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Week events and festivals:

Infinite Bliss (UK)
Emmaboda Festival (Sweden)
Magikana Festival 2015 (UK) CANCELLED
Tree of Life (Turkey)
Motion Notion (Canada)
Dharma Festival 2015 (Poland)
Noise Poison (Slovakia)
The Secret Garden Party (UK)
Waha Festival 2015 (Romania)
Diversity (Canada)
Human Nature Festival (USA)
Shining – Festival 2015 (Germany)
Sundaze Festival (France)
Tonträger Festival (Germany)
Lucidity presents Nimbus ‘Elements’ Launch Party (UK)
Universe Vibrations. Vibronica party 2015 (Ukraine)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Recent Releases:

2nutz – Blessoteric Snowday – Addictech Records
Bassic – Motus – Self Released
Cosmic Replicant – Landscapes Motion – Pureuphoria Records
Daheen – Purple Chillies – Self Released
Dhamika – Luminance EP – Self Released
Dreamstalker – Goa Edits – Self Released
Entactic – Closed Eye LandScapes – Voidoscope Records
Gaddy – Sleeping With An Ashtray – Digital Whomp
Ishq – Summer Light – Self Released
Jedidiah – Inner Spirit – Uxmal Records
Katozuka – Seven Skies – Self Released
Laughing Crowd – Everyman’s Right EP – Self Released
Lingua Lustra & Snufmumriko – Dwelling In Sound – Spiritech Records
Om Sagar – Senndirefaya – Self Released
Oneness – Processed Thoughts – Street Ritual
Sixis – Refraction Point EP – Addictech Records
The Egg & Greg Hunter – Horizons EP – Self Released
tshabee – Mesmerize EP – Babylon Records
Various Artists – Integral Visions – Subbass
Various Artists – Kineta Lounge – Cosmicleaf Records
Various Artists – The True Light Of Darkness OST – Adventures Through The Mind
Various Artists – Velvet Vibration 2 – Spiritech Records

Album of the week 30 selection :

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Album of the week 29 “forum poll” results

1st:Tor.Ma Meets Mexican Trancers In Dub – Mara’akames Gathering [ Dubmission Records ]

2nd:Electrocado (Mr. Bill & Ryanosaurus) – Scribble [ Gravitas Recordings ]

Numatik – Intangible Remixes [ Mycelium Music ]

Other ‘someone has voted once’ releases are keeping the 3rd place. Check it out with links and players here

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