A new chapter in the Oxycanta series of compilations by French Dj and arranger Mahiane featuring tracks by artists who are emerging at the forefront of the ambient scene as well as pathfinders in the genre.

Throughout Oxycanta III the sound spectrum reaches wide arrays of deep bass all the way to the high-pitched resonances to display many of the DJ’s musical influences while, with a keen sense of float, she blends IDM, downtempo and neo-classical with a hint of atmospheric electronica, and a dash of dub.

Driven by her passion for music and nature, Mahiane titled her collection Oxycanta as a tribute to Crataegus Oxyacantha, a species of Northern European Hawthorn dear to old time herbalists.

Mind-bending story; an invitation to slow the pace and wonder…

01. MIKTEK – Drone Flower 08:12
02. MER-A – Aeolis Mons 08:25
03. LARS LEONHARD – Slow Motion 06:22
04. MURIDAE – Turning Down 05:51
05. FINGERS IN THE NOISE – Plenitude 06:00
06. AES DANA – Onyx 06:57
07. I AWAKE feat. BJÖRN BERGLUND – Morning Drops – Part 1 03:04
08. 36 – Seance 05:46
09. I AWAKE feat. BJÖRN BERGLUND – Morning Drops – Part 2 03:07
10. SCANN-TEC – Phaeton Remains 08:43
11. CIRCULAR – Complex A 08:24
12. MER-A – Quasi Stellar 06:43

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