We are glad to introduce you a beautiful compilation from Nutek Chill featuring great musicians like Kukan Dub Lagan, Lab’s Cloud, Green Beats etc.


1.Bohemian – Fractals Everywhere
2.Kukan Dub Lagan – Nice In Barcelona
3.Lab´s Cloud -The Kundalini ascension
4.Eliptical Sound System – Somango Dub
5.Green Beats – Atlas
6.Kukan Dub Lagan – Chasing After Shadows
7.Dubsalon – Shanti River
8.Ishdub & Pablo P. G. – pGish
9.Ashnaia – Vimana Space Travel
10.Counter Point – Electro Mangaling
11.Green Beats- 80´s technology

You can listen, buy and download this release in wave or mp3: