On Nomadic Ecstatic: The Wandering Remixes, some of the top names in the underground global bass scene take on track by downtempo/
psychill power duo Desert Dwellers.

1.Wandering Sadhu (Drumspyder Remix) 06:33
2.Saraswati Mata (Kaleidoscope Jukebox Remix) 05:02
3.Shiva Nataraj (Banco de Gaia Remix) 07:04
4.Wandering Sadhu (Jef Stott Remix) 06:34
5.Mysterious Presence (Chaos Control Remix) 06:30

Volume 1 features versions by electronica luminaries Drumspyder and Jef Stott. It’s rounded out by ambient dub legend Banco de Gaia’s remix of “Shiva Nataraj”, as well as contributions from Kaleidoscope Jukebox and Chaos Control.

1.Kumbh Mela (Beatfarmer Remix) 05:52
2.Wandering Sadhu (Suduaya Remix) 07:06
3.The Embrace of Samadhi (iTom Lab Remix) 04:49
4.Wandering Sadhu (Eastern Sun Remix) 04:39
5.Shiva Nataraj (Jef Stott Remix) 06:34

Volume 2 sports Suduaya and Eastern Sun’s versions of “Wandering Sadhu,” as well as stunning turns from iTom Lab, Beatfarmer and Jef Stott’s take on “Shiva Nataraj.”

The original tracks forming the basis for these stellar remixes were composed by current Desert Dweller Amani Friend and former bandmate Rara Avis for a series of Yoga DVDs co-produced by Craig Kohland of Shaman’s Dream. These soundtracks make up the Yoga Dub series on Yogi Tunes – an independent website specializing in music from the yoga scene. Founded and run by former Dweller Avis, Yogi Tunes possesses a penchant for presenting electronic gems that flow seamlessly — and naturally — with the yogic lifestyle (as well as Burning Man and at electronica festivals around the world).

One of Desert Dwellers’ most popular tracks is “Wandering Sadhu” — a song remixed in a diversity of ways for this two-part, digital-only collection.

For over a decade, Desert Dwellers have been creating exceptional original material, steadily and deservedly ascending the ladder to musical renown. Filtered through the minds of a broad spectrum of visionary producers, that material is transformed into Nomadic Ecstatic: The Wandering Remixes – a truly tremulous set of music from global electronica’s cutting edge.

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