Here it is – the 5th compilation of Ethnostep from Subbass, a fusion of trance, bass, tribal, dub step etc. This compilation brings together the artists from all over the world. All they follow a vision and live their dream with the realization of their music that unites us.

1.Dub Breakah – Rise of the Dragon 05:01
2.Inner Forest – Sexy Manuver 04:53
3.Mettakin – Found Shanti 04:29
4.Digital Nottich – Gorest 06:11
5.BrahmiN & BoDo ft. MurchanA – Pratidhwani 04:30
6.M-Blain – TAO II 03:02
7.SPCZ – Fuse 04:49
8.Masta Junga – Original Badman 05:32
9.SANKET MAHAPATRA – Scattered Dreams 02:24
10.Dr Lum – Return of the Dragon 09:58
11.Beatfarmer – Path To Peace 08:06
12.Secret Archives of the Vatican – The Shoemaker and the Djinn 04:40
13.Ghosthack – Marrakesh 05:13
14.Shamandub ft. Zixidi- The Prophetic Walk 03:56
15.umBum Soundsystem feat. SaRan – Sonmi Ambient 05:36
16.Saudacija – Moon Over Schaerbeek 04:49
17.Thousand Yard Prayer – The Steep and Narrow Way 05:49
18.Ben I Sabbah – Jungle Freaks II 06:20
19.Night Note – Bengal Spice 08:30
20.Kamarius-Forgotten Temple 13:25

What is remarkable, the musicians do not pursue any commercial interests with this project. It is their interest to spread this beautiful vibration to this world in which we all live together. What they have in mind is to go to the one place that everybody carries within themselves. They believe that the whole external universe is also found within us all. completely agrees with this vision!

Dance to the rhythms and make the world a better place!

You can listen, buy and download this chillout music in wave, apple lossless (alac), flac or mp3 from: