Androcell reemerges yet again to bring his fourth studio album “Imbue” to the sensory surface. To know more on the alum and the process of its creation, check our latest interview with Tyler Smith here.

1.Smile On 07:31
2.Under The Sun 06:46
3.Trodding Valleys 06:49
4.Pushing Onwards 08:28
5.Finding Our Bliss 06:26
6.Neuron Circus 07:32
7.Sacred Encounter 07:38
8.Root Of Pharmacology 08:28

This latest work is a new journey of vivid sound imbued with peace, love, courage, strength, and healing for the human heart, conscious mind, and nervous system. Together, in alliance with Altar Records, this album is proudly presented as a limited-edition CD with all original cover artwork painted by artist Jack Shure and quality mastering by Colin Bennun at Stooodio Mastering, UK.

We love it, and you?!

You can listen, buy and download this chillout music in wave, apple lossless (alac), flac or mp3 from: