Podcast -44- DJ Basilisk – Resilience

We welcome today DJ Basilisk from Ektopkazm with his mix , for all other episodes visit !


Basilisk is the founder of the Ektoplazm label group and distribution portal, co-founder of psychedelic techno label Techgnosis Records, and a veteran DJ with broad musical interests and an uncompromising commitment to quality. More than two decades of experience inform his practice, which emphasizes harmonic mixing theory and open-minded yet meticulous curation. He is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan.


My intention with this guest mix for is two-fold: to expand the horizons of what we consider “psychedelic downtempo” by exploring a wide range of adjacent and compatible styles of electronic music; and to demonstrate advanced mixing techniques in a chill out set, where many DJs just make brief transitions between tracks.

This mix contains multitudes: ambient and modular dreamscapes, bucolic IDM and futuristic electro breaks, quirky nu-disco workouts, deep and organic house and trance, bubbling acid experiments, shimmering slabs of dub techno, and more than a few references to the origins of psychedelic trance culture on the beaches of South and Southeast Asia. A careful selection of harmonically compatible source material allows for long, layered transitions, sometimes with three or four tracks playing simultaneously. Ideally this creates a sort of auditory illusion where tracks meld together and time collapses, making it effortless to lose yourself in this musical microcosm. Finally, on an emotional level, this mix is often more hopeful and perhaps even inspirational, though it is not without melancholy and sadness at times, a reflection of the global zeitgeist.

Dedicated to the resilience of the Ukrainian people.


01. Siavash Amini + Saffronkeira – Forgotten Machinations
02. Max Cooper – Veil of Time 3D
03. Alva Noto – Xerrox Voyage
04. Loscil – Fifth Anchor Span
05. Forest On Stasys – Petricor
06. State Azure – Cascade
07. Drew McDowall x Hiro Kone – Bright Kiss of Fire
08. Aes Dana feat. MikTek – 6AM
09. VC-118A – Enter
10. Dust-e-1 – Hutchin
11. Kalson – Taurus
12. Stimulus Timbre – DE-1 Transmission
13. Knay – Amelie (Simone Bauer’s Mystical Forest Interpretation)
14. Roza Terenzi – Spiral
15. Primitive Needs – Verbatim
16. Datawave – Anomaly
17. Rambal Cochet – Leptis Magna (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)
18. Lokier – The Train Loop
19. Volta Cab – Kondor Got Problems
20. Skelesys – Do You Know? (Curses Remix)
21. Charlie Don’t Surf – Djupt Under
22. Mungolian Jetset – Mush in the Bush
23. Desert Dwellers – To Be The Air (Forever & Ever Remix)
24. Raidho feat. T.Etno – Tarantula
25. Chris IDH – Nama
26. Octal Industries – Kólga 1
27. Vakula – Deep Motivation
28. Dircsen – Depth Scan
29. Tornado Wallace – Thinking Allowed
30. Khun Fluff – วิญญาณ (Full Circle’s Lost in Translation Mix)
31. Ground – Stone Bridge (Mogambo 4AM Psy Dub)
32. Dublicator – Cosmic Egg
33. Primal Code – Elixir
34. Conforce – Phase 7
35. The Higher Intelligence Agency – Discatron
36. Blue Planet Corporation feat. Johannes Regnier – Phoenix
37. Padmasana – Vibration (Part One)
38. Babe Roots feat. Kojo Neatness – Sufferation Time (Babe Roots Remix)
39. SUBSET – The Community of Worlds
40. One Arc Degree – The Glow Beneath
41. Mr. Cloudy – Lumen
42. Murr feat. Rosina – Dive Into The Deepest
43. Krusseldorf feat. Carolin Terzian – Tokyo Nights
44. Martin Nonstatic – Vyana (Exhale)
45. Bola – Fhorth