincidence, we publish Favourite “downtempo/ambient dj” poll results on the international DJ day ;) Congratulations to all DJs in the world for making music alive and keeping us entertained at bars, openairs, festivals and club events ! Your job is not the easiest but someone has to do it , right ?

Here, at we truly love and respect DJs, and we appreciate their hard work of making selections and DJ mix sets. Downtempo / Psychill DJs are usually dedicated supporters of the artists; they are more likely to thank and give feedback to the artists, support them and pay for music. From the listener’s point of view, they do a great job in preselecting music, filtering and identifying the musical gems. They will often dig back to the older tracks and artists and in so doing bring attention to something that might have been forgotten otherwise. DJs are also important contributors to festival and event lineups, and we think their role should be valorized. Also some DJ’s are event organizers and label managers. Some of greatest chill artist have participated in our podcast, have a listen.

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During the next 3 weeks, on every Monday, Thursday and Friday, we will publish a new “best of” post, each one dedicated to a poll nomination. You are welcome to visit our home page regularly and visit our forum if you wish to discuss the results. – 2017 – best of results

(published 6/3) Best new artist for 2016 (psybient, psychill, ambient, psydub, downtempo)
(published 9/3) Favourite “downtempo/ambient dj” of the year 2016
(published 13/3) Best “psychedelic radio” of the year 2016 (psybient, psychill, ambient, psydub, downtempo)
(soon) Label of the year 2016 (psybient, psychill, ambient, psydub, downtempo)
(soon) EP of the year 2016 (psybient, psychill, ambient, psydub, downtempo)
(soon) Best Psychedelic Festival of the year 2016 and overall (psybient, psychill)
(soon) Best “Compilation” of the year 2016
(soon) Best “Album” of the year 2016 (top 20)
(soon) Best “Remix EP / album” of the year 2016
(soon) Favourite “ALL TIME” psybient artist

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text by Gagarin.

Favourite “downtempo/ambient DJ” results (psybient, psychill, ambient, psydub, downtempo):

This question was optional and answers were in free text mode. Congratulations and inspiration to our “winners”. The best prize for them will be your attention to their art of mixing.

Johnny Blue

Dj Psypunk

Liquid Lounge

Gagarin Project


Dalton Trance Teleport
Dj Qses
Dj Zen

Amar Dhall
Alkan Ruller

Dj Soleye



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Note from Gagarin:
Some DJs have the old habit of keeping their tracklist private. While I respect this approach, I think if a DJ decides to put a mix online as “free to listen”, they should include the full tracklist; this is the simplest and most effective way to thank the artists. Having no time is no excuse. Having 1-2 unreleased tracks is also no excuse, as a partial playlist is better than nothing. If you feel like sharing your thoughts on this subject, please join us in our forum post here. Soundcloud dj mix playlist

We are keeping updated a playlist with a huge selection of mixes – Have a listen :)

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