We decided to write this small article after we spotted recently some interesting statistics on the psynews.org internet forum.

How big is Psychedelic Trance Market?

One of the forum user said there that upon his counting for Trance scene there were :
– in 2012 – 2003 releases (1095 albums/compilations + 908 EPs)
– in 2013 – 2185 releases (979 albums/compilations + 1206 EPs)

How big is Psychedelic Downtempo / Midtempo Market?

What about Downtempo? According to information from our downtempo releases listing for 2013 there were at least 401 releases (300 albums + 101 EPs). Our listing is not complete, and we can estimate the total number of releases to be approximately 500!

We think this number is big and promising! Obviously, it is not about quantity, but it also shows that the scene is alive! Furthermore, it’s hard to imagine that there are people who have been able to listen to all of those releases!

Let’s follow this story and see how many more beautiful releases will come to life in 2014. We invite you to visit our monthly updates and our main listing for 2014:
january 2014 (58 items so far)
february 2014 (74 items so far)
2014 listing

Here is a link to the original post with a statistic about trance scene. We are also planning to write an article that will analyse and present the geography of downtempo / psychill user groups. If you want to know which are the countries where people listen or produce psy – downtempo, come back to us soon :)

What do you think?

We would like to know what you think about Downtempo / Midtempo Market, about the number and quality of releases. Please write us directly or comment this page :)