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Thank you for everyone who contributed events to our list, we have compiled all together in this list.


Featured Festivals 2018

2018-07-12 Festival Harmonic 2018 France
2018-07-13 24. Antaris Project Germany
2018-07-19 Sun Festival 2018 Hungary
2018-08-15 Psy-Fi 2018 “A Shamanic Experience” Netherlands
2018-09-06 Hadra Trance Festival 2018 France
2018-09-xx CHILLUVIUM 2018 France

Psytrance Festivals Lists

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August Psytrance Festivals Calendar and Psychedelic Festival list

August Psytrance Festivals 2018 Listing

Start DateFestival NameCountryLink
2018-08-02Tantra Music Festival 5th Edition - 72H Open AirFrancelink
2018-08-02FORA de TEMPO Festival / Goache Family & Atomes 10th AnniversaryPortugallink
2018-08-03SimSalaBoom Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-08-03Star Camp Shasta 2018United Stateslink
2018-08-03CaMaKaVuM FestivalGermanylink
2018-08-06MoDem Festival 2018 (Momento Demento)Croatialink
2018-08-08Apsara Festival 2018Romanialink
2018-08-09Yaga Gathering 2018Lithuanialink
2018-08-10Infected Guitars FestivalPortugallink
2018-08-10Summer Dream Open Air Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-08-10Infected Festival 10,11,12 Agosto – ✾ by SpaceMusicDropsPortugallink
2018-08-10Funkloch-Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-08-13New Healing Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-08-14WAO Festival 2018Italylink
2018-08-15Psy-Fi 2018Netherlandslink
2018-08-16Lost in Summer TimeBelgiumlink
2018-08-16Digital Forest - Psychedelic Trance Music Festival 2018Czech Republiclink
2018-08-17Silver Lake Festival 2018Polandlink
2018-08-17Whirly-Fayre 2018United Kingdomlink
2018-08-17Native Noise Festival 2018United Stateslink
2018-08-17Psylanguage 2018Australialink
2018-08-23Free Earth Festival / Greece / HalkidikiGreecelink
2018-08-23Waldfrieden Wonderland 2018Germanylink
2018-08-23Motion Notion 2018Canadalink
2018-08-23Sunshine Lake Festival 2018Italylink
2018-08-24Spiritz Of D-JungeLSwedenlink
2018-08-24Tabularasa Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-08-25Genesis Daytime Festival!Swedenlink
2018-08-307 CHAKRASItalylink
2018-08-30Indian Spirit 2018Germanylink
2018-08-31Space Safari 2018Belgiumlink
2018-08-31Aura Psy FestivalSpainlink