Imagika Om has been a sonic alchemist & electronic artist for nearly a decade. Whether she is creating tracks full of earthy beats & cosmic layers sparking ancient remembrances, or live remixing & spontaneously activating the space with her potent blend of exotic world-fusion rhythms, tantric temple tribal percussion, sacred ceremonial sounds, live mystical invocations, tonal healing, pulsating mid-tempo mantras, deep dakini devotional dub, & kundalini-raising bass, these are some of the ingredients that create the innovative and unique sound that she is known for, OMstep!

1. Interpanetary Caravan 07:01
2. Kamakhya {featuring Rama} 05:13
3. Sulam {featuring Holy Taya} 08:34
4. Apsara 05:53
5. Breath your Dreams to Life 06:09
6. Anyalo 07:33
7. Jai Ma {with The Sheltering Sky} 04:39
8. Earth Om 06:48
9. Shamana 12:09

Imagika started her relationship with music as a dance performer & performance ritual producer since 99, and quickly added remixing and producing music for her dance performances and productions to her repertoire.. She has performed with a variety of artists, such as Dream Circus, Urban Gypsy, & Lucent Dossier. Her performance background is reflected in her musical style, and is heard in her ability to create compelling soundscapes for performances, and merging performances with music sets. Imagika co-produced the score for Isis Vision, collaborating with David Block for a half hour multi-media performance at Burning Man 2011, and she also co-produces music for Lucent Dossier Experience.

Imagika has co-produced events with Temple of Visions and collaborated with many others to create unique and cutting edge events, performances, and rituals, uniting music, dance, technology, spirituality, with multi-media for next level experiences, merging the exotic, sacred, and modern, the ancient and future into one.

Imagika is an initiated Priestess of the 13 Moon with Ariel Spillsbury, and initated into Sri Vidya tantra lineage in India. She has also collaborated in workshops, sacred dance events, & meditational movement, at various festivals, temples and retreats, and devotes her time to deepening her connection with the harmonic frequencies of many time, space, & dimensions. Imagika has been channeling new sounds for her debut album, Cosmic Sutras, now out on Merkaba Music.

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