Welcome to the wibbly, wobbly world of the Liquid Lounge… After taking time away to have a break from dj’ing and to do some of his own original productions (to be released later this year), Liquid Lounge felt the urge to get back on the ‘decks’ and it wasn’t too long before he wanted to weave some tracks together and produce a 90 minute chilled mix for your ears…

Taking the über chilled influence of Raglan, NZ… this is another echo of Liquid Lounge experience and time there… with the cover picture taken as he walked along the beach towards Mount Karioi…

So what you are currently pouring down your audio holes is the result of meandering randomness… pulling in tracks from the likes of – Don Peyote, Side Liner, Auma, Desert Dwellers, Adham Shaikh, Dhamika, Eguana, Aes Dana and others…

As this 90 minute set takes you on the ebb and flow of the tide…, you can kick back and chill out…, drift back and forth with the various rhythms and immerse yourself in the lush frequencies and subtle styles…

All woven together in a smooth fluid style as can only be found at the Liquid Lounge…


Zen Baboon – Beluga
Don Peyote – Agartha
Desert Dwellers – Subtle Breath
Sounds From The Ground – Slate Grey
Aes Dana – The Missing Words
Side Liner – Blissful Moment
Bioscape – Dub Forest
Xerxes – One-Oh-Three (Timeless Edit)
Sol – Chudo 81 (Harax version)
Eguana – Teddy Tan
Auma – Exit Round
Galaxy – Toksin
Dhamika – Evolution
Adham Shaikh – Satori
Zero Cult – Seclusion
Cosmosis – Tim’s Trip

More info: www.facebook.com/pages/Liquid-Lou…/304264666292176