It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Shanti Planti’s 2nd VA Compilation titled “Middle Peace”. The label and the artists involved with this project have devoted much of their time and craft to create an incredible collection of conscious frequencies in a bid to raise funds to help the organization SaveTheChildren provide immediate emergency relief, healthcare, education and protection for children where necessary.


1. Babak- Peacimist 03:28
2. Globular- Dreaming in Dub 09:42
3. Sixis- Synergy 06:09
4. Beatroots- Renegade 06:20
5. Whitebear- Primal Stomp (Eelko Remix) 04:08
6. Akara- The Far Shore (Lubdub Remix) 08:03
7. Nanuk (Whitebear)- DreaMTemple 08:03
8. Android Cartel- Wake Up Call (Desert Dwellers Remix) 07:13
9. MasterBrew- Sound Temple 04:52
10. Soulular- Dawnlight 05:36
11. Bwoy de Bhajan- Mubar Camel Liquor 04:47
12. Mote- Lamentation 06:09
13. Radioactive Sandwich- Proper Time 06:09
14. Mycology- Conspiracy Theory 03:39
15. Grouch- Entropath (Kalya Scintilla Remix) 06:38
16. Bumble- Viscous 06:05
17. Griff- Predestination 07:03
18. Lunar Sound- Life Is The Host 10:08
19. Whitebear- Depth Charge (Tor.Ma In Dub Remix) 07:52

STC creates Child-Friendly Spaces for children to safely play and learn, even in the midst of crisis. Unique among emergency responders, Save the Children stays as long as it takes after crisis strikes, helping children, families and communities recover from their losses and rebuild their lives.

For this compilation the focus is on raising money for children and families in the Gaza Strip that have been ravaged by recent conflict. Shanti Planti plans on making this an annual affair and hope to build a strong partnership with the SavetheChildren Foundation.

You can listen, buy and download this downtempo music in wave, apple lossless (alac), flac or mp3 from:

Please help them help our less fortunate brothers and sisters.