The American Space Agency NASA spotted Lars in 2013 on Youtube and is currently illustrating its scientific explorations videos with his compositions.

The track “Stella Nova” was chosen for their latest video : Goddard Multimedia Item 11387 – Five Days of Flares and CMEs.

Following his participation to Mahiane’s Oxycanta III compilation, Lars Leonhard is releasing two digital EPs on Ultimae.

[ Stella Nova ] is the first chapter, containing 3 touching tracks, full of liquid dub basslines, glittering sounds, built on slow & subtle filtered evolutions. Lars brings us the perfect Home Sweet Home session, when it’s seriously time to crash in the sofa. Minimal, deep and tension-free. Enjoy!

You can listen, buy and download this release in wave, apple lossless (alac), flac or mp3 from bandcamp: