Suntrip is turning 10, and guys have prepared a special triple compilation to celebrate that: “Ten Spins Around The Sun”! The first cd features only new Goa-trance, the second has classic and Suntrip tracks remixed, and the third is splendid Ambient!

CD 3 – Ambient Side
01. Amos – Ghost World (07:52)
02. Mindsphere – Defective Cell (11:06)
03. Hybrid Leisureland – Moment (05:26)
04. Neurotonal – Earth Frequency (06:42)
05. Solar Fields – Insum (2014 Remix) (08:54)
06. Jagoa – Vibe (07:02)
07. Crossing Mind – Sunlight (07:05)
08. Jagoa – Finding Some Light (08:44)
09. Neurotonal – The Enlightenment (08:12)
10. Hybrid Leisureland – Friction Glow (06:10)

In the summer of 2004 the Suntrip fairytale started. Thanks to you, our faithful fans, we are still there! And we believe the best way to say THANK YOU to the Goa-trance scene, is this unique triple cd!

The 3d cd we are the most interested in is a very chilled one to give a nice, sunset feeling to whoever is listening! As usual Suntrip has some newcomers (Neurotonal and Jagoa) and some big names such as Solar Fields, Hybrid Leisureland and Mindsphere!:) Start listening with a track 18 by Amos and travel till position 27 by Hybrid Leisureland. Not to miss by Ambient deep, soft and warm lovers!

The first cd of “Ten spins around the sun” will be a typical Suntrip goa-trance compilation, filled with new and more famous artists. The second cd is something unique: only remixes of classic and Suntrip tracks by the Suntrip artists!

Covering all the styles Suntrip ever released, “Ten Spins Around The Sun” is dedicated to all Goa and Ambient lovers.

Thanks for supporting Suntrip!

You can listen, buy and download this chillout music in wave, apple lossless (alac), flac or mp3 from: