Land Switcher – Cloud 36 (Free-Spirit)

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The Land Switcher sound is definitely unique, made in France and filled with PsyLove. This new EP Cloud 36 has 5 excellent tracks that will put you and a groovy dubby mood! It can be described as a fine mix of psychill/psystep/glitch sound, boosted with a psytrance production techniques!

1) Cloud 36
2) High Landstep
3) One of Them
4) It Was
5) Now Again

Land Switcher is a music project created by two musicians and longtime friends. Freddy Chauvin and Antoine Martineau, both enthusiastic and passionate about electronic music, shared their first experience 5 years ago with a Dub band in France. After many trance parties and festivals around the globe they fell in love with the psychedelic culture and music.
This new experience brings them now together again and generates a powerful sound, digital and organic. A cosmic journey through colours, grooves and intriguing atmospheres…

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  1. Spirit Hood Project


    Land Switcher is creating a new line, a new type, of music subject inside the upbeat mode, is wonderful for me as a DJ and active follower to watch the progression of this so amazing project.. is notorious the mix between the dubstep and the psytrance style described on this EP.

    It is very respectful for me to se this project not running more after one or the other style. is perfectly fitted between the two styles (dubstep/glitch & psytrance).

    LandSwitcher project gather all the content to become one of the most respected projects of upbeat/upliftting psychedelic style on the market, the line is unique and have the particularity of being produced in a very high quality grid of music influences totally mixed… love this release, its awesome, is defined by an adult production and easy listen.

    you can use LandSwitcher’s music in any kind of mood or time of the day it will feet perfectly and will always project the type of feeling you’re looking after.

    as i said before:

    NEVER GIVE UP AND ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES… the music culture say thanks and so do I.

    Looking forward to be a successful best seller and top chart on the market.
    the quality on it transmit the hard work from the 2 heads of this Excellent Project.

    once again, thank you for the quality given on your production. our music market is more rich since you guys started releasing stuff.


    Cordial Greeting & ambiently yours

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