With this new album, Pavel Shirshin aka Cosmic Replicant is bringing us with the high vibe from the macrocosm of space from his previous two releases to the wondrous microcosm of nature …

More intimate than his previous releases, “The Nature of Life” continues Cosmic Replicant’s idiosyncratic composing style into psy ambient, chillout, and progressive environments.

Beyond the album’s conceptual dimension lie the compositions themselves, multi-layered spectra of warm bass and kicks, micro-melodies and tonal motifs enveloped by organic rhythms and textures.

The album’s ten chillout settings incorporate a modicum of psybient sounds, typically a skeletal core of gentle heartbeat rhythms accompanied by the resonant glow of entrancing keyboard figures and a mutating array of found melodic sounds…
1.Somewhere Beyond 05:48
2.Living Particles (free) 07:25
3.Molecular Compound 06:53
4.Song of the Forests 07:43
5.The Nature of Life 07:46
6.Technological Era 06:11
7.Morning Horizon 08:18
8.Microscopic Structure 08:08
9.Sunnarium 06:55
10.Rebirth of Nature 06:09

More info here: altar.bandcamp.com/album/the-nature-of-life