A 5 Track Bass Music album for peak summer-autumn 2014 is here, brought to you by AtYyA & Street Ritual for free. Oh yeah!

1. Adhiṭṭhāna 06:58
2. Oceanic 06:57
3. Altar Form 05:30
4. Cygnus 05:51
5. Listen To Your Heart 05:24

Full of heavy 808 kick drums, deep rolling bass lines, beautifully emotive melodies, tribal hand percussion, and soul touching female vocals. Many of the samples are field recordings from adventures in BC’s Lush Mountainous forests, birds of the prairies, waves of the pacific ocean, and magical moments at music festivals this summer.

Transcendance is Composed in 432hz, a powerful heart activating frequency spectrum in perfect alignment with the mathematic fractal of the plutonic solids and many other sacred geometry formations. May this album inspire the full embodiment of the devine kings and queens that we truly are. <3 Based in Oakland, California, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas - Street Ritual is a meta-label, encompassing a collective of creative artists and their collaborative manifestations. “Street Ritual is a conduit for sounds, media, images and ideas that interact with one’s perception, inspire and enlighten. The ritual connects us to our tribal roots, as we dance around the fire of old ways, burning what now does not serve us. Through this ritual we birth a new, global consciousness. You have reached a point on this path, the dance is now your own destiny.”

A bit of history… “AtYyA” is pronounced [ Ah-Tye-Ah ] and represents the auditory alchemy of Tyler Clark. With over 7 years experience as a producer, drummer, bass guitarist, percussionist, beatboxer, and eternal music lover; AtYyA is the fruition of countless musical explorations. AtYyA’s niche sound is a fusion of Deep Dub and Post-Trap sewn together by squishy psychedelic soundscapes. His music features deep alluring basslines, 808 inspired drum kits, organic percussion, heart touching melodies & futuristic ambiance that synergistically breaths and merges into endlessly unfolding sonic fractals. AtYyA inspires powerful somatic journeys into the depths of the heart, connecting us to the furthest reaches of the universe and beyond…

You can listen, buy and download this chillout music in wave, apple lossless (alac), flac or mp3 from: http://music.streetritual.com/album/transcendance-free-download