SuKhush says that it was an honour to rock the Dubstation at Germany’s amazing Fusion Festival this year! “What an awesome experience. Great artists, incredible crew/organization by Kulturkosmos, and a killer crowd made the experience unforgettable. We were smiling straight through, despite the rain and 10-degree weather!”

SuKhush performed on a Sunday afternoon set on the Dubstation so they started gently but got groovy pretty quickly – – the usual SuKhush recipe. They are totally live here, with the electronic remixing and flute improvisation happening on the fly. Thanks from SuKhush goes to all of the artists//producers for these killer tracks.


1. Adham Shaikh :: Om Shanti Shanti (feat. Maasa)
2. E-Mantra :: Silence
3. Lab’s Cloud :: The Kundalini Ascension
4. SeaMoon :: Synced Mind
5. Lunecell :: Om
6. SeaMoon :: Genetic Guitars
7. Whitebear :: Auric Sight
8. Grouch and Ollie Bassweight :: Entropath
9. Sync24 :: Dance of the Droids
10. Brujo’s Bowl :: Subminimal Message (Expedizion Remix)
11. Land Switcher :: Deep Signal from a Land
12. Desert Dwellers :: Dragon’s Mist (Kaminanda Remix)
13. Kaminanda :: Temple of De’Light
14. Varient Field :: Maelstrom
15. Temple Step Project :: Distant Temple (Kalya Scintilla)
16. Adham Shaikh :: Desert Dub
17. Harmonic Frequency :: Fata Morgana
18. Zen Baboon :: Bencalado

Enjoy!! As always SuKhush would love to hear from you – comments & critiques are welcome!
xx booM xx