New release from Ephemeral Mists combines the best parts of the musical idioms of both contemporary electronic ambient music and the ancient, traditional musical landscapes of the middle east. It is the powerful incorporation of world musics (primarily middle eastern and far eastern) that makes this music project stand out from the rest.

1.The Sacred Fountain 04:57
2.Sculptures of Starlight 04:39
3.Ruptured 05:17
4.Wanderlust 04:50
5.The House Made of Dawn 06:01
6.Secrets of the Skychamber 05:04
7.As Wisdom Pooled Beneath Her 04:35

This is not cookie cutter world fusion music, but incorporates some of the most cutting edge electronics that the genre has to offer. Seductive cascasdes of complex eastern rhythms tease the senses, while overwhelming beauties of sculpted, electronic harmonies hold their hands.

You can listen, buy and download this chillout music in wave, apple lossless (alac), flac or mp3 from: