The Bay Area Meets Tuva on Electro-Acoustic Tribute to Throat-Singing Legend. Don’t miss beautiful and profound authentic EP from Dirtwire.

1. Taiga ft. Kongar-ol Ondar 04:06
2. Ibex ft. Kongar-ol Ondar 04:39
3. The 9 Heavens ft. Kongar-ol Ondar 07:39
4.Taiga (Dimond Saints Remix) 04:32
5.Taiga (310 Remix) 04:36

Unlikely worlds harmoniously intersect on the Ondar EP, the newest release by Bay Area-based electro-acoustic duo Dirtwire. The EP honors the musical legacy of Tuvan throat-singing master Kongar-ol Ondar (1962–2013), with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit Ondar’s legacy in Tuva.

The Ondar EP originated from a chance encounter in 2013 when Dirtwire’s Evan Fraser (Hamsa Lila and Stellamara) was invited to play mouth harp with Ondar — the “Groovin’ Tuvan” — during a private performance in Marin, CA. Ondar’s vocals were recorded by David Satori (Beats Antique) in a home studio later that night. “Taiga,” the EP’s key track, is an ode to Bai-laa Taigam, an expansive steppeland in the singer’s home region of Tuva, Russia. Throughout the EP, the mellifluous interplay of acoustic and electronic often makes it difficult to tell where Ondar’s otherworldly voice leaves off and Dirtwire’s ambient textures begin.

“It was a great honor and a privilege to get to collaborate with such a musical legend of the Earth,” says Fraser of his experience working with Ondar. “You can picture the natural beauty of his native Tuva as you hear him sing. Ondar will be missed and remembered forever.”

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