We are happy to present you Cosmic Awakening episode 7 – Moon by Gagarin Project! Enjoy 66 minutes long cosmic journey into Shamanic Psybient, Tribal Psychill and Ethnic Ambient from Ibojima, Dream Stalker, Goatika Creative Lab, Desert Dwellers, Organic Shapes, Tengri, Kliment, Uchu, Chilled C’Quence, The Peaking Goddess Collective and (val)Liam..

Cosmic Awakening mixes are broadcasted at psychill internet radio: di.fm/psychill and www.psyradio.com.ua every 4th Saturday of the month. Original vocal samples are prepared, recorded and integrated into each mix.


01. Ibojima – Caps Of Ambience
02. Gagarin Project – Cosmic awakening with Gagarin Project Episode 7
03. Dream Stalker – Under Moon
04. Gagarin Project – Moon, Luna, Diana, Selene, Chandra, Shining
05. Goatika Creative Lab – Air
06. Desert Dwellers – Moonlit Horizons (Caravan Mix)
07. Organic Shapes – Quiet Species (Gagarin Project Mix)
08. Gagarin Project – The only cosmic body to have been visited by humans, moon causes tides and influences our mood
09. Gagarin Project – New moons reflect beginnings and full moons – emotional culminations
10. Toast 3D – Phenomenology of Spirit
11. Tengri – Dance Of The Crow (With Vlastur)
12. Gagarin Project – A great man is he who does not lose his child’s heart
13. Kliment – Melting Touch
14. Uchu – Bodhisattvas (Gagarin Project Edit)
15. Chilled C’Quence – Circular Structure
16. Gagarin Project – Dive into your unconsciousness, into the deep sea. And remember that pearls do not lie on the seashore. If you desire one you must dive for it
17. The Peaking Goddess Collective – Star Peace
18. Gagarin Project – Close your eyes and place your hand on your chest. Feel the rhythm of your heart, that pulsing energy of the life-force passing through you. Think of the priceless moments you experienced, memories that support the music of your heart, harmonious, diverse and multi-tone
19. (val)Liam – Moonlight Lullaby
20. Gagarin Project – Cosmic awakening with Gagarin Project Episode 7 (outro)

Much love and gratitude to all the artists and labels presented in this mix. The full copyright for the music in this mix is owned by the respective artists and/or publishing/recording labels. Gagarin Project makes no commercial use of this music and mix it to promote this magic sound amongst our friends. Please support the artists by buying their music or donating to them directly.

To download this mix and to get more info about this artist and the radio show: www.gagarinproject.org