“Here comes a very hedonistic album and it’s not about physical processes only. Though pure dancing and yoga\stretching with this album in the headphones are still marvellous things to do. The album start is so uplifting and vital that it goes straight to the second track without any roughness. ‘Shift of the Ages’ is a tripdance chillgressive where lightings are cutting the starry emptiness through. Sometimes. There is also a remix for Tentura’s ‘Resonance’ track which more intriquing eastern fleur, guitar joy and things.

1.Waking Life [24] 09:04
2.Shift Of The Ages [24] 09:51
3.Tentura – Resonance (Crystal Vibe remix) [24] 09:34
4.Ancient Technology [24] 10:26
5.Change is the Only Constant [24] 08:39
6.Inside [24] 09:50
7.Pandora [24] 10:16

‘Ancient Technology’ is very dynamical with the full brown stream of the energy inside and outside. It’s like you are watching the beginning and growing of something really –ful: beautiful and peaceful. Flute inception in the fifth track is so promising regarding the whole song, and you are attentively following the trace that turns out to be appropriate to the start. ‘Inside’ is even more trickier and sounds refreshing. The final ‘Pandora’ track could be labeled as “juicy kicks” song.
Very pleasant album that could be actual in all respects. There is a decent amount of remarkable aural spots here in the release so they would cheerfully embellish “Find THE thing in the room” game. Look around, smile and come back to searching)”*

*review by Tanya

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