“Nick Brennan was up to 1-song-5-remixes conception for so long, and it’s cool to check his 4 tracks EP now. It’s not constructive yet curious to compare it with his previous Geometry (2010), but still it is also about the way Nick expanded his musical stream. He is into chilgressive psyhouse now, which works well with his ‘own’ sound. First it’s like looping around house chewing gum and getting stuck about it, but then yeah! – Nick is turning on some psychedelic grooves and the trip is being switched.

“Propulsion” track is a decent greeting to start. The next track cheers you up in a bit more house-ish manner before getting ‘Wasted’. It’s the third track and the name speaks for itself. Female vocal in “Box Fresh” makes the final uprise very light and airy.

Sticky progressive house with the psychedelic propulsions. Enjoy!”*

*review by Tanya

1.Propulsion 11:09
2.Ad Infinitum 09:04
3.Wasted 09:00
4.Box Fresh 08:54

Official presentation from bandcamp:
A long-awaited return for Tripswitch sees a 4-track EP of mid-tempo club tracks drawn from his recent live sets at festivals worldwide. From the epic 11 minutes of the title track ‘Propulsion’, through the melodic techno of ‘Ad Infinitum’ and the rocking prog of ‘Wasted’ and ending in the sublimely deep but epic ‘Box Fresh’, this EP reflects Nick’s uncanny ability to create exciting and energised performances that bridge the chillout and the main floor.

You can listen, buy and download this downtempo music in wave, apple lossless (alac), flac or mp3 from: