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  1. Ivan Jašek - artist

    I am Artist from Czech Republic – I-One (Ivan Jasek; composer, mutiinstrumentalist, singer, producent world music, ethno, ambient, chill-out, psybient, psytrance music, privatly teacher )
    I-One has over 23 years of experience working with sound, as live DJ, music composer, singer and professional musician and instrument player.
    His live set’s are a colourful spectrum of sounds, harmonies, beats and mixes. The music creates unique atmosphere, and it takes you straight on the way to the inner and outer space.

    I-One plays mainly his own music (composing in ableton, making use of recordings of his own acoustic production, different sounds, nature sounds, sampler, effects, live instruments and voice, beatbox), some times he mixes it also with carefully chosen tracks from other producers.
    His music is a junction of modern electronic and traditional music. Inspiration of I-One comes from shammanic traditions and rituals, music-therapy knowledge, all sorts of rhythms, voice, together with electronic samples, effects and recordings and personal music feeling.
    He has performed for exampleat FunnyMoon 2009 and 2011, Circle 2010, 2012, Sziged 2011 Hungary, in Hague to Holland 2011 and he is performing for exampleat GlobalChillOut festival 2008-2017, Vibe festival 2012, CosmigFrog 2012, Transylvania Calling Romania 2012, Funny Moon Czech rep. 2011/2012, Psy fest. HaffenGrünn 2013/2014 Hamburg, Trance Carpathia gatering Ukraine 2013 and for 2014 his band isinvite to Boom festival in Portugal, Untold festival in Romania 2015, Sansara to Hungary 2016 …
    Tooday have three albs ( AllisOne 2012, Flowerfull 2014, Ionosphere 2016)

    Just now i have ready from Finland Studio finish mastering – Singularity (2017)

    Here is link for downland.

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