Psytrance Ukraine in partnership with Unite platform invites you to the online audio-visual psychedelic experience.

Five Ukrainian sound magicians and one visual artist prepared for you an extended evening program, full of smiles, psychedelic vibrations and groovy beats.

Goodwill ambassadors will transmit you optimism, unity and fortitude during the 5-hour online-marathon.

Mixed by Gagarin Project
Visuals — ONTA (Anton Shevchenko).

Video replay:

Video replay on YT:

Full 5 hours stream can be accessed here


Audio replay :


01. Gagarin Project – Live Love Create
02. Katia Chilly – Pich
03. The Infinity Project – High Insert
04. Tea Tree – How Not To Be Seen
05. Symbolico – Perceiving all
06. Shpongle Static – Pharaoh
07. Shpongle – Empty Branes
08. Key-G – Ascension Upgrade (GUMI Remix)
09. Akasha – Liquid Grip (TRIBONE Re-STOMP)
10. Kalya Scintilla – You are Divine
11. Mr Squatch – The Squatch Expands Life (Squatchs Deep Space Mix)
12. Kaya Project – …& So It Goes (Evil Oil Man Remix)
13. Ekorce – Human Concept
14. SeaMoon – Archaic Mind
15. Gagarin Project – Cosmic Awakening
16. Gagarin Project – Live Love Create


Weekend #15 of Project Unite Timetable (CET)
18:00-19:00 Zymosis (Sentimony Records)
19:00-20:00 Gagarin Project (Psybient.org)
20:00-21:00 Injir (Sentimony Records)
21:00-22:00 klePSYdra (Vertigo Records)
22:00-23:00 OVERDREAM (Woo-Dog Records)

letthemusicUNITEus.com and www.PSYBIENT.org

Support & Design:
NEURO Surfers

Project co-created by Psytrance Ukraine, NEURO Surfers and Gagarin Project :

Join the stream and discover what Ukraine has to offer! Get ready for the party!