Freshly released psychill mix by Spirit Hood recorded live at Connection Festival 2013 in Spain. “Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue”— Plato.


01 – Messy Mass – Singing Robots
02 – Whitebear – Auric Sight
03 – Birds of Paradise – Skyward Eye
04 – Mr Squatch – The Squatch Expands Life
05 – Bluetech – Thrios
06 – Ashnaia – Searching Control
07 – Dubtrak – Revelation Dub
08 – Eurythmy – Dragon Fly
09 – Crunch – Toe Tac Tic (Re-Edit)
10 – Bluetech – 667
11 – Eat Static – Up, Periscope
12 – Koan – Geisha Secrets
13 – Outersect – To Take A Single Conscious Breath Without Discursive Thought
14 – High Tone – worse & worse
15 – Eat Static – Invasion
16 – Outolintu – Keep on Keepin on
17 – Nada – Manakhana (Youth Remix)
18 – Mr Squatch – Sines Of Life
19 – Merkaba – Awaken

Paulo Saraiva aka Spirit Hood joined the psychedelic music scene in the mid 90’s devoting his time to producing psychedelic raves, parties & festivals. Soon after he discovered the art of Deejaying, by 2006 he became enamored with the pysbient, psydub & psychill music genres. His influences of the past 16 years include the likes of Adham Shaikh, Aes Dana Asure, Bluetech, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Celtic Cross, Doof, Eat Static, Entheogenic, Galaxy, Healer, H.U.V.A. Network, Ishq, Kekal, Kick Bong, Liquid Stranger, Makyo, Mystical Sun, Ott, Pitch Black, Puff Dragon, Shpongle, Shulman, Solar Fields, The Infinity Project, Vibrasphere, Younger Brother & the Most important inspiration is Johnny Blue with the (Psylent Harmony ).

In the prophetic year of 2012, Spirit Hood entranced dancers across Europe at such festivals as Freqs of Nature Festival ,Fusion Festival, Antaris Projekt, Utopia – After Boom Festival, Chaotic Madness Festival, VuuV Festival, Hadra Festival, Indian Spirit, Trance Odysee, Rumsommer Festival, ZNA Gathering, Momento Demento, Freedom Festival. During the past decade he has performed on many stages across Europe including the countries of Portugal, Austria, Germany, UK, Greece, Slovenia, Italy, Netherlands, France, Spain, Croatia, Chech Republic & Switzerland.

Download and listen to psychill mix here: