There are more and more self-released music nowadays, however still music creation and distribution is highly dependent on the labels. Labels helps us to discover new artist, they help artist to reach audience and basically connect creators with the audience. It is time to highlight “the best” labels for psybient, psychill, ambient, psydub, downtempo music, selected by our community. Labels create new genres, develop them and give trends.

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Deepest gratitude to all the labels below and special thanks to Bandcamp for their great service and real working solution for music distribution. We want to thank to Ektoplazm for distributing an incredible amount of music.

This poll would not happen without help of our contributor timeisart who does incredible work by maintaining our releases catalog : 2019, 2018. – 2018 – best of results

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Label of the year 2018 (psybient, psychill, ambient, psydub, downtempo):

Congratulations to Altar Records, who is leading our chart for last 4 years in a row ! And congratulations to Merkaba Music for their second position, this label have been releasing a lot of goodies last year.

For information, this year winner Altar Records got 74 votes, Merkaba Music – 67 votes and Shanti Planti – 55. We had in total 420 participants in the vote.

01. Altar Records
02. Merkaba Music
03. Shanti Planti
04. Cosmicleaf Records
05. Mindspring Music
06. Visionary Shamanics Records
07. AstroPilot Music
08. Mystic Sound Records
09. Nutek Chill
10. Desert Trax
11. Blue Tunes Chillout
12. The Rust Music
13. Microcosmos Records
14. Melusine Records
15. Liquid Sound Design
16. DiN
17. Gravitas Recordings
18. Iboga Records
19. Aquatic Collective
20. Reson8 Music
21. Street Ritual
22. Dubmission Records
23. Enig’matik Records
24. Iono Music
25. Ovnimoon Records
26. Outtalectuals
27. Sentimony Records
28. Dakini Records
29. Plexus Music
30. Psykedream Music

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