With squelchy delight, Shanti Planti is proud to release the first premier of a two part VA – Rhythm Code. Featuring 15 producers from the USA, France, UK, Australia and New Zealand, this VA is soaked in dreamy eastern instrumentals, squidgy crunches and soul shaking bass lines.

1.Biolumigen – Maitreya 08:37
2.Akasha – Liquid Grip 06:32
3.Sixis & Shwex – Continuity Field 06:38
4.Wolfen Technologies – Observance 05:50
5.Subconscious – New Growth 05:08
6.Somatoast – Jerry’s Mind 05:49
7.Quanta – Eminations 06:21
8.Land Switcher – Out Session 07:27
9.Bogtrotter – Anamolous Shadows 04:24
10.Quanta & Eurythmy – Psywamp (Eurythmy Mix) 07:32
11.Mumukshu – Contact Code 03:33
12.Beatroots – Boatland 08:03
13.Animatronix – Shadow Of A Thousand Lives 10:52

Rhythm Code showcases a mind expanding stew of psydub and midtempo treasures. Each track was donated without intention of individual profit but in means to support expansion and to help sustain the auditory collective, Shanti Planti.

You can listen, buy and download this chillout music in wave, apple lossless (alac), flac or mp3 from: