Hi ;)

from the name of psybient.org team i would like to wish to everyone a great year !

We wish you luck in all your beginnings, strong health and much inspiration ! Let’s create the magic of life together and fill the world with love, creativity, sharing and of course good music !

As promised during fundraising, we are preparing a new version of website that will come up shortly.

I would like to thank to all people who supported us via donation or a collaboration. I would like to thank to people involved in psybient.org : Gordon “timeisart”, Trala Lama, Fuluf, Alchemist, Melisa and Runa.

We are always looking for new ideas, new people to join the team ! maybe 2018 is the year to do something together (contact us via contact form)?
Let’s continue to spread positive vibes and work to create our future together !

with love,
iurii gagarin