Hi There,

we are pleased to share the Alternative stage / Chillout lineup of upcoming edition of Midnight Sun Festival 2014 that will be in Værøy, Norway from 2014-07-16 to 2014-07-22

A.C. Lyon United States
Ankurbln Germany
AuroraX The Universe
Biosphere Norway
Buddy Pitch Norway
Carbon Based Lifeforms Sweden
Circular Norway
Daniel Vaz Norway
Dark Passenger Germany
Dave Nice Norway
Dj Nod United Kingdom
Djane Gaby Slovenia
E.U.E.R.P.I Bulgaria
Fairmont Canada
Francisco Berberan Norway
I.R.I.S Bulgaria
Igorrr France
Kala Hari Portugal
Kamelkollektivet Norway
Kimotei Norway
Knobs Netherlands
La8pv Norway
Mixile Ireland
Morris Cowan United Kingdom
Mr. Munchies Norway
Munstrous Germany
Nathan Fake United Kingdom
Naty Seres Germany
Nobody Home Sweden
Nothos Norway
Ocelot Portugal
Ratatoskr Norway
Riffa Netherlands
Roland Lifjell Norway
Sofus Forsberg Denmark
Therapist Bulgaria
Trulz & Robin Norway
Unknown Cause Norway
Vari Loves Norway
Zeitgeist Germany
Økapi Italy

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