Dear friends,

We did it, the forum project is entirely funded by YOU! The forum is already installed and we are testing it with our team and friends. In about 1-2 weeks, we will give access to the forum to all crowdfunders. They will have that exclusive access for few weeks, this time will allow us to verify the server capacity to handle users and just after it we will open the public access. If you wish to be among the first to see the forum, or to get perks from our partner labels you still have one week to participate. Official opening will be in january 2015.

Today we would also like to thank our collaborator Gordon for helping us to keep track of new releases and maintaining our releases’ catalogs. He is responsible for 99% of our weekly music news, and what he does is just priceless! In case you didn’t notice we have a very complete listings for the followings years: 2012, 2013 and 2014 releases lists. Gordon has a great taste of music that you can discover through his music collection visible partly via his profile.

Last week was incredibly reach for releases, so take your time to discover them below! Stay warm and awake!


Week events:

Manta by Hadra (France)
Saturday Chill @ Nomad Chai Bar with Grains of Sound (Germany)
Big Space Journey (Russia)
Fusion Culture – ComeAsYouAre (Israel)
ultimae records @ The Greenville Experience (India)
Ecstatic Dance Retreat 2014 (USA)
Kalya Scintilla Feat EveOlution and Nominus @Refuge (USA)
Kalya Scintilla @ Folsom (USA)
Phutureprimitive “Searching for Beauty Tour” (USA)

all event details and links are in the calendar =>

Last week articles:

interview with Mizoo (TimeGate 2015 highlight)

Fresh releases:

Aes Dana & Miktek – Cut. [Ultimae Records]

Anasa – Progressive Beat Stories Vol. 2 [Cosmicleaf Records]

Atman Construct – Weaver’s Dreams [Time Resonance Music]

AtYyA – Remixes [Self Released]

Beatroots – Emerse [Merkaba Music]

Dirk Geiger – Connected Worlds [Tympanik Audio]

Fractal Dragon – Spiky Gooey [Self Released]

I-One – Flowerfull [ForSageOne]

Lo.Renzo – Time [Subbass]

Master Margherita – Films Soundtracks #1 [Self Released]

Mick Chillage – Surveying Wastelands [Self Released]

Planet B – Omboclat [Ektoplazm]

Poordream – Ninetynine [Tympanik Audio]

Psychoactive Sound – Magic Place [Plexus Music]

Reflection – Mechanical Puzzle [Up Records]

Slow Dancing Society – The Dusk Recital [Self Released]

Soulacybin – Funkerpump [Self Released]

Spatialize – On The Edge Of Forever [Self Released]

Spatialize – Radial [Self Released]

Tineidae – Shadows [Tympanik Audio]

Various Artists – Craters: El’gygytgyn [Tunguska Electronic Music Society]

Various Artists – Discombobulation Compilation Vol. 1 [Discombobulation Records]

Various Artists – Discombobulation Compilation Vol. 2 [Discombobulation Records]

Various Artists – Flashback Psychill [Plexus Music]

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