we are all channels…some are wide and very loose, some are narrow and a bit blocked…some are transporting higher vibrations and some are Conductors for lower…
we are all channels, rather we are aware of it or not, and by the mighty power of our one and only right to choose we are bringing to ourselves and to the universe the direct result of what we have chosen, rather we’re aware of it or not. every present moment we do it. now…and now, and even now. we choose what kind of channel we are, we choose what kind of information and level of frequency we transport through ourselves – the channels. WE choose. nobody choose for us. ever.
and the responsibility is only and fully ours, as single and as a collective. our choice affects E V E R Y – T H I N G .

every second, every heart bit,
every blink of our Eyes may we all choose ♥


Tracklist :
Digital Samsara – C#
Mari Boine – Big Medicine (Bluetech remix)
Dirtwire – Sailing the solar flares
Kalpataru Tree – Strange Rotation
Sunmonx – Conchencha Voz
Kalya Scintilla – Eastern Opluence (Unreleased)
RandomRab – Clairvoyer
Auditory Canvas – Introspect
Eurythmy – Wonderment
Vonoom – To the Moon
Flooting Grooves – Across the Threshold
Plantrae – Anarcho Arachnid
Kalya Scintilla – Yatram (Unreleased)
SeaMoon – Genetic Guitars
Shpongle feat, Alan parsons – Antartika
Digital Samsara – Ceasefire
Pt. Ronu Majmudar – My Dream Woman
JeminEye – Warrior of Light (Spoken Words Finale)