“The present is elastic to embrace infinity”.. Paul Shirshin aka Cosmic Replicant returns with his 3rd release on Altar Records. Over the years, he has created a polished and unique downtempo sound with the characteristic deepness of the new-school Goa-chill vibe.

1.Flexible Minds 07:24
2.Overnight Journey 08:10
3.Perception of Doors 06:13
4.Waves Bubbles 05:28
5.Quantum Leap 09:08
6.Mission Infinity 08:14
7.Yesterday’s Tomorrow 07:50
8.Spiral Station V.2 06:00
9.Stellar Flares 08:00
10.Distant Stars Photons 06:08

Most of the tracks are certainly danceable but nearly always with the enveloping ambiance of psychedelic chill-out in all its intriguing shades and colors.

Liquid sounds and epic panoramas is what Paul does best, beginning on an ambient axis and spiraling out from there into psychill, trance, progressive and into spaces we don’t yet have names for.

And he is not just another electronic artist, he is a fully realized one – the music, sound design that enshrouds you into visuals and awaken dreams have tapped into something profound.

If you’re not yet a fellow traveler, it’s time to get on board!


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